March Madness Ch. 08

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As we arrived at Larry and Ann’s, I couldn’t believe how anxious I was to see Larry again and to meet this man, Mark, who had so dominated their lives that they would both allow him to “mark” them as his personal property. A month ago I was just an average guy with a steady girlfriend with perhaps a much better than average sex life. But all that changed as I found myself blackmailed by a high school buddy who eventually had me help him seduce my girlfriend Sandy into both of us becoming his personal slaves for one month. It was through Randy, our new “master”, that we were introduced to the couple, Larry and Ann.

While Randy had blackmailed me into sucking his cock and allowing him to fuck my ass, often while filming it so he could download it to Internet porn sites, Larry was the first who actually reciprocated. He sucked my dick and allowed me to fuck his ass. I knew from that moment, how much I enjoyed this new awareness of gay sex. Larry also kissed me and I felt like a giddy sixteen year old boy.

The real shock, if that were not enough, is when Sandy, who I had been dating for about three years, took Ann’s advice and “cuckolded” me. I was not familiar with the term but the bottom line is a cuckold is a man who enjoys seeing his wife or girlfriend have sex with others and is allowed perhaps the opportunity to join in, if she wants, by performing oral sex on her partner. She even purchased a male chastity device for me to wear that prevents me from getting a hard on, so my cock is locked up with Sandy holding the only key.

I was scared shitless the first day I wore it to work under my slacks, assuming someone might notice the lump in my trousers. But the curve of the plastic device really did not protrude and I spent the whole day locked away with only myself and Sandy aware of its presence. She had allowed me to remove it for our encounter tonight but made it very clear, the CB6000 would be reattached when we went back to her apartment.

She had also informed me that we were to marry and that the ground rules were pretty much spelled out. In the presence of our family and coworkers, we would be the average loving couple. However, at home and behind closed doors she would dictate everything regarding our sex lives. She would fuck who she wanted and when she wanted and I would not only accept it, but appreciate it.

As crazy as it seems – I did. I suppose most people would look at me as some type of pussy or wimp. Worse, I am sure I myself would have looked at anyone else like this just a few months ago and called him some “pathetic fag”. I can certainly see how anyone would think that. But the reality is, while I know I could walk away from it all and start over, I do enjoy it. I have never been so turned on in my life. I always felt like I wanted to be in control but looking back, Sandy always did initiate most of our love making.

I do like being submissive and being told what to do when it comes to sex. More importantly, while I never would have ever thought of myself as gay, I think I enjoy sucking cock more than licking pussy. Not that I don’t enjoy that as well. And I cannot even begin to describe how much I enjoy having a dick in my ass! My orgasms are so intense and I love the feel of a hard cock as it pumps into my backside.

I’m not sure how I can describe this new relationship with Sandy. She has been my closest friend, lover, confidant, partner for three years. I love her with all my heart and none of that has changed – in fact, our relationship is deeper. But I had to admit that I loved seeing her fucking Randy, sucking on his cock and allowing him to fuck her little ass. Something we had never done.

It was also a fantasy come true watching her lick a woman’s pussy for the first time. Lesbian sex has always been a turn-on for me as I watched videos and surfed the Internet looking at porn. Now, here was my own girlfriend with her face buried in another woman’s crotch, licking her wet box.

Perhaps the thing I realized most, while I did love Sandy, and I always will, I now know I am addicted to cock. Whether you call that bisexual, gay, or whatever label you choose to use, I liked the company and sex of another man and given the choice between sex with a woman or that of a man, I wondered what I choose. Perhaps that’s why I liked being cuckolded by Sandy. I didn’t have to make the choice – she did it for me.

When we rang the doorbell, Ann answered moments later wearing a short white terry cloth robe. It was obvious from the back of her wet hair to the water beading on her chest that she was emerging from the shower, tub, or pool.

“Well good evening,” Ann said as she ushered us in, placing a full wet kiss on Sandy’s lips as she started to walk by. Ann pulled back from the kiss, staring into Sandy’s eyes, as if to convey what she had in store later. “The boys are in the whirlpool out on the deck. Ya’ll come on in. We were all enjoying some fine Merlot. Care for a glass or would you prefer something else?” Ann asked with an Sakarya escort amazing smile.

“Merlot will be fine for us both,” Sandy replied as we walked into the expansive den. Their house was magnificent. A big high def TV on the wall with a surround entertainment center built in. There appeared to be an upstairs loft. Some type of study as I could see shelves with books and what appeared to be a computer station. A soft rhythm and blues CD played softly in the background as Ann reappeared with our drinks and showed us to an outdoor deck, fenced in by high cedar trees which provided a privacy screen from the neighbors.

I was shocked before Ann made the introductions. Along with Larry in the hot tub was a black man, who emerged, and stood naked, as we walked onto the deck. Neither Larry or Ann had ever mentioned his race, but for some reason I never envisioned in all my fantasies that Mark would be black.

But here was a well built black man, his head shaved bald, his ripped abdomen testifying to his time in the gym, and his cock on full display as it hung down, dripping the water from the whirlpool. I tried to avert my eyes but I was drawn to it as I gazed at the balls which hung down behind his cock. When I looked up, I could see his white smile, acknowledging my fascination with his manhood.

“Sandy, Dale, this is Mark,” Ann said as Sandy moved closer to the tub allowing Mark a chance to take her hand in his huge wet hand.

“Ann has told me so much about you,” he said staring directly into Sandy’s eyes. “I have looked forward to finally meeting you. But I have to say, you are even prettier than I imagined you might be.”

Mark continued to hold Sandy’s hand and I could see that even though her head did not move, her eyes like mine, gazed at his cock that swung in her direction as he leaned over. I did not know if Sandy knew beforehand that Mark was African-American, if so, she had never mentioned it. But she was clearly mesmerized by him.

“Please join us,” Mark intoned as he swung his hand in the direction of the bubbling waters which rushed out from the jets on the sides. While there was foam with the rush of the waters, the pool itself was lit and you could make out Larry’s naked form in the warm waters. I gazed at him, the man who had shared my bed just a few nights ago. The first man who I had ever fucked as we kissed, sucked, and fucked throughout the night. His nipples adorned with the little gold bars that pierced the nubs. Piercings that Mark had instructed him to get, to show his complete and final submission.

Sandy and I both started disrobing, peeling off layers, and dropping our clothes in a little pile. Mark looked on, appraising Sandy, as she removed each item, as he slipped back down in the tub and sipped on his wine. When we were both naked, Ann slipped off her robe and took my hand as she guided me between her and Larry in the tub leaving Sandy to sit beside Mark.

Before Sandy actually stepped in, Mark appraised her body. “Damn girl, that’s a nice set of titties. Turn around sister, let me see that ass of yours.”

Sandy turned her backside to us which drew a whistle from Mark, “Hot damn, that’s one nice ass too. The brother’s would love that tush. Bend over and spread that thing.”

Without so much as a thought, Sandy spread her legs and bent down. Her long blonde hair falling and touching the floor as she seemed to gaze back at Mark from between her legs.

“That’s a hot ass. Now step in here. Come sit next to daddy,” he said as she took a foot and raised it over the ledge and then stepped up and into the tub. She sat down and took her glass sitting on a table and drew a sip of the red wine. I couldn’t help but study the contrast of their skin, sitting so close. While there was ample room in the corner, he took up a position right beside her and I could see his skin touching hers as he let his arm drape behind her, and his fingers dangling on her left shoulder, touching, tracing little patterns.

“So, you ever been with a black man Sandy? You ever seen a black cock?” Mark asked.

Sandy turned to look at him. She looked so vulnerable, so timid. “No” came her very soft reply, almost inaudible with the roar of the whirlpool.

“But you’re thinking about it now aren’t cha’ sister. You’ve been thinking about it since Ann told you about me,” Mark replied back as his lips were almost touching her ear. His right hand moving under the water, moving to her leg, rubbing it, as I watched her part and open her legs for him. Sandy’s eyes were closed as she rolled her head back on his arm. I could see under the water, his hand moving closer until it rested on her bald pussy. I couldn’t tell what he was doing but the gasp from her lips told me his fingers had found their target.

“Look at me,” Mark commanded.

Sandy opened her eyes and shifted her head. He lifted his arm and cradled her slightly, moving her head to his before stopping. It was Sandy who then closed the gap, she moved her Side escort bayan lips to his, kissing him. I could see her tongue moving into his mouth, exploring as I saw her small white hand under the water slide along his thigh to his cock. Her small fingers, reaching around, grasping the pole which hardened under water.

I sat against the back of the whirlpool watching my fiancée, kissing another man, a black man. I suppose any other guy would have been enraged, angry, and jealous. But I couldn’t help but be extremely excited.

“Look at her Dale,” Ann said softly in my ear. Her lips actually resting on my ear. “Look at her kissing Mark.” I felt Ann’s hand touching my own shaft, as her other tweaked my wet nipple. Look how hard you are watching her. You know he’s going to fuck her. She’s going to suck on that black cock, and he’ll fuck her…over and over. You want to see that don’t you? You want Mark to take her. Take her in front of you. That’s what you want isn’t it love? To see her with him?”

Ann was stroking my cock under water as I watched Sandy and Mark kissing passionately, their lips sliding together, his mouth devouring hers.

“Yes, yes I want to see them. To see him fucking her,” I replied back.

“I know that,” Ann said back directly, ever so softly in my ear. “But you know things will be different. They’re already different for you love, but once she has tasted Mark. Once he has fucked her, she’ll see a whole new world. Once through that door, she will never turn back. But you want her to be happy don’t cha’ love? Like Larry. Larry understands. I love my husband but he understands that I have special needs now – different needs. I prefer women to men. I like having women like Sandy between my legs or me between theirs. Only another woman really knows how to please a woman,” Ann kept on, continually stroking my hard cock.

“But when I do want a hard cock – a real hard cock. Larry just doesn’t do it for me any more. He understands that. He stills licks my pussy. As a matter of fact he loves licking my pussy. But he enjoys it more when he’s licking up a hot load that Mark or one of his friends have put there. You’d like that too wouldn’t you sugar…”

I kept watching Sandy as Mark had now licked down her neck and was now grasping one of her breasts, pulling it to his mouth, as he drew a hard nipple in, licking, biting.

“That’s why I’m so happy you and Larry have hit it off. You like having Larry fuck you and you like fucking him too, don’t cha’ honey?” she continued.

“Yea,” came my throaty reply.

“Yea you do. Sandy and I both know that. She’s okay with that. As a matter of fact, she wants you to be happy just like you want her to be happy. Don’t you angel? You and Larry can fuck and you can get all the dick you want and you still have her. Sandy will love you and you will love her, maybe more than ever because you share something special. No jealousy between you,” Ann said as she continued to stroke my cock under water. “Damn, I can’t believe how hard you are watching Mark make love to her. But you are. Because that’s what you want. You want to see his big black cock in her mouth, fucking her little pussy. Isn’t that what you want to see?”

I had to admit, I had one hell of a boner. Some of which was because this beautiful naked woman beside me was stroking my cock and twisting my nipple. But I was excited seeing Mark smothering Sandy in his arms, sucking her tit, as she stroked his cock under water.

“Show me. Show me that’s what you want. Show Sandy and Mark you accept your place. That you want to see him take her. Kiss my husband as a sign you want Mark to fuck Sandy with his big black cock,” Ann said as she bit my earlobe with a little bit of emphasis.

I was pretty sure Larry had not heard any of the conversation Ann had whispered in my ear as I turned my head and moved my lips to his. His warm, familiar lips were not as soft as Sandy’s but they closed over mine as I felt his tongue explore my mouth as his arms wrapped around me.

Larry pulled me up and over, sitting on his lap. It felt funny sitting on another man’s lap but it made it much easier to kiss as his thumb rubbed my hard nipple and his free hand began pumping my hard cock.

Ann repositioned herself on the other side of the tub, moving Sandy and Mark over as she took Sandy’s other breast in her mouth. Her head fell back on her shoulders as both Mark and Ann sucked on a titty. Both Mark and Ann were sucking, nibbling on her nipples as Mark played with her clit, running his fingers in and out of her shaved pussy.

We all stayed in the tub for several minutes, groping, kissing until I heard splashing and realized the other three were getting out, drying off and moving into the den.

“I’ve missed you,” Larry said as his mouth moved across my face, then back to my lips.

“I missed you too,” I admitted. “I was so excited when Sandy said we were coming over tonight. I want you to fuck me,” I said as Larry pumped Escort izmir away at my cock.

I slid off his lap as he stood. His hard cock already starting to stand at attention as I knelt on my knees in the hot tub and drew the warm flesh into my mouth. I kissed and licked on his head as I massaged his balls. The balls filled with sperm that I would soon taste in moments as I stroked his cock, sliding my mouth up and down on the stiff dick. I could tell I was able to take him further and further into my mouth, relaxing my throat and becoming more comfortable with the warm flesh that tickled the back of my tonsils. I no longer gagged as he forced more and more of his cock in my mouth until my lips touched the warm flesh of his crotch.

I had done it. I had taken all of his cock. “That’s it. That’s it baby, take it. Take my cock,” Larry praised me as my mouth slid up and down, now all the way. I sucked and licked until I felt his balls contract in their sack and his thrust becoming more deliberate as he pulled my head hard into his pelvis.

“Suck me Dale, take my load,” Larry chanted as I felt the first spurt release and shoot down the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could taking the salty love juice. I loved the taste of his cum and I could not get enough as his pace slowed and he pulled me up to kiss him on the lips. I shared the last remnants of his semen, as our tongues wrestled, me holding firm to his cock while he grasped the cheeks of my ass.

“Let’s go inside,” he said as we both seemed to come up for air from our passionate embrace. He grabbed us both towels, which we used to dry off before emerging into the den.

There was Sandy, naked on her knees, as Mark towered over her. He was holding his cock with one hand as he fed her the long black pole. Her little mouth moving back and forth as Ann sat naked on a chair, rubbing her clit and pushing two, then three fingers up her hot twat.

“Look at her Dale. Look at Sandy sucking Mark’s beautiful cock,” Ann chanted.

I was. I was fixated on the scene before me and the contrast of her soft pink lips, gliding across his stiff brown shaft.

“Why don’t you get down there and help her?,” Mark asked looking over at me. “I saw the way you looked at my cock earlier. Get down there cuck boy and help the slut out.”

I didn’t have to be told twice as I slid down to my knees beside my girlfriend as she slid the dick from her mouth and held the wet shaft out for me to take. I eased my mouth over the large head and began to suck his cock, my first black cock, as it filled my mouth. Sandy and I took turns licking his rod. One would suck and lick his dick while the other would tongue his balls.

We alternated for several minutes until I looked up to see Sandy raising up from her knees and then kissing Mark as the two of them again began their embrace. His tongue pushing past her lips. His fingers twisted her hard nipples.

“Okay, that’s enough boy,” Mark sneered as he pushed me away from his dick. “I’m gonna fuck this bitch now. I’m gonna give her some black cock. That’s what you want isn’t it sister? You want some of this shit don’t cha,'” Mark chided as he held his meat.

“Yes,” Sandy said back almost panting.

“Tell me. Tell me what you want,” he commanded.

“I want your cock. I want you to fuck me with your black cock,” Sandy groaned.

“Tell him. Tell your boyfriend…. your little cucky boy what I’m going to do,” Mark commanded her.

“He’s going to fuck me. He’s going to stick that big black cock in my pussy and fuck me. And I want him to cum. Cum in my pussy. Shoot his black seed in my cunt so you can lick it out. So you can suck all of our juice out of my pussy,” Sandy moaned as he continued to kiss her breast.

“Damn, you are one hot little bitch. Get down on your hands and knees…and Ann you get down there too. This little bitch is going to lick your pussy while I fuck that hot pussy of hers. We’re gonna give her some black cock. Get your ass down there,” he looked over at Ann.

In the meantime, as I was sitting on the floor, Larry came over and started sucking my cock. I leaned back on my elbows as he lay down between my legs, licking my shaft and tonguing my balls. His warm mouth felt great as it enveloped the length of my shaft, bathing the crown of my staff with his tongue. Larry’s blowjobs were every bit as good as any I had received from Sandy or any of the other chicks I had dated.

He was very careful to guard against scraping my head with his teeth as he used his lips and tongue to service my cock. He would take my balls in his mouth, gently sucking, before going back to my stiff dick. I looked over to see Ann scooting her pussy under Sandy’s face as she dipped her tongue into Ann’s pussy drawing sighs. It was just moments later that Mark positioned the head of his cock at Sandy’s pussy.

“You ready baby? You ready for some black cock?” Mark inquired.

“Yes, please, give it to me,” Sandy said in between licks of Ann’s hot pussy.

“Tell me, tell me what you want,” Mark kept on.

“I want you to fuck me with that big black cock. I want you to fill me with your cock…my first black cock,” Sandy almost panted as Ann pulled her head deeper, drawing her to her wet cunt.

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