Max and Martina Ch. 02

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Dear Readers!

Do you want to know what happens these characters? Yes, I know that you want to know.

My editor gives up. I sought the new editors, and I gave up. This chapter is the last. I can’t say why I stop to write. It is nothing to do with you personally, but I still like to write.

Enjoy my last chapter.


Max wears the black blouse and skirt. Martina’s heart beats faster and faster. The leaves fall down from the trees. Many birds fly from them. Martina thinks that Max’ face is sweet. The professor’s assistant leaves them.

“Welcome!” Max says.

“Thank you!” Martina says.

“Follow me.”

Max drives the powered wheelchair with the chin joystick because she can’t talk so much and Martina follows her new girlfriend. They enter the garden when the port opens automatic and then it closes. Martina never has seen this beautiful place before. Max’ place is mixed of East and West. She is interested in multiculturalism. The women move on a long way to the house.

Martina looks at the professor while the women get to the door. They stay.

“Excuse my language, but I use my favorite swear word to my voice recognition system. Is it ok?” Max wonders.

“Swear if you want.” Martina says.


The door opens automatic. Martina likes to hear what the hard professor says. The women enter the hall when the door closes, their eyes meet each other. Martina takes off her jacket and puts on the coat wall rack.

“What will we do?” she asks.

“I want to see the present.” Max says.

Martina gets the present, so she shows it. It is a dark purple modern bracelet.

“I like it.” Max says happily.

“I think that you like it. You wore the dark pink dress yesterday, and today you wear the black blouse and skirt. I suspect that you liked the dark colors.”

The powered wheelchair rises up like a standing wheelchair, suddenly Max turns around and drives Martina to the wall. Then she holds on the bottom, so the chin joystick swings away. Martina wonders what the professor will do with her. She doesn’t move like a calm tree.

“Kiss me!” Max says.

The Swedish woman thinks of the personal assistant.

“But your personal assistant?” Martina wonders nervously.

“I asked her to be free today. Kiss me!” Max says.


“No questions, please. Guess how long time I haven’t had sex. Over fucking fifteen years in my life. Now I am thirty-five years. The same fucking case wanders me in four years! Kiss me now!”

Martina begins to kiss Max but hesitating, and she wonders why she as a young ex-straight and ex-homophobic girl kisses the mature lesbian professor. She loves her new girlfriend and knows that she is an official lesbian. Max just breaks the kiss and the powered wheelchair rises down. Her kiss is deeper and more different than her hopeless guys.

“I am sorry, I forced you to kiss me. The case is too much to me. I understand that you don’t want to have me as a mad professor.” she says.

“Who the hell says really that I don’t want to have you? I also understand that your head in the case is too much to you, but I want to know more about you.” Martina says.

“What do you mean ‘your head’?”

“Your brain is too much to you, so it is not calm.”

“How do I miss the important point? The damned serial killer will give up. Martina, can you pick up my mobile by my bag?”

Martina picks up her girlfriend’s mobile.

“John Fredson.” Max says.

Martina seeks for the name. She calls and takes the mobile to Max’ ear.

“It is Max. Yes, bursa evi olan escort I get the theory. Seek for Brain Calm in the criminal record. I know that the fucking woman hater is a serial killer. Sorry, I can’t come, so I got the visit. Are you online? Ok, I come!” Max says.

Martina hangs up and then she leaves the mobile in the bag. She looks at the professor.

“Sorry, I must move. My workplace is near. Look around. You know – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s phrase – I’ll be back!” Max says.

“Good said!” Martina laughs.

The professor leaves her place.

“Wait.” Martina says.

The young girl is alone again. What will she do? When she goes around and looks, so she finds a mass of old newspapers on the wall. There are mass good rubrics about the mythic professor. That’s written “The wheelchair professor fought the big criminals in the world”. There also is a poem about the love of two birds. Max won the price.

That’s written:

When the water falls

The birds are in love with each other

They wonder which they are

Their eyes catch each other

The destiny flies to them

Same as the humans

The birds love each other

They never give up the love

Their strong feelings meet each other

The weak side is their soul

The Swede didn’t know that Max is famous. What a love poem! How famous is the professor? Why is she famous? Did she have any girlfriends? How did Martina miss her? Is there more life about the mature woman?

Martina has to see Max now, and she looks at just 10.10 am. She knows that poor professor hasn’t had sex fifteen years longer. The kiss is good, and there are good excuses. Martina wonders how to have sex with a girl with a disability. Her girlfriend knows. The happy woman walks to the living room.

It has a library and a computer studio, even there are a mass old things. Martina never has seen the room. She doesn’t want to touch the old things because they are valuable and beautiful. How much are they? Where are they from? When is Max back?

Martina goes to the windows and looks out. There are not so much to see, but she goes back from the windows. She wonders if she will be half or whole nude. Yes, she strips off, but just bra and panties, so Max says that the assistant is free from the job. The bra and panties are blue.

After a short moment, the professor drives to her living room. She becomes stunned to see her half-nude girlfriend. Martina stands happily.

“Martina, what are you doing?” Max wonders nervously with an unclear voice.

“What am I doing? I just wait for you, my sexy professor.” Martina says.

“You must do like I say, please!”

“Must I strip off?”


“Ok, do you want me to leave you?”

“No, I mean you will pick up the dress! Now!”

“I don’t understand what you mean. First you forced me to kiss you. Now you want me to pick up the dress?”

Max nods.

“Ok, if you want.” Martina says.

“Yes, I want.” the professor says.

Martina wonders why she must do it. Wait, she realises that Max wants to be nude with her when she is close to picking up the clothes from the floor. She goes to her girlfriend.

“May I kiss you again?” she wonders.

Max doesn’t answer and looks around like a child. She can answer all despite she is still a mature and sweet woman. Martina knows how it is to be a woman and she is a woman. She holds on the bottom, so the joystick swings away. Max doesn’t scream. Her girlfriend begins to kiss her, for the second time. Martina releases from the kiss, but altıparmak escort she knows that Max’ hands are hard to control.

The young woman takes her mature girlfriend’s hands to break her bra and she likes it. Max opens her mouth

“Bad, you break off my bra. I have you, not other persons. And I don’t carry the new bras.” Martina says.

“I have any extra and unused bras.” Max says.

“Baby, I am your slutty girlfriend. And I am ready for you. A dumb slut never needs to wear the new bra.”

Martina never said so sluttily before. She pulls down her blue panties.

“No panties.” she says.

The Swedish slut smiles. Her body is hot and sensual.

“Can you pull up your panties now?” the professor wonders shyly.

“I am a slut, baby!” the innocent slut says.

Max sees that her slut’s vagina begins to be wet.

“Are you horny?” the professor wonders.

“Yes, I can’t wait, my love.” the innocent slut says.

“You are a very bad girl. Stop! I don’t want you to be so horny.”

“Ok, you have to be warm, and I have you, baby.”

“Am I warm?”

“Yes, you are! We are the common lovers, so I can’t wait for you, baby. You know how the gentlemen are – ladies first. The unlucky men are after the sweet and sexy lesbians.”

The women laugh.

“It is fun. I wish to touch you, but my.arms are hard to control.” Max says.

“No problems!” Martina says.

She takes her girlfriend’s hand to her vagina. Max’ fingers can masturbate the vagina, and her lover moans highly. Martina forces the hand to reach deeper into her vagina, so the professor masturbates slowly like a turtle. The Swedish woman takes the second hand on her breast. Max touches the breast while Martina helps her to touch around. Martina’s body likes it and her vagina begins to scream.

“Max, I come soon.” she moans.

“Say any sexy words when you come, sweetie.” Max says.

“Yes, my sexy baby.”

“Scream for me.”

“Yes, my fucking sexy baby!”

The Swedish woman feels warm. Her sweats and tears flood like the waterfall. She begins to moan in Swedish, suddenly she wonders why she talks the mother tongue. The professor smiles, then she masturbates her girlfriend slow. Martina doesn’t understand how good the mature woman is in sex.

Her all old boyfriends were just Swedish and South European losers. Not guys, not losers. Today Martina loves her Chinese-English woman. She wants her lover to do fast, but she comes soon. The professor feels inside the warm vagina. She masturbates if she can.

“Oh my God, I am your sexy slut!” Martina screams.

The vagina squirts like a Vulcano. Martina releases the mature woman’s hands while she thinks that her new girlfriend is beautiful, mature and shy. They look at each other.

“Your turn!” Max says.

“I don’t know how to do sex with you, as a mature woman with a disability.” Martina says.

“Yes, same as the common women, but a part of women in the wheelchair are harder than the common and I am one of them.”

“Yes, I know now.”

“It was so hard to look for a young girl.”

“I am here, baby. May I remove your clothes?”

The mature woman nods to the young woman and smiles shyly.

“You can talk and are an adult professor, my love.” Martina says.

“Okay. Yes, you can remove my clothes.” Max says.

“Good girl.”

Martina has seen all the female bodies when she was straight because she never felt for them. Now as a lesbian, she feels for the professor and begins to be very curious about the body. She pulls up the blouse. The gemlik escort mature woman wears the wine red bra, and the bra size is 36C. Martina unhooks the bra, so the breasts are big.

“WOW!” she says.

“Thank you! I have the seat belt, you know.” Max says.

The Swedish woman sees the seat belt, so she unbuttons it. She takes off the shoes and socks, fastly she pulls down the skirt. The mature woman wears the dark grey panties. Her vagina is very wet and her girlfriend begins to understand that she tried to hide the face while she saw the nude body. The professor just smiles to the angry Swede.

“For shame, Max! I know from the beginning that you are a very, very dirty professor. No more excuses, no more lies! Is it clear?” Martina asks.

“Yes, my lover.” Max says.

“Good girl. I know that you haven’t had sex so longer.”

Martina pulls down the wet panties.

“I make you so good, baby.” she says.

“Here in my living room?” Max wonders.

The Swede nods and puts her finger on her lips. She touches the professor’s soft legs.

“Talk not so much.” she whispers.

The mobile calls suddenly.

“The call waits.” Martina whispers.

“I must answer.” Max says.

Martina doesn’t want to be left alone for the third time, fastly she picks up the fucking mobile from the bag. She turns on and then she holds it on Max’ ear. What the hell is wrong with “the supercops” and the professor? Can the professor stay here, please? She is a forensic archaeologist, and the police need her.

“Yes? Did the fucking serial killer already confess all murders? WOW! No, I can’t come. You know that I got the visit. See you tomorrow. Bye!” Max says.

Martina hangs up, and then she goes to the board and leaves the mobile. The sweet forensic archaeologist smiles and is happy to finish the long-term case. Her girlfriend walk back to her.

“Say nothing, baby! No more calls, no more crimes! Where were we? Oh right, I touched your leg.” Martina says with a smile.

The Swede sits down with her knees on the floor. She takes her lover’s breasts and touches them. Max likes it when her girlfriend does it to her. Martina watches her darling. She never tested to feel on the other women’ body. Today she loves the professor.

“Are you ready to me?” Martina asks.

“I am fucking ready.” Max says.

Next move is it the vagina. The Swede wonders if she will use her finger or lick because she never tasted it. She always thought that the vagina would taste grossly when she was younger. Now she wants to taste it. She also wants to make the sweet professor good. Rashly she opens her mature woman’s legs and bows to Max’ vagina.

The vagina becomes wetter than from the past. Martina’s tongue gets to it. She licks first, fastly she stops. It tastes good like the Swedish bilberries, but the past is the past. The Swede begins to suck and lick hard and fast while she touches the legs. Her sexy professor becomes very surprised of her lover.

“Mm, you are good, mm.” Max moans highly.

The brunette woman understands her lover. She sucks and licks hard and fast. The professor begins to moan sexy in Chinese. What a sweet and hot language she talks! The Swede doesn’t understand Chinese and wishes to learn, so she keeps to suck and lick faster!

“Sorry, mm, I come soon, oh. Use, mm, your, oh, yeah, mm, your finger.” Max moans.

Martina ignores the advice while she still sucks and licks faster until her Chinese lover comes. The vagina squirts squarely to the brunette woman. WOW! The women like it.

“My seat cushion is wet. I have an extra overlay.” Max says.

“Baby, you are sweet. Will we shower?” Martina wonders.

“Will we swim?”

“Outside? But I don’t carry my own swimwear.”

“There are not any people around. Is it clear?”

“Yes, Max.”

“Can you get my bath wheelchair here? It is in the shower room.”


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