Massage to Extasy

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About a year ago, I was suffering greatly from a pinched nerve in my neck. I had been to a chiropractor a few times, but it just didn’t seem to help.

One morning, I was looking in the paper, in the personals. I ran across an advertisement for massages. The ad read “Masseuse for What Ails You”. By the phone number, I could tell that the person was located fairly close to me and the add was for “deep tissue” massage. It sounded just what I was looking for.

I called the phone number, and a man answered. I don’t know why, but hearing a male voice on the phone shocked me. He asked a few questions about my situation, and told me that he could help me out. He said that the only time he had free was that night at seven. Since I had no other plans, I agreed. He asked me for my address, and told me that he would be at my house promptly.

For the rest of the day, I eagerly awaited my massage. Actually, I went back and forth in my mind about it. I wanted the massage, I wanted to feel better, but I found myself uncomfortable with the idea of getting one from a man and in my house. I imagined this guy coming to my house, massaging me and then hitting on me. I wasn’t gay or bi, but I was definitely hurting. I also knew that massages tend to get me excited and I didn’t know how I would explain a hard on!

At 7:00, he arrived and I let him into the house, and we introduced ourselves. Scott asked me if I was all right with him coming to my house for the massage. I lied and told him that I had no problems with him being there.

I offered him a drink and he asked for a glass of water. I went into the kitchen and I heard him opening the table in the living room. When I came out, Scott was all ready.

“You can stay dressed or get naked”. He said, “But either way, you have to get on the table”. He was making eye contact with me, and I could tell that he was a good-natured person. His eyes smiled at me while he spoke. His personality and his smile were already relaxing me.

I took my shirt off, and lie on the table on my stomach. I was telling him again about the nerve in my neck and that I couldn’t find any way of relieving the pain.

Scott immediately poured oil on his hands and started to rub my shoulders and my upper back. He told me that he probably couldn’t relieve the pain on the first visit, but that he was more than willing to return.

His hands were professionally working my upper back and shoulders and It felt wonderful, relaxing me with every kneed. He was making small talk, asking about my job, my house and all that. His hands were working the muscles in my upper back and shoulders, turning me into mush. It was fantasic.

He explained that he was going to loosen all of my muscles below my neck before concentrating on that area. The only reply I could muster was a groan. His hands worked down the sides of my back, to my waist and then back up into the middle. He must have spent twenty minutes of our hour session on everything but my neck.

When his hands made it to my neck, I was so completely relaxed that I wasn’t even conscious of the pain in that area. He worked lightly over my neck and the base of my skull, making me feel great. Sooner than I had expected, the hour session was over and he had instructed me to hop off the table.

I got up, paid him and then I did something I hadn’t intended to do. I invited him to have a drink with me. He looked at his watch, and told me that he didn’t have time before meeting a friend at a club. He asked if I wanted another session? I asked if he could come back in two days. He agreed and we set the day and the time. On the way out, he stopped and said, “After our next session, I’ll stay for that drink.” He smiled and then left.

For the next two days, I couldn’t get my mind off Scott’s hands. I was even having fantasies of him while I masturbated (more frequently than usual). I began wandering if he would come on to me on our next visit. If he didn’t, would I have the balls to come on to him? I couldn’t make up my mind.

Anway, what was I thinking?????

Our next visit was pretty much the same as the first. His hands touched my shoulders and the fabric of my jeans stretched at the crotch. Scott rubbed my neck; shoulders and back, making me feel fantastic again.

When we were done, I once again suggested a drink. He apologized and said that he couldn’t get out of meeting his friend again. He gave me a look that said he wanted to say more, but didn’t know if he should. I told him that I understood and that the offer was always open.

We continued our regular sessions for about two weeks. Every-other-day, Scott would manipulate my muscles, get me hard and then leave. I was resigning myself to only fantasizing about being seduced by this man. I had figured out the main fantasy I had about Scott was being seduced by him. I never really went any further in my own mind. That was enough for me!

On a Friday night, after my massage, I told Scott that I would only ask Eryaman Escort once more. I said, “if you’d like to stay and have a drink, or come back for a drink, I’ll be around all night and you’re more than welcome”. I said this as he was walking out. He stopped, looked at his watch and turned to me. He had a huge smile on his face.

“I thought that maybe you had changed your mind.” He said, “I’d love to come back after my next appointment. Would nine-thirty be okay?”

I was giddy! “Of course” I said, “I’ll be here waiting!”

Scott left, and I went back into the house. During the next hour and a half, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this man had made me feel so completely relaxed. His hands were warm and soft. I began thinking about having man’s hands all over my back and shoulders, and it was wonderful. I wondered what it would be like to return the favor? Then, I noticed that my penis was jumping in my jeans. I had that feeling that I get when I’m getting somewhere with a woman. I couldn’t believe myself.

9:30 was approaching, I fixed a pitcher of margaritas and put some good blues on the stereo. I had already straightened up the house, again, and I was feeling silly. I felt like I was a woman waiting for a date and that feeling was getting me turned on. Was I looking for sex with this man? What would I do if he came on to me? Was he going to be in my bed in the morning?

While thinking about these things, I couldn’t figure out what kind of reaction I was experiencing. Was I looking forward to the idea of sex with Scott? I wasn’t really scared of the idea. He was good looking. He definitely had great hands. The idea was turning me on. That thought made me smile. How goofy am I?

Anyway, 9:30 came and so did the knock on my door. I answered it and there was Scott, the person who was making me feel like a giddy “school-girl”. His smile was big and genuine and I had to return it. I invited him in and had him sit on the couch. I offered a margarita, he accepted and I went into the kitchen, returning with two glasses.

We sat on the couch, a comfortable distance apart. We enjoyed our drinks, talking about anything that came into our minds. Sports, politics, the economy, jobs and all of that. I noticed that his glass was empty and asked if he wanted another. He readily accepted and followed me into the kitchen.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” He asked.

“No, I’ve been on my own since my divorce five years ago.” I replied.

I handed him the glass and he took it from my hand in that way, which makes your hand linger on the other’s. I glanced at his face and he averted my stare. He actually blushed I think.

We drank about three drinks each, talking and laughing. Scott got up from the couch and excused himself to the bathroom. When he came back, he sat on the couch again. But this time, he was closer than the last. I noticed the closeness, but didn’t make too much of a deal about it.

After a few minutes of more talking, Scott reached out and touched my leg, just above the knee. He left his hand there for a brief moment. When he looked into my eyes, I know that I blushed. I could feel my face getting hot. He smiled, I smiled and did something that I still can’t believe, I reached over and put my fingertips on his knee. He didn’t react at all. He just began talking about something that I don’t remember now.

Our conversation went on and after a while, we began talking about sex. We were talking about girlfriends and what turned us on about them. He said that his last girlfriend had enjoyed being a dominatrix and that was what ended their relationship. He went on to say that he liked to be in control.

Now, during all of the drinking and, I guess I have to say, flirting, I couldn’t resist putting in a comment. After he told me that he liked to be in control, I jumped.

“I like to give in to the person I’m with.” I surprised myself.

“Really?” He smiled. “Have you ever been with a man?”

There it was! He made the first actual, overt move. What was I going to do? The only thing I could do . . . I blushed again.

I think he sensed the answer to his question. He slid his hand back to my leg and lightly slid his fingers up the outside of my thigh.

“Is this okay?” He asked.

“I think so.” Was the only thing I could manage to get out of my mouth?

He kept lightly rubbing my leg and he kind of leaned over, letting his headrest on the back of the couch. He smiled at me and reached out to grasp my hand.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since the first time I came over here.”

“I’ve been wanting you to do this, I think.” I replied.

With that, he sat up straight and scooted closer to me, letting his left knee rest on top of my right. He started to rub my upper arms with both hands. He was looking directly into my eyes when he asked me a very important question.

“Can I kiss you?”

I could only stare Sincan Escort at him. He leaned into me, raised his head and put his lips to mine. When I didn’t resist, he began kissing more pointedly. His lips parted, and his tongue brushed against my upper lip. I couldn’t believe this. Not only was I kissing him back; I opened my mouth and let his tongue meet mine.

I found that I really enjoyed this. I could feel the stubble on his chin rubbing against my own. It was such a different feeling from kissing a woman. He tasted wonderful. I really began to get into the kissing. I was rubbing the outside of his thigh, from the knee to his belt line. His arms were around my neck, and his fingers were running through my hair.

He broke his mouth from mine and kissed his way to my neck. He was kissing, licking and softly biting my neck sending shivers up and down my back. He let his right arm drop from my neck and began to rub my upper arm and my shoulder. Then he let his hand move in and began rubbing and gently squeezing my left breast.

The only thing I could do was rub his upper thigh. I didn’t know what else to do. I had never been in this position.

Scott took his other arm from my neck, and started to unbutton my shirt. He got about four buttons undone, and then slid one side from my shoulder and began kissing and biting the exposed skin as he went. I was in complete surrender to him. I loved everything I was experiencing so far.

He unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, pulling it out of my pants. He pushed the shirt off my shoulders, and began kissing and licking down my chest to my nipple. When he took my nipple into his mouth, let out a breathy moan. I loved the feeling of his warm, wet mouth on my nipple.

I started to struggle with the sleeves of my shirt. He pulled my sleeves off and went back to work on my nipples. I ran my fingers through his hair and down his back. I didn’t do anything else, because I just didn’t know what to do.

Scott sat up, looked me in the eye and said, “I want you.”

With that, he stood up and offered me his hand. I stood, and faced him. He moved closer to me and we began kissing again. This time, he took my arms and placed them on top of his shoulders. I felt so feminine. I was feeling fantastic. His hands were gliding up and down my back as he kissed me deeply.

I took my arms from his neck, grabbed his hand and walked him back to my bedroom. Once in my bedroom, he stopped me and walked up real close behind and wrapped his arms around my waist. He started kissing my neck again and he ran his hands up my stomach, to my chest and with one hand began pinching my nipple. The other hand ran up my neck and to my face. He put one finger to my lips and I opened my mouth to take his finger in. I began licking his finger, and then sucked it into my mouth.

I felt his lips, tongue and teeth move from my neck to my shoulder blades and start to go lower. His fingers left my face and traveled down my spine as he lowered himself. I felt his tongue running down the length of my spine and his hands slide around to the front of my jeans.

He undid my belt and the buttons on my pants. He stood up again, began rubbing and squeezing my chest with one hand and with the other, he circled my stomach with his fingers, letting one finger dip into my navel. Then, slowly, he worked his hand to the waistline of my underwear, pushing his fingertips inside.

My penis was achingly hard and when his fingers brushed against the head, I jumped causing us both to laugh. I turned to face him and he whispered to me to unbutton his shirt.

I was so nervous and so excited that my hands were shaking. Somehow, I managed to get all of the buttons undone. I slid my hands inside his shirt, feeling his strong chest. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

I too began to kiss his neck and his shoulders. My hands were running from the waistband of his pants, up his back and down again. Scott put his hands to either side of my head, and guided my face to his nipples.

I reached out with my tongue and circled his nipple before I took it into my mouth to lightly suck on it. As with my chest, he had no hair and I could taste his skin and feel the hardness of his nipple against my tongue. I almost sucked too hard, but held myself back.

After a few minutes of this, Scott gently pushed me back and began to seductively undo his pants. After he was unbuttoned and unzipped, he pushed his pants down, letting them fall to the floor. When he straightened back up, I could see that he was as hard as I was. His erection was straining at his underwear. I couldn’t tell how big he was exactly, but I could see that he was of substantial size.

He kicked off his shoes, and then his pants and stepped up closer to me. Sliding his hands into my pants at either side, he slid them down to my ankles. He got to his knees, and pulled each shoe off my feet Etlik Escort and then pulled off my pants.

I was wearing a mesh thong, which has a pouch at the crotch that allows for full growth and I was fully grown. He slid his hands from my ankles, up my calves, thighs to my hips and around to my ass and up the small of my back. On the way back down, he caught the waistband of my thong and pulled it down. My erection springing up to my belly.

When Scott pulled my thong from my ankles, he slid his hand back up my leg and lightly over my swollen erection to my belly and then my chest. He stood up, and began kissing me again. He pulled my close to him, pushing his crotch against mine. What a feeling! Our swollen erections pushing against each other.

He stepped back, pulled his underwear off and then stood giving me a full picture of his nakedness. He was beautiful. His penis was about as long as mine, but much thicker. His balls were heavy and low hanging. He was clean-shaven, all but a patch above his penis. His skin was smooth and without any visible veins.

He took me by the hand and led me to the bed.

“Lie down, baby.” He whispered to me.

He called me baby. That actually made me feel good. I felt like he was looking for more than just physical pleasure, he at least respected me enough to refer to me in an endearing way.

I lie on the bed, on my back this time. He got on the bed, and lay at my side. Scott began to trace lines from my nipples to my pubic hair and back up. He was laying on his side and staring into my eyes.

“Can I make love to you?” He asked.

I replied by leaning over to him and kissing him deeply. I started sucking on his tongue and his lips. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him closer to me. He responded by rolling his body on top of mine. His chest was against mine and his stomach over my ribs. I could feel his erect penis against my hip; it was wet with pre-come and was sliding around on my skin.

Again, Scott began to play with my nipples as we kissed. Then his hand slid down my stomach and to my penis. He gently grasped my cock in his hand and began pumping it. Having those wonderful hands wrapped around my erection made me melt into him.

I turned to him slightly, and began to run my hand down his back to his ass. I didn’t know when I should reach for his erection. But, when I took his ass into my hand, and he pushed his cock into my hip, I took that as my cue. I slid my hand from his ass, down the back of his leg, and then around to the front and up. I reached his balls first.

My hand lingered at his balls for a few moments, grasping them in my hand and feeling the testicles moving around inside. I made the decision that I was going to star shaving. They felt wonderful in my hand. Then I slid my hand up to his cock. He was so hard I couldn’t believe it. I wrapped my hand around it and began to mimic his actions. I lightly pumped his hard penis.

Our kissing became more animalistic and we really began to get into the moment. Scott broke his mouth from mine, and started to work down my chest, stopping at my nipple for the briefest moment. Then he continued down my belly and continued until he got to the head of my cock.

I could feel his hand stop pumping, and his tongue began to circle the head. After a few moments, he took me inside his mouth. Ohhhh, the feeling was fantastic! I thrust my hips toward his face, wanting my entire penis in his mouth but he quickly took control and was giving me the best blowjob I’d ever had.

In the meantime, my own hand was sliding up and down his back, from his shoulders to his ass. At one point, he took my hand and guided my fingers to the crack of his ass. I slid my middle finger inside the crack and came to the puckered hole. I pushed a little, and circled it around the opening. When I did this, he sucked and pumped faster, so I figured that he liked it.

I pulled my finger out and up to my mouth. I wetted it and went back down. I guess he knew what I was doing, because he used his free hand to spread open his ass and my finger landed right where we wanted it. I pushed inside just a little bit and received a moan on my penis for my efforts.

After that, I couldn’t take it. I whispered, “I want to taste you.”

With that, Scott raised up off my penis and laid back onto the bed. I lifted myself off the bed and leaned over to kiss him and taste myself in his mouth. I could smell myself on his face. That smell of saliva, pre-come and pure sex.

Now it was my turn. I worked my way down his neck to his nipple. I spent a few minutes sucking and licking there before I began going south. I traced a line with my tongue from his right nipple, down his hairless belly until I reached the small patch of pubic hair waiting for me.

I ran my tongue through his pubic hair, using my hand to raise his cock straight up, pointing to the ceiling. I spent a few moments looking at his cock. I marveled in the way it looked.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock it was definitely thick. I raised my head, stuck my tongue out and tasted the first penis in my life. I circled the head a few times with my tongue; it really didn’t taste like anything at all until I tasted his pre-come. It tasted just like my own pre-come, I loved it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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