Memoirs Ch. 1

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Dear Readers: I am not a writer, however I do enjoy the literature on this site. Has been a fan for a while. I re-write the following on notes that were passed onto me by a good friend who owns a mechanic shop. One day he was working on a car and found the following letter/s. It was hand written, I read, as I write; this present, that was given to me now onto you. I have just written the following and from how it appears, it looks to be written from a woman’s perspective. I would like to make it a Trilogy, including the last part with a picture of the original letter marked with lipstick & signature. have fun


It’s Friday night;

well… we’ve managed to finds a swingers club. WE arrive & order a couple of drinks. There’s a variety of sorts, so we decide to sit down to have a drink & just watch a bit. A man comes up to us & asks you if you want to dance? you look surprised that even men would find you attractive, yet your not exactly all that flattered you say, no thanks… I’m not gay. “oh that’s to bad” he says, walking away disappointed. ( well maybe for him but not for me! ) we laugh about that for a while & continue to people watch. I see a girl standing alone by the pool tables. Tokat Escort I mention her to you, were wondering if she’s here alone or has a man, or woman near by. we watch a man comes up to her & they are talking. The girl looks pretty good, so we decide to move in on the scene. we go over to the pool tables & I ask if they want to play a game of pool with us. They say sure. she’s about 23, long light brown hair, big boobs, & she is in blue jeans & a tank top ( her cleavage we’ve both noticed. ) she has a nice fresh look & her butt looks real good in those jeans!

[( labeled page two )]

You say ” look at that nice firm ass…. we’ve agreed /or at least imagined! she’s not wearing any underwear. light conversation goes on. I ask her.. so “are you two a couple? .. she says no… we just go out time to time together & hope to meet couples like you two to have some fun with. ” your a couple right”? she asks… yaw … were are. were not here to waist time, so I’m upfront with he fact that I’m not into swapping male partners I tell her this discreetly. meanwhile you & buddy are playing pool. your thinking about now hott this chic looks & imagining her sucking your cock & licking my pussy. Bud’s imagining how Tokat Escort Bayan hot it would be to fuck me… sorry bud you’re here… but actually you’re really not! anyway… I tell you I think this girl will do just fine… you agree but… we need a plan. I ask her if she wants to dance, she says sure, I love dancing*. we go to the dance floor, on our way I say ” you know I’ve been thinking about licking you’re pussy ever since I saw you… ” Oh really, I’ve been thinking the same thing she says with a smirk.

[( labeled page three )]

I say.. “well I’m going out of town tomorrow for 2 weeks so I really only have tonight unless you want to wait & I don’t think that would be good…No, I don’t either she says. ” I want to fuck you” I say intensely while were dancing. she says ” yes “…. yes. after a couple of dances I say come with me to the bathroom. She follows & I come in the stall. I hold her wrists against the door above her head & kiss her. I let go of one arm & rub her pussy [(this following part crossed out)] underneath her[(.)] on top of her jeans. she says ” oh that feels good”. I kiss her again & tell her you should come with us & have some fun, I have a double dildo I’m sure Escort Tokat we could make good user of. I then whisper in her ear “& I’ll lick your pussy really good” “uummmmm” she says. someone comes in the bathroom sssshhh I say, & put her hand on my pussy, she rubs me while I lift her shirt taking* her breast out & I suck her nipple. The person leaves the bathroom, She says “Oh I want to go but I came with my friend” I say just tell him you’ll go out with him another night. we’ll have fun….

[( labeled page four )]

Ok… she says. she’s seems somewhat nervous but daintily* interested. we return to the pool table & order another drink. She comes over to me & says “I told him I want feeling well… I’ll meet you outside in the back in 10 minuets*. we move tables & let her wrap. Buddy is some disappointed well…. you can’t win all the time!!.)

We go outside, she’s their* waiting. I say do you drive.. sometimes but tonight I didn’t. I say, don’t worry we’ll pay for your cab or give you a ride home later. Sure. We both sit in the backseat, while you drive. “where are we going” she says… I’m not sure some hotel or motel I assume. Oh….. she’s says. I lift my dress off. I say “I want you to lick my pussy” & I push her head down a bit, she unbuckles her seat belt & kneels on the floor & starts sucking my clit. “Oh yes, suck me & put you’re finger in me. yes that’s

[(to be continued)]…|| next time on memoirs.. moans become louder…… I tell her you Suck.. [( labeled page five )]

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