Medallion Ch. 03

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After the incident at Mrs. Cameron’s office Joey skipped school and returned home. He arrived to discover that the house was empty so he went to his room and had a short nap. After a few hours Joey was awakened by the ramblings that were going on downstairs so he put on his pants and went downstairs to see if some one was there. When he arrived downstairs he saw Mrs. Lawson was clearing the kitchen counter.

Mrs. Wendy Lawson was the lady who comes twice a week to clean their house. She’s in her early forties and has been married for 20 years and she has two daughters. Wendy Lawson was the conservative type and always dresses in her long sundresses whenever she comes over to clean their house. But those copious clothes could not hide her delectable body. Joey would sometimes stay at home even on a Saturday just to get a glimpse of Mrs. Lawson in her sundress with her voluptuous breast begging to be set free and her luscious figure straining the thin fabric of her sun dress. Joey would just stare at her breasts wiggling as she did her chores.

Mrs. Lawson was in the kitchen dressed in her usual yellow sundress, which was just tight enough to show off her delicious figure, Joey stared at her for a moment to appreciate the beauty of this mature lady. Then he approached her and greeted her

“Hi Mrs. Lawson!”

“Oh hi Joey I thought you were at school?” Wendy Lawson asked Joey.

“Oh I woke up late because my birthday party lasted up to 3 A.M.” Joey fabricated a reply.

“Oh I forgot that it was your birthday yesterday, Happy Birthday!” Wendy greeted Joey then kissed him on the cheek.

The kiss and Wendy’s erotic scent sent shock waves to Joey’s cock and in no time at all Joey had himself a raging hard on. Wendy returned to what she was doing leaving Joey with his hard on in the kitchen. Then Joey thought to himself we are the only one’s in the house and since the time I got this power I have only gotten to finger my neighbor and gotten a hand job from the principal. So he figured out that Mrs. Lawson was to be his next victim.

“Mrs. Lawson can you clean my room after gaziantep grup escort bayan you finish here?” Joey asked the mature cleaning lady.

Joey went up to his room, ahead of Mrs. Lawson, and hurriedly undressed and with the amulet in his hand lay naked on his bed. After a few minutes there was a knock on the door and then Mrs. Lawson entered. Wendy was stunned upon seeing Joey naked on his bed

“Oh sorry Joey I thought you were dressed” Wendy apologized to Joey. As she was heading out the door when he heard Joey “Oh no Mrs. Lawson please come in!” he told her at the same time rubbing the amulet.

“But your not dressed Joey!” Wendy protested.

“Come here Mrs. Lawson!” Joey commanded her.

Wendy wondered what came over her but she could not decline the command of Joey.

She approached the bed and sat next to Joey

“Mrs. Lawson I want to make love to you!” Joey declared to her

“But Joey I’m a married woman you can’t expect me to go to bed with you?” Wendy explained to Joey.

Joey ,sensing that Mrs. Lawson was resisting his powers, rubbed the amulet a second time to increase its power. “I know that but you want to make love to me too” Joey suggested to Mrs. Lawson.

“I want this to be your gift for my birthday Mrs. Lawson!” Joey reasoned with her.

Joey’s voice was getting to Wendy and now she was beginning to get aroused.

“Oh Joey what am I going to do with you” Wendy sighed in utter resignation.

She stood up and then unzipped her dress and she let it fall to the floor. Then Joey stood up and then stared at her body for a few moments then he went to her back and then kissed the back of her neck which brought a soft sigh from Mrs. Lawson. Feelings of excitement bolted through her body as Joey’s gentle hands caressed her back.

“ Joey remember now that this is only a one time affair, huh Joey?” Mrs. Lawson tried vainly to explain to Joey.

“OK Mrs. Lawson whatever you say!” Joey answered but still caressing Mrs. Lawson’s back.

And with güneyşehir escort bayan that Joey undid Wendy Lawson’s brassiere exposing her flawless breasts ,the same breasts he has been dreaming of for a very long time, to which he gently cupped from behind. Instantly Wendy felt a gush of pleasure run through her when the young man’s soft hands stroked her ripened breasts. Joey could feel her nipple instantly got hard as he continued to touch her. Wendy reached at her back to feel Joey’s cock, that was brushing against her panty covered ass, and then enveloped it with her soft hands, which solicited a pleasurable groan from her young lover. And then she stroked it in a slow and gentle fashion.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh……..” Joey moaned in pleasure as the mature lady began stroking his manhood.

Feeling the young man’s cock in hand, Wendy felt exquisite sensations emanate from her vagina causing her pussy to leak out the fluids of her arousal as she relished the touch of a live cock in her hand.

“Oh Joey you have a really nice cock. You’ll gonna make many girls happy with this cock.” Wendy told Joey while caressing his manhood.

“Ohhhhhh Mrs. Lawson that feels soooo good” Joey praised what the mature lady was doing to him.

Joey reached down to the front of Mrs. Lawson’s panties and then slid his hand inside her underwear, feeling her sopping wet vagina, and gently ran his finger on her wet slit. His hands in between her quivering legs began exploring her moistened vagina. Her hips rocked forward as her body sought his touch. His finger slid between the puffy, soft lips, and shock waves of hunger ripped through her.

“Huuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh Joey that feels good, it’s been so looooooonnnng since someone has touched me there” Wendy declared as she tightened her grip on Joey’s cock. Wendy could not wait anymore she had to have him.

“Don’t make me wait, Joey! Please! I need you!” Wendy cried, experiencing an echelon of necessity she had not known before.

When he was sure that Mrs. Lawson was very well lubricated he turned islahiye escort bayan her around and then gently laid her on his bed. Lying on the bed Wendy watched as her young lover sat beside her and gently pulled her panties off of her. She responded by lifting her buttocks to give access to the young man. Now Wendy Lawson was fully naked in front of a boy nearly half her age.

“Joey please make love to me, I need you in me.” Wendy begged her young lover.

Joey rolled between her legs, raised his hips, and grasped his erection. Guiding it with his hand, he lunged downward and felt his inflamed rod disappear into Mrs. Lawson’s warm, inviting opening.

“Ooooooooohhhhhh Joey that’s incredible Joooooooooeyyyyy!!!!”Wendy groaned as the wonderful feeling of having a warm live cock inside her depraved pussy sent delightful vibrations all over her body.

“Oooooooohhhhh Mrs. Lawson your are so hot” Joey groaned.

Each wonderful thrust from the young man sent her higher up the mountain of passion. Delightful but forbidden feelings enveloped her entire anatomy. It felt so good! Why was something so illicit felt so good!

As Joey sawed his veined shaft in and out of Mrs. Lawson’s rippled opening she clung to her young lover as each heave of the young man’s cock brought her nearer and nearer to her pinnacle.

“Joey! Oh, Joeeeeeeeeeeeey!” she groaned, grabbing his pounding buttocks. “I need you baby, I need you!!!” Then, suddenly, gloriously, an orgasm burst through her. Intense sensations of pleasure blanketed her body as she rode the peaks and valleys of her orgasm.

“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!” Joey groaned, his hips banging against Mrs. Lawson’s soft body, his penis exploding his hot, creamy juice into her. Their bodies labored as they shared the wonders of an orgasm.

Afterward, they lay locked in each other’s arms. Wendy clutched Joey to her, planting kisses all over his face.

“Oh, Joey!” she gushed. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I’m so glad I came over today!”

Joey kissed her back and hugged her. Making love with Mrs. Lawson was much more delightful than he ever imagined it would be.

“Joey can we do this again, because my husband does not make love to me anymore?” Wendy asked her young lover.

“Certainly, it will be a pleasure to make love to you!!” Joey assured Wendy.

With that Wendy Lawson kissed her newfound lover and then went out of the room his parents would soon be back from work.

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