Meeting My First Gusher

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It was nearing dark when I pulled out of the office parking lot. The commute to my condominium was only a twenty-minute drive from the heart of the city. I stopped off at a corner pub to have a few spirits to take the edge off the day. I stepped up to the bar and took a stool. I looked around familiarizing myself to my surroundings as my eyes adjusted to the dim light.

A couple seated across from me at a nearby booth were engaged in deep conversation over the rising cost of living. To my left, men played a game of darts while to my right and old forgotten lady waited for a lover who would never come. I was snapped back to my center by a sweet voice that I had not heard before at my favorite bar. “What can I get yah, honey?”

I read the words that came from her lips, but my mind heard the words that her eyes spoke. I was silent as I studied the contours of her moon-shaped face. “Rum and coke,” I answered finally. Then as she turned, my eyes scanned her entire body in the span of a single second and lastly fixed on her buttocks. I leaned forward across the bar as I watched her bottom wiggle beneath her low-cut Capri jeans. She was gorgeous, 5’8″, green eyes, blond hair, and measured 36″ 26″ 36″. She was an all-natural beauty unsurpassed by any other that I had ever seen.

She smiled back at me as she mixed my drink and then returning she leaned in close to my ear seemingly to avoid the roar of wall-mounted speakers that blasted out ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It” by lmfao and whispered, “Two seventy five, Honey.” At that moment, my eyes dropped to her breasts that literally fell out of her tube top before my eyes. I was embarrassed at being caught gawking at them, but to my surprise she whispered, “They’re all natural, baby.” I blushed a bit and then asked, “What’s your name, sweetheart? I haven’t seen you in her before where’s Hector?” She smiled again as she wiped the bar with a rag. “Hector Escort Bayan is on vacation. I’m filling in for him–my name is Christie Casey, but my friends call me Angel.”

“Where are you from originally, Christie?”

“Cincinnati. You?

“From right here in Houston. I was raised here, Christie.”

“Oh, please call me Angel.”

“Well, you certainly are that and then some,” I blurted out. God, I hated myself for coming up with such a lame line. “Oh, you like this then?” she asked as she twirled her perfect body around behind the bar.” “Well, yeah what fool wouldn’t?”

“Are you single, David?”

“Yes, but how’d you know my name is David?”

“It’s written on your briefcase, darling.”

We laughed and I had a few more drinks. I was about to leave when she asked, “David, I don’t care to go home to an empty apartment tonight would you care to drive me? I would like to get to know you better.” The look in her eyes said more than her words ever could. I knew that she had been checking me out all night and I’m not that bad looking even if I do say so myself. I keep in shape at the gym and run in the park regularly.

We arrived at her apartment and I let her walk ahead of me as we climbed a flight of stairs. Her butt flopped inside her jeans like a dying snake with each well-placed step. As she stepped long on the last step I noticed a large patch of wet fabric on her crotch area and instantly knew that I would not be returning to my condominium tonight. I held her bag as she unlocked the door. Once inside her one-bedroom apartment, I noticed that it was modest and well decorated. “Make yourself a drink at my little bar over there. I’m going to go freshen up.”

I obliged and mixed a White Russian. Soon she called from behind me as I spun around to see the most beautiful apparition. She was dressed in a red deep V laced teddy and red spiked heel shoes. Bayan Escort The glow from the overhead track lighting lit up her hair like polished gold. Even from my distance, I could see that the nipples of her ample breasts were firm and erect. I set my drink on the fireplace mantel and walked over to her.

She led me by the hand into her spacious bedroom. Arrayed on a nightstand were several sex toys. A 12″ dildo, a small pocket rocket vibrator, and an egg shaped vibrator lay in a neat row as I studied each of them. “I’m gonna rock your world tonight, David,” she said as she tugged at my belt. My pants were barely to my knees when she took my half-erect penis into her mouth and began to chew and suck on it like a sex-staved maniac. I managed to kick off the rest of my clothing as I fell back across her bed.

She was on top of me now and flipped her body into the 69 position. I heard her gag as the full length of my nine-inch cock went down her throat. She pushed her wet sloppy pussy down on my face almost cutting off my air. I went to work on it almost immediately sucking and slurping up her womanly secretion. “Damn this girl is hot.” I said to myself as I indulged myself with her charms. This lasted for several minutes and then she climbed off and stood next to the bed. She removed her teddy in a fluid motion as her breasts bounced back down to her chest.

Then she pulled my head to the edge of the bed and straddled it. Still standing she lifted one foot and set it up on the bed. Reaching back, she picked up the dildo and lubed it. Then she pushed it deep into her duty hole. She handed me the egg-shaped vibrator and said, “Put this in my pussy while you suck and lick on my clit.” I obeyed as I stroked my now throbbing dick with my free hand. She reversed herself and squatted over my face. Holding the control box of the egg vibrator in her hand, she regulated the intensity Escort of it. Warm secretion ran out of her perfect shaved pussy faster than I could lick it up. It smelled pungent and tasted like woman. She moaned as she wiggled around on my face.

Then it happened. She pulled away from me just as the first squirt of passion juice streamed from her throbbing cunt. The stream arched over me and split in two as it covered my chest with a warm sticky clear fluid. At first, I thought that she had accidentally urinated on me, but as I wiped at it I realized that it was not pee at all, but a wonderful new favor of love. Little droplets of the nectar ran from her outer pussy lips as I lapped at it. Then another gushed from her and covered my entire face. She giggled as her knees went weak. “I forgot to tell you that I’m a gusher. Is that okay with you?”

“Hell yeah, go for it,” I gurgled from under her. She had several smaller ones before we moved into the doggie position. Her bottom was so deliciously perfect so round and so soft that I almost lost it at the very first sight. I fucked her hard and fast as she continued to squirt seeming with each orgasm. Lastly and just before I lost my load she laid on her back and parted her lovely legs. I mounted her in the missionary position and fucked her for about ten more minutes. After I came and soaked her big beautiful boobs with hot man cum, she used her hand to bring herself to one last orgasm. Her back arched high off the bed as she gushed a large amount of the wonderful love honey all over the bed sheets. As we lay together, I asked her, “How do you do that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Oh, maybe a little side leakage, but my God your like Niagara Falls here.”

“I don’t know, David. It’s like all three spots are working together. My ass, my Gspot, and my clit. I just get warm inside like I gotta pee. I push and it comes out. I don’t think every woman can do it, but some have never really tried fearing that they will pee on their lovers. I practiced it while masturbating and became quite good at it. Did you like it?”

“Yes I did, Angel. It was the best fuck I have ever had.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32