Men of Honor Ch. 05

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This story is an original work of fiction ©Copyright 2023 by CasualWanderer82 – Please do not copy or post without permission.

Chapter 5 – “You & Me”

(The year 2023)

The city’s central park beamed with life. Children ran around playing hide and seek while young couples walked with their hands held, and people of an older age sat on benches, reminiscing on the vibrancy of the life they once had.

“There used to be a lake down there, did you know?” The elderly female said, peeking at Jacob, who sat next to her husband, his hands in his pockets, wearing these huge sunglasses, his left leg crossed over his right.

“I didn’t, no.” Jacob replied politely, smiling at the older woman. “Miss…?” He asked.

“Elanore.” The older woman replied, smiling. “They used to have these little boats you could rent.” She said, pausing as if she remembered something. “Robert took me on one when we first met. That’s when he kissed me for the first time.” She revealed, beaming at Jacob as she glanced at her husband, whose vacant and absent stare scanned the park’s outer layer. Then Elanore’s smile gently faded into melancholy. “He doesn’t remember much these days.” She divulged. “They say he’s not there anymore.” She uttered, looking at Jacob, who granted the woman his attention. “But we know better, don’t we?” She tenderly asked as she looked deep inside her husband’s eyes.

“How do you know? Jacob questioned. The woman looked at him and smiled.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Jacob.” He answered.

“Have you ever loved someone, Jacob?” She questioned. Jacob was taken aback by the sudden personal inquiry.

“I thought I did…” He replied, visibly struggling to convey his feelings on the matter. The woman reclined on the bench, holding her husband’s hand inside hers, looking forward.

“Well, when you love someone…you just know.” She declared. “Me and Robert…we’ve been together for 57 years. He’s my best friend and the love of my life. When I look into his eyes…I know. He’s still there. His tired body may have given up, but his spirit is very much alive, Jacob.” She expressed, turning her head and winking. Jacob smiled, trying to mask his emotion. And even though he didn’t fully understand Elanore’s statement, he believed her words.

Jacob looked at her husband again before straightening himself on the bench and looking around the large grass patch before them.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” Jacob requested.

“Of course, sweetheart.” Elanore replied.

“What’s it like? Growing old, I mean?” He questioned as he scanned the surroundings. Elanore turned sideways, looked at him, and smiled.

“Growing old is just another word for living.” She replied.

“What about all the memories? Aren’t you…afraid they’ll disappear, or you’ll forget them?” Jacob interrogated, glancing at the older man while digging for Elanore’s wisdom.

“Your memories will only go where the smiles have been, Jacob.” Elanore conveyed. Jacob skimmed at her husband, catching a single tear as it slid gently from his eye. “Just because you forget that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” She said, winking cheekily. Jacob smiled and looked down at his wristwatch before turning to address Elanore.

“Thank you.” He uttered. “Sadly, I must leave.” Jacob announced. Elanore raised her hand, waving goodbye as he strolled away. “Was a pleasure to meet you.” He conveyed.

“Likewise.” She responded.

Jacob strode through the large park towards the exit, pulling slowly away from all the noise and hecticness. He wandered a few blocks on foot before veering right into a particularly familiar neighborhood and walking along a couple of streets, stopping in front of a large, two floor house. Jacob looked around before stepping inside the green lawn with the white picket fence. He approached the door and knocked three times. He could hear a commotion in the background, probably coming from the upper floor. After about thirty seconds, the door opened. In front of him stood Christian, with a hand towel in his hand and a flustered look. The silence that followed seemed to relish on the emptiness of the chasm between the two men, but the intensity of their gaze quickly filled it with unsurmountable force.

“Hey.” Jacob finally uttered. Christian’s eyes scanned him. They dwelled between shock and bottled rage.

“I…” Christian mumbled. “What are you doing here?” He questioned.

“I came to meet my real estate agent. Finally sold my house. I wasn’t sure if…I mean…” Jacob struggled to convey as his mouth battled his nervousness. “I had to stop by. Seemed wrong if I didn’t.” He finally disclosed.

“It’s been five years, Jacob.” Christian uttered, his green eyes twitching.

“I know. I…” Jacob replied before being cut off. From under Christian’s arm, a small boy popped up. He was blonde, with green eyes, and fair, light skin, the spitting image of Christian.

“Daddy…” The boy uttered, but the sight of Jacob made him flinch slightly with childlike embarrassment into Christian’s leg, peeking from behind it. Christian looked down at his son and smiled.

“This is…an old friend of üvey kız kardeş porno daddy’s.” Christian explained. “Aren’t you going to say hello?” He questioned, smiling down at his son.

“Hi…” The boy begrudgingly uttered.

“Hey.” Jacob said, faking his enthusiasm. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Jacob.” The boy replied. Jacob felt his chest implode. He lingered on the child for a moment, his head feeling excruciatingly heavy until he finally lifted his eyes towards Christian, whose green gaze dawdled, tears struggling to hold themselves from evading. Jacob smiled, then looked back down at the child.

“You have a beautiful name.” Jacob mumbled, his voice breaking. The boy beamed at him.

“Jacob, go back upstairs. Bath time, remember? Mommy’s waiting.” Christian instructed. The boy reluctantly nodded, turned around, and walked up the stairs to the second floor. Jacob darted around, feeling disoriented.

“I shouldn’t have come. I’m sorry. I should go…” He uttered, turning back towards the driveway.

“Wait. Don’t go.” Christian blurted out. Jacob stopped in his tracks, his heart pounding inside his chest. He turned around to face Christian, and when he did, all the love he had bottled inside came rushing back. “You look good.” Christian uttered as he scanned Jacob from head to toe. “Really good, actually.” He reiterated, astonished at how time didn’t seem to put a strain on his friend’s appearance. Jacob grinned.

“Well, you look like shit.” He razzed. There was a brief silence before both men shared a bursting chuckle.

“You piece of shit. Try managing a kid! They…” He stated, but Jacob interrupted.

“…Suck the life out of you, I’ve heard.” He said, smiling. Jacon paused and gazed at Christian, trying to seal up the last five years away from his friend. “You’re still the most beautiful man I know…” He expressed as he held his tears at bay. “I missed you, Christian.” He whispered, the range of his statement indiscernible.

“Where are you staying?” Christian questioned, attempting to shift the conversation.

“A hotel nearby. The one on Downey Street.” Jacob disclosed.

“Let’s meet for a drink later tonight. Emma’s taking the kid to her parents this weekend…” Christian suggested.

“Still not getting along with them, hum?” Jacob teased. Christian shrugged, grinning mischievously. “10 pm, ok?” He asked. Christian looked inside, then nodded in agreement. Jacob turned around and started walking away.

“Hey!” Christian hollered. Jacob turned around to face his friend. “After all this time, don’t I get a hug?” Christian asked to Jacob’s surprise. The moment he heard the words, his body propelled forward, and he rushed, trying desperately not to run over to his friend. Jacob draped his arms around Christian as the scent of his skin plunged inside him. The feeling was so overwhelming he felt like crying. Then suddenly, Christian’s mouth touched his ear.

“I’ve missed you too. So much…” He whispered, pulling away almost immediately. Jacob could have stayed there forever, but he understood the implications, so he began walking backward, never taking his eyes off Christian.

“I’ll see you tonight.” He uttered as he turned away, walking back to the town’s center and into the hotel where he was staying. As he slid the keycard on the door to his room and sat on the edge of the bed, facing the mirror, he realized he had been smiling since he left Christian’s house. There was an underlying fear that this encounter would set back his newfound independence of spirit, yet a deep part of him regaled on rekindling his connection with Christian. It felt like returning to a familiar place he desperately missed. He plunged onto the bed and lay there, gaping at the ceiling, smiling. A few minutes later, he fell asleep.

He woke up later, disoriented. He glanced at his phone, and as he did, his body rocketed off the bed like a bullet. It was 9.30 pm.

“Fuck!” He roared as he stripped bare, rushing to the shower. He didn’t have time to shave, so he randomly clutched some clothes from his suitcase and threw them on. He stopped before the mirror, checked himself out, and flew out the door. As he descended the elevator, he started getting flustered and anxious. He tried to calm himself down, but the thought of being with Christian again was too overwhelming to manage. He reached the hotel lobby and scanned the foyer. There was no sign of him. Then he looked to his left, towards the bar, and Christian was sitting on one of the stools, chatting with the bartender. He wore a white shirt and pants that hugged his stunning body delicately. Jacob beamed and walked over to him.

“Hey.” He uttered. Christian turned around, smiled, and stood up, opening his arms. Jacob dove inside his embrace again, the scent of his friend ushering all his memories back. As they clutched, Jacob felt Christian’s soft dick rub against his. “Glad you came.”

“Of Course.” Christian replied from under Jacob’s bosom. “Let’s find a table.” He suggested, signaling the bartender, who escorted them to a cozy hidden corner facing the outdoor pool. They sat down xnxx porno and remained there, their eyes locked on each other, awkwardly managing the silence until Christian finally took charge. “So, how have you been?” He asked. Jacob fidgeted in his seat.

“I’ve been good. Been traveling quite a bit with the guys. It’s been an adventure, to say the least.” He declared. Christian seemed genuinely interested, yet Jacob could feel a hint of jealousy stemming from his semblance. “How about you?” Jacob countered.

“Well…I’m tired all the time. I’m 29, but I feel like I’m hitting 50. But at the end of the day…it’s worth it. I love my boy more than anything in my life.” Christian said with a resoluteness in his voice that shook Jacob.

“You named him Jacob…” He remarked.

“Yeah…” Christian replied, nervously rubbing his fingers on the tablecloth.

“Why?” Jacob questioned. Christian’s hand halted, and his head swerved outside towards the pool.

“I didn’t know if we’d ever see each other again…I guess…it was a way of keeping you in my life.” He confessed, to Jacob’s surprise. “Emma wasn’t a fan…” He quipped.

“Are you happy?” Jacob queried, their boundaries slowly crumbling.

“I don’t know…” Christian muttered. “When I look at my kid, I feel happy, yeah. But most of the time…I don’t know…I wonder if…” He stammered before looking at Jacob and shrugging. “Nevermind.” He brushed off, looking away again.

“Christian, I’m sorry I haven’t been around. But I had to find my own life. I had to try and find myself.” Jacob explained. He could see Christian’s eyes as they glinted, the blue lights from the pool reflecting on them.

“Don’t. You were right.” Christian interceded. “What I did to you…what happened back then…I don’t deserve your friendship.” He admitted. Jacob leaned forward and placed his elbows on the table, his arms crossed and his eyes on Christian.

“Hey, look at me.” He lured. “Christian…look at me.” Jacob beckoned, noticing tears forming inside his friend’s vacant gaze. Christian reluctantly turned his head to face him. And Jacob was there to meet him, with the words Christian desperately longed to hear. “I still love you. That will never change.” He expressed. Christian’s eyes latched, and tears rolled down his face. He could witness a weight lifted from Christian’s shoulders.

“I…” Christian mumbled before chugging his drink and setting the glass on the table. He then reclined back on his chair and sat there gazing at Jacob. His countenance began to change. “When you said you had to go find yourself…” He said. “Where did it lead you?” He questioned. Jacob’s gaze pierced through him as he scanned every nook and cranny of Christian’s face. Then Jacob smiled.

“It led me here. Back to you.” Jacob answered. Not an ounce of trepidation in his statement. Christian’s eyes welled up, and his dick hardened inside his pants. Jacob chugged his drink and signaled the bartender to tab the drinks, letting his back fall on the chair. “Now, what do you say we skip the chit chat and go to my room?” He commanded. Christian’s breath became heavier, and a grin pushed through his somber demeanor.

“Ok.” He reacted.

They both got up and rushed to the elevator. Jacob trotted ahead, with Christian following close behind. He pushed the button several times before the door finally closed. The second it did, Jacob took his hand and pushed Christian against the wall, making the lift swing slightly. He leaned into him, their bodies brushing, their dicks honing, and their mouths inches apart as their heavy breaths covered each other’s faces.

“I missed your breath on me.” Jacob moaned. Christian’s mouth hovered open, his plump lips slightly apart as his tongue glazed over them, battling the urge to plunge forward and merge with Jacob’s. Both men’s eyes were closed as their lips searched for a way to connect. “Christian…” Jacob whispered into his mouth.

“Jacob…” Christian moaned back.

“Just kiss me already.” Jacob entreated.

And so, Christian did. He lunged his head forward and locked lips with Jacob, finally sealing their love for each other. Christian took his arms around Jacob’s lower back and pulled him into his chest. As he shoved his tongue inside his mouth, their spits fusing, he’d rock his head from side to side, sucking on every part of Jacob’s lips. In turn, Jacob would moan uncontrollably, his mind obliterated by the culmination of all those years of longing. While clutched inside Christian’s firm grasp, he slid his right hand down and grasped his crotch, which was engorged and pulsating. He began rubbing it over Christian’s pants, and as he did, Christian grunted, plowing his tongue deeper inside Jacob’s mouth.

“Jay…” Christian groaned.

“I know…” Jacob muttered back, completely lost in the moment.

Suddenly, the elevator doors spread, and a posh, uptight couple walked in. Jacob and Christian barely had time to push away from each other and turn towards the door, their backs leaning against the back of the box. As the lift ascended, the couple stood with their backs turned as the two men wrestled with zenci porno the urge to resume their make-out session. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife as the numbers on the panel rolled, slowly reaching Jacob’s floor. Once he heard the soft bell sound, Jacob took Christian’s hand, pulling him and pushing through the couple mindlessly.

“Goodnight!” He hollered, chuckling as he sprinted through the endless hall of doors. Christian followed him, trying to catch up to Jacob, spellbound by his contagious joy.

They ran together, laughing and shoving each other, as a nostalgic wave flowed through them. They felt alive and young again. As if the traumatic events of the last years never existed. Jacob skidded abruptly, swiped his card, and opened the room’s door, holding it for Christian. He closed it and followed his friend inside. As they walked towards the bed, Jacob couldn’t help but notice how amazing Christian’s ass looked in those pants. When Christian turned, he was right there waiting for him. Christian opened his mouth slightly as if to say something, but Jacob pushed his hand against his chest, stopping him in his tracks. They stared silently into each other’s eyes, their breaths syncopated. Jacob took his hands down to Christian’s crotch and started unbuckling his belt, opening his zipper and letting his pants fall to the floor. Then without waiting, he pulled Christian’s underwear, unlocking his 8-inch throbbing cock. Christian unbuttoned his shirt, tore it off, and shoved it sideways. He was now completely naked, his smooth, still beautiful body disclosed, a soft expression on his face as his cock’s tip rubbed against Jacob’s pelvis. Jacob pulled his shirt off and unzipped his pants, letting them drop gently on the floor. And as he pulled his underwear down, his cock sprung forth and brushed Christian’s. Jacob held both in his right hand and started tugging on them. Christian’s head immediately tilted back as he sighed in pleasure. Jacob took his left hand and grasped his friend’s neck, pulling him forward again and locking their mouths in a passionate kiss, still rubbing their dicks with his right hand. The last chip of Christian’s resistance fell through, and he finally took his arms, swathing them around Jacob’s back, his left around his lower back, and his right between his shoulder blades, pulling him in as he pushed his tongue deeper inside his mouth. As their tongues danced together, their tastes fused, and their movements began merging. Christian’s left hand started to explore Jacob’s back, moving over his soft skin like a snake, climbing into his neck and sliding his fingers inside his raven hair. His right hand descended into uncharted territory, grazing gently over Jacob’s ass. Christian’s fingers started squeezing Jacob’s cheeks, smacking them vigorously. Meanwhile, his breathing became more nuanced inside Jacob’s mouth, who moaned, tracking every slap.

They unlocked their lips, spit covering them, and Christian sat on the edge of the bed, his dick rock hard and pointing towards the ceiling, a coat of precum oozing from within his foreskin. Jacob knew what his friend wanted, so without missing a beat, he kneeled between Christian’s legs, tipped forward, and shoved his nose inside his sack, just over the balls, taking a prolonged sniff. Christian fell back, chuckling, his hands covering his mouth. But soon, that chuckle curved into a vigorous wail as Jacob’s tongue began sliding along his scrotum, and his mouth started sucking on his balls. With each new moan evading Christian’s mouth, Jacob’s head pushed deeper and deeper inside his crack, and at times his tongue would accidentally skate Christian’s sphincter, making his pelvis sprout upwards in small but firm movements.

The musky scent coming from Christian’s crotch, mixed with the sweat, was sending Jacob into a frenzy. He started gliding his tongue along Christian’s cock, up to the tip, pulling the foreskin back and wiggling his tongue over his banjo string. This particular move made Christian’s body quiver, and the more he did, the snappier Jacob’s tongue moved. Sensing the jolts, Jacob slid up the shaft and swallowed it whole, bobbing his head up and down like a pro.

“Fuuuuck.” Christian groaned as he took his hands from his mouth and punched his arms sideways, flat on the bed, his head shaking from side to side. “Jacob…” He muttered, his fingers grasping the sheets. Jacob just sighed back, signaling Christian his enjoyment. By now, Jacob had mastered his technique, and his mouth had complete dominance over Christian. Every inch of Christian belonged to his mouth, throat, and tongue, as they all worshipped his cock. Suddenly Jacob felt it spasm inside his mouth. He knew Christian was close, so he stopped moving and held it inside his jaws, captive, slightly moving his tongue from side to side, stopping every time he felt it twitch again. He heard Christian take a deep breath and couldn’t help but chuckle, his mouth still covering his friend’s shaft. “Fuck…I’m sorry…” Christian uttered before his cock pulsated and strings of cum began erupting inside Jacob’s mouth. Rather than pull away, he plunged his head further down, the tip of Christian’s dick now touching the back of his throat where it remained, delivering the remains of his lust juice while Jacob moaned, slowly consuming them. He finally pulled away, having milked every ounce of Christian’s batter, releasing a gasp of air as he unlocked from the throbbing prick.

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