Mature Wife Fantasy Ch. 02

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Autumn Falls

Well here we are a few weeks after story one. As planned Mary wanted to try sharing with an older guy to see if it was as good as Bill previously. I was finding it hard to find an older guy that I liked the look of and so I decided to contact Bill. I have to say that the sound of surprise in his voice was a shock as he said that he thought that there would be no chance of a follow up. So i explained my dilemma about wanting an older guy and watching Mary in a threesome. Asking Bill if he knew of any older guy that would join him in a return session. The reply was how old a guy and when, I said as old as you like and you know what Mary likes so i will leave the choice up to you.

Only two days passed from the call with Bill when he returned the call. I think that I have found a guy do you want to meet him first to see whether he will be ok. This was a sensible idea so we agreed to meet over a lunchtime drink the next day. I arrived and there was Bill waiting for me, we enjoyed a drink during which Bill said that the other guy would soon be joining us. The time came when a nice looking older guy approached our table and Bill introduced him as Jack. I asked him what had been discussed and he stated that Bill had told him everything and would he be interested in joining us. Telling him what I wanted was easy and explained no violence and no anal, but anything else would be ok.

We arranged to meet the following Friday and Jack left Bill and I to continue with our drinks. i asked Bill where he had found Jack and he stated that Jack was his Uncle and is that ok. I was satisfied and asked how old he was because I guessed about 55 and Bill said that he was actually 60 years old. We parted and I returned home to Mary quite excited to tell her that I had found an older guy for her. Mary seemed pleased and I told her we were meeting in town and to wear her best clothes to make sure that she turned him on. Friday soon came around and when I saw Mary ready she surprised me with what she was wearing and I said that if this doesn’t turn him on he doesn’t deserve you.

We arrived at the pub and Mary was surprised to see Bill there with this older guy. I told her that I wanted to watch her in a threesome and introduced Jack. He stood back and looked her up and down and said she looked gorgeous and did not believe that she was as old as we had told him. During the evening Jack told us that he had a surprise for us, not sure what he meant and wondering if things could be going wrong I asked what it was. Jack produced a hotel room key and stated that we would like the night to progress in a hotel spa suite instead of returning to our house. escort gaziantep bayanlar To say that Mary and I were surprised is an understatement and the time had come for us to proceed to the hotel.

On entering the hotel room we were surprised to see a bottle of champagne in a wine bucket with four glasses and some very nice looking finger food to enjoy. We opened the bottle and enjoyed a drink and something to eat. Once we had finished Jack asked Mary if she wanted to try the spa out at which she agreed. Bill stood Mary up and started to unzip her dress, dropping it to the floor so that Jack could see her. Jack walked over to Mary and being a gentleman asked if he could give her a kiss, this was agreed to eagerly. Jack pulled her into him and as he kissed her quite passionately he reached around her back and undid the clasp of her bra. Stepping her back and pulling the bra off Mary’s pendulous breasts were there for him to look at in amazement.

Jack stated that he didn’t believe Bill when he told him about them and Mary said are they good enough for you and she started to drop her knickers so that we could see the whole picture. Jack told Bill to fill the spa and getting closer to Mary reached forward and pushed a hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy. Mary responded by parting her legs slightly allowing a finger to explore her labia lips and clit. It was not long before we could hear the sound of her pussy juices and then Bill told us that the spa was ready. Bill led Mary to the spa and whispered are you ok with this and Mary nodded yes. Stepping into the spa bath she laid there and watched as-both Jack and Bill removed their clothes. Looking at me she asked why was I not naked and I explained that I just wanted to watch her being shared in a threesome.

The two guys stepped into the spa and sat each side of Mary, her breasts were acting like a pair of floaties in the water and were an invitation for the action to start. Before too long there were two hands playing with her breasts and I could see that a lot of nipple pinching was happening. It became obvious that the other two hands were below the water exploring her pussy. Mary placed her hands under the water and grasped a stiff cock in each one and let a smile cross her face for me to see. Jack asked Mary which one she would like to sit astride so that they could enjoy what she had to give them. Mary chose Bill first as she had already experienced him before and knew that he could make her come easily.

I watched as Mary straddled Bill and I knew that she was lowered onto his shaft and that she was eskort bayan gaziantep working him up. Not long after it was apparent from the look on both Bill and Mary’s face that he was exploding in her and Jack said that was great now it is my turn. Mary changed from Bill and lowered herself onto Jacks erection, gasping a bit as it was a bit larger than she first thought. Jack pulled her forward and started to suck on her nipples whilst Mary rode up and down on his shaft. Once again it was not too long before Jack let out a grunt and pulled Mary down onto him and released his sperm right into her. The look on her face was one of pure elation and I was so pleased to have seen this, also I was hoping that whatever was to come next was going to be extremely exciting.

Two loads in her and Mary suggested that they retire to the bed, stepping out of the spabath and allowing us to watch her drying herself. I took this opportunity to hold her and give her a huge kiss of thanks, at the same time I could not resist the temptation to put my finger into her knowing that she had just taken two cocks for me. The two guys dried themselves and taking a hand each they led Mary over to the bed laying her down between them and started taking turns kissing her. This looked so horny unlike porn videos that always look pretty staged and in deed false. The thought of these two men enjoying my wife and allowing me to watch was another level of excitement for me.

As the kissing continued the fondling started and I watched as Mary allowed the hands to caress her and tweek her erect nipples. Marys nipples when she is excited can only be described as organ stops fixed on huge breasts, a sight for any man to behold. Jack started to move his mouth down to her nipples and then continued down to her pubic area. Adjusting himself he spread Marys legs and lowered his mouth onto her clit and with a gasp from Mary he started to tongue her and suck her clit. Bill took this as a signal and got onto his knees at the side of her face. Nothing needed to be said and Mary turned her face and put his cock straight into her mouth and started sucking on it.

The tell tell sound of Mary as she is about to orgasm could be heard even though she had a mouthful of cock. Mary raised her rear end up and I could tell that she was indeed having one of her monstrous orgasms. Jack lapped it up and showed me how wet she was, with this view he got between her legs and placed his bell end at the entrance to her pussy and as I watched he pushed it into her slowly and started to pump her gently. At this it was obvious that Bill gaziantep bayan eskort was watching the same as I was and he started to grunt and I knew that he was going to come in Marys mouth. To my surprise Mary gagged at first but clearly started to swallow his creamy load.

Jack was clearly enjoying himself and I could not quite believe how fantastic it was to watch this happening to the woman that I have loved for all these years. Jack could not hold on any longer and he moaned as he emptied his hot sperm into Marys love chasm. At this Mary let out a huge groan as she took it all from him. Falling out of her I could see Jacks creamy smooth come seeping out from between her labia lips and run down the crack of her cheeks and settle on the bedsheet’s. Bill wasted no time and moved into place and plunged straight into Mary which made a sharp intake of breath come out of Mary and she asked him whether he thought he had anything left to give. Bill replied that he did not know but as he still had an erection he didn’t want to waste it. we all chuckled and congratulated him on trying his best.

Bill carried on for a while and then looked at Mary and apologised that she was right and his balls were aching and that he would not be able to come in her. Mary put him at ease and said that she was not surprised as after the spa and the amount that she swallowed from him, she was very satisfied. Jack shook my hand and leant over Mary and gave her another passionate kiss and said thankyou for the best night that he had for a long time. Bill got dressed and kissed Mary and asked if she enjoyed the session, Mary unhesitatingly replied that she did. Bill once dressed said that he had a confession to make and as Jack returned from the bathroom dressed he stated that Jack was not his Uncle but was in fact his Father. Mary sat up surprised and said to me that she does not have married men and that I knew that all along. Jack put our minds to rest and explained that he was a widower as his wife had passed away about two years previously. This night was Bills present to him as he had been alone for so long and after telling him about our original meeting thought that he deserved what he knew was a really excellent woman and a brilliant performer that seemed to let herself go and enjoy what she was doing.

Jack once again said thank you to us and that the room was ours for the rest of the night, also that breakfast was paid for in the morning. Looking at the time it was already well into the early hours of the morning. They made their exit and i stripped and climbed into bed next to Mary. She said that she would have a shower and I stopped her saying that I wanted to have her as she is, filled with other mens sperm.

This turned out to be one of the best evenings and as I made love to Mary she said that she would love for me to allow her to go out for a night with Jack on his own. She would then return home and tell me about her date whilst i had her in our own bed.

But that as to say is another story.

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