Meeting Kayla

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This is my first story submission for Literotica. It’s unedited so please pardon me if there are problems when it comes to tenses and all I haven’t found an editor yet. If you are willing to help, feel free to leave me a message.

Thanks to the real Kayla for challenging me, I love you.


May 1, 2017.

It was a nice cold evening. Everything was silent, even the crickets seemed to be somewhere else. As far as I can remember, I was serenely sleeping… That was until someone began to leave wet kisses along the side of my neck. Don’t get me wrong. It felt good but I had to find out who is this bitch and why is she disturbing my sleep. Oh well, the only way to answer my question was to ask this woman. Or man? What the hell, I’m not in the mood for some ass kicking right now, young man. Get the fuck off me before I kill you with my bare hands.

“Kayla?” I dared to ask. ” Mhmm, what are you doing?” Holy shit, did I just say Kayla?

“Shh, keep still…” The voice replied. “And how did you know it was me, Katt?”

That was a relief. I thought I was going to sue some dickhead for attempted rape.

“Mm… I just thought so,” Wait… That doesn’t seem right.

“What the fuck?!” Good job, brain! You finally came to your fucking senses. Now I’m surprised. Definitely surprised. Wasn’t she in New Zealand? She didn’t tell me she’s coming to the Philippines! How on earth did she know my address?

I tried to look harder to see her eyes. No, not just the eyes, I was trying so hard to look at her face. I had to look for proofs that would ensure me that she’s the girl I’ve been talking to since 2013.

“Kayla? Really?” I had to ask more as I was waiting for her to talk back. Heck, I should probably bombard her with more questions. “I must be dreaming.”

“Are you sure about that?” She gave me a conceited smile and continued to smother my collarbone with kisses.

Everything was blurry. I can barely see her facial features save for her lips. I had the feeling of panic in me although I really felt aroused. If you were in my place, wouldn’t you feel excited as well? Sure, it was a ‘stranger’ but kisses feel good, you know.

“What a nice way to say hi, cupcake,” I answered coolly. I’m not one who submits easily, hun. I still have to assault her with tons of questions.

I was still thinking of what to ask when my train of thoughts got cut when she suddenly pinned my arms on the bed. I can’t believe how vulnerable I was that time. I wanted to get her hands off me and turn the tables but at the back of my mind, I knew wanted more from her. The desire to feel her lips all over my body overwhelmed me. I craved for the feeling of her hands touching me everywhere. Oh god, I think I’m going insane. It felt so wrong and so right at the same time; I don’t know how to react anymore. Should I think with my head or with my wet mound?

Kayla started to kiss further down as if she was reading my mind. I had to react as fast as I can regardless of the delicious sensations I’m feeling right now. My panties were wet, yes. But that should not hinder my rationality, I have to know how the hell did she get here. She was already groping my butt and my boobs. I was a time bomb waiting to explode as a result of confusion and frustration. I know I had to stop her.

I shouted at her, “Kayla, what the fuck?!”

My eyes opened in an instant. Dammit, it was just a dream. A motherfucking dream. I chuckled to myself and tried to look for my phone. As I rolled, I felt sweat trickling on my back and something else that I expected to be there – the wetness of my panties. I hissed as I pressed the home button, mentally cursing myself.

“Fucking panties…” I had to squint at the brightness of my screen. “Fucking bright light.” Maybe should buy a digital alarm clock instead of using my mobile phone. After my eyes have adjusted to the light, I leaned closer to the inanimate piece of technology and found out that it was 7:13 p.m. I slept early to prepare for my flight to Auckland at midnight.

My employer allowed me to have a month-long vacation after I proved her that I could be twice as productive as usual. I arranged travel tours for my clients although I knew that I could be someone more than a travel coordinator. To be honest, I’ve always longed to be an illustrator, or even a painter. I never really liked being a person that belonged to the labor force. Working in an office full of boring documents isn’t fun. Who knew I’d end up in a course that I would unknowingly despise as the years go on? Who knew I would think that being a diplomat or a flight attendant isn’t the right job for me?

I shook the disturbing thought in my head and tried to think of something else. I then recalled bits and pieces of the dream I just had minutes ago. That girl who made me feel aroused… She’s my secret best friend, Kayla. Yes, she’s a secret to everyone else I know. I met her at this random chat website. Back then, I was a lazy ass. I never found anything amusing at that time so I thought of something bursa anal yapan escort new to do.

I went to that website my classmates were talking about. They said it was filled with horny motherfuckers. I thought otherwise. Maybe there were interesting people out there despite the large amount of sex deprived persons. And so there I was, searching for strangers to talk to, hoping that they would be an interesting lesbian. After lots of trials and errors, I came up to this girl who said she’s younger than me by 3 or 2 years. She’s nice and easy to talk to. Yep, I know what you’re thinking. She sure is Kayla.

She was the reason I opted to go to New Zealand. We’ve always thought that talking over the internet wasn’t enough. We had mutual feelings for each other. She wanted to see me, I wanted to see her as well. She wanted to fuck me and give me orders in person… Well, let’s just say I like being submissive when it comes to her. Remember what I said about horny individuals? She may be one of those but then again, she’s a nice person; She makes sense and she’s not horny all the time.


1600 hours. May 2, 2017. Auckland, New Zealand.

“Ah, Auckland Airport,” I was at the lobby stretching my sore limbs and wiggling my butt a bit. 14 hours wasn’t a joke. I didn’t notice a man was already checking my ass out until I looked behind me.

“What? Is this your first time seeing a person doing this?” I asked him while keeping a straight face. As much as I wanted to kick him right in his nuts, I didn’t want to start a commotion.

“Ah, sorry but that looks mighty fine,” the bastard was still looking at my junk. “Got a hotel to stay in, baby? We could share a room and, you know… Make you scream in pleasure.”

Fucktard. “How about a right hook and a roundhouse kick, does that seem pleasurable to you, punk?” I smiled as I shifted to my battle stance and smirked, “I don’t think you want a broken nose or a missing tooth.”

“O-oh. Wait a sec, my phone’s ringing. Be right back.” He moved away from me and pretended to talk on the phone. That’s right, bastard. Don’t you even dare come close.

I calmed myself down and went to get my dark blue luggage. I never thought I would encounter someone hungry for sex during that time. It was just 4:15 p.m. in the afternoon, it wasn’t time for wanking, right? Hah, what do I know about men anyway?

I took out my phone and checked for wi-fi. I had to check my mail and tell Kayla that I was in Auckland. My eyebrows raised as I saw her recent message.

“I’m outside,” Impressive as always.

“Thanks cupcake,” I typed. “I owe you bigtime.”

I was about to put my phone in my bag when I heard a beeping sound from it.

“You sure do, my gorgeous slave. ;)” I suddenly pictured myself in between her thighs, lapping all the juices coming out from her. This time I shook my head so hard, it was was going to fall off hadn’t I stopped.

I took a deep breath and walked out of the building. By that time I stepped out, a black Chevrolet caught my eye. It was sexy and I slightly hoped that my mistress would come out of it.

The door finally opened and holy shit, it was her! She was wearing a pair of shorts and a black tee. Her outfit was very casual but she looked beautiful in them. The shirt wasn’t body fitting but it hugged her curves nicely. Her shorts didn’t show too much skin nor did it deprive me of eye candy. She wasn’t slim or fat. She didn’t look chubby as I have expected and it appears that she goes to the gym on a regular basis. Her body was nicely toned. If you’d ask me, she looks cuddly and… delicious.

“Do you like what you see?” I heard her giggle, “Stop gawking at me and get your ass here.”

Damn, was I too obvious? I smiled and walked on the pavement. On a closer look, she was taller than what I thought.

“You’re tall as fuck, Kayla,” I poked at her stomach.

She laughed softly and pinched my cheek, “You look so cute, Katt.”

“Whatever, tall person.” I still can’t get over the fact that she’s taller than me. It was amusing. I laughed and gave her a warm hug. I’ve always wanted to make her feel loved. I was her keeper, best friend and sister.

“If you were taller than me, you would’ve suffocated me,” was she protesting?

“Fine. No more hugs for you,” I pulled away and pouted like a puppy. No one can resist my charm, not even her.

“Don’t give me that look,” she grinned. “Unless you wanted a kiss.”

“Fuck you.”

“Don’t worry, slave.” She leaned close to my ear and whispered, “You’ll get your chance later.”

“T-thank you, my mistress.” Shit. It wasn’t me talking anymore. It was my little submissive self getting insane with all this manipulation. Her voice and the way she spoke to me made me feel tingly all over. My face felt warmer than ever as she landed a kiss upon my cheek.

“That’s a good girl,” she smiled as if she didn’t do anything. “Place your luggage inside the compartment and get inside the car.”

I karacabey escort did what she told me to do. I even tripped on something while I was making my way to the car’s door. As I sat down, I felt her eyes on me. She made me feel sexy and uneasy at the same time.

“Are okay, Katt?” she was still giving me the look. Grr, stop that or else I’ll fuck you here, my cupcake.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” I’m such a liar. “As fine as the weather today.”

I managed to give her a wink and a grin. Sometimes thinking too much has its benefits. Looks like it was her turn to blush now.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” She leaned closer, held my chin and spoke in a gentle yet alluring manner, “Don’t you know what happens after I get seduced?”

“You bind people? Make them yours?” I answered back. “What do you do, Kayla? Would you like to tell me what’s on your mind?

“I have other plans, my slave,” I think I’m losing it!

She released her hold and caressed my cheek with her thumb. I forgot how to breathe. The feeling of her finger on my skin… It felt… I don’t know. It felt nice. It made me feel warm. It made me feel aroused… It made me feel loved…

“Oh come on, earth to Katt,” she waved her hand to my face. “Do you copy?”

I responded slowly, “Yeah…”

She laughed and kissed my forehead, “Is that the effect of jet lag? Let’s go home and grab something to eat.”

I felt like a child. When she was asking me questions, all I replies were ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There are times that I won’t be able to answer. I don’t know if you guys find it cute but that’s how I am when I’m with her. Can’t I just stare at her face the whole day?


Later that evening, we either were laughing our asses off or saying ‘awww’ the whole time. We talked about lots of things. From pets to hobbies to her crazy fetishes… Yep, we talked about anything and everything.

“Want some dessert?” It was 8pm. And you’re still thinking about that? Cute.

“Sure,” I answered. “What do you have in the fridge?”

“Strawberries, chocolates and some wine.”

“Ooh, yummy. Do you want me to get them for you, my mistress?” I laughed and stood up.

“Go get them right now, slave,” she commanded. “Or else you’ll get that butt of yours slapped.”

“Yes mistress,” she laughed as I winked at her. She really looks pretty with that smile.

I was fixing the dessert on the dish when I tried to look back at the living room and shout.

“Kayla, wait a minu- woah!” She was inches away from my face. How did she do that? Was I too focused on placing the strawberries that I didn’t hear her footsteps? How strange.

“H-hey,” I was still surprised with what she did.

“Hey yourself.” I was then in between her and the counter.

“So…” I tried to keep myself collected, “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing much, I just thought of…” she dragged a finger down from my shoulder to my forearm, “…something else to do. You can put those back in the fridge.” I was about to say ‘yes’. But she said, “Nevermind. Bring that to my bedroom.”

“And where is your room?” I tried to lighten up the whole situation when she leaned in to close the gap between… our noses.

“Follow me,” she then pecked on my lips, disengaged and lead the way.

I muttered, “So much for that.”

“What was that?” she asked.

“Nope. Nothing…” I looked away, “I said nothing.”

As we were silently walking towards the bedroom, I was looking at the way she was swaying her hips. Now that I’m this close to her, I can’t stop thinking about my dream last night. In spite of the fact that I’ve forgotten much of it, I was curious of what will happen or what will we do this time.

She spoke with a tone of superiority, “Put that on the nightstand, slave.”

“O-of course…” I stuttered and placed the small plate of dessert on the tan and glossy surface of the nightstand.

Her eyebrows raised, “Of course, what?”

I flinched. What a stupid move. “Of course, my mistress.”

“You seem nervous, my slave. Is something wrong?” I suppose she noticed that flinch too.

“Nope. Everything is A-okay, my mistress.” I tried to put on a grin. Just when I assumed she would tell me it looks fake, she bought it. I mentally sighed in relief. I thought I would be in trouble.

She patted on the empty space beside her. I sat and observed her face. Her chestnut hair looked great on her. Her brown eyes made me remember the time that I asked her about the color of her eyes (she told me she forgot about it). Her pink lips were kissable as hell. Honestly, she looked prettier than the pictures she sent me. As much as I want to write more about her facial features, I can’t. Everything about this ‘friend’ of mine makes me speechless. In my eyes, she’s the prettiest person I’ve ever met.

“Kayla,” I decided to break the silence. “Did I tell you how beautiful you are?”

She lightly laughed and replied, “You always did, Katt. Hmm, you know… I think mudanya escort you should stop talking and start cuddling with me.”

“You’re such a baby.”

“Your baby.” Wow, she really knows how to answer sweetly.

“Whatever,” I chuckled and laid down. I then opened my arms and said, “Come here, baby. Let me hug you.”

With that, she moved closer and hugged back. I thought I was literally melting in her arms. She was so warm and soft. Everything felt right during that moment. I asked her to turn around so I could spoon her. It was ironic, though. I was meant to be a little spoon yet here I was being the big spoon. Nahh, it didn’t matter as long as I made her feel the love she deserved. Attempting to be sweet, I kissed her shoulder lightly. She suddenly moaned softly. Woopsie, kissed the wrong button.

Because I wasn’t ready to get the previous reaction of my kiss, I stopped and pulled her closer. This time, she didn’t moan but…

“Why did you stop, slave?” Oh no no no no. She was using that word again. I would’ve paused my actions and pretended to sleep but this was my mistress calling to me. I had to oblige no matter what.

“Oh. Sorry about that, my mistress,” I kissed her shoulder again. “Will you forgive my foolishness?”

You might be complaining why I wasn’t saying ‘mistress’ all the time. Don’t you feel tired hearing words over and over again?

“Just don’t stop kissing me, slave,” she tilted her head to give me more access to her luscious neck.

I continued to do the same thing since she wasn’t telling me to do something else. Being the mischievous person I am, I slid the tip of my tongue against the skin of her neck.

“Mmhm… Fuck. That feels good, my gorgeous slave.”

“Thank you mistress.” I leaned down and resumed what she wanted me to do.

I tested my luck by sliding my hand under her shirt. I didn’t see her complaining so I began to caress her stomach. I lead my finger to the underwire of her bra and traced it. Oh my god, was she wearing something lacy?

“Lingerie from La Senza,” she suddenly said. “Do you like its texture, my slave?”

I started to feel nervous again, “W-why of course, my mistress. It feels really… N-nice.”

“Stop what you’re doing right now. Stand up and strip for me.”

I looked away from her eyes and stood up quickly. I went to the foot of the bed and swayed my hips from side to side as I was taking my shirt off.

“Wearing sports bra again?” she commented on the clothing that was covering my breasts. Even if these babies were just B’s, they were too bouncy. “We should buy you lingeries tomorrow.”

“If that is your wish, mistress,” I turned around while sliding my khaki colored jeans and continued to swing my hips. I then felt her hands on my butt. I anticipated for her next move but there was none. I wondered what was stopping her. My ass was my best asset, was she unhappy about it?

“Mmm, your ass looks so sexy,” finally, a reaction!

I proceeded to remove my bra and paused since her hands were still on my tush. Was she admiring it? Did she like what she see?

“Mistress, let me remove my…” I felt my underwear sliding down to the floor. “…panties.”

As I stood there she circled around me, her eyes failing to take every inch of detail in. I didn’t feel insecure during that moment. I didn’t move. I just let her look at my whole body.

When she was done, she ordered me to undress her. I have successfully removed her shirt and shorts. I thought twice about removing her lingerie, though. It looked perfect on her. Gahhh, can’t I just stare at this beauty?

“Stop staring and remove those already, slave,” she growled. “I’m getting impatient.

I quickly removed the last pieces of clothing she had and to my surprise, she kissed my hard on the lips.

“Let’s drop the dom/sub for awhile, Katt,” she whispered. “I want your hands all over me.”

I started to kiss back and turned so that Kayla was at the edge of the bed. As our kiss deepened, I gently pushed her down to the bed. My hands never left her body. I wanted to feel every inch of her. I wanted to hear her moans. I wanted to make her mine.

I left her lips and kissed her neck. I can smell the perfume she used yet there was something else that electrified my whole being – the scent of arousal. My lips kissed and sucked on her sensitive flesh while my hands went to her breast. I can’t hold them both at the same time. Her tits were glorious double D’s. I leaned down and sucked on it like a baby would. I can feel her nipple harden in my mouth.

“Mmhm… That’s it, baby…” her hand was on my head pushing it closer to her tit.

I took my time worshiping her wonderful mounds. My hands were squeezing her ass. It felt soft and firm. I was trying my best to take everything slow but she was getting impatient as I am.

“Please make love to my pussy, baby,” her moan sounded needy. “I c-can’t take it anymore!”

“Anything for my cupcake.” I smirked and kissed all the way down to her wet mound. The scent of her sex took control of my senses. I didn’t slowed down anymore, I wanted to hear her screaming my name.

I started to lick her puckered hole up to her clit. I wasn’t doing anything else besides that but her juices were overflowing already. I lapped greedily and did my best to suck everything that was there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32