Mark , Chris: Chris’ Side

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Mark and Chris Ch. 2: Chris’ Prom Experience

After Mark and Cassie jumped into Mark’s Camaro and roared off, Chris and Rebecca stood on the curb and kissed hot and intimately for a while before doing anything. He didn’t like the dress, since it made it hard to feel her tits, but he could cup her ass and grope it. Finally she broke the kiss, pushed him back against the car and, while breathing raggedly, whispered in his ear,” am I finally gonna get it?” Chris had never actually had sex with her. They had messed around, and he had fingered her, but he had not done the deed. He knew he would tonight. After all, that’s what prom was all about. He did not answer, just smiled wickedly.

“Hop in baby, let’s ride.”

She had a huge smile on her face, as she jumped in the car, and they speed off. Zooming down the road, they took the alternate route, as Chris ran every stop sign, and several red lights.

“Slow down, I don’t want the evening ruined by a ticket.”

“Okay sweety.” He did it, too. That was also the first time he took his eyes of the road to look over.

When he had been at Rebecca’s house earlier that night, she had been dressed in a red (she had told her big brother that her dress would have to be red, or no dress), long fancy gown. Her brown hair was done up (he never understood why women had to do their hair up for formal events), make-up dabbed on her face, and around her brown eyes. For the first time she was wearing the earrings he had given her. The hung from her cute little earlobes like Christmas ornaments, and he wanted to unwrap the gifts right there. The gown did not really have a low cleavage, but it did have a supportive, and almost push up, effect on her breasts, with nothing covering them on top. The dress flared slightly at the bottom, but it had a slit on the side, reaching up mid thigh. He had sent a silent prayer to god for blinding Marks judgment by the price when he bought this dress, as he pulled her into his arms, and pecked her lips. Her mother was there, with the small camera, and her dad with the big one. “Now smile.” Unlike his best friend, he only had to pose on the porch, and on the stairs, and only one each with mother and father. He knew what agony Mark was going through, and inwardly he smiled. Finally, he grabbed Rebecca’s and Cassie’s bags, and threw them in the trunk.

“Can I put the top down, or will that ruin your hair?”

“Oh, hell no, buster! We are staying locked up in here,” she smiled as she said it, then leaned over, and gave him a long tongue kiss. They got to the restaurant first, and waited for a couple of minutes. When the others arrived, Rebecca had seen the glow on her friends face, and bulge in her brother’s pants. Almost as soon as they had sat Şanlıurfa Escort down, the girls had hustled each other into the bathroom. They where not the only prom pair there, but they found a mirror piece they staked as their own, and compared notes.

“Mark did not kiss me yet. Do you think he don’t like me as we thought he did?”

“Nonsense, he’s a Marine now, he moves at a slower speed. Just relax, it’ll be alright.”

“How about you?”

“Ohhh, girl! Mark came, we kissed, took our pictures, and were out like a light.” Cassie’s face frowned in agony.

“Well, we had to suffer a photo session, like I said we would. How am I gonna get him to kiss me?”

“Listen, just go back in there, and rub him where guys like it, and you know he’ll be over you like stink on shit.”

When they got back to the table, it seemed as if Mark was whispering in Chris ear.

“Hey girls, you all ready to eat now? Or is this diet night?” Sometimes Chris was real prick.

“No Hun, since you are paying, I plan on appetizers, main course, desert, and a salad. What are you having Cassie?”

Chris was already sweating before she had even finished. He was notoriously tight wadded, and even though he knew well that he could afford it, the thought of spending that much money made him dizzy.

“Ohh, I’m just teasing.” Rebecca reached under the table, leaning over slightly, and rubbed her baby’s dick through his pants. She could see his eyes go out of focus, then dart to her brother, and then lose focus again. From the way her brother was squirming, she knew that Cassie was following her advice. She just knew this would be a good night.

* * *

Chris did not believe his eyes when he looked over at his girl. Somehow she had defined the laws of physics and had stripped out of her gown in the car, and thrown it in the backseat. Then she had leaned her seat back, and was no playing with her breasts, her one hand in her thong panties, obviously stimulating a very aroused clit.

“What, what, what are you doing?” He tore his eyes away, and somehow managed to keep from hitting a truck ahead of him. He changed lanes, and as the driver of the red Chevy honked at him, speed around. The honking stopped the second the man got a look into the car. Then he almost hit a light post. Serves you right, you honking bastard, Chris thought.

“Reba, baby, what are you doing?”

“Honey, I’m soooooo hot for you.” She reached over, and rubbed his dick again.

“I need something hot, hard, and stiff. And I need it bad, uhmmmmmmmm.”

Her hand dipped back into her panties, and started rubbing again. Moaning passed her lips, and Chris started looking for a place to pull over. Dammit, dammit, Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan dammit! He shot past the light, and in the corner of his eye saw Mark’s Camaro pull into the parking lot. “What the… already there?” Think fast. He stomped on the brakes, and hung a right into the parking lot. Spinning out his tires, he flew through the strip mall lot, coming up behind Wal-Mart, and pulling up next to the little lake and gazebo that stood there.

“Ohhhh baby, here?” She was panting now, as she took herself higher and higher. Quickly, he stripped of his blouse, shirt, pants, and shoes. Pushing his seat all the way back, he leaned it down, as she climbed into his lap, and crushed her lips on his. Their tongues danced in furious passion, as they both struggled for dominance. Her nails tore into the white shirt he wore under the khaki uniform shirt, and ripped it away. He fondled her breasts, before he came to his sense, and started massaging them, rolling them between his fingers. Pulling away from her lips, he inhaled one nipple, as he pinched the other one. Licking and sucking it, he nibbled it gently, as his other hand slid down her back, and grabbed her ass.

“Ohhh baby!” She straddled him, kneeling over him, and reaching into his briefs, pulled them down, as his cock sprang out and into her waiting hands. “So big, and hard and strong!” He moaned out as she began to stroke it.

“Yes baby, stroke your man, ohhhh god!” He went back to sucking her nipples, and nibbling on them, then pressed his chest against hers, as he nibbled her neck and earlobe, flicking the earrings. Then he pushed her down on her seat, and put one leg up on the dashboard, the other over the back of the seat. She giggled, leaning her head on the armrest in the door, and closing her eyes as his tongue found her pussy. Twisting his body in his seat, he licked her lips and her labia, then slowly moved over to her clit, and sucked it into his mouth. Dragging his teeth across it, he marveled at it. It was bigger then any he had ever seen. Licking it, sucking it, nibbling on it, his one hand continued to caress her breasts. The other worked its way into her pussy. The middle finger pumped in and out of it, lubing itself for its next mission. Sucking her clit, he held it between his teeth, his lips teasing hers. As his tongue flicked, licked, and teased the top of her clit, his finger slipped out of her pussy, and started pressuring her asshole. She moaned out loud, her body thrashing around, as his finger slipped in. Slowly, slowly, slowly, he worked it all the way in. She came all over his face the second his knuckle hit her ass. Milking her clit, he licked and flicked it, then licked her lips and moved his face in closer, licking up Escort Şanlıurfa her sweet juices.

“Ohhhhhhh, GOD! Chris, baby…. ughhhhhnnnn what are you doing?” It had never felt this good before. And she figured it would get better.

Chris sat up, and moved his seat all the way forward, climbing half between hers and the back. “Move your seat all the way forward and come sit on my lap, baby.” Eagerly, she complied, and straddled him. Turning her on his lap, he pulled her thongs up into her ass, giving her a tight wedgy as she lay across him, his hard cock pressing against her crotch. “What are you doing baby?”

“Know what you’ve been doing to me all night?”

“What are you doing?”

“Well, its payback time.” Raising his hand, he spanked her. She yelled out when his hand struck her ass. Raining them down, he turned her ass red and stingy, as she trashed about on his lap. As he did it, her hand found its way to her pussy, where she furiously frigged herself to another shattering orgasm.

“That’s what you get, you little tease.” Pulling her up to straddle him, their lips meet once again in warm embrace, as he held her close and caressed her.

“You still love me?” He had never spanked her. But she liked it. Loved it. Wanted it.

“Of course baby.” Lifting her up a bit, he slid her thong to the side, and lowered her down on him, slowly pushing his cock up into her. Moaning out loud, Reba folded her legs up under herself, controlling the descent. Chris felt the resistance in her cunt, amazed that it had not ripped from her years of dancing.

“This is going to hurt a bit baby, just let me take care of you.”

“Uhhh, huh…ahhhhhghhhhh!” She had not even finished when he grabbed her hips and pushed through. Then he immediately began doing her. His hips bucked her up and down on him, letting her ride him. Throwing her head back in passion, the young lady screamed out loud in a animal voice, as her pussy clenched him, and he fucked her. Riding up and down on his hard prick, she grew accustomed to the huge manhood in her. Moving her hips, she found how she could give herself more pleasure. But he wasn’t waiting that long. He had saved it all for this night, not even jacking off since she had played with him.

“Watch out baby, here we UGHNNNNNN!” Exploding in a huge wave, he crashed up into her. Throwing her head back, Reba cried out again. Shot after shot of cum filled her, shooting up into her wave after wave, each one stimulating her own orgasm higher and higher. Finally he was spent, and she collapsed on him. He held for a couple of minutes, then eased her into the seat, buckled her up, and watched her doze. Climbing into the front seat, he drove them to the apartment. He knew more was ahead as he carried her through he front door just in time to hear Cassie’s screams of passion. Go figure that Mark was fucking his baby senseless. Her carried Reba into his bedroom, and began to suck her clit again. He could feel her stir and awaken.

“Ohhh baby, all night long….”

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