Maureen’s Slips Ch. 02

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The Break-in

While the first part, “Maureen’s Slips”, was entirely true, this second part is almost half true. The rest is fiction but I’m not explaining which parts are true and which are not. Enjoy!

About three weeks went by without any developments, either good and sexy or bad and guilty, in the friendship between Maureen and myself. Of course we remained friends and continued to work alongside each other without a hitch. I really did expect her to recall what happened in her house and to confront me with it; but she didn’t. As the days went by I relaxed more and realised that she had no memory of what transpired in her bedroom.

Then one Friday night as the youth club was closing I saw that we were the last ones to leave. I was tidying some tables and chairs near the shop counter when I saw her climb up on a chair to lock an upper window. This particular night she was wearing a mauve cotton t-shirt and a knee length black skirt; an outfit that was both simple and yet stylish.

As she stretched up, her skirt rose a couple of inches and I again got a glimpse of what it was that attracted me so much to her. The hem of her slip appeared – white and lacy. I recalled her bedroom once more and I felt a reaction, like a tickle from a feather, between my legs.

“Helen, can you hold me steady while I get this window?” she said.

“Sure, hold on!” I replied.

As I made it over to her she rocked a little on the chair so I had to hold her to stop her from falling. My hands grabbed her hips to steady her.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yes, thanks Helen. This chair’s not steady.”

She reached up again and although my face was just about six inches away from her bottom my gaze went to the hem of her skirt and the lovely glimpse of her slip. I also felt, through my fingertips, the ridges of elastic under her skirt which I imagined came from her panties. My nipples were aching inside my own lace bra and I had to concentrate to keep them under control. When she finally got the window closed she twisted and placed both her hands on my shoulders to ease herself off the chair. For about three or four long silent seconds we stayed like that – she with her hands on my shoulders and I with my hands on her hips.

“Are we going to dance?” she asked with a smile. I laughed with embarrassment and let go of her hips.


The following Sunday was a fairly quiet night in the club. There were no more than twenty members and just two other leaders apart from Maureen and myself. The members Antep Escort Bayan were playing the usual games of table tennis, chess, draughts or just listening to the music and chatting away in small groups. Outside there was a small group of young teenagers playing football beside the primary school building.

The primary school was perhaps the focus of the local community; almost everyone I knew had gone there at some stage in their lives. Maureen had and I had. The building must have been built before the Second World War; it was certainly an old, red brick building.

The school, the youth club and the local Catholic Church were all very closely connected, not only in name but in ethos. Two of the priests from the Church served as mentors to the club and the school allowed the club to have a fortnightly disco in the hall. So Maureen had an extra key for the back door of the school building.

Towards the end of the night, at around 9.15, one of the girl members told Maureen that she saw some boys in a classroom of the school. She didn’t know how many and she didn’t know how they had got in. Actually this had happened several times in the past few months and Maureen was always fearful that any damage caused to a classroom would reflect badly on the club. She called me over and explained the problem, whispering to me that she should really ask Jim, the only male youth worker on duty, to accompany her but she felt he wasn’t mature enough. So I offered to go with her and she simply smiled and squeezed my hand by way of accepting.

We told nobody because she didn’t want to take the chance that someone might warn the boys in the school and we slipped out quietly and separately. It was already dark when we arrived at the back door to the school and let ourselves in. There was no alarm.

“We have to be quiet in here. I want to catch them red-handed if possible. OK?”

I nodded. Then Maureen slowly and silently turned the key and we were in. We opened another door that led into one of the long corridors and we stayed there awhile, listening for sounds. After about half a minute Maureen turned towards me and pointed in the direction we were going to take. It was actually darker inside than outside so she reached for my hand, which might have been as much for courage as for staying together. I was very conscious of the feel of her cool fingers wrapped around my palm. I didn’t want to let go of them.

Further down the corridor it became a bit lighter as there were windows that looked onto the playground. Each time we passed a window we crouched down until we came to the end of the corridor which adjoined another corridor at right angles. Here Maureen stopped and squatted, letting go of my hand. While I was momentarily disappointed by this I happened to notice that, while squatting down, her legs had parted slightly and her navy blue dress, which buttoned right down the front, had risen up to display a good six inches of white lace and silk. Whether Maureen was aware of showing so much of her underwear I don’t know. But I most definitely was aware. It was a gorgeous sight; a real example of how clothes could be very erotic. I have to admit I was spellbound and my imagination was producing moisture in my own panties.

She reached behind her and put her cool hand on my leg. I was wearing a miniskirt with no tights and the feel of her hand on my calf got my attention. As I couched down beside her, close enough to be able to put my arm around her shoulder and feel the bra straps under the cotton of her dress, she changed the position of her hand. I now felt it gently land on top of my thigh. A shiver of excitement coursed through me, like lightning in my veins.

She turned towards me and whispered in my ear, “They’re in the classroom down this corridor, the second classroom”. As she spoke her hand rose an inch higher on my thigh and squeezed slightly. My panties were definitely damp as I swivelled round a bit so that my leg was touching hers. Her fingertips were on the inside of my thigh now.

She had still not adjusted her skirt and my view was even better than before. From my new vantage point I could make out the texture of the silk as her slip was stretched between her thighs.

“What do you want to do?” I managed to whisper in her ear.

Again she turned towards me and, in turning, her hand went up my thigh a little bit more. My clitoris began to react.

“Let’s just stay here a minute and see if they come out,” she whispered. Her lips just brushed my ear. “Here, you have a look round the corner.”

She then let go of my thigh and held on to my hips gently to stop me falling. I placed one hand on the ground in front of me and the other hand, reflexively, went behind and landed on her leg, just above the knee. Immediately I was conscious of the feel of her soft slip over the fingers on the back of my hand. As my fingers settled on her skin her grip on the bony part of my hips tightened. I was torn between watching the classroom and savouring the moment with Maureen. The cool dampness of my panties was antagonising and so was the straining of my nipples against my tight bra.

Then the boys in the classroom ruptured the sensuality of the moment. The three of them appeared in the doorway. Immediately I turned back to Maureen and nodded. Her arm went right around my waist and pulled me towards her. Briefly I thought she was about to kiss me. Our breasts were touching.

“How many?” she whispered.

I held up three fingers.

“Members?” she enquired. I nodded.

We both leaned forward to look towards the classroom. Maureen’s hands came around my waist and I felt her breasts on my back. As she leant forward her face touched mine. We stayed like that for a full minute until she was satisfied that she could identify the three culprits. At one point one of the boys glanced in our direction and Maureen pulled me tight towards her so as not to be seen.. Not that I was complaining as her leg had come right in between my two legs and I was effectively straddling this beautiful bare limb. Instinctively too, I had put my hand out to steady myself and it came down, high up, on her other thigh. So high up, in fact, that my thumb felt something soft encased in silk. I felt the crinkle of hairs beneath the silk and, at the same time, Maureen’s grip on my waist tightened. I let my thumb slide so that it settled over the gusset of her panties and spread my fingers out until they found the lacy hem of her slip. My clitoris spasmed.

The boys had begun to move towards the end of their corridor and that signalled the end of our watch. I let go of Maureen’s thigh and she let go of my waist and we pulled ourselves upright. Despite the pleasure I had got I looked at Maureen with some sadness. She was adjusting her dress, hiding her gorgeous underwear in the process, and showing no evidence of what had happened. She was back on duty, so to speak.

Stepping around me she called out, “Liam, Jim, Edward, we know you were in here. Next time we’ll call your parents!”

Before she had finished we could hear the sound of footsteps tearing down the corridor and out through a banging door. We looked at each other and smiled.

“Keep me company while I lock these doors,” she said. And I did.

“Did I tell you we’re going to have a camping trip in T Forest at the end of the month?” she asked.

“No, first I heard,” I said.

“We need to check it out first, the camp site, and I was wondering …” she hesitated as she bolted the escape door and closed an open window, “… if you’d like to come with me, give me your opinion and all?

I smiled again. I’d love to.

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