Matt’s Freshman Year Pt. 02

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2 – The Girls Down the Hall


Matt came back that night a little after ten. During the five hours I waited for him to come back, it took everything in my power not to hop in the shower and get myself off with the vibrator I’d stashed under the sink. (Hey a girl needs a backup, right?) Sure enough, when he waltzed in a quarter after ten that night, he looked even more delicious than he had before.

His clean, light-blue jeans fit him perfectly and showed off an amazing ass that I kind of wanted to chew on. He wore a dark grey faded shirt with some kind of metal band logo on it, and his hair was still damp, tossed messily and lazilly over his head. He caught my eye, winked, and went to go find himself a drink.

That asshole was going to make me wait.

I’d worn my favorite set for him, too. He said I looked good in yellow, and I had a cute pair of lacy boy briefs that made my ass look amazing. For a bra, I wore one of my Victoria’s Secret push-up bras with polka dots. I’d curled my hair and put on some light eye makeup and lip gloss, and I looked hot as hell. I’d had three guys come and grab me that night so far.

But I wanted him. And he knew it.

About an hour later, I found myself sitting on the couch next to Lexi and Mimi, staring at him and trying not to drool. I’d told them everything that had happened, and they had promised to stay out of our way until after I’d had my fill of him, but I knew after tonight, all bets were off.

Matt was standing in the corner, sweet-talking one of the Seniors who looked like she didn’t believe a word out of his cocky mouth. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and she laughed as he walked away from her and came my way. He stopped right in front of me, and hooked his thumbs into his pockets.

“Interplanet Janet wearing yellow just for me…” I blushed at the nickname. It was stupid but I liked it. “You did what I said, right babes?”

“Of course.”

He nodded his head towards the stairs and I stood, almost brushing my breasts against his chest as I did so, and he followed me back up the stairs to my room.

I wasn’t sure what I expected, but him going animal on me wasn’t it. I thought I was doomed for more of that slow, sweet, delicate touching, but as soon as the door shut, Matt grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me against him, kissing me hard.

I smiled against his lips and sighed as his fingers unhooked my bra without a hint of struggle. His tongue dove into my mouth and he sucked on my lips and my tongue, and he growled.

“You still wet for me, baby?” he said against my cheek, and then gently bit my neck. I was tugging at his shirt trying to get it off him. He pulled it off in one smooth go, tossing it across the room, and then his hands went back to my breasts.

“Aah, yeah,” I moaned. He’d found the sensitive part of my neck where I liked to be kissed so fast it was like he’d read my mind.

Before I knew what was happening I was on my back with my knees forced open. Matt was kissing and licking my hips and legs, nibbling at the inside of my thighs. I felt my hips rock and squirm as I tried to get him to touch me where I wanted it most.

“Matt, come on, I’ve been wet for five hours!”

He laughed, and then looked me in the eye. “I want you to remember what you said earlier today, Jan. You remember?” He kissed my mound, still looking at me.

“What did I say?”

“You said you couldn’t come without a vibrator. Is that true?”

“So far,” I said. “But Matt, please, I need it…”

“I’m going to prove you wrong.” Then he smiled cheekily, lowered his head, and I felt the hot wet flat of his tongue dip into me and slide all the way up my pussy, stopping right under my clit.

I found myself moaning and writhing against his face. He was holding my legs open, kissing my pussy like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted. He groaned into me and the subtle vibrations made me clench.

“Fuck!” I shouted. His tongue slid inside me, exploring every surface of my sex, sucking on my lips, sliding through my folds. His tongue flicked against my clit once, twice, and then slid back inside.

“Matt please, I’m so close,” I said. I knew he was purposefully ignoring my clit.

“Aw, but you taste so good, babes,” he said against me.

I planted my heels into the bed and ground myself against him. His elbows pressed against my knees, and he slid his hands under my hips, holding me still. “No, Jan, none of that.” another slow, flat lick, and a flick on my clit. “You’re going to lay here and take it, okay?” He kissed my pubis, right above my clit, and then right below. I whimpered. I was panting and squirming with need, but he didn’t relent, holding me down and licking and teasing me until I was ready to cry.

When I was so needy that I could barely speak, I felt him shift. He got closer to me, angled his head, and began licking my clit steadily with the flat of his tongue. Seconds later I was right on the edge, and then he pulled my clit into his escort bursa mouth and sucked on it, and I screamed as I came. White flashed behind my eyes and my whole body exploded. My neglected pussy clenched on nothing, leaving me halfway satisfied but even more needy than before.

He finally pulled his face away from my pussy and wiped my come off his chin with the back of his hand. “You okay, Jan?” he said softly.

I couldn’t speak. Best orgasm ever. “You…” I gasped. “You promised me…”

“You want it?” he smirked, unbuttoning his jeans.

Oh fuck yes I want it, I thought. I sat up, my head spinning from the intense orgasm I’d just had, and got on my knees in front of him. My hands were shaking and clumsy as I fought with his jeans, but finally pushed them down, and then yanked down his boxers.

Sweet Jesus.

“That’s… Um.” I tore my eyes away from the mammoth hanging off his waist. “That’s not three inches.”

Matt laughed and his glorious cock bobbed slightly. He kicked his shoes off and dug a condom out of his pocket, and then slid his pants down.

I couldn’t stop staring at the monster dick in front of me. It had to be a solid nine, maybe ten inches long, and thick enough that I couldn’t get my hand around it. And veiny. Fuck. Those veins. I shivered in anticipation.

“Can you even wear normal condoms?” I asked as he tore open the package. My voice squeaked. Would I even be able to fit that thing?

“No,” he laughed. “I have to special order them. You still…”

“Yeah,” I said, not wanting to let this chance go. I nearly shoved him onto his back. He chuckled and rolled the condom on.

“Go slow, okay sweet cheeks? I don’t want to hurt you.”

I climbed onto the bed after him, and carefully angled myself over him. I felt the head press into me and I watched his eyes darken as I eased myself down onto him.

It was unfair how big that cock was. I groaned as I moved up and down on him. He was holding my hips, and I was holding his hands, and he rocked me up and down on his dick until I could take a little more, take him a little deeper than before. I stared at his dick disappearing into me, and laughed at the sheer irony of it.

He groaned and let his head fall back onto my pillow, and then put his hands behind his head, watching me bounce on him. “Shit babes, you’re so gorgeous.”

“You’re too big,” I winced, trying to take him all the way. “I can’t… I can’t take all of you.”

“It’s a burden I have to bear,” he said, reaching up to play with my nipples again. He tugged and twisted them. I rocked my hips forward as I slid down him again, and for just a moment, that smug snarky expression on his face broke into a beautiful, agonized look of pleasure. His expression turned hungry.

“Get off me and turn around. I want to fuck you on your hands and knees.”

I pulled off of him and turned around, wiggling my ass a little as he got up. He stood and turned me so my knees were at the edge of the bed, and then he pushed my thighs open as far as they could go, and then slowly slid back inside.

“Oh fuck,” I cried.

“God you’re tight,” he murmured. “You okay babes, you need some lube or something?”

“No, just fuck me, please!” I said.

He moved in and out of me slowly, then faster, and I could feel the ripples and veins in his dick massaging me from the inside, building my orgasm back up. He held my hips, pulling me back onto him in an even, steady rhythm, faster and faster, and a little deeper each time, until it hurt he was so deep. I’d never taken anything that big before.

I glanced at my dresser, and saw us in the mirror. He was impaling me, staring at my ass, a serious, almost angry look on his face, like he was focused. He caught me looking.

“You like watching yourself get fucked, Jan?” he said. His voice was thick and tense.

I nodded my head, unable to speak, but I heard another moan escape my lips.

“Look how hot your ass is, sweet cheeks,” he said, smacking my ass hard. My cheeks burned but left me with a warm tingle through my body. “Oh you like that?” he smacked me again, and I cried out.

“What do you need to come baby,” he asked, slowing down and spreading my cheeks, massaging and squeezing my ass.

“That,” I whimpered. The way he was spreading me open and squeezing me closed again while sliding in and out of me was going to make me lose it. “Oh, fuck, don’t stop that.”

“You like your ass played with?” he said, and one hand left my butt. A moment later I felt his finger at my asshole, brushing and rubbing gently against me.


“I need you to come on my cock, Jan,” he said, smug and confident, and pushed his finger into my ass. That was all it took for me to lose my head. I was rocking myself back on him and moaning like a two-dollar whore, and then I came, crying with relief as I exploded around him. He shivered and clenched, and then I heard a relieved shaking sigh from him as he came, and we both collapsed on the bed, him halfway across bursa merkez eskort me, me feeling like I was going to melt into the bed.

Eventually, he pulled out of me and went to the bathroom to clean up. I felt like I couldn’t move. Hesitantly, I reached for my phone. It was only midnight, but I felt like I’d just survived a party until 4am and a gang-bang.

Matt came back in from the bathroom and climbed back onto my bed, pulling me up against his chest.

“You… want to cuddle?” I asked, surprised.

I could hear the smile in his voice. “Just making sure you’re good, babes. Plus your tits are amazing.”

“I’m good,” I mumbled against him. He smelled amazing. Well, he mostly smelled like sex, but there was something else yummy underneath it too. Like sawdust and fresh cut grass. I sighed into his chest and he stroked my hair.

“So… you gonna let me come to your future parties?” He asked, a smile in his voice.

“Duh,” I said. “If you promise to fuck me again. And also,” I looked up. “I’m going to need that wand back at some point.”

He grinned. “It’s in my gym bag. You probably don’t want it anywhere near that sweet pussy.”

“You asshole,” I smacked his chest lightly. “Those things are expensive.”

“Tell you what,” he said, pushing me up and climbing out of the bed. He walked over to my desk and grabbed a sharpie marker out of my cupholder and pulled the cap off. “From now on, when you want an orgasm… you just call me instead, and I’ll take better care of you than a magic wand. Okay?” he scrawled his number on my arm. “And if you really want your wand back… I’ll bring it over and use it on you properly. So you don’t end up frying all your nerve endings. Sound good?”

“Sounds good,” I said.

“I’m going to go back downstairs and have a drink… or five. You comin’?”

I nodded and stood up. He handed me my bra, but took one look at my panties and tossed them in my laundry pile. I dug a fresh pair out that wasn’t soaked through and pulled them on while I watched Matt get dressed. Even putting clothes on he was sexy as hell.

Before we left my room, I stopped him. I dug around through my desk and found what I was looking for; a dark green rubber bracelet that we kept a stash of in the office of the sorority house. It had 9’s printed all the way around it, and was a sort of message around campus that he was “house-9 approved.”

I handed it to him. “You’re gonna want to keep that,” I said.

“I’m assuming this is some kind of… what, ticket in for the future?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s a ticket all right. More like a giant neon flashing sign that says, “I know what the fuck I’m doing and I’m work it.” So… don’t lose it. You don’t get another one.”

“See, I knew you were a keeper,” he grinned, pulling it onto his wrist and then smacking my ass.

“I’m gonna pee, I’ll see you downstairs.”

He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and left.

When he left, I flopped back onto my bed and stared at the ceiling for about ten minutes, making sure I didn’t spontaneously combust from Greenwood Overload. Then I went to the bathroom, and went downstairs to find a drink, or five.


It would have been a great party.

Panty Parties were always fun, and I’d been looking forward to our pre-semester celebration. But after Jan had gone upstairs, I’d gone into the kitchen to find myself a drink, and I’d caught my boyfriend getting sucked off by none other than Rachel Sythe. I hated that bitch.

Well, that’s not true. She was one of my friends. But at the moment, I hated her. But knowing Lucas, it wasn’t her fault.

I’d chucked my beer at the both of them, grabbed a bottle of whatever my hands had landed on first, and gone upstairs to drown my misery, only to be constantly distracted by sounds of sex in the room down the hall. At one point I’d snuck down and cracked Jan’s door open to find her being railed by the gorgeous piece she’d found that afternoon, his massive member completely destroying her. I’d shut the door and gone back to my room, trying to ignore the “Oh fuck, oh God! Oh yes! Fuck me, Matt!”‘s coming from her room.

I turned up the music on my laptop and collapsed onto my bed, propping myself up on my massive pile of pillows and scrolling memes on my phone while I drank right out of the bottle.

“What the hell, Mimi?” Lucas’s voice cut through my music as he opened my door.

“Out,” I said.

“Mimi, I’m covered in beer now!”

“OUT!” I screamed, and tossed a pillow at him. “I had one rule, bitch! One rule. You broke it. Get out!”

He scrambled back when he saw me starting to get out of the bed.

“You’re a bitch and a shitty lay,” he shouted, and slammed the door. It bounced back open.

“Fucking door,” I muttered. I flopped back on my bed and stared at the ceiling, choking down a few more gulps of vodka. I actually hated the stuff, but it got me fucked up fast.

I wasn’t in the mood to party tonight after seeing Lucas bursa sınırsız escort do that. My rule had been simple. If you don’t want to be with me, break up with me. But if you’re going to be with me, be exclusive with me. I always held that rule. When I wasn’t in a relationship, I fucked around. When I was, I stayed exclusive. I was happy with that. I always knew where I stood and I always knew where the lines were.

I hated cheaters.

I took another sip of vodka and coughed, setting the bottle on the bedside table. The moaning and howling in the other room had stopped, thank God.

Maybe I’d just sit here and wait until the vodka hit, and then when I didn’t know what was going on, I’d go downstairs and find someone to distract me from the humiliation of being cheated on.

Someone walked past my room, stopped, and then backtracked and peeked back in. From the corner of my eye, I could see a guy, tall and dark. Jan’s boy toy, I realized. The one who teased her this afternoon. I knew his name was Matt because she couldn’t stop screaming it about ten minutes ago. She didn’t know how loud she was. I always gave her shit for it.

I grabbed for the vodka and took another swig.

“You okay, Fireball?”

I rolled my eyes. My red hair always earned me some kind of stupid nickname with the guys around here, and it wasn’t the first time I’d been called Fireball.

“Yeah, fine. Go have fun downstairs.” I took another swig and choked, sitting up and spluttering. Matt came over and took the bottle from my hands and batted my back hard, helping me clear my airway.

When I got my breathing back under control, he set the bottle down on the bedside table. “Scoot,” he said, poking me in the ribs. I scooted and he climbed onto my bed, leaning up against my pillows. He put an arm up above me, but not really around my shoulder. I saw a green bracelet around his wrist; he must have won Jan’s approval. I turned and stared at my laptop. Music videos of hard rock boys in tight t-shirts and too-long hair filled the screen.

Matt grabbed the bottle and took a sip. “Damn that shit is bad,” he said.

I laughed. Then I coughed. Then I found myself crying a little. Just for a few seconds, and I got it together, taking a deep shuddering breath and holding it until I got myself back under control.

“You okay, Fireball?”

Matt didn’t try to touch me, or kiss me, or rub my back. He just sat there, watching me. I could feel his gaze on my face, on my legs, on my boobs… but he didn’t touch.

“Yeah,” I said. “I just… I grabbed the first bottle of shit I could and it turned out to be vodka. I hate vodka.”

“But you want to get drunk.”

“You know what I hate more, though? More than vodka.”


“Fucking cheaters.”

Matt took another sip, and then offered me the bottle. I sipped a little bit so I wouldn’t’ choke on it this time.

“I mean, just tell me we’re done. That’s all. You can text me for fuck’s sake. But I don’t do cheaters. I just… don’t. Fuck him.”

“Yeah well… I feel you there. We all have rules, right?”

“Yeah.” I took another sip. “What are yours?”

“Well… I don’t do girlfriends. And I don’t do drunk girls,” he said, nudging me.

“I’m not drunk yet,” I mumbled. I couldn’t deny he was gorgeous. And even if we didn’t end up fooling around, it felt nice to have someone to talk to for a minute who didn’t treat me like a whore.

Not like I minded being a whore. Just, sometimes I wanted to be treated like a girl.

Matt took the bottle back and stared at the screen. “What’s your name,” he asked after a minute.

“Meredith. My friends call me Mimi.”

“That’s cute.”

“It’s okay,” I shrugged.

“You’re cute,” he said, nudging me slightly. “Whoever cheated on you is a dick.”

“I mean, if he wanted his dick sucked I would have done it. Why her? Fucking… pass me that bottle.”

Matt didn’t pass me the bottle. He held it, staring at it. “Where did you even get this?”

“Old man Pete, down the road. He distills and brews and grows weed. Sells it to us for a little more than the cost to order it wholesale.”

“Old man Pete, huh? In the house off Theodore?”

“Yeah, that’s the one. I thought you were a Freshman?”

“Lived here my whole life,” he said. He took another sip. “My dad owns Greenwood Construction.”

“Give me that,” I said, reaching for the bottle.

Matt stood up and put a hand against my chest, pushing me down onto my pile of pillows.

“How drunk do you want to get, Fireball?” he asked.

“You gonna fuck me up, big boy?” I asked. Lifting my chin, I let my eyes go up and down his body. He looked delicious.

“I don’t fuck drunk girls. But I can get you off, and drunk as piss, in fifteen minutes.”

I laughed. “I feel like I’ve heard this story before. What’s magic about fifteen minutes?”

“Take off your panties and I’ll show you.”

I rolled my eyes and wiggled my hips. “You take them off.”

“If I take them off, you won’t be able to wear them again.”

I smirked and slid my thumbs under the panties, sliding them down slowly. His eyes roamed my hips and my stomach. I was curvy and a little more on the compact side, but I knew I was hot. Every morning, I worked like hell on my thighs and my ass, and it paid off.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32