Megan Ch. 01

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My name is Joe, I am a 25 year old engineering major and a true example of a university student: living in a small and stuffy apartment, most of the money coming in from my parents was spent on rent and food. So if I wanted to do more than just survive I had to find a temporary job. Nothing really full time as studying really took up a lot of my time.

After a few weeks of searching I found a job as an assistant in a custom tailor’s place. The place was simply called “Custom”. They handled everything from custom tailored suits to clothes for people too large or too fat to fit into anything else. And you could also order stuff that Custom couldn’t tailor. The company had contracts with various specialty factories so virtually any piece of clothing could be ordered from custom sized shoes to hats, excluding space suits. The management and tailors worked normal 8-14(8am to 4pm), and 14-21(4 to 9pm) was only for pick-up or placing orders and getting measured. This was where I got in. My job was to spend my free afternoons as a desk clerk handing out completed products. It was an almost perfect job. It didn’t take up my mornings, long times at the desk let me do studying in my free time, and provided me with enough money for my spare time.

I cut the boring shifts by guessing the appearance of the person for whom the delivery was intended. Being the person doing the packing that was rather easy. And I soon got good at it, daydreaming that one of those girls coming to pick up huge stripper platforms would want to try them out, along with the interesting outfits that were sometimes used. But those were more often embarrassed housewives than actual strippers. Oh and by the way, even if they were strippers they would just pick their props up and leave.

One evening I found a strange package. On top of a rather large pile was what looked like a skirt, but it seemed sewn wrongly, like someone took a normal knee length dress for a rather tall woman and just tilted it 90 degrees. Like a giant miniskirt, heh. Fee fi fo fum. Someone must have been sleepy when he was doing this. I stashed it aside for corrections. Underneath was a rather large red piece of clothing, about as long as a typical dress. It had wide stretchy sleeves that could loosely fit my leg in girth and length as well. Also the shoulders could fit an elephant. At the front or back it had a rather large opening, probably a back opening, or 80’s rock star unitard, imagining someone wearing that seemed like wearing a sleeping sheet. Next some underwear; a rather large box. I opened it to find something quite astonishing, two pairs of panties for an extremely fat person. I could fit 4 of myself in them easily. Then a note saying that there were no stockings of required size and will be supplied subsequently. OK, a really fat chick, now most of the things made sense, even the silly short skirt. Well, the dress was still a bit weird. Then I saw the bra. It was big enough to use as a swing chair. This lady must really be huge. And these straps; probably could saddle a horse with this, hehe. Must be really fat.

The final piece of the package was a pair of gigantic stiletto pumps. They were labeled as 8 inches high. How the hell does such a huge woman maintain balance on something like that? Heh, funny mental image.

Not a minute had passed since I packed everything when I heard the bell signal someone entering. I was approaching the counter with a large pile of boxes obscuring my sight.

“Just a second, I’ll be right with you,” I yelled.

“No problem, don’t rush,” said the sweetest voice I had ever heard.

I dropped the boxes on the counter and saw behind them a sexy little chin, and when my eyes darted upwards the most beautiful face I had ever seen, no contest. Large full red lips, tiny nose and huge blue eyes — the deepest blue I had ever seen. I was immediately lost in them. And framing her face was thick, long, tied-back blond hair.

“Uhm, hello, I.. my name is Megan, I came to pick up an order.”

“Em..e.. ah. Yes. Order. hm.. OK, yes. Your order is right here. Would you like to try out your order to see if everything is OK?” And I started opening the first box.

Her face turned absolutely red and her eyes darted to the floor. “No, no. I’m sure everything is in order and there’s no need to check.”

“OK, but you better check since our return policy is not the best here. And don’t worry; I packed the boxes so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Her face turned Bostancı escort even more red and she obediently started opening the boxes. I finally managed to take my eyes off her face to glance at the rest of her. To my surprise below the cute face was quite a wide torso covered in a large red sweater. Must be the fat woman, although her shoulders still seemed a bit too wide, and her face was too small for her size; must be some hormone imbalance, poor girl. Everything below the waist was obscured by the counter and boxes. There was something odd about that but I couldn’t quite place it at the moment.

She collected the boxes and turned to leave.

I started after her to escort her to the store exit, when I missed a step and crashed with a vengeance to the floor. Yes, that’s what was strange; there were three steps from the floor up to the level behind the counter, which means that.. Oh, fuck, that means that…

And a foot appeared next to me. It was longer than my forearm and palm extended. I hesitantly looked up to notice her pretty face with a worried look.

“Are you OK? You crashed pretty badly. Here..” and she extends one massive hand in a crushing grip that made my bones creak. She pulled me up so fast that I couldn’t stop and crashed into her bosom hard.

Her face had gone red again, and she earnestly apologized.

The girl wasn’t fat, she was gigantic. Her boobs were right at my forehead. And she was massive. Huge arms and shoulders; even her hips were absurdly wide. Her legs were concealed by a long skirt.

I was a still a bit groggy from the fall and from the fact that the shoulders of this very shy girl were about a head above my eyes, and about twice as wide as my shoulders.

She noticed I was still lost. “Oh, are you OK? Please don’t faint. Here, let me help you.” And she grabbed me under my armpits and lifted me into a sitting position on the counter. Her arms exploded with muscle under the wide sweater, effortlessly doubling in size and reducing back to their merely massive tame size a second after.

I was still speechless. She was over a foot taller than me. This was the tallest human being I had ever heard of let alone seen. The only one that came close was my new neighbour. And this girl was also apparently very powerful, lifting me to the counter without any apparent effort.

As she was going to the boxes I surprised myself by opening my mouth and saying, “You are really beautiful..”

She sheepishly turned her eyes upward turning red again.

“Th..Thank you,” and she flashed me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Completely stunning me.

“And very strong.”

“No, it’s just that you’re so very tiny and so light. I train with much much bigger weights,” she said waving her hand. And then, realizing what she said, her face turned red in shame again. “Oh no. I shouldn’t have told you now you’ll never want to go out with me.” And while I was trying to form a sentence tears were welling up at her eyes.

“You probably think I’m hideous because of my muscles.” There were tears going down her pretty cheeks.

In front of me stood a massive mountain of woman, so big that I couldn’t reach the top of her head, with muscles that could easily accidentally crush me in a passionate hug, her face in her hands, her huge body shaking in sobs. But beyond all that was also an inexperienced frustrated girl whose feelings had been badly hurt, and she desperately needed a hug, not a monster as she described herself, and how she must have often been perceived.

From my sitting position I could only hug the front of her breast, so I got up on my knees and now at her face level I pulled her in for a hug. Her shoulder was massive. Like a football, it was smooth and round but I could feel giant muscles moving underneath with each sob. Gently stroking the length of her arm I could feel how massive it was, easily bigger than my leg. And I remembered seeing it double in size. Holy fuck. Silent alarm bells were ringing in my mind.

My other hand placed on her head, I pulled her into my chest for a hug. The sight must have been very funny. I was kneeling on top of a rather tall counter and a gigantic girl was crying into my chest sobbing. Massive powerful arms wrapped themselves around my body in a shaky bearhug, and a whispered thank you.

“But really, don’t cry. Your muscles look really impressive. Do you train a lot?”

“You like them? No one has ever told me that before, thank you. Anadolu Yakası Escort Everybody always thought that I was a freak. Do you.. well.. maybe… Would you like me to show them to you? Or no, no silly me, you wouldn’t want to watch my body.

“Of course I would. I would love to. Whenever you want to. Hey, how about we go for a drink right away. I just need about 10 minutes to get everything closed. If you have time that is.”

“Oh absolutely.” Her face lit up with a smile. “But I am in my gym clothes, and I would like to look nice for you.”

“Well I don’t really mind. But then again, you have that package I gave you. You can change in the back while I close shop. And you can use the bathroom to freshen up if you need to. Follow me.”

And I jumped off the counter to face the lower part of her breast again, and with a heavy gulp I turned around and headed back. “There’s the bathroom and you can change behind that curtain over there. And — oh by the way — I put this aside for corrections because I thought someone made a mistake,” I said grabbing the miniskirt.

“You could wear that,” I said with anticipation.

Her face turned the reddest shade yet. “Well. I.. I wasn’t planning to. At least not in public.”

“It’s OK; it was just a suggestion, but why not? I’m sure your legs are lovely, especially if you train, and you should be proud of them.”

“Well I do. I train them very hard, much more than anything else but.. well. Well, if you think you’re ready maybe I can show you my muscles right away. How about a little peak at my” to make sure you’re ready.”

And before I could say a word she took off her sweater. She looked powerful before, but underneath that sweater was a mammoth muscled behemoth. A sports bra was hidden by an ordinary white t-shirt stretched to almost transparency. Huge massive slabs of muscle covered her upper body and rippled and pulsed with each movement. Arms as big as my leg in a relaxed state — and I had already seen them double in size. Her tiny cute face seemed almost out of place on top of her body. And her breasts seemed massive completely concealed and distorted by her tight sports bra.

“Wow Megan, you’re really big,” I said my hand involuntarily going for her massive arm.

She extended her arm in front of my face and tightened it. It exploded in muscle, her upper arm looked about the same size as my waist.

“Ohh, dear. You look so tiny next to my arm. How much do you weigh?”

“About 140, why?”

“Mhmmm, wow. That’s lighter than my weights.. for one-arm curls. I must admit I really like you. I really want to show you my body now. Are you ready?” Her voice was descending into a sexy whisper.

She put her palms together and started expanding her body blocking my entire vision with her massiveness. Rips started appearing in her t-shirt sleeves as she took a couple of breaths. Then, with a deep guttural roar, she trust her chest out, in one explosive motion, spread her arms wide, her body exploding, ripping the t-shirt into pieces. While my mind was still reeling in shock she returned to her normal massive towering state and give me a kiss on the forehead.

“Oh my. That was really hot. I like posing for you very much. I think I will try that dress on. I finally found someone who really likes my muscles,” she said putting her massive arm underneath my chin and tightening it hitting me on the chin.

“Oh, sorry,” she giggled. Sometimes it’s hard controlling them, ‘specially with someone so tiny.”

She turned, grabbing the dress, the underwear, the weird dress from before and one more box, and headed for the dressing room.

As she was walking towards the curtain I couldn’t help but admire her lovely ass and how it swayed. It was about the same width as her shoulders, which was quite a feat, and considering how tiny her waist was, it looked really gigantic. Her hair hung a few inches below her ass in a really thick braid. Her hair was almost as long as I was tall!

Entering the dressing room was a bit complicated as the top of the doors was at her neck level and somewhat narrow, but she squeezed through somehow.

I went about my business in the other room with very shaky hands trying to complete everything I needed to, and mostly fumbling everything.

After a few minutes I was done and rushed to the room. She was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey Tiny, where are you?” A voice was coming from the direction of the dressing panel screen, Kadıköy Escort and her face was peeking over it. “Come here.”

The panel was some 5ft tall, and I was curious how she could be peeking, rather than looming, over it. She must be kneeling.

As I came to look over the dressing panel a massive arm grabbed my head to stop me.

“No peeking. Are you ready to have your mind blown, Tiny?”

And holding my head she started getting up. I finally understood the dress: what I had thought was the back opening was actually cleavage. Her breasts were.. beyond big. That sports bra must have really compressed them before. But her cleavage was quickly out of my vision as it traveled upward. Beneath it, her miniskirt covered everything up to her.. hmm, up to the dressing panel. Her skirt.. but what the.. I was now below her breast level. If not for the shirt/dress I would be looking into her navel. She leaned over, her breasts slowly jiggling in their confinement, cleavage as deep as a canyon, and above it her lovely face said, “See anything you like, Tiny?”

“You haven’t answered my question.” Her voice was a sultry sexy whisper. “Are. You. Ready. To have. Your mind. Blown?” For me, seeing her stature towering over the dressing panel with breast-occluding vision was already mind-blowing.

And then she moved and I could hear the loud click of heels on the floor. Stepping out from behind the panel I could finally see her legs in all their glory. They really were her pride and splendor. Endlessly long, silky smooth, sensuously shaped.. and BIG. Huge, massive pillars of power. Each step rippling with monstrous power hidden beneath her skin. Each tree trunk-sized leg bigger in circumference than my entire body by at least twice.

Despite her size, her entire appearance was not that of a tall person. She was a voluptuous massively muscled pocket Venus. Except that she was a giant. Oversized sexy stiletto pumps below huge powerful long long legs, wide sensuous hips, tiny pinched waist and powerful upper frame topped with the cutest possible face.

“Megan, my.. How. Big. Tall… How tall are you?”

“Oh well, normally I’m only 7 feet and 8 itsy-bitsy inches, but with these nice shoes, I’m about 8’4″. Or if you prefer, that’s about two and a half meters. But don’t worry, at 18 I’m still a growing girl you know.”

Dear god! She was only 18, and still growing. And she was really enjoying this. Ten minutes ago she was a shy teenager, now that she saw the effect her body had on me, she was really enjoying it. An image of her hulking frame growling pumped up in front of me a couple of minutes ago made me shiver.

“How do you like my skirt?” she asked, pointing to her thighs and stepping forward, really close. “Where are you? I can’t see you from here,” she said her breasts right above my head. “Do you like my thighs? I train them really hard.” Her thighs began to grow right in front of me. As they grew, the skirt hem was slowly going up, pushed by the expanding thigh. “It would make me so happy if you liked them.” Her thighs were still growing as she rubbed them sexily against each other. “Touch them, little man. Feel them dance for you.” One of her legs started swaying, making mountains of muscle move right in front of my face.

My hand involuntarily extended to touch her leg. It looked so tiny compared to that awesome appendage. From the outside her legs looked smooth but underneath I could feel her quadriceps probably larger than my chest silently pulsing with power with each sway. Then her thigh suddenly swelled pushing me so hard I fell on my back in surprise.

“Oh dear are you OK? How cute; you’re so tiny I can push you away with a little old flex, just like this,” and just to show me she was only teasing me her thighs grew to massive proportions while a loud clapping sound could be heard echoing the room, from her thighs exploding into each other.

I was speechless, but standing above me I could see her smile devilishly, she quite clearly understood I liked her, despite my scared look and she was really enjoying proving her dominance to me.

“Oh, you’re really such a little cutey. I would like to play with you soo much,” she said while her thigh muscles rippled at the mention of playing with me. “I could just hug you to pieces how cute you are.” Her massive arms wrapped around her breast forming a muscle breast prison. I was starting to be worried. She was unearthly pretty but I was wondering if she wasn’t too much for me; one such hug could crush me.

“Ah yes, how about that drink then,” I said trying to get the heat of the moment down a bit.

“Mhmm, I think I could do that. I was always too shy to go out dressed like this, but now that I see the way you look at me I am starting to be very proud of my body.”

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