Meeting the Boss’s Daughter Ch. 16

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Close Up

Adam kicked at a pebble at his feet, before gazing up at the window in his new office. He hadn’t heard from Katie in a long time, since that day. It made him wonder if he should have fought more to protect her from Helena’s treatment of them but even he was taken by surprise by the events that occurred. He hadn’t heard from Phillip as well. He stared at his monitor, it was bigger, upgraded, all his equipment were top of the line. He stared at the door at the far end of the floor, Helena had treated him well, he couldn’t deny it.

In the months that had passed, he had been at her beck and call, especially for sex. He felt nothing for her but pity that a woman so powerful and always composed in the workplace was actually so lonely in her private life, although she would never admit to it. She had asked him for an exclusive albeit non-romantic relationship with him including an assurance that he would stay with the company indefinitely, in exchange, he got quite the benefits. It had not gone well with his relationship with the other people on the staff though.

He sighed in realization that he was actually bored with his current situation. Turning back to the window, he wondered where Katie was, why she hadn’t reached out to him at all. For all he knew, she had escaped quickly and never turned back.


Katie stepped into the doors of a small preschool Hunter had recommended her to. She was welcomed right away by the staff and the kids were just fabulous. It took her a while to get over the uneasiness of having to mingle with kids she didn’t know and the insecurity of not knowing how to handle them. Instead, she found herself enlightened by their simple joys and enthusiasm. Some were kids of single mothers who couldn’t find nannies, some were from a nearby foster homes who took their kids in for early education, kids ranging from 3 to 7. She found herself coming back every day and quickly enjoying the new role she had.

“So who can remember the animals we met at the zoo?” she asked all the eager little faces in front of her. Many hands raised up waiting to be called. escort gaziantep ilanları Beyond those hands, she noticed a familiar figure at the back of the room, Hunter, who smiled at her when he saw her looking.

She smiled and returned her attention back to the kids.

“How is she doing?” Hunter asked the head teacher of the preschool.

“The kids love her and I think she has been adapting quite well, she comes earlier every day and leaves later than she used to,” she replied, with a smile. “We are very lucky to have her, the children are very lucky.”

He smiled and turned his gaze back to her, watching her in admiration, pleased that she was enjoying herself in something new.

Thirty minutes after, the kids were sent off to the playground for snacktime. He felt a hand on his wrist. He turned, gazing at her sweet face and smiled, “hey.”

“What are you doing here?” Katie asked, smiling back at him.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Checking up on me?”

He grinned, “Of course, I’ve been curious to see why I’ve been waking up to an empty bed the past few mornings.”

She smiled as he leaned down to kiss her. “So, what do you think of the school?”

“I love it. The kids are fabulous. Thank you for letting me spend time here. Although….”

He raised his eyebrow in question, “yes?”

“We could use a lot more books.”

“Ahh you have demands…” he backed her against the wall, leaning closer to kiss her neck.

She giggled, pushing his face away teasingly, “not demands, just… recommendations.”

“We must have a discussion about that then.” He took her hand and led her to the small teacher’s room, closing the door behind them. He tugged hard on her hand, pulling her body against his, holding her to him as his lips touched her again, sucking tasting the warmth of her mouth. She pushed his coat off his shoulders and onto the floor, undoing the buttons on his shirt until it was hanging open on his shoulders. She kissed his chest and neck and back to meet his mouth, their tongues escort kadın gaziantep melding together in hunger.

“MMM… Hunter… the kids…” she muffled out between breaths as he kissed her neck.

“They’re outside, don’t worry, they can’t hear us.”

His hands reached down her back to her ass, down the hem of her skirt, pushing it up her thighs and holding and squeezing her ass. Her hands were wrapped around his neck, running through his hair. He lifted her up against him, her legs wrapped around his waist, carrying her over to the countertop, his hands running up her thigh to her bunched up skirt, pulling her panties down. He undid her blouse, and pulled her bra cups aside, taking her each mound into his mouth, alternating one and the other.

She gasped, he could feel her restraining her moans, but her breath was heavy and he could feel her soaked between her legs. God, he wanted her so bad, more than he had ever wanted any other woman he had been with and it just made his desire uncontrollably astounding. He sucked and teased her taut nipples, feeling her fingers digging into her shoulders as she cried out into his ear, his fingers rubbing at her clit, sliding along her slit. He could sense her urgency, her body grinding against his fingers, her hands clutching into his skin.

He undid his pants and freed his hard cock, her hand immediately found its way around him, making him groan as she stroked it gently. He knew they didn’t have that much time. He pulled her closer to the edge of the counter and positioned his cock at her wet entrance. He held her by the hair, his mouth on hers as he eased himself inside her. He could feel her moans muffled by his lips and tongue inside her mouth, He was deep inside her and she was securing him tightly in place with her pussy.

He leaned her back against the counter, touching his finger to her lips as he held onto her ankles and pulled out slowly and eased back in. He could feel her pussy clenching tightly at his cock’s motions. He built up a rhythm and her moans started growing louder escort gaziantep kızlar as his momentum did. He knew they couldn’t be heard but he couldn’t help worrying as well.

He stopped midway making her whimper.

“Just a second baby,” he took his tie off the counter and put it around her, her eyes grew wide with surprise as she realized he was securing it around her mouth. He smiled and kissed her parted lips in assurance.

He returned to holding her ankles, pulling her legs wider and burying his cock deep inside her, staying there for a moment to grind his hips against her. He could hear her muffled moans. He raised her legs higher upwards and pulled out to just the tip. His eyes watching her, he slammed his cock all the way inside her, feeling her tighten but not waiting, he pulled back out and pushed back in, building a faster, stronger rhythm now, ramming his hard cock deeply in and out of her, he could feel her legs tremble as she came.

He helped her down the counter and bent her over, parting her ass as he reentered her pussy, he tugged at her hair as he drove into her with powerful thrusts, harder and deeper, he felt her quivering and trembling, sensed her tightening around him. He grunted as he felt himself drawing closer to the edge.

“god Katie…” He tugged hard at her hair as he buried his cock once more before pulling out. He intended to catch every drop with is hand but instead, he felt her mouth around his throbbing member as it shot out jets of cum. He gasped at the warmth and delightful feel of her tongue at his cock, catching every last drop.

He sat down on the floor beside her, holding her to him, both gasping for breath.

“Can I pick you up after?” he asked, holding her against him.

She murmured a yes before getting up and redoing the buttons on her blouse.

He chuckled, still out of breath, “You’re quick to recover these day.” He held out his hand.

She gave him a tug, helping him to his feet. “I just have more items to put back on.” She smiled, indicating the coat on the floor as well as handing him back his tie.

He grinned, realizing he still had most of his clothes on and started to clean up as well. “I’ll see you later then,” he said on his way out.

“Hey, the books…”

“They’re yours!” he called out without turning back.

She thought for a moment and her eyes grew wide, “Hey,” she called out as she saw him twirling her panties in his hand before stuffing them into his pocket and leaving the room.

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