Marcie and Leo Ch. 59

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It was early morning. I was not expected to be at work since it was a physical therapy day. There I lay looking first at the ceiling before turning my head towards my Beloved. She lay there still sleeping. I had a naughty idea and decided to act upon it. The first thing I did was as quietly as possible pull the handcuffs out of the drawer to my nightstand. I carefully took her left wrist and slipped it in the shackle prior to slipping it through the headboard. It was as I was securing her right wrist when she started to stir.

“Mmmm. Good morning baby,” she whispered before she opened her eyes. “Are you up to something this morning?”

“I am.”

She pulled on the cuffs a little before she looked at me.

“You haven’t used the cuffs in a while.”

“It has been a bit. I had some thoughts in mind.”

“What kind of thoughts?”

I rolled to my right side before I started to let my fingers trace down between her breasts and down her stomach. I could hear her breath quicken a bit. I looked at her before I leaned in to kiss her deeply. The kiss was passionate. I could tell she was getting on board with a little morning fun. My fingers did find her spot and started rubbing slowly as she started to moan softly. I could feel her body responding. This encouraged me more before I leaned down and bit her left nipple.

“Fuck!” bursa eskort bayan she yelled.

I smiled as two fingers slipped inside her. I started being more deliberate with her. Her legs spread a bit more to allow me better access.

“It feels like you had your Brazilian again, “I softly said before she nodded her head.

“I wanted to be ready when you started trying to be more assertive,” she whispered as she started to moan a bit more.

By then, her wand was in my other hand. I started running it over the tip of her clitoris while I kept fingering her. She started to thrash a bit before she started to crest. Her feet went to bed. She started to push her hips upward as she started to moan louder. When things quieted down, I climbed between her legs and slid my cock inside her. I went for a slow fuck before I undid one of the shackles on her wrist so she could move her hands. They went around my neck as she looked at me.

“Your turn, Baby. Fuck me. Fuck your naughty girl,” she whispered.

I didn’t last long. It was a few moments after that I leaned down for another deep kiss. She looked at me before she winked at me.

“We better get cleaned up before physical therapy,” she said.

I rolled back over and slipped into my flip flops to head to our shower. The shower itself was uneventful. bursa merkez escort She dressed in a nice pullover and her stone-washed jeans. I like those because her butt looks gorgeous in them. I slipped on a pair of grey sweatpants. I slipped on a tank top before covering it with a polo shirt. My shoes were slip-ons. We had a quick breakfast before she grabbed her keys to drive me to my appointment. The therapist was there waiting as we walked in.

“I thought I told you not to push so hard,” he said.

The physical therapist was an ex-drill sergeant, or so I was told by some of my friends. I looked at him and tried to be as cordial as possible before Marcie stepped in.

“He hasn’t been. He’s been doing his exercises like you prescribed.”

“Where are his crutches?”

“In the car. He doesn’t need them as much to walk. So, we put them in the car just in case.”

I saw him smile for the first time ever.

“I apologize, Mrs. Mercer. Your husband tends to push himself. It was in the referral sent from his doctor. It’s one reason I tend to be more careful. I don’t want him to regress. I know he’s chomping at the bit to return to a normal life as soon as possible.”

I felt Marcie start to tense up before I spoke up.

“He’s right.”

She looked at me before she bursa sınırsız escort bayan looked at him again. He seemed to calm down some as well.

“I do want to return to normal as soon as possible. I do push too hard and it’s something I’ve been told to stop doing by my business partner and my assistant a ton. It’s not something I am used to doing. If you’d like my wife to get my crutches out of the car as a precaution, we’ll do it.”

Marcie looked at me again. Then he spoke up.

“No, I think we’ll be alright. You have no idea how many guys come in here wanting to push themselves to get through the program quicker. It’s nerve-wracking, especially when they reinjure themselves and then get mad when they do. Your business partner and assistant must really care about you enough to get in your way like that.”

I smiled.

“You could say that.”

The session was intense, but doable. We walked back to the car before Marcie turned and grabbed me before kissing me deeply. I responded kindly before she helped me back into the car. It was as we drove off the lot before I asked her.

“What was that for?”

She smiled before she spoke.

“For being you. For surprising me again. For listening to him, Matt, Aubrey, and me. I know saying what you said today was difficult. I know you dislike showing weakness. That was very brave of you.”

I looked at my legs before I looked at Marcie.

“The quicker I get better, the better the result. Patience isn’t my strong suit.”

She seemed to smile wider before we kept driving home. I needed to stay the course. No matter how impatient I get, the ending is what’s important.

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