Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 06

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Darrin walked out of the bathroom, drying himself from his shower. Standing at the door, he slowed when he realized that Mitch was using his computer. Not that he really minded, but Mitch had a tendency to look through his porn stash and give critiques, which definitely cut down on the erotic quality. When Mitch looked up with a quirky smile on his face, he knew this was going to be no exception.

Darrin focused on drying his neither region, hoping if he didn’t encourage Mitch that he wouldn’t start the commentary. But, of course, he had underestimated the amount of fun Mitch had teasing him about it. He knew it wasn’t even that Mitch minded that he had the porn; they had jacked off on several occasions while they watched videos. But the fact that he could get Darrin so rattled was a great source of fun for Mitch. Sighing with resignation, Darrin tossed the towel back into the bathroom, walked over to the bed and looked at the screen. He cringed a little at the sight of a written page, knowing Mitch was about to give it a reality check.

“Mitch, what are you doing?”

“Reading your porn favorites,” he said with a look of pure devilry on his face.

“Look at this one. This guy has a 15-inch long cock that’s as big as his wrist and he shoved it up a 16-year-old kid’s virgin ass with no lube and the kid moaned with pleasure.” Mitch smiled at Darrin. “Do you think he would moan with pleasure? I think the kid should run screaming at the sight of it. I know I would. And what would you do if you were packing a 15-inch cock? I mean if you got an erection would it rip a hole in your pants?”

“Damn it, Mitch. You know it’s just porn. It’s for fun. You’re thinking about it too much,” said Darrin with an exasperated sigh.

“Yeah, yeah, you keep telling me that. What about this video? This guy says it feels amazing. It just looked uncomfortable to me,” Mitch announced with a smirk.

Darrin sat down beside Mitch to watch the video. It was from one of his favorite amateur websites and the position did look . . . involved. But the bottom seemed to be enjoying himself, if the volume of his moans were any indication. As Darrin watched, his cock started to stiffening.

“Well, someone’s getting excited. Want to see how it feels?” asked Mitch with a leer on his face.

“Um, well,” stammered Darrin.

Mitch sat the computer aside, stood on the bed and started stripping. His eyes never left Darrin as he wiggled out of his tight t-shirt and then opened his pants. Once they were pooled around his ankles, he plopped down on the bed and kicked his feet in the air, yanking them off. Looking back at the computer screen, he smiled and then kissed Darrin.

“Do you think we need an example?”

Darrin took Mitch’s face in his hands, enjoying his rough face as always, and kissed him gently before reaching over and shutting the computer. “No, I think I can remember where everything goes. Let’s see, I think they started here . . .”

Darrin put his hand in the center of Mitch’s chest and pushed him backwards. Mitch fell across the bed and then pulled himself up on his elbows. He smiled as Darrin pulled him to the edge of the bed, then knelt between his legs. Darrin leaned forward and kissed his balls, garnering a soft sigh from Mitch. Wrapping his hand around Mitch’s nuts, Darrin stretched them toward his mouth and ran his tongue over their lightly furred skin. Mitch lay back with a sigh, letting his fingers run through the hair on his chest. He was glad it was back, even if it wasn’t as long as it had been. Actually, he liked it clipped a little and he doubted that Darrin noticed. When his fingers grazed his erect nipples, Mitch let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Oh yeah, babe. That feels nice. Remember the rimming, there’s lots of rimming in this video,” said Mitch with a chuckle.

Darrin lifted his head and smiled at his husband. “Yes, I’m getting to the rimming. And I get to sit on your face too. I’m looking forward to that.”

Mitch responded with a goofy grin as he ran his tongue over his lips. Lifting his legs to his shoulders, Mitch spread his butt as much as he could. Darrin pulled his ass cheeks open wider and wedged his face in Mitch’s crack. He gasped softly when Darrin’s hot tongue hit his hole. Enjoying the overwhelming sensations, Mitch was able only to grunt with pleasure as his ass was drilled. As his hole was coated with spit, Mitch’s chorus of moans reached a new level. He felt the sting of a slap across his ass, and then Darrin’s weight as he lay on top of Mitch. He sighed as Darrin’s lips pressed against his, his tongue demanding entry. Mitch wrapped his legs around Darrin’s waist, his heels digging into his ass as they kissed passionately. Their hunger built for several minutes as they kissed with increasing heat. bursa escort Mitch grabbed Darrin by his hair and pulled him back.

“I think you said something about me getting to eat your ass. We’re doing a valid experiment, so we have to be accurate,” said Mitch with a smile.

“No, we definitely don’t want to mess up the experiment,” countered Darrin.

Darrin crawled up Mitch, intentionally grinding himself against his man as he moved. Grabbing the headboard, Darrin held on tight as he rubbed his hard cock over Mitch’s face. Darrin grinned as his cock coated his man’s cheeks with trails of precum. Moving up, he lowered his muscular butt, ready for Mitch’s talented tongue.

Mitch watched as Darrin’s ass descended, loving the clean musky smell Darrin always had after a shower. Digging his fingers into Darrin’s meaty thighs, he pulled him down and buried his face in his crack. Mitch’s tongue quickly penetrated his husband’s hole, driving in deeply. Mitch felt Darrin start to grind against his face as he buried his tongue inside. Prying his ass wider, Mitch feasted on the hole in front of him. Slipping his fingers beside his tongue, he pried open Darrin’s ass and drilled his tongue deeper and deeper. He loved the dripping hairy hole in front of him, watching as it convulsed and slowly closed once he relented his assault. Mitch pushed Darrin up, and then followed him, wrapping his arms lovingly around him. They gave each other hard, passion filled kisses as their granite hard cocks slid over each other. Breaking the kiss with a gasp, Mitch playfully pushed Darrin against the wall.

“I’m going to fuck the cum outta you!” said Mitch through clenched teeth.

“You gonna fuck me like the video, babe?” asked Darrin.

“Oh yeah, the experiment is not over,” said Mitch with a lusty grin.

Darrin groaned and crawled into the floor, pitching his hips up until his throbbing cock was pointed at his face. He looked over at Mitch, and saw raw need painted across his face. His breath came in gasps as he watched Mitch walk behind him and rub his hard dick over the exposed trench of Darrin’s ass. As his butt was coated with the drool from Mitch’s cock, Darrin’s level of desire escalated. His need built with each pass, until by the time Mitch started dipping his cockhead into his hole, Darrin was wracked with need.

“Damn it, babe. Fuck me already. I need that pole inside me,” said Darrin as he groaned.

“You want it, fucker? You want what the guy in the video is getting?” quizzed Mitch with a sneer.

“God damn it, yes!”

Mitch cocked himself forward and drove himself into Darrin’s slick ass. Piercing Darrin’s gut, he buried himself deep inside his husband, and then paused, shaking slightly.

“Oh hell! Fuck yes! Shit! That feels amazing! Fuck, you hit everything good,” screamed Darrin.

Mitch pulled out slowly, watching Darrin squirm on the floor under him. As he pushed back in again, the precum flowed out of Darrin’s hard cock. Building speed, Mitch started fucking Darrin hard, pile driving his cock in deep with each thrust. Darrin was reduced to whines and gasps as his husband took his ass. Mitch focused on the tight hole he was pillaging, driving his thick hard cock in again and again, his breath coming in gasps. The angle was putting a new and amazing pressure on Mitch’s cock, which drove him to fuck Darrin harder. Time froze as the two bodies merged in tough, masculine sex. When Darrin’s cries became screams of orgasm, Mitch hammered in his cock one last time and pinned Darrin with it.

Darrin’s climax could only be called full body. His legs shook as his gut convulsed around Mitch’s thick intruder. Soon waves of heat were engulfing him and the first shots of cum rocketed out of his dick, coating his face. Mitch started rotating his hips slightly as his own orgasm built. The motion took Darrin to another plane of pleasure, reduced his body to a puddle of shaking muscles as his orgasm raced onward. Eventually, with a few shudders, the last drop of cum trailed from Darrin’s cock and added itself to the coating on his face. Gasping for breath and long past the point of no return, Mitch jackhammered his throbbing cock into Darrin’s tunnel. With a few ragged final thrusts, Mitch buried himself inside Darrin and started emptying his nuts. The ripples of pleasure were overwhelming as his seed filled Darrin. When the final spasm had rolled through his body, Mitch slowly pulled out with a wet sound and slapped his softening cock against his husband’s hole. He watched as cum slowly seeped out, and smiling, Mitch rubbed his semi-stiff cock through the cum and then slowly slid back into Darrin’s ass.

“Fuck! You’re a greedy bastard!” said Darrin through a moan.

Mitch watched his husband’s body respond to the added stimulation. But Mitch only wanted a few final thrusts before Darrin’s ass ejected his soft cock. Kneeling behind Darrin, he ran his tongue through the cum pool and then flicked it into his mouth, loving the taste of Darrin as it drifted through his mouth. Hearing a soft sigh, he görükle escort looked down and smiled.

“So, was it as good as it looked on the video?” asked Mitch

“Oh god! You have no idea! I thought I was going to shoot my whole body through my dick,” said Darrin with a chuckle.

Mitch leaned over and kissed Darrin’s ass cheek and then slowly helped him off his shoulders.

“Well, I guess some of that damn porn is right,” said Mitch with a smile.

“I can’t wait to try that on you,” said Darrin.

Mitch slapped Darrin hard on the ass and walked toward the bathroom to get a towel. “You already did it, remember prom night?”

Darrin looked at him with a look of confusion but then realization dawned on him. “Well shit, you’re right. We did.” Darrin paused for a minute and then asked, “Did you like it?”

“Hell yeah! You’re right, it hit all the good spots.”

Mitch leaned down, kissing Darrin’s still sprawled form on the floor and then carefully wiped off his face and torso. Tossing the towel through the bathroom door, he reached back and grabbed Darrin’s hand and pulled him up. They stood and kissed gently for several minutes and then lay across the bed. Darrin spooned against Mitch as they gently drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Darrin watched Mitch dig into a huge plate of bacon, eggs and biscuits like he hadn’t eaten in weeks, while he slowly sipped his morning breakfast shake. Mitch looked over at him and snickered.

“You know, you keep drinking little cans of diet drink and people are going to think you’re gay or something,” said Mitch with a smirk.

“Oh shut up. I work at a desk all day. If I ate like you I’d weigh a ton.”

“You’re missing some damn fine thick-cut bacon, fried crispy just like you like, nice flakey biscuit, sunny side up eggs . . .” teased Mitch.

“Oh shut the fuck up! That’s just evil. Except the eggs, you can have your damn runny eggs.”

Mitch laughed and ran a piece of biscuit through the warm yoke and then popped it into his mouth. “Yum, damn fine!”

Darrin turned his head and made retching noises and then looked back at Mitch with a grin. He then made an attempt to change subjects.

“You know, Josh is graduating from high school in a few weeks.”

“Yeah, so?” replied Mitch.

“Well, are we going? I guess we need to get him something and throw him a little party too?” said Darrin.

“Oh. Yeah. I don’t know. You think we should talk to him about it?” asked Mitch

“Ask him about what?” came a grumble from across the living room as Josh walked in pulling on a shirt.

“Your graduation. We didn’t know if you’d want us to come or not,” said Darrin.

Josh looked at them in confusion. “Why would you not come? You’re my family?”

Mitch swallowed the lump that rose in his throat and then he looked at Darrin he caught him wiping an eye quickly. Taking a breath to regain control, Mitch smiled and nodded at Josh.

“Ok, well that’s settled then. We’ll come to graduation,” said Mitch.

“I was going to invite Zach too. You think that’d be ok?” said Josh.

“I don’t see why not. You might as well,” said Mitch.

“Well, he seems kinda scared of you, Mitch,” said Josh.

Mitch chuckled, “He’s probably still afraid I’m going to beat him like a drum for kissing Darrin.”

Josh’s eyes grew as he took in the information and he looked from one man to the other. “It was Zach that kissed you? I didn’t know. No one told me. Damnit! Are you ok with me dating him?”

“Calm down, Josh. He apologized, to both of us. But more importantly, we’re glad you’re happy,” explained Darrin. “So if you want to date him. That’s fine with us. But I thought you already knew it was Zach.”

“Ah, no. Apparently I need to chat with him,” said Josh with a firm look on his face.

Darrin lost himself in thought as the other two reviewed the day ahead of them. Recalling their conversation, he realized that the resident gay couple had just agreed to attend the gay senior’s graduation, with his boyfriend. Nope, it didn’t have disaster written all over it at all.

Josh gasped, laughing as he thumped the blond head in his lap. “Hey! Watch the teeth!”

Zach giggled around Josh’s cock as he ran his tongue over its latex covering. Josh was trying to focus on driving home while Zach was doing his best to get him to nut before they arrived. They had a bet going, but neither really cared. Josh gasped and tried to spread his legs wider when Zach rubbed two fingers on his perineum.

“Hey! No fair! You know how crazy that makes me,” said Josh through a loud moan.

The disqualification claim just pushed Zach to try harder. For mile after country mile, he sucked, licked and rubbed on Josh, trying desperately to get him to shoot. Zach could feel Josh’s body lock several times as the impending orgasm was fought down. As they pulled into the driveway, Zach rammed his finger into Josh’s butt in a desperate attempt to win.

“Oh fuck!” screamed Josh, “Shit! Goddamn it! bursa escort bayan I’m fuck’n coming!”

Josh slammed on the brakes a handful of feet inside the gate and started filling the condom with cum. Zach kept wiggling his finger inside Josh’s butt as the orgasm took him away. After several minutes of muscle straining climax, Josh collapsed against the pickup seat in a boneless pose. Zach slowly pulled his finger out of Josh, not sure if he was in trouble since that was the first time he’d put his finger into Josh. He carefully cleaned his finger with the tissues he’d stored in the pickup and then removed Josh’s condom and wiped off his dick. Looking up, he saw Josh’s smiling face as he stared at the roof with closed eyes. As Zach watched his eyes popped open and he looked down at Zach with a smirk.

“Well you won, you cheating little fucker!”

“I didn’t cheat!” insisted Zach.

“You said blow job, a blow job does not include fingering my ass,” said Josh with a smile.

“Say’s who?”

“Say’s everyone, you big ole cheater,” chuckled Josh.

“Nope, I won!” said Zach with a smile, “And you are gonna pay up!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. What are you taking as the prize?” asked Josh.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll have to think on it,” said Zach.

Josh smacked Zach on the shoulder in a good-natured gesture and then jumped out of the truck and headed for the house. As they entered, it seemed quieter than usual to Josh. Walking through the kitchen he spotted a note on the counter. Scanning it quickly, he turned to Zach with a smile.

“They’re gone until late, and might not be home until tomorrow. We have a whole night to ourselves,” said Josh with a big grin.

Zach chuckled and ran his hand over the bigger man’s face. “We better fix a big dinner then, cause you’re going to need your energy, big boy.”

“Hmm, sounds like another challenge.”

“Oh no! I’ve already won and I’ve decided you’re my slave for the night. That’s what I won.”

“Oh really? Your slave, huh. Maybe your sex slave?” asked Josh with a sneer.

“Hush bitch! You’ll do what I tell you to do,” said Zach in a fake domme’s voice. Zach felt Josh stiffen under his touch and turned to see a conflicted look on his face. Certain something was wrong, but not sure what it was, he moved so they were looking at each other.

“What? I didn’t mean to upset you with the sex slave stuff. I was just teasing,” said Zach in a low voice.

Josh tried to smile but the action of his face didn’t reach his eyes. “It wasn’t the sex slave, I know you were just playing. But I don’t like being called a bitch. I know a lot of people use it being playful, but I really don’t like being called that. Sorry, I guess Darrin and Mitch have wore off on me.”

“Oh. Ok. Well I promise I’ll never do that again. Sorry,” said Zach in a clipped tone.

Josh took the smaller boy’s face in his hands and forced him to meet his eyes. “Zach, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. And it’s not your fault, we’ve never talked about it.”

Zach looked at Josh for several long minutes, finally releasing his held breath. “Ok, sorry I got upset. I’ll try to not do it again, but I thought it was funny so if I do just tell me,” said Zach. “Anytime something is bugging you, you should tell me.”

“Are you sure? Because there is something else we need to talk about,” said Josh.

Zach nodded quietly, wondering what might be wrong.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were the one who kissed Darrin?” asked Josh quietly.

Zach gave Josh a wild-eyed look and started to speak several times. Finally he began. “Well, I guess I was afraid it would screw things up between us. I was hoping you knew already and was ok with it.”

“Did you know how much trouble it caused between Darrin and Mitch?”

“Really? Dr. Anderson said something about problems, but said it would be fine,” said Zach quietly.

Josh let out a sigh and then fixed Zach with a look. “If there is one thing that I’ve learned from Mitch and Darrin it’s that you have to be honest with each other. You have to be honest with me, Zach. It can’t be half-truths or white lies either. If I can’t trust you 100% then we can’t become much more than we are now.”

Zach gave Josh a miserable look, “And what are we now?”

“You’re my boyfriend, of course!” replied Josh.

“Really? I’m your boyfriend?” said Zach with disbelief in his voice.

“Yes, what did you think we were?” asked Josh.

“Well . . . I’d hoped boyfriends,” said Zach.

“Definitely,” said Josh with a smile, “We all good now?”

“Yes,” said Zach with a beaming smile.

“Good!” said Josh, “Now, how about supper. I’m starved!”

“You’re always starved! I can’t believe you eat so much,” said Zach with a chuckle.

“Yeah, yeah . . . feed me Seymour!” said Josh with a chuckle.

Josh, with Zach helping, soon put together a respectable meal from the contents of the refrigerator. They chatted about their respective days as they ate, enjoying the companionship. Once they’d finished, they worked together to clean up, with Josh touching Zach every chance he got. By the time they finished, Zach was rock hard and ready for more action. He looked around to see Josh standing beside him with a tender look on his face, and felt his hand running over his back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32