Maximum Pleasure

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The bathwater was warm and relaxing. As Lily drained the tub and grabbed a towel to dry herself with, Max opened the door.

“Can I watch?” He asked. Lily smiled and blushed,

“You know I can never refuse you.” She answered. Slowly she began to dry herself with Max’s watchful gaze following her every move. When she moved the towel to her breasts Max groaned. Lily’s nipples tightened with excitement. She sighed and fondled them knowing he was watching.

“Ah Lily.” Max whispered. She smiled in response, dropping the towel on the counter and picking up a container of scented lotion. First she rubbed it into her feet and calves, slowly moving upward to her thighs. She glanced up and into Max’s eyes sensing his excitement and moved to her shoulders and then oh so slowly, soothed the lotion into her breasts. Max watched as her hands moved lower over her softly rounded stomach. She heard his sharp intake of breath as she let two fingers dip even lower teasing Max by watching him as she gave her clit a few circling rubs. Max moved so quickly he startled her. Before she knew it he had the lotion in his hands and he was pulling her into the living room. The fireplace was crackling and creamy candles light the room in a soft glow.

“I want to do the rest,” Max said smiling at Lily and moving her to face away from him. His hands began to slide over her skin, the rough texture, arousing her even more.

“I may have to redo an area or two,” he said as his fingers caressed the weight of her breasts. Lily’s knees shook as his hands moved down her back tracing her spine. When he moved down to her thighs she tried not to whimper too loud. Max chuckled and asked if something was wrong. Lily’s answering ‘No’ came out as a breathless tremble and she gasped as he sunk to his knees, still behind her. As his hands slid up and down her legs, she felt his warm breath against the small of her back.

“I want you to get down on your knees,” he said softly, sending a shiver through her. She sank on trembling legs to her knees and Max pulled her back against his chest as his lips moved over her neck, nibbling and licking softly. Lily watched as his hand covered her breast. She moaned as he pinched her nipple rolling it between his fingers.

“Do you trust me?” he asked as his other hand moved to rest just above the small triangle of hair above the v of her thighs. Rubbing back against him she whispered


“I want to know how much, I want to try something new, will you let me?” Her body trembled and she was quiet, completely still.

“What?” Sinop Escort she asked simply turning her face towards his. Max traced her lips with his tongue then slipped inside her mouth rubbing his tongue against hers. His teeth grazed my lower lip as his hand moved slowly to her ass. She felt his middle finger pressing between the cheeks of her ass. Instinctively she rubbed back against his hand like a cat purring.

“I love to touch your ass, I like the way your eyes change when I rub your puckered hole with my fingers.” Blushing now because thinking of him inside her that way frightened her as much as it excited.

“What if it hurts to…” a kiss to her lips silenced her.

“Trust me not to hurt you, I’m in charge Lily, you know that.” The words came out as a command. As Max’s other hand caressed Lily’s swollen clit her hips bucked restlessly as he fingered her from both sides.

“See!” he whispered, as two fingers slid between her swollen wet lips “You want it as much as me.” Lily’s answer was an incoherent sob. Max grinned and thrust his fingers into her drenched slit. Lily’s pussy coated his fingers sucking on them tightly. She whimpered as his thumb pushed against her tightest hole.

“You always make me cum so hard” she whispered panting for air. She trembled and he held her close stroking and soothing her skin.

“Lay down now.” he said moving away from her. She watched as his pants and boxers slid down to the floor. He stood and let her look her fill. She loved how hard he was for her, his taunt skin tempting her.

“Please.” She whispered. He smiled and moved towards her lowering himself to his knees. Lily’s fingers closed around his ridged staff and she pleasured herself stroking him up and down. With a groan he straddled her and pressed his cock between her breasts. She cupped them around his thick cock and leaned up to wet the length of him with her mouth watching his eyes darken as her tongue flicked over his throbbing dick. As he started to thrust forward she squeezed her breasts tightly to surround him.

“Oh fuck Lily,” he groaned as her body rocked back and forth squeezing and sliding him against her wet skin. Max brushed her hands out of the way and put his in their place. His eyes moved from hers to her engorged taunt nipples and back to her face again.

“You’re going to do what I tell you to aren’t you?” He gasped as he thrust back and forth loving the feel of his cock sliding in such a tight space. In answer Lily leaned up and licked the tip of him letting his cock slap against her tongue with Sinop Escort Bayan each stroke.

“I want you to fuck my mouth now!” she demanded. He groaned and shoved the pillow further under her head. He moved a bit closer,

“I can smell the scent of you and it drives me wild…. Ask me, Lily!” he commanded, holding his throbbing cock inches from her lips.

“Oh please, let me taste you.” Max smiled down at her and pressed forward. Her lips closed around the tip of him as he thrust forward, he stopped moving holding her head as she sucked him, deep in her mouth.

“That’s it Lily.” he gasped as his hips flexed and he started to fuck her mouth. Her fingers rubbed his sack, nails trailing through the hair at the base of him. One nail softly scraped to the back of his sack and then rimed his ass as he thrust into her mouth. Lily saw the surprise on his face. She rubbed just the tip of her finger against him and his sack tightened.

“You want me to cum in your mouth?” he asked. Her cry was muffled as she sucked harder urging him on, loving his naughty words. The first white-hot jet shot down her throat. She swallowed and kept sucking. Max leaned to his side and pulled her with him, spasms still running through him. They lay there for a moment, her mouth still tight around his cock, his hands stroking her hair. When she finally let go, they doze off in each other’s arms.

Lily woke up to waves of pleasure rocking through her. Max was spooning behind her, his fingers stroking her tummy and a finger rubbing into her slit teasing her already swollen clit.

“Your already wet for me” he said softly “You know how I want you now.” It was a statement not a question. “You know you want it too.” His long finger coated in her juice slipped lower and rubbed against her puckered hole.

“Oh Max, I’m scared…you make me so wet though.” She moaned and felt him smile before his mouth came down to kiss her neck. He released her and piled up some pillows and then coaxed her back onto her hands and knees.

“I want you to touch yourself for me now.” He said as he guided her fingers against her slick folds. He watched for a moment as she slipped her fingers in and out and then he moved to his knees behind her. His hands were so big and as they trailed from her waist to rest on cheeks of her ass, she couldn’t stop herself from begging,

“Please.” She whimpered

“Oh yes, I’m going to please us both.” He growled as he picked up one hand and slapped it lightly down against her cheek. She whimpered and wiggled, feeling a Escort Sinop trickle of her own juice slide over one of her swollen lips as he soothed his handprint from her ass. Max’s tongue touched her flicking over each cheek and into her crack, rubbing and wetting it. His thumb followed his tongue plunging into her pussy. His finger rubbed at the rim of her, then his hand came up and smacked down against her skin stinging with another slap, and then another. Words were flowing from Lily, but she wasn’t making much sense.

“Please…no…I can’t…you won’t fit…oh Max!” She begged as he pressed his thumb into her ass, sliding it in and out, wetting it with her own pussy juice then pushing it back in, easing it back and forth until she began to open for him. He reached for her hand pressing two of her fingers into her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now Lily.” She felt his thumb trail away replaced by his hot throbbing dick. Slowly he pushed the tip against her, then slide his cock into her soaked pussy pulling back when his cock was coated milky and wet. Max’s hands spread her cheeks as his swollen tip rubbed across her asshole. Once, and then again, he pushed slowly into her on a groan. The head of his dick popped in and he staid still for a minute letting her get used to his invasion.

“Oh god you’re so tight, tell me you want it Lily,” She heard him groan. His fingers reached around and covered hers pushing them into her slick slit, rubbing and teasing her clit relaxing her enough to make her push back against him She felt so very full of him.

“Please, I…I want to feel you in my ass.” She whispered as his fingers teased her clit he thrust slowly into her ass, spreading her cheeks with his hands until he was so deep inside. She felt like they were spooning again but he was inside her. She could feel his heart pounding from the throbbing of his cock in her ass.

“I have to move” He almost shouted as he started to pull back only to thrust in again. One of his hands squeezed her hip while the other hand rubbed at her pussy. Lily’s head rested on the ground, her nipples brushing against the bed with every stroke of his dick inside her.

“I’m going to cum oh my god!” She cried out and he smacked her ass cheek and harshly whispered.

“No, not yet Lily, you must ask me, beg me!” His hand smacked down on her ass again harder.

“Oh please, I have to cum, it hurts.” She moaned.

“Ohh Lily.” He groaned, slapping her pink ass again

“Please…please, I need to…I can’t stop!” Lily begged. Max let go with a guttural cry.

“Now Lily,” She heard his yell, His cum shot into her, emptying into her ass. His cock twitching inside her, he pressed hard against her back and rolled her to lay on her side with his cock still inside her They lay there, connected and soaked in each other’s cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32