Masquerade Sex Party

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It was coming up to my birthday and I couldn’t help get excited this was going to be my 30th so was a very special occasion , birthdays were my 3rd favourite time of the year following Halloween and Christmas, this year I had told my partner that he could plan every detail.

Usually I wouldn’t relinquish all control but this year I told myself I would be open to trying new things and the fact that I was curious as to what he was capable of.

It was here, my birthday had arrived, anticipation was building, I had spent weeks wondering what he had in mind for a special night, Joe, my boyfriend came home from work that evening with a big bunch of flowers and was dressed in a full suit with a bow tie, this was the first time I had ever seen him look so dashing so this made me get excited even more.

He greeted me, giving me the bunch of flowers, which I smelt and then placed on the kitchen counter, after laying them down gently, I felt Joe, grab me by the wrist, swing me round and into him placing his hands around my waist and pulling my waist into his and then placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

After a passionate kiss, he pulled back and looked at me and whispered to me, Happy Birthday my baby boy his breath hitting my lips making me taste his sweet breath wow it was like nothing I’ve felt before.

I stare at him with a smirk on my face eagerly awaiting for him to tell me what he’s got in store for this special night, he looks at me and bites his lip trying to keep me in suspense but I start to tickle him into telling me.

It was starting to work, so I continued to tickle him some more, this than became too much for him because he begged me to stop, telling me that he would tell me.

I stopped and started getting fidgety and then he told me to sit down on the sofa, I did as asked and he asked me to close my eyes. As I sit there hearing him move around the house I began pondering the ideas of what the gifts were.

Then I hear the sound of the speakers coming on and the sound of music coming from them, I only needed a few seconds to recognise that it was a song from my favourite musical, “Masquerade” from Andrew Lloyd Webbers “Phantom of the Opera” he knows I have always been a big fan of this show, and have seen it on the stage a few times now.

Was that it? Yes it must be it made sense, he was taking me to see it again, that was why he was all dressed up in his finest wear, and he was taking me to the theatre. One question that made me curious was “why that song?” it wasn’t my favourite and there is a main theme for the phantom.

Suddenly I hear Joe’s voice telling me to open my eyes, as I scanned the room to look him I found him at the bedroom door in not only his suit but also a masquerade mask.

I look at him dumbfound as to what he had planned he pulled a suit bag from behind the wall and told me to put this on and he will be waiting in the kitchen for me, trusting in him I went into the bedroom to get dressed.

I open up to the door to the same song being played over and over again, in the kitchen, stood behind the bar was Joe and in front of his was 2 champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne.

He looked at me and just gasped, “You look amazing” he says with a glimmer in his eyes, I have never taken compliments very well so go shy and look to the floor.

He pop’s open the bottle and pours me a glass, after handing the glass to me clinks together the glasses wishing me and happy birthday and leans in for another kiss.

We leave the apartment and head downstairs where there is a stretched black limousine parked out the front and a driver stood by the door holding it open, I turn to Joe who is stood by my side with his hand gently on my back and he nods slightly indicating that yes it is ours for the night.

I step into the limo and we head off to what I think is the theatre but as we continued on past all the turnings and streets that lead to it I become more confused and excited at the same time.

After a 20 minute drive we ended up driving down a long driveway and in the distant was this beautiful mansion all lit up with lights and a red carpet coming from the door all the way down with 2 men dressed in masks either side.

As the driver opened up the door I couldn’t help but be taken back by this beautiful home, as Joe took my by the hand and led me up the carpet I was getting more and more anxious, not knowing what to expect I just carried on trying to relax.

We entered the main hall and was presented with another 2 glasses of champagne inside were just lots of men all dressed up in suits with their masks on also.

I felt very uncomfortable to begin with but after a Sakarya escort bayan few drinks things were beginning to become a bit more clearer, I started to remember back to a few months ago, lying in bed with Joe my head on his chest him asking me what fantasies I had and I remember telling him about having a partner swap, I never imagined he would actually go for it.

Excitement and anticipation came over me as I came to the realisation that this must be what it was, I started scanning the room looking for potential partners with whom we could swap when suddenly I just stopped and started eying up this one guy.

He was 6’0″ slim, dark short brown hair, I eagerly waited for him to turn around, when he did I was mesmerised by his piercing blue eyes and his slight stubble, yes that was him, I wanted him and only him.

I thought I had better get my affairs in order so I asked Joe if this a swingers party to which he just asked “is that ok?” I smiled and just continued to stare back at this guy whom I wanted, took a sip of my drink and just agreed that it was fine and thanked him.

I decided to have more drinks, it was my birthday of course why shouldn’t I, as I reached for the glass I saw someone else’s hand also reaching for the same glass so pulled my hand in retraction and turned to apologise.

When I turned I noticed that it was him, this sexy, slim guy with the piercing blue eyes. I immediately just a just apologised and gestured that he have it and I will get another one in a moment, he gestured the same and insisted I have it, I thanked him for his generosity and we began to chat.

We decided to go for a walk and stepped out into the garden which was just through the double doors from the main hall as we stepped out, there was no one to be seen everyone was still inside the main hall so we decided to pull up a chair each and sit pool side.

With drinks in hand we sat there telling each other about ourselves, I asked which one was his boyfriend and he pointed to this 6’3” tall guys with dark hair also and a slight beard and deep blue and grey eyes, the kind of come to bed eyes that just draw you in.

I raise my eyebrows and am just stunned by having sexual contact with this amazingly gorgeous couple, he draws my attention back to him by asking which one was my partner so I start to look for him but he was nowhere to be found. So I sat there beginning to describe him.

“I can’t see him at the moment but he’s 35, average height, dark hair a little long but not like shoulder length but a nice handful that makes you want to grab it and pull it back and these see blue eyes that you can’t help but want to fall into, eyes that just leave you powerless to say no”

He begins to chuckle, “sounds like a very sexy guy, if he’s as good looking as you I can’t wait to meet him”.

As I start to blush I hear Joe calling me and wave so he can see me, he starts walking towards me and as he does, a hand comes out to me waist level and the strangers voice say “I’m Robin by the way”.

“Sam, pleased to meet you”, I say with a firm handshake.

I give Joe a kiss on his cheek and introduce him to robin, just before they could shake hands; Robin’s boyfriend then walks over and kisses him on the cheek, too asking him if he’s ok.

I hold my hand out and introduce myself, “hi, I’m Sam and this is my partner Joe”.

“Pleasure will be all mine, I’m Jason” he leans in and gives both Joe and I a kiss on each cheek. We all sit by the poolside, Jason sitting next to Joe leaving me to sit next to Robin.

We begin to start talking about how our evening has been and I decided to tell them it was my birthday, and being brought here was a birthday treat, Robin asked if we have ever been to anywhere like this before to which I shook my head.

Jason then turns to Joe and I and asked us if we wanted to go for a swim to which we explained that we was unaware that this was an option so we didn’t bring a spare change of clothes.

As we stood there embarrassed that we didn’t bring anything, Jason began to strip down to his tight, white, Andrew Christian boxers, leaving nothing to the imagination as soon as he arose from the water.

Seeing this magnificent bulge, Joe began to strip furiously and dived straight into the pool after Jason.

Robin just stood there awaiting me to follow, when nothing happened, he took it upon himself and started to undo my bowtie, then removed my jacket.

I tried to peer over his shoulder to see what Joe thought to this notion, but he was too busy pressed up against the poolside, with Jason kissing and nibbling at his neck.

I let Robin continue what he Escort Side was doing, after he finished unbuttoning my shit he started to nibble at my neck and started running his hands across my back, feeling his way up and down.

Peeling off my shirt with every kiss and nibble I throw my arms around him and begin running my fingers through his short hair and slowly remove his jacket.

He starts kissing down my neck and down my chest, flicking my nipple with his tongue, kissing every inch of my body.

He pushes me back onto the chair and starts to straddle me, I sit up to taste the sweet taste of champagne on his lips, as we passionately kiss I feel his hands sliding all over my body.

I slowly start unbuttoning his shirt exposing his hairy chest, I run my fingers through it the feel of each hair sending chills through me.

I reach down past his navel and go for the belt on his trousers and undo its seductively unbuttoning it revealing his tight briefs, I reach for the band and push his trousers down, to his ankles.

He stands up, takes off his shoes, socks and trousers leaving on his underwear with his bulge fully erect and begging me to take it.

I lay the chair back to make it more comfortable; Robin climbs back on top, starts to kiss me again and starts to thrust his groin against mine.

He pulls away and starts to undo my trousers, as I feel the button pop I get a rush of electricity surge through my body, he starts to unzip my flies using his teeth to pull them down, once down his hands grip at the sides, pulls my trousers off in a haste and tosses them to the side making them fly in the air as they go.

Robin proceeds to go down on me blowing my rock hard, hard on through the fabric on my underwear making it pulsate under his touch.

I reach down, taking his cock in my hand, and slowly start to wank him off, I lick my hand to make it a little more wet and continue to wank him off getting faster and faster, His moans and groans get louder with every stroke that I do.

His teeth pull my underwear exposing my cock which is glistening with precum, he notices it and starts to suck on the head licking off every trace of my cum.

He doesn’t take the time to take them off; in the heat he decides to rip them instead tearing them into shreds and kisses down the side of my groin into my crevice at the top of my thigh.

His stubble tickling my hairless balls as he just starts to munch and lick away, I’ve never had this done before so in a reaction it just makes me arch my back my chest and stomach reaching towards the nights sky.

He takes this as a good sign and proceeds to take my balls deep into his mouth sucking on the skin, biting it, sucking on each ball one in turn.

After playing with my balls I bring Robin back up to face level, start kissing him more running my hands over his smooth back reaching down to his waist band, I reach underneath and take hold of his pert cheeks, holding one in each hands I pull him closer to me making him thrust his cock against mine.

Our body’s creating heat, sweat beginning to build up on our forehead; we keep going not letting it get in the way of our passionate session.

I slide down the chair and took his cock into my mouth making it wet and making my mouth moist, his precum coating my throat with his sticky goodness.

Robin then starts to thrust his giant gherkin deeper into my throat almost to the point where I’m choking on it, he makes me swallow every bit of him, his cock growing bigger and thicker than when he first started.

He retracts and stands me up, taking me over to the swimming pool to join Jason and Joe and sits me on the pool edge, spread my legs apart and continues to nuzzle into the top of my thigh.

My head leans back in ecstasy, and I start to moan and groan some more, I feel Robin begging to get short of breath and look at him to investigate, realising that under the water, Joe has reached in and has started to stroke robins cock why Jason continues to kiss his neck.

I reach and start to play with the back of Joe’s head stroking him, getting him more excited for Jason.

Jason notices Joe getting more horny and turns him round so he’s facing me and starts to fuck Joe bareback, I only know because, I saw the excitement on Joe’s face.

As the water starts to get rougher from Jason pounding away, Jason reaches round and starts to wank Joe off, I lean over and begin to kiss Joe.

Robin starts to wank me off getting me more excited the blood rushing to my cock and cheeks, this begins to make me pant with excitement.

I slide into the water and press my body up against Robin’s just izmir escort like when we layed on the chair, grabbing his pert cheeks for a second time.

Robin reciprocates by reaching round and places one hand on my neck caressing it and the other at the top of my crack.

I whisper into his ear to fuck me but he had other plans and that was to start slowly by inserting not one but two fingers straight away, pushing them deep inside me I began to shiver with excitement.

I use the gravity of the water and wrap my legs around his waist to keep him close to me, place both of my hands around his neck and start to ride his fingers making them slide in and out of me manipulating where he’s fingers would go ensuring the only place he hit was my prostate and nowhere else.

I increase my speed as his fingers begin to massage and put pressure on my sensitive spot my hole getting more loose and filling up with a sticky substance.

Just as I was close to climaxing he teased me and pulled out of me, the look of upset came across my face.

Robin just looked at me smirked a half smile, my legs still wrapped around his waist, he puts his thick gherkin into me pushing past my sphincter stretching my hole wider that it’s ever been.

I pant and scream his cock gliding in and out of me, making my hole covered in his hot sticky pre cum, I whisper in his ear begging him to treat me like a naughty boy and give me a birthday bang that I will never forget.

Holding me up I begin to ride him harder and faster, his thrusts matching mine making him slide deeper and deeper, coating more and more of my colon.

I get close to peaking and so was Robin when Jason turned us round so I had my back to him he kisses my back and starts to scoop up the water and pours it over my back, the water making me cold and shiver makes my body make involuntary movements, my muscles begin to seize up including my sphincter making it go tight around Robins piece this in effect prevented robin from cumming before I was ready.

Joe came behind me and started kissing my shoulder blade his cock pressing against my back, I lean back and start to kiss him, Joe gets excited even more.

I feel Joe’s cock at the entrance of my hole, he whispers in my ear that he has always wanted to double fuck me, before I could consent to anything he starts to spread my cheeks further apart and slowly inserts his cock stretching me.

My face winces in pain as my body adjusts to two cocks being inserted into my hole, after a while I get used to the feeling and start to enjoy this feeling, the feeling like I’ve never been fucked before.

We all start to get a rhythm going and not wanting to leave Jason out Joe invites him to join us, so without hesitation Jason places one hand on Joes shoulder the other reaches for his cock and he inserts it back into Joe and starts fucking him, all four of us in a daisy chain while in the swimming pool, all of us trying to hold our loads in as long as we can.

Each of us begin to moan and groan at separate times, all reaching climax at different times, then as I get used to the feel of having both Joe and Robin inside me I begin to get close to shooting the pressure that is on my g-shot begins to explode making me buckle on these two cock like a bucking bronco, refusing to let go without a fight.

I feel my arse filling up with hot sticky fluid but was unsure who it was, I look at robin and could see that he was fighting to hold it in, then turn to look at Joe and see his cum face, expressed all over him,

After a few more thrusts I start to kiss Robin, seeing that he wants to explode in me I give him no choice.

As my lips started to caress his, he started to whimper I bit him ever so slightly on his bottom lip and he let out a big groan and then a second force hit me inside.

He was a big cummer, filling me with more cum then I’ve ever been filled with before, both Joe and Robin continued to thrust making me want to shoot my load into the pool, spreading my seed everywhere.

Before I could, I felt the water crashing into my back harder, as I felt Joe pull back slightly I realised that Jason must have been cumming at that precise moment, filling him like a cream pie.

Jason pulls out of Joe and moves around to the side of me and starts to kiss me, I’ve never felt an orgasm so intense like I was feeling now, as I was continued to being double fucked and kissed by another guy, I felt the build up getting more and more intense and with a few more thrusts and rubs of my g-spot I let my massive wad just explode into the water, it rising to the surface.

As I shiver and shudder getting in a few mjore thrusts helping me to cum more and more intensely. I lay my head back into Joes shoulder, and thank him for such an intense night he slowly pulls out of me leaving Robin still inside, he kisses me.

As we just lie there I start to imagine what he has planned for me next year.

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