Masturbation Club – Spin Off

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Cum Face


To those familiar with the Masturbation Club Series you will know how these ladies happened to get together. To the others of you this story will stand alone. Meanwhile guys, no oversize dickeys or tits or anal and/or BSDM. We are all 18+.


There were six girls in that club whose names were Barb (me), Alice, Gail, Jan, Lana and Ann. Jan and Ann were sisters. Well actually they were more than sisters but that has very little to do with this story. It is it’s own story.

We are all members of a ladies masturbation club which had started off a short time ago with five members. Ann had been the sixth member and just last week two more had been recruited. They have accepted but had not attended as yet.

That club meets once a week. Two members, Alice and Gail had taken to having private meetings. We four, Ann, Lana, Jan and me (Barb) have also taken to our own private meetings. This is the story of the first meeting of we four.

It was a Saturday afternoon in September. The guys and the kids were off to the State Fair. We sat around in Ann’s newly acquired Jacuzzi and playing toe games and sipping Gin Fizzes. The purpose was to decide if we four should break away and set up a separate club.

We had all become aquatinted with Literotica over the last couple of months. This after Ann meanwhile had written two accounts of her Navy Wives Club experiences. I had read them both the previous day and they had made me very, very, horny.

“Can I be honest girls?” I asked. “I see a lesbian component developing here. Jan and Ann in spite of being sisters have apparently done it together, I have had some kind of a little bi play with each of you. To my great pleasure I might add. So?”

“Are you saying that you want to turn this into a bi sexual girls club?” Asked Lana. “Or are you simply saying that you are ready for a girl on girl relationship with one or all of us. Which by the way I am. Ready that is.”

“If I may.” Said Ann. “Having been there in almost this exact situation let me make a suggestion. Let’s agree that between us four there will be no secrets and no animosity regarding sexual activity.

“That does not mean that you can’t say no.” Ann continued. We had a group of four. My late husband and another couple and it worked very well. A few times we were joined by one or two other couples. We were all members of the Navy Wives club which started as a Masturbation club.

They had formed their own foursome but the girls were part of our girls club. The only thing that was verboten was anal which was no problem for any of us. Oral pleasures were probably the most common act but by no means our only activity. Except for a period when some of us were off the pill.”

“Tell us more.” this from Lana. “No never mind that’s for some other time.”

Jan interrupted Bayan Escort Gaziantep to say “No. Now that we have started to talk let’s continue. Me? Yes I’ve made love with Ann. I would love to go further down that road with both you and Barb. So there, that’s where I stand.”

It was time for my two cents worth so I spoke up. “OK here’s my position. First I do want to keep the masturbation club going. I love it and get horny every time I think of it.

“While we’ve been diddling ourselves I have had some limited contacts with other members. Each was an erotic addition to the action. Each was a lovely experience and I loved every minute. I hope that will continue.

“I also would love it if we four get together on occasion to masturbate and to see if anything else develops. I doubt that there is anything that might be offered by anyone here that is too far out for me to seriously consider.”

“What about spouses?” This from Jan.

“Me? I’d let any of the spouses have a piece of me.” Offered Lana.

“Slow down girls.” Cautioned Ann. “Let’s take it one step at a time. How about we set up a loose schedule to meet here. Like Gail I can set us up this room. It has and outside door and it will be for us four for whatever sexual use any of us four have need of it. Exception being if Bill and I are having a party. To which you all will most likely will already have been invited.

So the agreement was struck. Ann would give us each a key.

Later after we went into the house and Ann said. “There’s something else I want to show you. Bill suggested and then built it. It’s almost finished so everyone get naked and follow me.”

What she had was a huge shower much like Gail’s but not nearly as expensive. But there were four shower heads and plenty of soap and hot water. Who could resist. Soon were all in and passing the soap around and soaping any body part that came close. It was very arousing.

“Then Ann made another suggestion. “Since we seem to all be in agreement how about we each thoroughly kiss the others before we quit the shower. I needed no second invitation. I turned to my right as Ann who was in that place turned to her left.

We pressed our wet slippery bodies together and kissed open mouthed with tongues and wandering hands. All to soon we broke apart and I turned to my left to find Jan. She like me was trembling in excitement as she pulled me tightly against her. Lana had left her in a high state of arousal.

As we kissed and moved our wet bodies against each other she forced her hand between our bodies. Forced is much to strong a word as the instant I discerned her intention my body pulled away from her’s.

Almost instantly her two longest fingers were inside my cunt and her thumb was doing exciting things to my clit. I heard movement behind me. I sensed rather than saw Lana and Ann holding each other and kissing as they stepped out into the big room beyond.

I had no doubt that I would find them each with their head between the other’s legs when I left the shower. Meanwhile I was rapidly approaching my own orgasm. By then I was doing my best to do to Jan as she was doing so well to me. At that moment the idea of heads between legs suddenly seemed like a great idea.

After that thought there was no doubt that Janet and I were going to do the big ‘IT’ and do it very soon now. I turned off the water. We grabbed a couple of towels and exited. Then we fell onto a double wide lounge that was close by.

Ann and Lana were a tangle of arms and legs and were totally engaged with each other. Jan and I were soon in a similar state. My left thigh was under her waist. The front of her upper right thigh was tight against my pussy.

My right thigh was similarly positioned against her wetness and my right leg was around Jan’s back with my heel against her waist. We were kissing and tonguing and sucking lips and ears and enjoying every second of it.

We each started to hump our pussy against the thigh of the other and it was not too long until we had each other close to orgasm. We were riding each others thigh and our pussies were sprewing juices and making the other’s thigh slick.

Little by little we were riding higher and higher on the others thigh and our crotches were coming closer and closer. Then I noticed that somehow we had turned sideways and my sopping wet pussy was on Jan’s inner thigh and not the top of her thigh.

Now Jan’s pussy was starting to lightly touch mine as we each stroked the other’s inner thigh. Then it hit me. We were almost scissors fucking. At least that’s what it was called in a porno flick I had seen,

There two girls with their legs in between the other’s much as ours were rubbing their wide open pussy flat against the other’s wide open pussy as they gyrated each other to orgasm.

Interestingly enough I had at the time been so totally excited by the image that I watched it several times masturbating to it each time. Then the rented video had been returned and I had somehow forgotten it until now.

Now I wanted to experience that which had so excited me. I deliberately moved my body toward that objective. Jan was at first puzzled and then she quickly understood and her efforts began to coordinate with mine.

Then it happened. Each of our pussies flattened out against the others and my pussy could feel every detail of her pussy. Our juices mingled as we rode each other and held each other with hands and wrists interlocked.

We laughed in our passion as our bodies made weird sucking sounds as our cunts compressed together and then released. It was a sensation that I had never experienced. Jan began to orgasm almost immediately. I could feel her cunt’s reverberations through my pussy. My body couldn’t help but follow her’s as it came too.

It was exciting and different but it took a lot of effort to maintain that position. We became exhausted quickly. Janet stopped and placed a hand on each side of my head and positioned her lips an inch or so from mine. Then she spoke.

“I want my tongue in your pussy when you come next. Please?”

I nodded and we untangled ourselves and turned around until we were in the traditional sixty nine position. As we were doing that I looked around for Ann and Lana. They too were in the throes of lesbian passion, each on their sides, each with their head between the others thighs.

I could see lots of movement from both of them. Mostly it was crotch against the others face. There was lots of squishing and moans of excitement and endearing words. This was rapidly developing into an afternoon to be long remembered by all of us.

I was nearly into position when I felt Jan’s head wiggle it’s way between my thighs and I felt her tongue begin lapping my pussy. Then she sucked my clit along with the surrounding softness into her mouth and began rapidly tonguing it.

I came from that almost instantly. I began to do to Jan whatever she was doing to me. I let her lead and I became a good follower. She apparently did those things to me that she liked having done to her. Each change of position or activity produced almost immediate orgasm in Jan and for the most part one in me also.

Suddenly I was startled with a voice saying. “Break it up you two. Come on not we have something that we want to try.”

As Jan and I separated Ann and Lana began to push Jan and I here and there into different positions. Still being in my erotic daze I didn’t try to make sense of it but went along for the ride. What a ride it turned out to be.

Then before I realized what was happening it was happening. I found Ann’s head between my thighs and mine between those of Lana. Lana was happily lapping Jan who in turn was pleasuring Ann. What a sight and sound and of course erotic odor came from us four on that bed.

As we performed our first ever DAISY CHAIN. I should have said Female Daisy Chain. There are such things as a Male Daisy Chain and also Mixed Sex Daisy Chain as I was to find out before many weeks went by.

As I enjoyed the inevitable orgasms it occurred to me that a line had been crossed. It also occurred to me that I could never cross back to the other side.

That evening my darling husband enjoyed the heightened sexuality resulting from my earlier activities. I enjoyed his quick and frequent orgasms and copious amount of cum he was producing as I spun him this tale.

Mid-afternoon of our next meeting day I received a call from Gail.

“Make sure your pussy is ready for a real workout tonight. Mark II arrived today and he’s a beauty. He will give it to you Missionary style, doggy style, or you on top and he will come on command. Prepare yourself.”

An that folks is another story.

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