Mark , Claire Ch. 02 – Reward

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts Anal sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Frequently on a Saturday Claire’s neighbours would see Mark’s car parked up near or in front of her house. They weren’t exactly lovers; they were colleagues who Claire described as fuck buddies. They met roughly once a month to relieve each other’s sexual frustrations without the ties of being in a relationship. Either party was free to call a halt to proceedings at any point and both parties were free to hook up with other people — although in fairness Claire found her needs answered readily with Mark.

Claire wasn’t really Mark’s type for a long-term relationship and perhaps a touch too young for him — in truth he was still stunned that a woman so young would want to be with an older guy like him — but she was sexy as hell and that was the draw that kept him coming back for more. She had one of those chests that jiggled as she moved and always seemed to hold his attention, she’s shorter than Mark at around the 5 8-mark with shoulder length brunette hair, shapely legs and piercing blue eyes that hold you like a tractor beam — oh and did I mention her perfectly rounded boobs? Mark had two fascinations, her tits that captivated his attention as they jumped and jiggled about as she rode his cock. The other was her butt that had a similar motion when he had her on her knees and fucked her from behind.

Although he wasn’t due to visit for another couple of weeks, Claire had specifically sent him a message asking, ‘Are you up to much this coming Saturday afternoon?’

Mark’s reply was ‘This sounds ominous but for you I will make myself free. Why?’

‘It’s a surprise’ was her answer followed shortly by ‘I have a new washing machine that needs plumbing in plus I want to move some furniture around and need your muscle.’ She got a thumbs up in reply.

His welcome on the Saturday lunch time was worth any effort. Claire shut the door, put her arms around his neck and started to kiss him. With her left hand she reached for his right hand and brought it up to cup her nearest boob and then with her right hand, she reached down and rubbed the front of his trousers as it tented in response. She pulled away from the kiss without their respective hands losing contact and nodded down to his trousers saying “Mmm, it always does a girls ego good to get a reaction like that.”

Mark smirked and as he nodded down to her chest replied “When I get those babies thrust at me, I’m just powerless to resist. As much as I hate to move apart, you said you needed something moving. I can then lavish my attention on these babies and maybe my tongue on my favourite honeypot.”

Claire got the reference to their pet-name for her pussy and raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Come on to the kitchen. My washing machine died this week and I had this delivered this morning. Care to start here?”

Mark was quick to dispense with that task, followed soon by the furniture removal. Claire then made both a drink so that they could sit and assess the configuration of the room and catchup on a bit of work gossip. Mark made to comically sniff his armpits and asked “Do you mind if I grab a quick shower? I’m a bit too funky to be in the company of a glamourous young lady.”

Claire nodded and stood up replying “Sure. That’ll give me time to prepare the first part of your Ordu Escort reward” which immediately got Mark’s mind wondering.

He had showered often at her house and performed the required cleaning, all the while his mind was trying to work out what Claire had planned. He opened the bathroom door with just a towel wrapped around his waist in the hope that we wouldn’t be dressing anytime soon and stopped dead. “Sweet Jesus” was his astonished outburst.

“Do you approve?” asked Claire. She was stood in just her underwear — more specifically a black lacey bra encased her lovely full round boobs. She wore a matching pair of panties, suspenders and sheer black stockings with matching lacey tops. Because of her height, she looked curvy in all the right areas and for a few heartbeats Mark was speechless. The front of his towel started to tent further, and she giggled adding “No, don’t answer that, I can tell just looking at your towel.”

Claire started to step towards Mark, but he held up his hand “No, no. Not yet” she stopped still mid step and looked puzzled until he added “I just want to make sure my memory bank has this image tattooed in my head. You look a million dollars and for an old fart I am definitely a very lucky man to be presented with this.” Claire beamed the broadest smile Mark had seen and after a silent pause stepped towards him.

She stood in front of him for a moment and dropped to her knees as she tugged at his towel so that it lay in a crumpled heap at his feet. Claire took the base of his cock in her hand, dipping her head forward to take the tip between her lips and alternated between working her lips along his length and showering its length with little kisses. After a few minutes Mark reached under her arms and lifted her to her feet, her face showed a mixture of puzzlement and frustration as she said, “But that is the second part of your reward.”

Mark kissed her and shook his head before saying, “Oh it will be, but I also want a taste of that sweet honey.” Holding her arm, he walked her to the bed, jumped up and lay down in the middle of it saying “As nice as those panties are I want them gone so you can sit on my face. If you want my friend, you can lean forward and use that magical mouth of yours while I’m dining at the honeypot.” In record speed Claire disposed of the panties and climbed up on the bed, straddling his head so that she could sink forward and take his hard cock into her mouth once more.

Mark had to marvel at the view right in front of his face. Her pussy was dilated and leaking a fair amount of juice, her bright pink clit was standing proud of its hood and screaming for attention while her neatly trimmed pubic hair was framed beautifully by the black stockings. He leant his head forward and ran his tongue from her clitoris up her split labia, dipped inside briefly and traversed its way down the opposite way so that he could take her clit between his lips and bash it with the tip of his tongue. Instantly Claire started to shiver and bounce her hips while she struggled to keep devouring his dick. She briefly lifted her head and gasped “I’m meant to be rewarding you for your hard work.”

Before she dipped her head back down Mark mumbled “You are. This pussy is delicious” he figured it was rude to speak with your mouthful, but he didn’t want to lose a second. It was at this point that he reached up, inserted his thumb inside her so that it was liberally coated and then pushed it inside her sphincter, it clutched the intruder while she bounced on his tongue once more. This new dynamic ensured that Claire found it impossible to resist his efforts and started to gasp and groan as her climax hit and guessing what was about to happen, Mark took her clit between Ordu Escort Bayan his lips once more so that he could feel it flex and pulse in his mouth, he didn’t let up for a second and simply carried on devouring her pussy until she came a second time in the matter of a few minutes. Claire gave this weird kind of exasperated groan and climbed off Mark’s face. Her limbs were still shaking with little electrical pulses from coming but she was determined to get him off with her mouth and so knelt down and took him in her mouth once more.

Mark had initially lay back and enjoyed the sensations but then reached over his hand and ran his fingertips up and down her juicy labia. It did start to stimulate her all over again, but it wasn’t enough to distract her from her task and was grateful when she felt Mark tense and deposited a nice load of come at the back of her throat. She always loved the feel of how she could feel his come strike the back of her mouth to swallow it down. The two lay there for some time, entwined in each other’s arms until Mark felt compelled to say “That, young lady, was a very special reward and you can ask a favour of me anytime if I get more of that kind of welcome.

Claire levered herself up and replied “Oh that was only the first two parts of your reward. Next you get to take me to an Italian restaurant I’ve been wanting to try, and the final part of your reward will have to wait until after we have eaten.” It still made little sense to Mark who just decided to roll with it. The restaurant was fabulous, and the maître-d’ was very attentive to Claire earning him a nice tip from Mark and the two retired to Claire’s place at a fairly early hour. Claire shooed him upstairs and told him “Get undressed and wait for me. You’re about to have your final part of the reward.”

Mark lay on the bed figuring the fun and games had not ended yet and was a little surprised when she came out of the bathroom in her bra, suspenders and stocking but no panties. Not that he minded but he couldn’t see what was so different from part one of his reward. “Scoot over to the edge of the bed” she instructed him which he duly complied with. It was a little strange when Claire got up on the bed on her hands and knees and then handed him a small tube which he turned over in his hand. He raised his eyebrows rather comically and looked up at Claire. “That’s right” she answered the unspoken question “You’re about to fuck my arse. That’s your final part of your reward; you keep playing with me back there and so this week I decided to start stretching myself out with the help of a couple of my toys.”

Mark scrambled to kneel by her hips and looked down saw an impressive dildo extended from her well lubricated butt. He reached out his hand and briefly played with it, testing the firm grasp her butt had on it. Claire’s reply was to give an approving “Mmmm.” Next, he reached down his other hand and played with her clit while his left hand continued to play with the dildo making her squirm even more. He temporarily broke off playing with the plastic phallus while he applied more lube to her anus, working it in with his fingers around the dildo still held tightly inside her. She was surprised when he extracted the dildo and moved his other hand away from her clitoris, but it soon made sense as she felt his two index fingers beside each other and worm their way inside her and then pulled apart so that her butt hole was prized further apart. A few minutes later saw another switch, this time he inserted two fingers of his left hand. She looked over her shoulder in time to see Mark run a decent sized bead of the lube along his cock and then work it in with his spare hand. ‘This was it’ she thought ‘I’m finally going Escort Ordu to feel what a warm cock feels in there rather than the hard cold plastic of her toys’.

The bed shook briefly while Mark altered his stance and then Claire felt the head of his dick start to probe her anus. Having done her homework this week, she tried to relax as much as possible back there, she had been stretching herself out at various times so that the real thing didn’t feel alien to her. In fact, apart from being stretched slightly more by the mushroom head it actually felt better as it was warm soft, yielding flesh rather than the cold plastic of her toy.

Mark was very slow in his approach which she appreciated, even more so when he crouched down and reached around her hip to reach for her clit which he played with while slowly thrusting his cock in her, just a little deeper each time, only to withdraw, wait a short while and then do the same again. He had worked about two thirds of his cock inside her and decided he wanted to distract her further if he was going to bottom out inside her. He reached for the clasp of her bra and sprang the clasps free, Claire let gravity do the work so that the lacey garment slipped down her arms and then wiped it away to lie discarded at the side of the bed. After gently rubbing her back Mark then reached around her and grasped her hanging boobs in both hands, tweaking her nipples as he progressed deeper into her anus.

Eventually Claire felt his wiry pubic hair nestle against her arse cheek and she knew then that she had taken him all. After a few heartbeats Claire looked over her shoulder and nodded at her lover. He had initially held still but she was now ready to give him her anus once and for all.

Mark reared back until just the head of his cock was inside her and then thrust forward in one almighty lunge to bury himself inside her again. Claire tilted her head back and let out a deep groan in satisfaction. The gap between each thrust grew shorter as he gradually increased the speed of his thrusts. She could tell what he was building up to, especially when he grabbed her hips and then it started. The feeling of his cock working inside her had her in raptures but the sight before him of her arse cheek quivering invitingly each time, he bottomed out made all his patience worthwhile. Having already come he wasn’t in a rush but was slightly disappointed when Claire asked “Can you pull out and come and lie down. I want to try a change in position.”

Knowing it was only a temporary cessation Mark complied and then witnessed Claire straddling his hips facing him sinking her arse down his dick until it was fully embedded. For Mark it was the perfect position, firstly Claire was doing all the effort and the way she sat on his cock afforded him free access to her boobs and pussy which he played with while she raised her hips only to sink straight down again on his cock. Her rise and fall were slow in the beginning, but she started to speed up the closer she got to her climax, gasping “Oh god, that feels good in my arse.”

As she got closer Mark took her nipple between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand while he did pretty much the same with her clitoris. Her hip movements became erratic, and her breathing speeded up, guessing it was imminent Mark let go of her clit and plunged two fingers deep into her pussy and she wailed as her pussy clamped around his fingers and her anus squeezed his cock. She held still for a few moments while she caught her breath but then Claire started to buck her hips once more proclaiming “I need to feel you coming in my arse. Do this last thing for me.” Mark reached up with both hands so that he could take her breasts in each hand and flexed them through his fingers and just allowed himself to be carried away until the tingling started in his balls, and he just let it fly into her arse. It was a nice feeling as her butt was so snug and tight and certainly was a sensation he’d be looking to repeat often with her.

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