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On our vacation with my wife Tia, I wrote the rules. Constant intoxication and no underwear. We took a late night flight. On the plane to Cancun, Mexico, Tia and I sat in first class. We ordered several glasses of champagne. The flight attendants were nice to us and eventually gave us our own bottle of bubbly. It was not that crowded in first class. There were a couple of older men a few seats away from us and an old Jewish couple seated in front of us. Tia began acting silly. She was wearing a loose fitting white mini sun dress, which was completely inappropriate for air travel. She kept spreading her legs wide open to show me her pussy. I refused to look until she threatened to stand up and show me. I looked down and saw that she had jewelry strategically clipped on her pussy lips. It was gold and had two inch and 1/2 gold link chain hanging of it with a red ruby hanging off of each of them. She told me it was a “clit clip”. I’ve seen them in adult films, but I didn’t know that she owned one. She giggled, pulling on one of the chains and told me that this was just the beginning of the surprises that she had in store for me. I don’t think anyone else saw because they were all facing front.

We both passed out and woke up as the airplane was starting to land in Mexico. It was morning. After stumbling off the plane, we went to get our bags. Tia walked away to get some sodas for us. When I looked up, I saw her walking towards me. The morning sun was shining brightly behind her. As she sashayed across the terminal, I noticed the coolest thing. With the sunlight beaming behind her, her dress became transparent. Her pussy lips dangled in the gap between her legs. I could see the jewelry attached to her pussy lips as she walked towards me with her tits bouncing. All eyes were on her for that moment. She lit up the terminal with her beauty.

We were completely annoyed at the length of time that it took for our luggage to come. Tia sat on the edge of the baggage claim belt with her legs folded, sipping on a can of cola. It was hot and she was getting pissed off. Her temper is something to stay clear of, so I tried to lighten things up. I walked over to a baggage handler and pointed out Tia to him. He smiled and blushed. It turned out that her short skirt had risen and I pointed out to her new admirer the chains that dangled openly between her legs. Being the extrovert that she is, Tia perked up and uncrossed her legs, like infamous Sharon Stone scene in ˜Basic Instinct’. She gave me and the baggage dude (and who ever else was watching) a full view of her pussy as she stood and walked over to us. At that moment the baggage carrier started and the luggage started coming out. We got our bags and looked for our hotel contact. We found him, holding a sign with our names listed on it. His name was Jose, a short older Mexican man, with a thick accent. He led us to a mini van. Tia thought he was cute, in a playful kind of way. I knew at that point that Jose was in for it. He helped Tia into the van. She repaid him by giving him a quick flash of her pussy. I knew we knew that this flustered him because he stopped making sense while he was talking. He jumped in and we took off. It was very hot and muggy. Jose kept looking down hoping to catch a glimpse of Tia’s barely covered pussy through his rear view mirror, which he kept readjusting, to get a better view of her gorgeous Rize Escort pussy. “This place is beautiful!” Tia says, while turning around, kneeling in her seat, giving Jose a nice view of her barely covered ass. “Sit down!” I told her, smacking her on her ass cheek. She spun around, pouting. “Fine!” She whined. Tia’s skirt was now hiked up completely. Her pussy was completely exposed. I started to get worried that Jose was not paying attention to the road and was swerving, so I tried to get Tia to cover herself. She pulled her skirt down and sat staring out of the window. We arrived at out hotel in an hour and went to our room on the fifth floor. It was beautiful. It was very open and had a huge terrace that wrapped around from the bedroom, that over looked the ocean, to the living room, that overlooked the pool. It had two full bathrooms. The first thing Tia does is strip off her clothes and jump into the shower. I ordered a pitcher of margarita from room service, which came almost immediately. I guzzled down a glass while unpacking our things. After feeling a little buzzed from the drink, I went to take a shower.

After spending twenty minutes in the bathroom, I walked out into the living room to find Tia sitting outside on the balcony completely naked, basting her skin in the sun and finishing off the pitcher of margarita. I walked outside, only to see that there were at least twenty people relaxing at the pool who could easily see Tia’s naked body if she were to stand up. “Didn’t save me any?” I asked, pointing at the empty pitcher of margarita. Tia was very tipsy already. “Oh… I ordered another pitcher.” She says happily. Just then there was a knock on the door. Tia stands and walks over to the door and opens it, butt naked. “Oh excuse me.” The man says, almost dropping the pitcher. “No, No come in! It’s o.k! It’s just hot, that’s all!” Tia says. Unsure of what to do, the guy walks in cautiously, trying not to look at Tia’s naked body. Tia walks ahead of him, wiggling her shapely ass. He follows her into the living room, where she sits on the couch with her legs spread open wide, fanning herself with her two hands. “It’s just so hot!” She says to the guy.

“Thank you.” She sings out, as the guy places the pitcher on the table and almost runs out of the room. Tia and I crack up at the room service guy. “He forgot to have us sign for the margarita.” Tia says. “Lets hit the sand!” She yelled out, while guzzling down another glass. “But you have to put something on.” I told her. Tia runs into the bedroom to change.

In about ten minutes she walks out dressed in a long wrap around skirt and a tiny bikini top. “Lets play!” She says, finishing off the last of the margarita. We walked onto the beach. There were a lot of people tanning on the beach. None of them looked as good as Tia. She stripped off her robe, revealing one of the tiniest g-strings I’ve ever seen. It was a French cut bikini, which means that it was cut extremely high on her waist, leaving barely any material covering her crotch. Since her pubic area was always shaved bare, she needed only a small strip to cover her pussy. Her fat pussy lips were stuffed into the tiny bikini. They seemed as if they were ready to burst out of the suit, which defined the shape of her lips with a large gap in the suit’s material, which was just a tiny strip of material. This suit was not for Rize Escort Bayan swimming in. Tia had a tiny string that ran down the crack of her ass and looped around to the front of the suit. All eyes were on her as she laid her beautiful body down onto the beach lounge chair. I sat down next to her, staring back at the men who were staring at her.

They looked away when our eyes met. I chuckled. Tia was laying on her stomach. Her golden skin glowed in the sunlight. She removed her bikini top and asked if I could rub suntan oil on her. I immediately went to work, rubbing oil on her back and legs. Finally I got to her ass cheeks and began to massage oil onto them. She motioned over a cabana boy and ordered a couple of margaritas. I was staring at her asshole as I massage her cheeks. The g-string barely covered her puckered asshole. That’s when I noticed something strange. There was a string that ran out of her ass and into the suit. I pulled on it. The end that was tucked into her suit had a small blue ring attached to it. I pulled on it again. The end that went into her asshole didn’t come out. Something was stuck in there. ” Surprise!!” She says, turning around with a smirk on her face. I tugged on the string ha rder. Slowly, a large blue anal bead begins to reveal it’s self from her asshole, stretching it open about one inch wide as the bead started to slide out. Just then the cabana boy brings the drinks to us. Her asshole sucks the ball back inside. I drop the string and grab the two drinks. He smiles and I wink at him. Tia and I sip down the drinks, sunning ourselves. I could tell that the mixture of the alcohol and the anal beads was making Tia horny. Tia suddenly stood and ran topless into the ocean. The string from the anal beads was tucked in her suit, so no one saw it. She swam around for about a half of an hour. When she emerged from the ocean, it was like out of a movie. While walking over to me, her body glistened with oil and water. Her tiny bikini bottom became see-through because of the water. The strength of the ocean had repositioned her suit and one of her large pussy lips was exposed. Tia returned to her lounge chair and laid on her back, tanning her front. “What happened to your anal beads.” I asked. “They slipped out.” Tia answered nonchalantly. I imagined the expression on the face of the person who finds it washed up on the beach. I decided to cool off, so I ran and jumped into the cool ocean. I swam for about a half of an hour.

When I returned, Tia was gone. I looked around on the beach for a while, then gave up and walked back to the hotel. I entered our room, finding Tia passed out naked on the bed.

I guess all of the sun and alcohol was too much for her. I could not help but notice that her ass was in the perfect position for me to “tag” it. I was horny as hell and I could not pass it up. I slid my body up behind hers, with my cock pressed up against her round ass. My cock was rock hard, as I wet the head with my saliva. I placed the tip of my dick at the entrance of her ass and pushed it in. I must admit, over the two years that we’ve been together, her asshole has seen plenty of cock. It has definitely been stretched to it’s limits, yet it still has maintained it’s gripping power, being able to get me off within minutes.

I pushed my cock in as far as I could, it slid in so easily that I wanted to Escort Rize stay there for a while. She didn’t even move. I slowly began to pump my dick deep inside of her ass. With in a couple of minutes, I shot my cum deep inside of her. Tia moaned quietly, that’s when I knew that she was feeling it, yet to “out of it” to react. I let my cock stay inside of her ass, I felt a warm sense of security and actually feel asleep with my semi hard deep buried deep inside of her warm and wet anal canal.

I woke up around 12 midnight, only to find that my cock had naturally slipped out. Tia was still asleep as my cum slowly oozed out of her puckered asshole. I wiped up as much cum with my finger, trying to ovoid a wet spot in the bed. I gave up and fell back asleep.

The next morning, she told me that she only pretended to be asleep. “Wow what a trooper!” I thought. My dick was on morning wood and she backed up on it, sliding it into her pussy. After making love for about 30 minutes, I came deep inside her pussy and she came with me.

We spent the day touring the ancient ruins and Aztec pyramids, via a tour bus and group. It was, of course full of other tourists. Tia got her kicks by flashing her pussy at as many tourists as possible. Of course she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her wrap around dress was not really that short, but she had a long slit up the leg, so whenever she climbed up on anything, anyone could get a good glimpse of her bare assets. I had my video camera, so I stood back and video taped her antics, filming the men’s and women’s reaction to her nakedness. It seemed like most of the men couldn’t believe it or they were just not sure what they just saw and didn’t want to stare. The women just looked away.

We found ourselves away from our tour group, so we went to hang out near the parking lot, which was filled with busses and vans. Several Mexican men were waiting around. Tia decided to “have some fun”. She spoke Spanish and talked a group of shy men to take a picture with her. She was taller than all of them. I started video taping them, as they stared shyly at the camera, but more at Tia’s breasts, that were almost hanging out of her loose fitting tank top. She squatted down with her legs spread, posing for the camera. One of her straps “slipped” off and out popped one nipple. She ignored it. The didn’t. Their faces turned red as they stared at her exposed breast. Tia changed poses slightly, causing the slit in her skirt to slide to the middle. Before everyone’s eyes was Tia’s naked, hairless pussy, glowing in the sun light. He pussy lips were hanging down at least an inch. She grabbed a couple of men by the shoulders and stood up. The slit in her dress had moved to the front, exposing her pussy whenever she moved or the wind blew. She said good-bye in Spanish, then lifted the back of her dress, mooning them as she walked towards me. The crowd of men started chatting in Spanish, laughing and whistling like school boys.

We walked back over to the pyramids and Tia sat on the stairs, while several people attempted to walk to the top of this towering “stair master”. I stood just at the bottom of the stairs video taping her as she open and closed her legs, exposing her cunt to several men as they climbed past her. Eventually, she got bored and we went back to the bus and waited for everyone else to board. No sex, even though I was horny. It was too damned hot.

When we got back to the hotel, there was an emergency call on my voice mail and we had to fly back the next day. Unfortunately we didn’t get to complete our chaotic sex romp in Mexico, but I promised her another trip real soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32