Meeting at the Manor House Ch. 02

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Richard led Anne by the hand to the centre of the moonlit dell. Both naked, their eyes had drunk their fill of the forms of their bodies. Now it was time to let other senses take over. Anne walked nervously, her breasts moving slightly from the motion. Richard walked more confidently, master of the situation, his proud maleness prominent like a lance.

They stopped momentarily, and Richard took Anne in his arms and, holding her to him so that her breasts and belly just touched his body, he kissed her on the mouth, tenderly at first, his lips brushing hers, then with a light touch, the tip of his tongue found hers and caressed it gently. His hands stroked gently down her spine, around the small of her back, and moved down to her buttocks, where he caressed the velvet skin and gently squeezed the soft flesh. At first Anne did not feel confident to return his embrace, but as his touch began to excite her senses, she began to caress his shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs. Still embracing Anne, Richard stepped back one pace, and with his right hand took one of her breasts, where he gently stroked the skin, and then with two fingers gently pinched the nipple. He repeated this with her other breast, then bending his head, took the nipple between his lips. He pinched the nipple slightly, and then leaned back a little, so as to draw it out, and as he gently let it go again, so her nipple stood erect and firm, shining in the moonlight from the moisture of his mouth. He repeated this two or three times with the same nipple, then moved to her other Sinop Escort breast and did likewise. Anne found this most arousing, and she began to sigh a little.

Starting with one hand beside each breast, Richard stroked very lightly down Anne’s sides, around her hips, and traced a line with his fingers down each side of her groin, until he arrived at the brown curls. These unaccustomed feelings of pleasure caused Anne to be frightened and excited at the same time, for indeed no-one had told her that she would know such tenderness.

Richard then knelt in front of Anne, looked long at the brown curls and the perfect cleft beneath, and leaned forward to kiss the firm pinkness beneath, which was now swollen, urgent and flowing with her juices. He parted the pink folds of skin, and inserted a finger, searching for the small mound of pleasure inside. He took his finger as deep as possible into her, then almost back to the outside, running it over her tiny pleasure mound and spreading her wetness around.

He bad her lie down on the soft grass, and she felt her naked body crushing the moist herb, and it caressing her at the same time. He parted her legs so gently, found again the moist well of pleasure beneath the soft curls, inserted two fingers this time and began to rub the sensitive area within. Anne found this distasteful, and was of a mind to cry out, but Richard leaned over her, soothed and kissed her, and she was still again. He paused for a few moments to ready his erect manhood, catching the liquid drops Sinop Escort Bayan thereon with a couple of fingers, and rubbing it around the swollen head.

Slowly, so slowly, Richard positioned himself between her legs, and applied the tip of his manhood outside the cleft of Anne’s sex, letting it rest there almost still, and then holding his shaft steady, he allowed its head to move very slightly in a circular motion between her moist pink folds, the head stroking over her awakened clitoris from time to time. Anne found this sensation strange, yet somewhat enjoyable.

After a couple of minutes of this agreeable sensation, Richard started to move the tip of his member further into her moist cleft, until he began very gently to begin to penetrate her. As he pushed inward a little further, he met with opposition, and Anne gasped a little in discomfort, as she was an untried maiden. He soothed her again, and asked her to be brave, be patient; it would not be disagreeable for long. After some time of pressure against her maidenhead, suddenly her flesh yielded to him, and his manhood penetrated her fully, so that only his rounded appendages remained outside her.

Richard moved but slowly inside Anne, as he did not wish to hurt her, and held her gently in his free arm, speaking reassuring words to her. However he was enjoying the sensations as his manhood was now caressed and held by her small form. He was not new to womanising, nor to virgins, but this damsel, his future wife, was proving to be particularly Escort Sinop agreeable. Anne for her part knew she must be in submission to her future husband, and could only lie quietly while he took his pleasure. As time went on, however, Anne began to relax, and the sensation became enjoyable to her.

Richard showed her how to move against his thrusts so that her most sensitive parts were pleasured, and in this way they communed for quite some time, feeling the pleasurable sensations, knowing the intimacy of the marriage act. They remained as quiet as possible so as not to disturb people from the house, and yet Richard could hear Anne’s sighs of pleasure, could feel her hands beginning to hold his flesh to her, as the unfamiliar sensations began to engulf her as they deepened. Cries of pleasure now escaped her, and she moved against him, rapidly, randomly, with complete abandon, as she approached her climax. After a little longer, she clasped her arms around him, arched her body in orgasm, and cried out, as the rapturous feelings engulfed her inner parts in waves and pulsations. This so excited Richard that, with several urgent thrusts, he too was ready to reach his satisfaction, and he pushed hard into her once, and felt his seed burst from him, and flood into her. He thrust again, and again, releasing more seed, until he was still.

For long moments they remained in communion, lying together, arms around each other, lying close, with Richard caressing Anne’s face. Then he disengaged himself from her, but lay down on the grass next to her and laid his arm across her waist. They rested thus for some time, then as Richard regarded Anne in the moonlight, he pronounced himself well pleased with her, and looked forward presently to exploring both her outward and inward contours again that night if she permitted…

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