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Marcy was in my lap and her lips were pressed to mine. My heart was pounding. A girl was kissing me. A wonderful kiss that I didn’t ask for.

“Marc, you need more practice kissing girls.”

“Whenever you wish, mistress.”

Her hand collided with my cheek. “Do not be a wiseass.”

I knew I was in trouble. The smartest girl in class had decided I was taking her to the Saturday dance for varsity athletes. We were sitting in the school bleachers watching spring football practice. Coach had allowed me to drop training because I was graduating.

Her tongue traced my lips as she considered what to do with wiseass. Unlike other girls, she used few words to express herself.

“Mom says I need a boyfriend. Now that we are eighteen, she’s worried people will think I am gay if there is no boyfriend.”

“I’m available.”

The other cheek got a slap. A softer slap. “I know that, dummy. Why would I be in your lap, my thighs spread open across yours if I wasn’t sending a message to certain tramps?”

I ran my thumb experimentally across the crease in her shorts. She bit my earlobe.

“I knew you would take advantage of me!”

“If you are not gay, you need to get it on, dearest Marcy.”

“Damn, you are like all the others.” She shifted her hips forward and my thumb did a repeat journey.

“Bullshit, you are the only girl in class who doesn’t date. If I slip my fingers inside these tight pants, you will scream.”

She touched her forehead to mine and whispered, “This is not going according to script. Let’s get takeout and go to my house. The folks are out. We need to talk.”

In my huskiest voice, I bravely said, “Just because you are smart, beautiful and athletic doesn’t mean I take orders…”

“Please? Just this once? We DO need to talk.”

I stood and reached for her hand. My car was nearby. “Just this once.”

By the time we had been to In and Out and were parked in her driveway, a smile had replaced her frown.

“Thank you.”

“Sometime, you will have to instruct me on why you don’t babble like other girls.”

She led the way into a very modern home with lots of glass. Her father was a professor and her mom was a lawyer. She was an only child and I was beginning to suspect that spending a lot of time with adults had helped her grow up fast.

“We can eat out on the patio. I’m going to run through the shower and will be right back.”

She was halfway up the stairs when she stopped and turned. “On second thought, put the sack on the table there Maltepe Escort and follow me.”

By the time we got to her bedroom at the back of the house, she was half undressed. In another few seconds, she was bare.

“If you are going to shower with me, you’d better get those clothes off. We can do a wash later.”

Which is how I came to be soaping the most fantastic female body around. Not to mention that she had a stiff soapy cock in her hands.

“This is how I audition for boyfriend?”

“I said my script wasn’t working. I’m just doing what comes into my head.”

“In biology class, we learned that foreplay leads to mating behavior.”

“Be nice. We haven’t even had a date so far. Let’s get out and I will tell you a secret.”

I was allowed to towel her all over as we sat on the bed. I reached for the hairbrush on her night table and began brushing out the fine head of hair. “What about the secret?”

“After Mom did the boyfriend number on me, she and Dad went upstairs to bed. I followed and he was ripping her clothes off without even closing the door. I stood out of sight and in no time at all, he was buried in her. She said, “No, no,” and he said, “You are just a tramp, lecturing your daughter about her sex life!”

“You did the voyeur thing, hiding there and getting off as they got off, fingers in your twat?”

“Yes. She has the most incredible scream when she comes.”

My cock was fully hard, rising up against her back. “Any more of this talk and…”

“I’m thinking about that. I never realized until now what a sexual animal my mother is. She flirts with him, even though they have been married for twenty years. Now that I am paying attention, I hear her muffled screams almost every night.”

“So you are sitting here between my legs, all wet and wondering if this is the night.”

“You are too damn smart, Marc.”

I stood with her in my arms, turned around and lay her down on her back, and applied my tongue and lips to the quivering sex right on front of me.

She moaned, “No,” but in ten seconds she was moaning “yes.” And kept saying that. The almost woman of few words had many to use as the new boyfriend licked her to orgasm.

“OMG, yes. Please more. Oh, oh, oh.”

I pulled the sheet up and held tight while things calmed down. Using the husky new boyfriend voice, I said quietly, “You don’t need me in you tonight and I am patient.”

She shuddered. “Shouldn’t I get this over with? I thought it was funny when Mom said I wasn’t Cevizli Escort jailbait anymore, but I’m not feeling funny right now.”

“Actually, you feel very nice. I’ve never been in bed with a naked girl and my hand wrapped around a fabulous warm curvy boob.”

Suddenly, we heard the front door open and a voice floated up the stairs, “Marcy, we got home early. Everything all right?”

“Fine, but could you come up for a minute?”

Now I was the one shuddering. “Keep your head down and let me do the talking.” She pulled the sheet over my head, but kept my hand on her breast.

I heard Clara come in the bedroom door and her shocked voice asking, “Is that a boy under there?”

“Yes, it is. I decided that was good advice you gave me yesterday. Is it safe for me to show him to you?”

“Have you had sex? Am I supposed to be outraged?”

Mom’s hand pulled down the sheet. “Well, look at that, it’s Marc Wilson.” She sat on the edge of the bed.

“Marc, is she behaving? Aren’t those the prettiest tits ever? Are you invited to be her first? If she is like me, she makes a lot of noise when she comes.”

Before Marcy screeched her outrage, Clara quickly said, “I have to go. Richard was making out in the car and wants more. Sleep tight.” She leaned over with a kiss for me and a pinch for the virgin daughter.

The door clicked as I rolled Marcy to my chest and worked fingers up and down the muscled backside. She huffed and complained about obnoxious mothers.

I pulled her lips to mine. “Your Mom is pretty nice, encouraging sex in your own bed. Are we going to listen to them?”

She turned out the light and crept to the door. The hall was dark, too, as she peered down at the parents’ bedroom.

Back in bed, she whispered, “She left their door open, the slut!”

I pinched both globes. “Don’t call your mother a slut. Isn’t it ok for her to have a good sex life?”

An outraged whisper came back, “She is corrupting her own daughter!”

I tickled and licked. In the distance, we could hear Clara, “Oh David, you are so bad, going after my clit!” Then a series of moans and a scream, “Oohhh!”

Marcy was pulling me between her legs. “I can’t stand this, Now!”

Two different sets of moans had me hard as nails. I pushed the big fat head of my cock into the entrance of the juicy cunt, which had already gotten off once tonight.

“Oh David! I’m coming!”

That did it for Marcy. She pounded on my ass and repeated a loud, “Now!”

There wasn’t Atalar Escort any resistance, but Marcy howled, “Oh, oh, Marc, it’s too big. Ahhhh!”

In seconds, Clara was at our door, “Marcy, are you ok?”

A new voice from under me said, “Yes. I’m fine. You tricked me into this! Come here.”

A second naked female body edged onto the bed. “Kiss him, and kiss me. You are such a terrible Mom!”

The unvirgin giggled and swatted the behind hovering over her. I had done the deed, but felt left out. On an impulse, I centered the other pussy over me and pulled down. Like clockwork, I slid into Clara, who gasped, “Nooo! You naughty boy!”

Marcy climbed on top, kissing and biting, chanting, “Yes, yes, terrible Mom, terrible Mom.”

Sexy Mom was losing it and about to come on me. A half dozen swats and she was. “Nooo!”

I framed her face in the dark with my fingers and whispered, “David and I are lucky men, to have two hot women after us.”

Maybe this was the wrong thing to say, because Marcy dashed out and down the hall, where there were voices and then a daughter’s voice wailing, “Yes! More!”

Clara tried to get out of my arms but I tightened and thrust upwards. “She is getting back at you. Better stay here for a minute.”

Clara did a good outrage voice too. “She can’t have sex with her father! It’s not even legal!”

I rolled us over and thrust harder. Things were very squishy inside Clara. She faked a complaint, “How could you? Not even engaged and having sex with your mother-in-law!”

She was enjoying this, and flexed up at me. “Marc, do you care for my precious daughter?”

“I do. She is special. Let’s go to the other bedroom and give them a hard time.”

Using my leg muscles, I stood with the sexy mother-in-law and wrapped hands under her, keeping us tight. She whispered, “This is very naughty. David will beat me.”

Marcy was sitting up, bouncing on her father’s cock. The night light was on and both of them were laughing. He said to me, “They are both sexy women needing punishment. Get in here.”

Quickly the two females were side by side, giggling more, bouncing on big cocks. Clara said, “I think someone grew up a bunch tonight.”

We traded bodies and Marcy crawled into my arms. “Marc, I’m sorry I dragged you into this.”

Clara, David and I all said, “Terrible!” and smiled. Marcy cried fake tears on my shoulder.

Back in her room, Marcy was still curled tight in my arms. “I thought I was playing a game with you. But this is not a game, this is the real thing.”

The tears were real this time, as well. A little voice in my head asked, “How can you be serious in high school?”

I told the little voice to go away. Some force had crashed me together with the girl of my dreams and I wasn’t letting go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32