Medics Finally Get Together Ch. 07

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This is the City. All The stories are true. All the participants are real. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


We had slept all through the night. For some strange reason, we were both exhausted last night. We got out of bed, both of us walking like newborn calves. We went into the kitchen and I made us a couple of coffees. Ellen sat down at the table very gingerly. When her tail hit the wood, an “ooofff” escaped from her lips. I kissed her good morning as I slid the cup in front of her.

She asked, “So what time is check-in?”

“Check-in is at any time. We just can’t go up to the room until 2 p.m.” “We can go get lunch out there.”

“Sounds good.” Ellen agreed. “I’m going in and take a shower.”

“OK, hon. I’m going to finish up and start packing.” “I’ll take mine in a bit.”

Ellen went into the bath to shower up. As soon as I heard the door close, I pulled out my cell and hit a speed dial number. The call was answered on the second ring.

“Hello.” I heard.

“Hey, it’s me.”

“What’s up?”

“How would you like a touch of payback, for what happened with Jimmy?”

“I’m listening.” Alana replied.

“We’re going to the Surfside, out east. Be there at 9pm.” “Do you trust me?”

“Yeah Johnny, I trust you.” “I’ll be there.”

“I’ll text you the room number when I get it.” I told her.

“Ok, see you later.”

“Count on it.”

I hung up with her just as I heard the shower turn off. A couple of minutes later, I heard her moving around the bedroom. I went in there and crept up behind her. I threw my arms around Ellen, from behind. I kissed her on the neck. I smelled the scent of her shampoo and conditioner through the towel wrapped around her head.

“You can’t be that horny, already?” Ellen asked.

“No. Do I have to be horny to just want to hold you?”

“Uh-huh, ok.”

I got undressed to go shower and Ellen walked over and ran her hand over my flaccid cock. It immediately twitched under her hand.

“Who’s horny, now?” I asked.

“Who wouldn’t be, if they had access to that fuck handle?”

She started stroking me a bit faster. I stood there, totally enjoying the sensations of her fingers and nails running along my hardening shaft.

“I have, after quiet deliberation, decided that you are insatiable.”

She turned around, still holding and stroking me. Suddenly, she released me. “Go take your shower.” She said, “I like my pets clean.”

“Yes Mistress.” I responded.

I went in the shower, feeling the hot water loosening up the tightened muscles. I thought back to the night before as well as what I had planned for Ellen. I didn’t know if she would be angry with me or if she would be pleased with my plans for the weekend. I found that I had gotten myself hard with the erotic visions in my head. I started stroking my cock, standing there under the water.

Ellen called out from the bedroom, “You better not be jacking it in there!”

I released my member and hurriedly finished showering. I stepped out and as soon as I dried off, I went out in to the bedroom. As soon as I opened the door, I was stunned at what I saw. Ellen was standing there, only she was wearing a see-through silky robe. Underneath was a black corset that went from her abundant breasts, which it only half covered, down to her hips. She had on black silk panties and garter with black fishnet stockings. Realizing that I was totally speechless, Ellen broke the silence.

“So you like?” She asked.

All I could do was stand there and nod. I felt my shaft hardening again as I stared at Ellen. She had a playful look on her face as she stared back at my rising member.

“Yeah, you definitely like.” She said.

She sauntered over to me with her hips swinging. When she got to me, she reached up and pulled me down to her, kissing me hard. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth and start wrestling with my own. She started slowly stroking my cock, bringing it to full erection, again.

She broke away and backed up. “Anticipation is, sometimes, the best part of the act.” Ellen said. “This is just a preview for our little trip.”

She walked to the other side of the room, took off the peignoir and finished dressing. “Just remember what’s right beneath the surface”. She teased.

She left me standing there with a hard cock and nothing to do with it, but Ellen would get hers this weekend.

We got in the truck and headed out. It was about an hour’s Sinop Escort drive to the B&B, so Ellen was sitting on a pillow. Some of the roads were in a bit of disrepair, once the highway ended and we had to go on local roads. I could hear her whimper every time we hit a pothole.

We arrived at the B&B, after a stop for lunch, around 4pm. I parked and grabbed our bags from the back. I saw Alana’s car parked, somewhat hidden, in a small copse of trees. I didn’t think that Ellen would recognize it, even if she saw the car.

We went inside and checked in. It was a small place, only 6 rooms for guests. The owner/proprietor lived in another house, on the property. The first floor consisted of a common room with a few couches and armchairs. There was a large dining room. It looked like it could accommodate 20 people. Through the dining room was the kitchen entrance. As we looked around, the owner informed us that dinner, if we wished to eat in the dining room with the other 2 couples, was at 6 pm.

We took our bags and went up to the room. It was up on the third floor of the house. The door opened up into a 20′ x 20′ room. It was dominated by a king sized, 4 poster bed. There was a dresser as well as a closet. The bathroom was through a door off the room. We stowed our clothes and put our bags in the closet. I hadn’t exactly emptied my bag out. I had a couple of little surprises for later tonight.

We took off our shoes and laid down on the bed. It was so overstuffed that we both sank into the mattress. We promptly fell asleep. At 5:30, my phone alarm went off, waking us both. We climbed out of the bed and after becoming fully conscious, we got dressed and went downstairs to have dinner.

We met the other two couples that were staying in the place, with us. One was a young couple in their mid twenties. They had just been married that morning and this was a stopover on their way to their honeymoon. I thought the bride was very attractive and Ellen was eying the groom like he was a piece of prime rib.

The other couple was about our age. They had been married for 30 years and they were there to try to “rekindle the romance” in their marriage. We took to this couple, I guess, because of the age. Dinner conversation was rather light and as soon as it was over, the newlyweds couldn’t get up to their room fast enough. That left the older couple and us to retire to the sitting room for a bit.

We found out from discussion that they were having a few rough spots in their marriage and they were just trying to make things a little better. They were a bit surprised that Ellen and I weren’t married. We found out that they had tried various things to spice up the marriage, including swinging, both with other couples and in groups. I looked at Ellen and she was nearly salivating.

We continued our discussion for about an hour and Both retired to our respective rooms. Ellen went into the bathroom and I went to the closet. I retrieved what I had left in my bag. When Ellen came out I was ready for her. I had soft, plush ropes tied to each of the bedposts and I had a blindfold in my hand. Ellen stood there, in the corset, stockings and garter belt she had been wearing under her dress. I noticed that she had dispensed with the panties.

“So, what’s this?” She asked.

“Just something new.” I answered. “Do you trust me?”

She responded by turning her back to me and coming closer. I tied the blindfold over her eyes and then led her to the bed. As we moved, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and hit the speed dial again. When we got to the bed, I laid her on it, face down. I looped the small nooses, on the ends of the ropes, around her wrists and cinched them down. I scooted down the bed and did the same with her ankles. Ellen formed a big X on the bed. I heard a gentle tap on the door.

Ellen became a bit apprehensive at this point. “Who’s that?” She asked. “You didn’t say anything about anyone else.”

“Do you trust me?” I asked again, as I got to the door. “Do you want me to send your surprise away?”

“DefinItely not.” She said.

I opened the door. Alana stepped into the room. I closed and locked the door. I looked into her beautiful green eyes as she walked past me, into the room. I gently took her hand in mine and lightly tugged her toward me. She stopped and walked back to me, slowly sliding her arms around my neck. She tilted her head to the left and pulled me to her flaming red lips. Our mouths met and I felt like someone Sinop Escort Bayan kicked me in the gut. I felt her tongue brush against mine and she broke the kiss.

I whispered, in her ear, “Remember, no talking here. I don’t want her to know its you.” She nodded her assent.

I led her over to the bed. Alana reached over and pulled my shirt over my head. She was still in her uniform, so I unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it free of her trousers. We both kicked our shoes off and opened each other’s pants, letting them fall to the floor.

I looked at Alana, standing in just her bra, panties and a pair of white socks. She was gorgeous. Her hair was down and it was long and curly, reaching halfway down her back. Her green eyes were mesmerizing. Under her bra, she had a 36C chest. Nothing enormous like Ellen’s 44H, but beautiful, nonetheless. Her body was toned, but not overly muscled. She was wearing a pair of white lace thong panties which were so sheer, that I could tell that she had a nicely trimmed pussy.

I dropped my own shorts to the floor and looked up to see Alana staring at my cock. She opened her lips as if to say something, but I was able to cut her off. She reached behind her and unclipped her bra, sliding it off her arms and tossing it over with her other clothes, soon to be joined by her thong. Her breasts were perfect. No sag, despite being over 40 years old. She had a slender waist that flared out into an incredible set of hips. Her stomach was flat, descending to her groin, her pubic hair trimmed into a thin strip. Her backside was a pleasant smooth bubble, not as pronounced as Jenn, from my station, but noticeable.

I took her to the head of the bed. I whispered in her ear, “Start getting your payback now.” “Have the woman who was fucking your husband, eat out your cunt.”

She nodded, conspiratorially, and started to climb on the bed. She slipped down, into a seated position, in front of Ellen’s face, with her legs spread open. She draped her long legs over Ellen’s secured arms and Alana’s rosy pink pussy slid into a spot about 2 inches from her mouth. I saw Ellen give a start and then sniff the air, I guess picking up on the musky scent of Alana’s pussy.

I climbed up at the foot of the bed and slid under Ellen, on my back. She lifted her hips up to accommodate me, and was able to stay up on her knees above me. I could see she was starting to moisten up, as I kissed her lower lips.

Suddenly, from the top of the bed, I heard Alana cry out with a low growl as, I assumed, Ellen’s tongue found its mark. I could see Alana’s legs and feet on either side of Ellen, as I started pushing my tongue into her, now, dripping twat. I went in as far as our bodies would allow and began corkscrewing my tongue in and out of her channel. I could hear Alana starting to breathe faster and harder as Ellen worked her magic on her pussy. I could also hear her muffled groans and moans as she enjoyed the cunt-lapping she was getting from me.

I heard Alana moaning and crying at the same time as Ellen was giving her pussy a workout. I latched on to Ellen’s swollen clit and started sucking it in to my mouth for my tongue to abuse it. I felt Ellen start to contract up, so I knew her orgasm was close. Suddenly, she arched upward, pushing her cunt down in to my face. I felt the gush of fluids leaving her over my mouth and chin. I slid out from under Ellen in time to see Alana intertwine her fingers in Ellen’s hair and pull her into her crotch. As she did, she gave out a yell, “Oh God!!”, as her climax took hold of her. I saw her hips bucking as she rubbed her pussy up and down on Ellen’s, already shining face.

When Alana came down a bit, I signaled for her to come off the bed and come down by me. I pointed to the closet, where my bag was. She went over and opened the door. She looked at my bag and them back at me. I nodded yes and she opened the zipper on the bag. As she saw what it contained, a broad smile came over her face. She turned her back and removed the item from the bag. She was making sense of the straps and harness, but was finally able to get it on her properly.

As she turned around, she was pulling the last two straps to tighten it to her waist. Alana now had a cock of her own. A strap-on set I had picked up a couple of days prior, when I hatched this little plan. It was not your “normal” strap-on dildo that your wife might buy, for humping the next door neighbor. No, this raised some eyebrows when I purchased it. Considering Escort Sinop that I am a throwback to the 70’s and have hair that extends past my shoulders, I got some odd looks as I put this 10 inch long, 3 inch thick silicon cock on the counter, for purchase.

Now Alana stood there with this strapped to her and I was getting harder by the minute. She touched the head of her cock, tentatively and a smile came over her face. I went over, kissed her and whispered to her, “Now, go do to her, what Jimmy was doing to her.” She looked up into my eyes, kissed me again and walked to the bed again.

She climbed up, behind Ellen, who was still tied to the posts in a semi-kneeling position. She shimmied forward until she was kneeling in between Ellen’s splayed open thighs. She took her “cock” in her hand and started teasing Ellen, by rubbing just the head through her still leaking entryway, lubricating it. I saw Ellen give a shudder as she realized the size of the appendage about to enter her. She started pulling against the ropes and thrashing her body, as much as the ropes would let her.

“Johnny, what are you doing?” She cried. “I never said I wanted another guy to fuck me.”

“Don’t worry your beautiful red head about it.” I told her. “And never make assumptions.”

I stood behind Alana watching as she placed the head in position and started pushing forward. Ellen gave out, what could only be described as, a low roar, as the dildo entered her and kept moving deeper in to her. Alana allowed it to stay there for a bit, letting her feel how full she was. Slowly she started backing out until only the head was left in Ellen.

Alana’s next thrust wasn’t so gentle. Ellen sounded like she had the wind knocked out of her. Alana grabbed on to Ellen’s wide hips and started plowing her hard. She turned to me and mouthed the words “Come on John, fuck me while I fuck her.”

I climbed up on the bed, maneuvering behind Alana. She opened her legs, as she continued to pound in to Ellen’s box. Ellen sounded like an asthmatic in the middle of an attack. Alana was riding her for all she was worth. The silicon penis pile driving deep into Ellen. I could see that it was coming out of her shining and dripping.

I moved in behind Alana and as I did, she lifted up a bit, deepening her thrusts into Ellen and giving me a target, at the same time. I knelt behind her and put the head of my cock against her hot moist opening. I pushed in and felt myself sliding deep into Alana. I heard Alana suddenly have an intake of breath as I entered her. I heard her moan as the head of my shaft, hit her cervix. She felt so tight, not virginal, but damned close to it.

We started moving in sync with our thrusts, out and in. I could tell from flush of Ellen’s skin that she had cum already and was well on her way to another climax. Alana turned her head as far as she could, toward me. I leaned forward and kissed her as best I could, considering our positions.

We continued thrusting in to each of our respective pussies. Ellen had cum twice while I was doing Alana and Alana had orgasmed at least as much. Suddenly Ellen looked up and I heard her say,”Wait, you’re no guy, you’re a woman.”

“I told you I was planning a surprise for you.” I said.

Ellen was openly Weeping, she had cum so much. I was willing to bet that her pussy was fucked raw by Alana. I was starting to feel my own orgasm start deep in my groin. I warned Alana. “I’m gonna cum. Where do you want me to do it?”

She answered by shoving back against me so that I was buried deep inside her. I felt my cock jump and felt the cum shooting into her womb. I felt her walls contract around me as she let out a yell, her own orgasm hitting her. I could feel the pulsating inside her as the last of my seed leaked into her.

Breathing hard, Alana and I climbed down from the bed. She looked in my eyes again and kissed me hard. She started removing the strap-on and I stopped her.

“Consider it a gift, keep it.”

She whispered in my ear,”Well you certainly don’t need it.” As she gave a playful tug on my now softened joint.

She started to get dressed and I waited till she was walking to the door to begin to release Ellen. As Alana was closing the door behind her, Ellen got her hand free and pulled off the blindfold. All she saw was an officer’s uniform with long curly hair for a split second, then the door was closed.

“Who was that?” She demanded.

“You’ll never know, at least not from her or I.” I answered. “Did you enjoy your surprise?”

“Oh yessss, it was fantastic.” She said, “But now my pussy is as sore as my ass.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll think of something.”

We climbed into the bed, still naked and holding each other, drifted off to sleep.

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