Mary Jo’s Secret

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The following story is true. This is an encounter from my days in college in the early 1980’s. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (if you believe anyone in this story is innocent!)


When you grow up in a small Midwestern town, you don’t realize how innocent or naive you are until you leave and live somewhere else. My name is Matt and as I went through high school all I could think about was getting out of this town and making my mark in the world. I played football and was fortunately good enough to attract the attention of a couple of schools, even if they were smaller, private colleges. I chose to go to a school in Wisconsin and while I would be several hours from home, I was excited to be living on my own. I had a girlfriend (the only one I ever had) but since she was going to another school in a different state, we decided to end our relationship that summer before we left for college. She was the first and only person I had sex with and later I realized how inexperienced we were. As summer came to an end I had to report for training camp and arrived at the school with my eyes wide open not knowing what to expect.

The football team had to be there about ten days before any other students so we had the run of the campus for awhile. Of course, after brutal two a day practices we were too exhausted afterward to do anything but sit in our dorms and talk about our families and about the plays we needed to learn. It was a nice bonding experience as the upper classmen seemed to take us under their wings and really helped us out. I still have several friends I’m close to from those days and enjoyed my time there.

Once the other students arrived as classes began, the campus took on a completely different look and atmosphere. It seemed this school attracted the most beautiful women; or maybe it was my outlook after seeing the same girls year after year in the small town I was from. I constantly had a sore neck from twisting around to look as they walked by on their way to class, or the dorms. Compared to where I grew up this was heaven. Of course, I was a little self conscious as I wasn’t the most handsome guy there and really didn’t know much of what to say anyway. I spent most of those early days just hoping, somehow, I would figure out what to say beyond “Hi”.. That all changed when the yearly fraternity and sorority pledging began. The school had eight fraternities and six sororities and every fall, they each tried to outdo themselves to attract the most attention. Three fraternities approached me to pledge – one had most of the football players in it; the other two were a mix of athletes in other sports and regular students. You can learn a lot by just listening and as people would discuss the fraternities on campus, it helped me decide which one I would want to be a part of – the football players frat was out; too many problems with campus administration and the local police. Kind of our own Animal House so to speak. Another one had a small membership and was in danger of being disbanded, so I pledged to the third fraternity. There were only five football players in and a total of only fourteen athletes out of a total membership of thirty seven. Obviously, the guys on the football team were disappointed when I didn’t select their fraternity.

This was when opportunities started to happen as far as meeting and getting to know some of the women on campus. Our fraternities had women, who normally belong to a sorority of their own, affiliate themselves with the fraternities as well. It basically was a system designed to help new students get to know women on campus and get laid (remember, this is 1980). My old girlfriend and I had sex at every opportunity for the year we were together, so since I had been at school, I had not had the opportunity at all. To make matters worse, living in a dorm leaves almost no privacy to masturbate so after several weeks I was incredibly horny. When I learned of this, I thought it wouldn’t be long before the chance came. After pledging, I did meet and get to know more women on the campus than I had previously known. And as your circle of friends grows, you get to know more and more people. But a few weeks passed and even though the women were friendly, it just didn’t seem I was making a connection with anyone. I had gone on a couple of dates but nothing occurred other than heavy kissing and petting through our clothes as someone’s roommate, or something else interrupted the moment. I would leave with a massive hard on and a painful case of blue balls.

One evening, after dinner, I was sitting on a bench by the tennis courts just watching some people playing. I was sore from football practice and was trying to relax a little before returning to my room to study. As I watched, a voice said, “Hi, Matt. How’s it going”.

I looked up to see Sue, one of the women affiliated with my fraternity. She sat down on the bench next to me. Sue was always very nice and a sweetheart, but she was a little heavy and almost as tall as I was at 6 ‘. She had short, dark hair with dark eyes. While she had a pretty face, I had always thought of her as a friend Şanlıurfa Escort and never felt a physical attraction to her.

“Hi Sue. I’m doing fine. Just a little sore from football and I’m trying to relax before I hit the books.”

“I don’t know how you guys can go day after day banging each other around during football practice. It’s amazing more of you don’t get hurt.”

She looked at me with what looked like actual concern.

“Well, you get used to it for the most part. Coach was mad at us for losing the game Saturday at the last minute, so practices this week have been a little tougher than usual.”

As I said this, she started to slowly massage and rub my neck. Her hands were incredibly soft and felt really good as she moved around and was working out the knots in my neck.

She said, “You’re awfully tight and tense in your neck. Are you sure you’re OK?”

“Yea, I’m fine. But that does feel really good.”

“You know, I’m working on being a massage therapist on the side. I’m always wanting someone I can practice on. Could I practice on you?”

Since her hands were really loosening me up and helping with the soreness, I just nodded my head and said, “Sure, why not?” She suggested we go to her room so she could give me a better massage so we left the bench and walked to her dorm. We continued talking about classes, the school, when we may get a chance to go home again. Just the normal things any college students would talk about. We entered her dorm and since I didn’t know where her room was I suggested she lead the way. The dorms were old and didn’t have elevators so we had to take the stairs. As she walked ahead of me I couldn’t help notice the view from the rear. She had on a pair of jeans and while she was a big girl, I saw they encased a very round ass. The jeans were tight and she actually looked good in them. As we reached her room and entered, I saw her roommate, Mary Jo was there. Any thoughts about Sue quickly evaporated. I knew Mary Jo from around campus. She was affiliated with a different fraternity so I didn’t talk to her much other than a hello. She had long, curly red hair, was shorter than Sue and slender. She was very attractive but most guys on campus had said no one ever had a chance with her and she was considered an ice queen.

“Mary Jo, I’m going to practice a massage on Matt. That won’t bother you will it?” Sue asked.

She was watching tv and replied, “No, it’s no problem. Hi. Matt. Football practice a little rough today, huh?”

“Yes, ” I replied. “Sue has offered to work the kinks out for me.”

“You won’t mind if I stay to finish watching this movie, do you?”

I quickly thought this is her room and I’m intruding and I said, “no not at all.”

Sue asked me to lay on her bed so she could reach my back and neck. She started at my neck again and her soft hands felt incredible as they kneaded and rubbed my neck and upper shoulders. It felt so good and relaxing, I felt myself wanting to fall asleep. After a few minutes, Sue asked me, “Do you mind taking your shirt off? I want to do a good massage and it’s in the way.”

I raised up to remove it as I had no problem going shirtless. While I wasn’t chiseled or had a six pack, I still was pretty muscular from the weightlifting I’d done and being young, still had a V shaped waist. Any chance I had to show off the results I would take. I laid back down on the bed and Sue began again. She slowly caressed my neck and back, moving her hands around each area of muscle. She seemed to know exactly where to rub and my soreness slowly was melting away. While I was relaxed and almost asleep, I could feel the stirring of an erection. I thought, God, no, not here and not with Sue! I wasn’t attracted to her in that way and Mary Jo was in the room as well. Unfortunately, an 18-year old body doesn’t respond to common sense and within minutes, as she continued the massage, I had a full blown erection. I tried everything I could think of to will it away, but the hard on wouldn’t go down. I started to get nervous and was trying to think what I could do to either get rid of it, or hide it.

Sue then said, “Roll over so I can massage the front muscles.”

I was horrified – Sue, who had always been nice to me, and Mary Jo was in the room as well, and I didn’t know what they would think if I rolled over. I stayed as I was praying my mindless dick would develop a brain and figure out what do.

“Come on Matt, I have to work the front side so I know how to do a full massage.”

I rolled over with my eyes closed, holding my breath, and hoped they wouldn’t notice. This is where the naivety came in I mentioned earlier. Somewhat innocently going to a woman’s room for a massage and not thinking I wouldn’t get a hard on after it had been so long since I was touched by a woman? As I was laying on my back, Sue gasped and said, “Oh my. I’m really sorry Matt.”

While I’m not the largest, my dick is about 7 inches. Since I haven’t had any sex for awhile, it felt like concrete and created a massive bulge in the front of my jeans. Mary Jo was still watching Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the tv and didn’t hear Sue’s surprise when I turned over.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to excite you; I was just wanting to practice my massage techniques, ” she said, almost in a whisper.

“It’s alright, Sue, ” I replied, quietly as well. “This is my fault. I shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts. I’m really sorry.” The embarrassment was making me feel sick and I was afraid I may ruin a friendship with someone that I did like. But dammit, as I sat there, my erection wouldn’t go away. It was starting to hurt and I shifted best I could to try and find some comfort.

Sue asked, “Are you ok? You don’t look so good.”

“I’m just really embarrassed and I need to go.”

Mary Jo turned from watching the movie and said, “What’s going on? You guys are whispering about something.”

When she fully turned from the tv, she said, “Wow. Now I see what you’re whispering about.”

So I’m standing there, no shirt, and the front of my jeans sticking out in a full erection. Embarrassed as hell, I said to Mary Jo, “Don’t worry I’m leaving. Sorry to have bothered you.”

I wanted to run from their room, back to my dorm and figure out a way where I would never see them again. Going to the science lab and developing an invisible potion came to mind.

Mary Jo then said, “Sue, we can’t let the poor guy leave in that condition. Why don’t we help him out?”

Sue said, “Are you sure? If you really think we should, I guess we can.”

I didn’t know what they meant, but my mouth went dry, my heart was racing, and if an erection could get even harder, mine did. Mary Jo went over and locked the door to their room. She turned and said, “Here’s the deal. If you mention what happens in this room, we can make the rest of your time here miserable. Do you understand? And this will be the only time this happens.”

I had no idea what that threat meant, but as I was panting in heat, eagerly nodded my head in agreement.

“You also can’t resist what we do, ok?”

I could hardly talk, my mouth was so dry, but I sputtered out, “Yes.”

Sue grabbed a chair and moved it to the middle of the room and asked me to sit in it. She went to her dresser and removed some rope from a drawer. Mary Jo took the rope and proceeded to tie me to the chair, although the knots weren’t strong at all and I could easily get out if I wanted to. My heart continued to race even faster as Sue reached down to my jeans, undid my belt and slowly lowered the zipper, the whole time not touching my dick. I almost came without her even touching me, I was in so much agony.

Mary Jo moved behind me and Sue was in front of me as I was tied to the chair. They started to run their hands on my back and front, slowly caressing my skin. Mary Jo had nails she lightly grazed across my back and Sue would maddingly move her hands down toward my dick, but not quite reaching it before she slowly moved her hand in the other direction. My dick was covered only by my underwear and I could see a wet spot forming from the precum. Every time Sue moved her hands back down toward my erection, I would try to move my body around so it would meet her hand. She would just laugh and move her hand away, teasing me even more.

They continued this torture for about 10 minutes. My balls were hurting because it had been awhile since I had come, and I really needed a release. I once moved my arm from under the rope and tried to stroke myself, but they quickly grabbed my arm and tied it back in place. Yes, I was stronger than them and the rope was tied poorly, but I played along to see what other surprises they had for me. They finally stopped rubbing my body and they each went to their dressers.

Mary Jo said, “We have something we think you’ll really enjoy.”

She opened the drawer and pulled out a flesh colored vibrator. She turned it on and it started a low humming noise. I had no idea what she planned to do but my heart raced even faster. Sue in the meantime had taken from her dresser another vibrator, but it was a little larger and looked more like a real dick. She turned it on as well and it started humming too.

Sue said, “Mary Jo, don’t you think he’s been good and deserves a treat?”

“Yes I do,” she replied.

With that they both started to remove their tops. Since it was early fall and still warm, they both had on Polo style shirts. As Sue lifted her shirt it exposed a white bra and her breasts were very large. I had no idea of breast sizes back then but they were way larger than my girlfriends. She dropped the shirt on her bed and reached behind her to undo the bra. Her breasts were now exposed and hung low on her chest. The areolas were dark and she had small, dark nipples as well. She started to caress them and said, “Bet you’re surprised I had these, huh?” as she pulled on her nipples and made them hard.

In the meantime, Mary Jo had removed her shirt and bra to expose a very pert set of breasts about the size of apples. Her nipples were a light pink and were already erect. Escort Şanlıurfa She looked very hot and she had a splash of freckles across her chest. They approached me with the vibrators in hand and Mary Jo said, “Time to take care of you, Matt.”

They removed my jeans and underwear and I was now naked on the chair with my dick pointing straight up. Any nervousness of what they had in mine was replaced by the need to come, somehow, someway. I just didn’t care as long as they did something. They turned the vibrators on and started rubbing them against my back and chest. It actually felt good with the vibrations being light, almost teasing. I was out of my mind, needing relief but helpless to do anything to take care of it. While Sue continued rubbing her vibrator on my chest, Mary Jo moved around to the front as well. They both started moving the vibrators down my chest and over my stomach. As they approached my dick, I tried to hump up against the vibrator Sue had. She pulled it back, laughed, and said, “Uh Uh Uh. Not yet.”

The head of my cock was glistening with precum and I knew I wouldn’t last. I just hoped I wouldn’t spurt without one of them at least touching me. They continued running the vibrators over my chest and slowly again moved down my stomach. Just when I thought they would touch my dick, they moved around it and went to my thighs. I was in agony, and started begging, “Come on, this isn’t fair. I hurt and need to come. Please.”

They just giggled and moved the vibrators even slower. Just when I thought I would pass out, they moved up and ran the vibrators across my balls, still not touching me. The sensation was mind blowing and come started leaking out from my dick even more, but the ache in my balls was still there. The vibrators were brought slowly up from my balls and placed on either side of my dick. They started moving up and down slowly, with the vibrations humming along my dick.

“Oh my god, ” I moaned as the vibrators felt so good. “Yea, yea, make me come.”

The feeling was unbelievable and when they moved up my shaft a second time, the come erupted. The first spurt flew onto the floor in front of the chair.

“Oh wow. That was a lot, “Mary Jo said and giggled.

As they continued massaging me, the other spurts squirted onto my stomach and legs. I couldn’t believe this was happening and the relief was fantastic. Mary Jo got a wash cloth from her dresser and used it to wipe the come off my stomach, legs and pubic area. I figured we were finished and started to move from under the rope and wanted to get my clothes. Sue spoke up and said, “Oh don’t go anywhere. We’re not finished yet are we Mary Jo?” Mary Jo replied, “Yea, we have another way we’re going the help you.” I had no idea what they had in mind again, but my heart started racing away with anticipation. The great thing about being 18 is that recovery time is about five seconds or so and you’re ready to go again. My cock started stirring and Mary Jo said, “Check him out Sue. He’s already getting hard again. What do we do now?”

After saying that they both started to remove their jeans. Mary Jo had on a pair of red panties and it really showed her shapely legs and nice ass. I noticed her nipples were hard as rocks by this time as she reached down and rolled her panties down her legs and off. Again being naive, I had not seen another pussy other than my former girlfriends and was surprised to see red pubic hair on Mary Jo’s pussy and not a lot at that.

At the same time Sue was removing her jeans and panties as well. She had on plain white panties and I could see a dark bush with hair sticking out the edges of the panties as well, Since my old girlfriends pussy was dark and hairy, this was more of what I expected. Sue shocked me when she removed her panties and slowly moved her hand down over her large breasts to her pussy. She started rubbing her slit and moving her hand up and down over her mound. I was mesmerized – even though she was a large girl, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was seeing this. While I was watching her, I felt Mary Jo place her hands on my thighs. At this point my erection was back at full force.

All of a sudden I felt Mary Jo’s lips slide down over my cock. I had never had a blowjob before and sex with my old girlfriend was basically just missionary position until I would usually come. As I said I didn’t realize how inexperienced we were. Mary Jo moved down to my ball sack and sucked one into her mouth. I had never felt anything so exquisite before and I inhaled and gasped. She moved to my other nut and licked and sucked at my sack while slowly stroking my shaft with her soft hand. She licked up the length of my shaft and took my engorged cock back into her mouth.

“Oh god, ” I moaned as she starting bobbing her mouth slowly up and down my shaft. I heard whimpering and small cries and I looked over at Sue. She was watching us and to my surprise again, had her vibrator in her pussy and was stroking it in and out. She continued moaning softly as we watched and bucked her hips in time with her vibrator. Mary Jo then raised up and moved over me and lowered her tight, steaming pussy onto my rock hard cock. She leaned in and kissed me, shoving her tongue into my mouth and slowly started bouncing up and down on my cock. She was close enough to rub her firm tits against my chest and the feeling of our nipples rubbing together sent chills through me.

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