Meeting in Dressing Room Ch. 2

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Could not wait for the day to end, finding things to do just to keep busy. Thinking of Sue all day long damn… I thought about her all night long.

Going to run into town, shopping again I told my parents. Moving up the stairs wanting to shower, lathering my dick up… feeling it… getting hard… knowing the soon Sue will be fondling it.

I have to stop myself want all my cum for Sue, smiling thinking of her. Shaving and putting on some English Leather, feeling the excitement building.

Driving to the downtown, I can feel my palms getting wet my dick getting hard, balls aching knowing what I will be getting. Walking in looking around, not seeing Sue I ask where she is. The snobby bitch looks down her nose at me and says she is out right now. What can I do for you. My heart drops, nothing I tell her, just tell her Mark was in. The snobby bitch says to me oh Mark yes she said you would be in, gave me instructions on what you are to do. I stand there open mouthed, when I am told I am Jane, and will show you were the trash cans are located. Head hanging I move finding the trash cans outside and move behind the counter, taking the trash out. Jane then snaps, sweep the floor then dust mop it, Sue should be back by then. Could feel the sweat dripping off of me, as I was putting escort gaziantep evi olan bayan the equipment back. Looking around and sticking my head in Sues office remembering how sweet she felt and how she tasted.

I hear voices outside in the store and walk to the door. Seeing Sue standing there asking is our new employee here. Jane says yes he is putting up the broom and dust mop. Sue went on about her business, walking over to the back room. Seeing me, Sue calls me over telling me she needs me to put boxes on the shelf. As I am working putting the boxes on the shelf, stacking according to size I can hear movement in the store. Sue then appears, and leans on the door jam, telling me well the store is locked up. Walking to me I can feel Sues hand on my ass cupping the cheek telling me come down here stud. Walking to her office she smiles and tells me I have a more important job for you in here.

I can feel my dick harden, and when I walk in Sues office she tells me, sit down, listen don’t talk. I sit down and Sue looks at me smiling, and slowly removes her jacket, looking at her breasts heaving on her blouse. Reaching over cupping my dick rubbing it, Sue tells me keep your hands to yourself that is mine. escort gaziantep fetiş bayan Watching as each button is undone, rubbing her breasts with each one moving her legs apart, rocking her hips. I can feel my dick throbbing, wanting her watching as the blouse comes off. Seeing her bra unsnapping, and watching those breast drop out. Walking to me, Sue wiggled her tits in my face reaching out she tells me not yet smiling. Watching her drop her skirt, and can see nylons garter no panties. Oh damn… I almost cum in my pants when I saw that pussy.

Sue spreading her legs looks into my eyes, smiling. Reaching down spreading her pussy lips, and fingers moving over her pussy.

Walking up to me telling me to open my mouth and pushing her fingers into my mouth feel my lips sucking the juices off of them. Smiling Sue says strip stud you need to fuck me now. Ripping my clothing off, dick so hard, moving toward Sue. Having her hold up her hand telling me sit down, in the chair. Sitting down, as Sue walk over rubbing her nipples in my face telling me suck them big boy, and can feel her legs move around mine feeling her pussy dripping on my dick. Cupping Sues ass, holding her sucking her nipples… biting them I feel bayan escort gaziantep her slipping down on my dick.

Moaning she tells me yes stud fuck me fuck me hard. Feeling my dick in her slipping into her my balls on her pussy lips, thrusting my hips into her feeling her moving up and down… ohhhhhhhhh damn, I can feel it. Sue screams YES FUCK ME I HAVE THOUGHT OF NOTHING ALL DAY BUT YOU FUCKING ME. Closing my eyes feeling her pussy quivering on my dick, wanting to cum so bad feel the head of my dick swelling. Hearing Sue yelling cum with me stud… FILL MY PUSSY I WANT YOUR HOT FUCKING CUM… NOW NOW. I can feel Sue going wild on my dick feeling the hot juices, flowing down my legs. Holding her ass shooting my load into her. Ohhhh yes filling her full. Holding Sue to me, sucking her nipples, feeling my dick deep in her feeling her hands on my head. Telling me how we have just started. Hearing a banging on the door, Sue slips off of me moaning, and says Shit it is my husband, throwing her clothing on, telling me to get dressed.

Sue says stay here, and walks out waving at her husband telling him I will be right there. Coming back to me, she takes me to the back door and grabs my dick telling me don’t worry after this weekend he goes on his trip, and we will have a week together. Slipping me a note, walking out the door, hearing it locking. Walking to the end of the alley, watching Sue and her husband talking, taking both cars and driving off. Getting into my car, smelling Sues sweet love juices all over me, I remember the note. Opening the note it just said 1212 Oak Lane, meet me after work. Signed Sue and a P. S. tell your parents you will be staying over at a friends for a week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32