May Day Eve

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William blew out a long breath and shook his shoulders. He’s still baffled why he’s doing this. It’s rather immature and plain stupid for anyone but the child in him just can’t see the rationality at all. He just had to find out – truth or not. It’s a relief that all the people in the house retired since having the weekend party this evening. No one will witness the childishness and stupidity of all this.

Looking at the clock, he holds the candle tightly than he should, still waiting – vying for his time. Every second makes him a bit closer to the edge – every pass, triggers the fight or flight sense in him. Still, a nervous laugh just can’t wait to pass his lips, looking over the absurdity of all this.

Taking his eyes from looking over the clock, he walked quietly towards the big mirror in the living room area. The mirror hung on the wall before him; an ancient mirror with a gold frame carved into leaves and flowers. He could see himself approach, his face is like a pure mask because of the lack of light in the room. The moon is the only light that sustains the night.

“The time has come,” he thought. The old grand clock signals that the transition of the night into day has once again come forth. ‘May Day Eve,’ he silently murmured. ‘Ah, yes. It was once again the first day of May – the night of divination and night of lovers a like. And for those who cared enough might peer into the mirror, where they would behold the face of the one they were fated with.’ William could still hear the tale, as if his there along with other eager kids, who would pretty much believe in anything they’ll hear.

With slightly trembling hands, he lights the candle he’s holding. His pure mask face before turned into a living one. Without any doubt he felt before – he close his eyes and whispered the incantation.

“Mirror, mirror
show to me,
whose lover
I will be.”

When he finished the incantation, his eyes widened. He could not move a single muscle; all he could do was stand and stare. He thought he could stand there forever, enchanted.

“What did you saw, uncle?” A small voice stopped William’s reverie – pulling him back to the present day. His gaze once again stopped to the mirror behind his niece. All he could see is his old reflection looking back at him. The visible line across his face the only telltale those years are finally catching up on him. Gone where the youthful face he saw staring back at him on the mirror, one wild May Day’s Eve-years and years ago….

“What is it?” the insistent voice call upon him. William is battling himself if he should say it or not but the wide innocent eyes of his niece could make him agree to anything she ask.

“The devil.” he replied, bitterly.

“The…devil…that was so horrible.” She gasped, “What does it looked like?” her brown eyes stared back at him with just a hint of fear, curiosity still overpowers the fear the child had.

“Far from horrible my dear,” he said. “When I looked at it, the only thing I could think of is fallen angel, for indeed Satan is an angel before he became the devil himself. Forget what you saw on the opera, the devil I saw is a mere epitome of perfection itself. I begun to realize why the devil is associated for seduction”

“What is that word…ah yes; did it bewitch you, uncle? Did it?” The hint of fear he saw was long gone for curiosity and excitement replaced it on his young niece face.

“Alas, yes. It tortured me, ate my heart and drunk my blood.” He said grimly.

“Poor uncle,” she touched his face and give him a peck on the cheek. “Did it speak to you, uncle?” the never ending questions of his niece just gives him the nostalgic feeling he tried to resent.

“…yes…yes, it spoke to me….” William was once again send back to the time where he met the devil himself. It’s as if he could hear the seductive voice behind his ear. The hot air with a slight smell of ale just never fails him to get hard in an instant. That night William lost his innocence – and lost it to the devil himself….

“My, my…what do we have here? You’re too young to be vain.” The deep voice said his face is plastered with a knowing smirk.

William whirled around and glared at the intruder. “I am not vain, you…you brute.” He said huffily.

“Indeed you don’t have to – It’ll be a sin if you are. Besides, you’re already a riot.” The intruder purrs.

William only glared at him, for he doesn’t know what to reply at the intimidating young man before him. The trespasser just has that power to leave him tongue-tied and inefficient.

“I remember you! You’re William, whom I left as a scrubby child. Look at you now, a fine looking lad you’ve been.” The stranger runs an appreciative gaze towards William.

William shuddered at the strangers look. It’s like watching a hunter eyeing its prey. And from the looks of it – he’s been spotted. His heart beats rampantly for he knows that if he stayed for a while, he’ll regret it. From the look of the stranger, he’s obviously drunk. He can smell Çankaya Escort the strong scent of the ale the young man consumed. It’s a miracle the man could walk from the entire boost he must’ve consume. His fight or flight sense is kicking once again and at this moment he’ll choose the most logical thing to do at this situation.

“Let me pass, sir.” He muttered fiercely, for the stranger is barring his way. “But we are not acquainted quite yet.” The man said, while blocking him for his planned runaway, thrusting out his hand, “Liam Mason.”

He could hear the silent ticking of the clock and was once again smothered with uneasiness. William could only groan, it’s better to go along, the man is obviously drunk to argue with. He took the proffered hand and shook it lightly. But the pressure on his hand only increase, much to his dismay. He tried to pull it out but the other man is really strong for a drunken man. The play of dominance increase William’s agitation to be released in Liam’s hold, tremors start to run across his whole being. He’d rather want to think of it as fear rather than his twisted view of excitement. But god, he’s nether region seems to agree with the latter one. The realization hit him hard in the guts; the more he wanted to be released from his fine captor… Fine, since when did he think Liam, this brute, to be fine? ‘Since you saw him…’his guilty inner voice taunts.

They both stood before the mirror, panting from the effort of both parties. Their shadows on the wall lay there still like their masters. Liam’s drunk induce mind began to sober and the gleam of his eyes suggested he’s much ready for anything this night might come forth. The lad before him just awakens the deviant part of him-the part he thought long buried since he left his land.

“Let me pass, sir” he cried with fury but the hand holding him just seems tighter than before. William thought that the man is really getting off on it if he struggled more.

“Come on and spend the night with me…my fair one…It’s really lonely here.” William could only gasp at the blatant proposition. ‘Surely this man is out of his mind.’ he thought.

“I will not do such things.” He replied, defiantly. William glared furiously at Liam, challenging him, in a way he can.

Liam thought William is just too tasty when he gets mad and he’s got other plans to see William fuming with rage. “Why, William such dirty thoughts you have. I didn’t mean that kind of spending the night….” William feels like he’d been hit with a cane. Had he misread the context of Liam’s words? Surely he’s not, the words obviously pertaining to that…did it? Oh gods, the man is really playing with his mind. And if a companion is all Liam needs…then that mean he’s the fool and the brute is really him. Groaning he look at Liam, he decided to agree with him and prepare himself with a pardon for his rude behavior. The amber light of the candle saw that Liam’s eyes held the devilish grin at them and he is tugging William’s chain once again. He felt dumb and played, again. Gullible must be his middle name. The inadequate feeling turns instantly to rage and he wants to punch the smirk out of Liam’s face.

Liam saw the moment William knew his game and the different satisfying feeling wash over him once again, giving him his hard-on of a lifetime. Liam licked his lips-the gesture of a hunter who knew that their prey is ready for the picking. Although, Liam is relaxed, his body is still ready for William’s sudden movements. The older man knows William will strike any minute now. Feisty being he is – just the way he likes it.

Before William could hit him, Liam yanked the blonde man towards him, successfully pinning his free hand to Liam’s chest. “Although…if your thoughts just happen to focus on that…we could, make an exception.” Liam said breathily against William’s ear while lightly nipping it.

Without further ado, he holds William’s neck and ravaged the mouth that’s been tempting him from the start. Liam groaned at the taste of the mouth…so sweet, he thought – reminds him of the honey syrup he craved from his childhood. Can’t get enough of the taste, wants more of that succulent taste – burning in his memory with each delve.

William doesn’t know what to do – he’s being assaulted and ravished. The helplessness of the situation makes the instinct of the cornered prey to kick in; he bit the offending lips and followed by the kick in the balls – both extremely hard.

William didn’t wait for the reaction of Liam and run as far as he can, never bothering to give a second look on Liam, which is shrieking and cursing at the wooden floor.

Liam yelled and cursed – his lips were cut and swollen… and his balls – gods, his balls were crushed. He felt like being mutilated. Damn that hussy, he thought. Cruel thoughts run through his mind. I’ll make him pay – that little vixen! He’ll have my revenge…I’ll make sure it’ll be agonizingly sweet – for me, that is.

But alas, he remembered, Keçiören Escort how lovely those lips again. How sweet to suckle at them, tasting every sweet flavors that sinful luscious lips can offer. He’s aching for another tumble on them. What would he not do, to feast on those? The golden curls that veils a cherubic face – truly that is given, the lad is an angel…fallen perhaps? The candle only accentuates the beauty of his newest obsession – what better way to see a true beauty, under the dark and lightness at the same moment. He could watch forever the flicker of flames danced gracefully on the younger man’s face – and the look of annoyance…truly takes my breath away.

Liam uncharacteristically sings in the night – loud and full of glee. He suddenly realized that he had fallen in love with young William. Is there such a thing? Ah yes, love at first bite perhaps…he couldn’t control the laughter at that thought – totally absurd if he carefully thinks. But the mind is not to question what the heart thinks or feel, so he’ll choose to feel and not think. The dark room with a slight hint of the moonlight seems to be the most wonderful place he had ever seen. Perfect beauty is all he could see – everything around him is just perfect and right. The beauty of the night strucked him, all because he’s in love – yes he is. He is young – young and deliriously in love. The overwhelming experience just brings forth tears in his eyes.

But Liam did not forgive him, he could not – no. He’ll suffer…oh yes, make him pay. What a night it had been! “I’ll never forget this night.” Liam silently said; his voice full of awe. He slowly approached the open window and looked outside – tears streaming down his face with his finger softly caressing his wounded lips. The throb on his manhood turned into a tolerable one.

Tomorrow…he whispers to the night.

But tomorrow never did come for the heart slightly…forgets? Ah, for the heart is distracted and May time passes like the summer lends to rainy storms. One soul is left in a twirling new emotions caused by the kiss shared on that wild May Day’s Eve, while the other half is still yearning for that promised revenge – made silently in the night. Indeed, revenge is much sweeter and best served cold, for Liam is more than ready to take the payment for that bite….

William’s been pulled out from his deep sleep. He can feel the sudden change in his room. A sudden drop in temperature – the first thought that came to him. No, beside that, there’s something else, he can’t quite figure it. There is something wrong…no, off about this…yeah, something is off.

He close his eyes once again just to clear his vision, surely his eyesight are having trouble focusing on the dark room, especially, when he had just been suddenly awaken by the niggling feeling inside him. The sudden weight on his side truly alerts him that his suspicion is correct – for the first time his dreading on it. Hope this is all part of his everyday dream, he heartily wished. He’s too caught up with his feelings; another one could cause his insanity.

“Open your eyes, my dove. I want them wide and dilated for me.” Damn, that voice, William thought. That sickly erotic voice that’s been haunting him for months…no, for years, he corrects.

He just wants to pretend that this is all an illusion – a part of his creative and twisted imagination. But the pull to see the other man just overpowers the logical side of him. It’s only right to see once again the man who possessed his many sleepless nights.

The moment he opened his eyes, he is met with the face of the most gorgeous man he’d ever known – until, and still at this very moment. His sleeping heart just started to beat at its own accordance – pumping furiously at his chest.

“So, you’ve never forgotten about me, I presume.” Liam purrs while tracing the nose bridge of William with his index finger. William wants to shout that he forgot about him through the years but no matter what he’ll say, Liam will certainly know. He’d been always told to be a bad liar. William just contents himself to be silent and wait for Liam’s next move.

Liam is so hard from just watching William sleep that night. The beautiful boy…no, man. Yes, the beautiful man he loved still takes his breath away. Distance is the only thing that’s stopping him from claiming this fiery creature. He couldn’t help but grin, remembering the fierceness of that bite. Yes, fiery indeed.

“What are you doing here?” William asked non-chalantly. The intense scrutiny of him just quite unnerves him. The content to be silent just change in an instant like the feelings his having for the constant intruder in his life.

“Let’s just say, we still have scores to settle.” William remembered the bite and the kick in the balls; he can’t stop the tremors that run across his body. The lustful voice seems to hint the promise of punishment for that childish act.

“I don’t know what you’re saying -“

“But Etimesgut Escort you do. Don’t you? You knew there was something I want from you. Something I came back for.” Indeed there is. They both knew it subconsciously. Liam had come in terms to that. That’s why he’s here. William is obviously in denial but Liam will change that.

“What a bite and a knee in my balls?” William asked, incredulously. He doesn’t know where this conversation will lead to…but you do, don’t you, sweet William. There’s that niggling voice again. As if, his conscience – if that is it and Liam is having the same thoughts. The implication of that is disturbing him, tremendously.

“Don’t be naïve, my Will. We both know the answer to that.”

“Well, humor me Liam.”

“Scorching kisses from you, my fox.” William’s eyes widen at that reply. He’s more scared now than the thought of a bite and a knee on his balls. A kiss is a threat…why? You’re afraid of him? No, it’s not that…Then why? ‘Kiss is the truth; leaves you open and weak.’ At least, that’s what he thought. And the continuous chattering with himself is not helping him at all.

Liam’s amused expression never left his face. The different emotions that played on William’s face are just truly incredible. The hunter in him just wants to roar and conquer the prey, make him submit to his will. He could ask for anything, he knows William is at his will. But a kiss will seal the fate for both of them. There it is again, different swirling emotions on William’s face; anger, fear, indifference…but the one thing Liam is searching is no where to be found. If he can’t see it, he’ll have to feel it.

Without waiting for the reply, Liam once again capture the only lips he’ll ever want – the only pair he’ll ever need. During his travels the only thing that’s keeping him sane and positive is the promise to own the lips that wake him every single night.

William gasped at the sudden action of Liam. He’s not ready yet, damned it. He wants to protest, to fight but that only leads to Liam having more access to his mouth, which makes the devouring of it much easy. He’s mouth was being raped. He should be mad at Liam for his aggressive action but the odd thing is he can’t. Not when the last time they’ve done this he’s left in a whirlwind of emotions. How many times did he lie awake, thinking of the possibilities that night could end differently? If his bite is still hard but not hard enough to cut through skin and that kick in the balls is not hard but enough to send this intimidating creature into frenzy. Make him submit to him for a change. The thoughts only leave him frustrated and damn, hard. No matter how many times he relieved himself – the emptiness of the act is still there. There’s just something missing or someone, if his honest enough to admit it. His cock now is leaking and begging for release. Deep inside him, he knows that this night won’t leave him empty anymore. All the pieces of the puzzle for years have now been solved and now he’s ready to let himself go. He wants this, all of this. No more turning back and the questions that haunt him will be answered by tonight.

Liam’s crowing in delight, the moment he felt that his kiss is being reciprocated. The burning feelings inside him only intensify as the innocent kisses of the boy before him fuels his fantasy. They were both hard and that only means pleasure for Liam. The reassurance that William also wants this is a big turn on for him. His heart swells with anticipation and delight. This night is turning so much better than what he expect. Revenge is so much sweeter than he thought.

Their both achingly hard and the bursting feeling is at the back of their minds, forcing them to act immediately. Dormant hands starts to move. Mapping each others’ body, making sure that their both wide awake and not lost on their own fantasies. Clothes were torn apart hastily from their bodies – fast and accurate. They want to be bare and open for each others’ exploration. Their bodies were both hard but supple. There’s no mistake in the identity their being intimate with. The lack of difference in anatomy and the knowledge of this make them both excited with sheer delight. The wrongness of all this makes the act more pleasurable and exciting at the same time, they both know what could be the possible consequences if they give in. But the thought of hell is not their concern now; it’s lost in the heavenly feelings in each others arms.

The kisses are superb and invigorating for Liam but it’s not enough for him. He wants to taste William. Lick him up and down, makes him beg for more. The thought of the fiery creature at his mercy just makes him go crazy. His kisses now were beginning to descend. Every skin is covered with kisses. It seems an endearing act but Liam knows the truth, he’s marking William…mine, he repeatedly thought. ‘Every inch of your body is now mine – no one else but me. You belong to me William, only for me.’ Every thought is punctuated by a small bite, the skin is sure to leave bruises just the way he wants it.

William is not naïve, he knew what Liam is doing and the knowledge that Liam’s possessive about him just shoots straight to his groin. The small bites and nips is making him crazy, almost dizzy in thoughts. The slow tortured kisses downward make him impatient in a manner he thought he never possessed.

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