Maple Tree Fantasy

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“I miss you so much when you’re gone! What? You still have two weeks to go? Ugh. Well, at least this time you get to do something new. But sometimes I wish you were a teacher or something, where you wouldn’t have to travel so much for work. Yes, I know you’ll call every night, but I still miss you.

What’s that? A fantasy? Not likely! Why not? I can’t possibly tell you something like that over the phone! Besides, I don’t say stuff like that anyway. You know that. Why do you want me to turn off the lights? Fine, fine, I’m going. There, now it’s dark in here. I’m already sitting on the bed- we have no chairs! No, if I lie down, I’ll probably fall asleep. I know dearest… I’m sorry I’m being difficult. It’s just… I’ve never done this before. I’ll try. If you really want me to, I’ll try, but I really don’t know what I’m doing so it’ll probably sound pretty stupid. Ok. I’m calm. I’m not incredibly nervous. I’m not about to expire of embarrassment. I’m good. I can do this. Ok… Here goes… I can’t believe I’m doing this. Um…

So, you asked about one of my fantasies. Well, you know I’ve always loved the outdoors. Lots of space, fresh air, the scent of pine trees and wood smoke or freshly cut hay… You know wood smoke especially drives me wild. I guess maybe that’s why making love outside has always been one of my favorite daydreams. Hmm… Ha… My mouth’s gone dry suddenly. Anyway.

I’d love to have you with your back to a huge maple tree (oaks leave acorns all over the ground, pines have all those sticky sappy needles… most unpleasant on tender skin). You lean back against the tree as I lean in to kiss you, nibbling along your jaw, rubbing my nose playfully in your beard. I’ve a mind to play a game with you today. I unbutton your shirt… sliding my hands underneath to caress your chest, to tickle your ribs. Mmm… Brushing my lips gently, teasingly over your mouth. Once… twice… Again and again, toying with you, teasing until you wrap my hair around your fist to hold me still, crushing your impatient lips to mine, your tongue forcing its way inside to plunder and tangle with my own.

Your hands, fisted now in my hair, tug my head to the side as your lips sear a path down my neck, your warm breath making me shiver in anticipation. Your lips place hot kisses on my throat, then glide lower to caress the tops of my breasts. I close my eyes, barely daring to breathe, waiting for your touch… but it doesn’t come. I peek upward through my lashes to see you staring at me with lust burning in your eyes. Suddenly I feel another tug at my hair, this one urging me down. You release my long curls, and with gentle but forceful hands, push me to my knees in front of you…

You push me to the ground, then lean back against the tree and wait. But I’m in a mischievous mood. I still want to play. I sit back on my heels, my back straight, eyes cast down for a moment, my hands resting on my knees. A small lopsided smile crosses my lips as I look up at you impishly through Şanlıurfa Escort the hair that’s fallen over my eyes, knowing what you want, but waiting for you to give me the words, to tell me what you want me to do. Your eyes grow wide for a moment, and I can see your nostrils flare. You know that’s exactly what I’m waiting for, know it drives me wild to hear the words, but are determined not to give in this time. I fold my hands demurely in my lap and wait patiently, my eyes fixed, oh, just a little below your waist. Through your pants I can see you twitch ever so slightly at my gaze. I flick my tongue over suddenly dry lips, peeking up at you. Heaven knows I want you. But I can be stubborn, and you know it. I can see it in your eyes, wondering whether or not I’ll give in….

But still your arms are crossed, and you continue to glare down at me. I can feel myself growing wet in anticipation, my body trembling with need. I’m sure you can probably smell my arousal. I know I can. You see me quiver involuntarily, and suddenly smile knowingly. You lower a hand to your belt, slowly unfastening it and pulling it free. My eyes, locked on your hands, follow every move as it slips free of the loops. I swallow convulsively as you crack the belt sharply against your thigh, first one side, then the other, and then shiver as the belt drops at your side, your hand moving on to the button of your slacks. As you begin to unfasten them, my hand reaches forward of its own volition. With a whimper I pull back, but not before you’ve seen me. Your smile widens and turns wicked as you slowly, teasingly, begin to lower your zipper…

Hmm…. Your wicked smile tells me that you know exactly what you’re doing. I close my eyes, letting out a tiny moan; afraid I’ll be defeated in my game after all. My games always seem to turn out this way! But suddenly I realize- two can play at this game. Peering up through my lashes, I see your hand go still on your zipper as you see me begin to move. Sitting back on my heels, I begin to sway ever so slightly from side to side, dancing to music that I only can hear, unbuttoning my shirt as I move. With the last button unfastened, I roll my shoulders, undulating my body to shrug my shirt to the ground. My breasts, now free of their constraint, rise and fall lightly with my breathing and the rhythm of my dance. I edge toward you on my knees, batting away the hand that’s frozen at your zipper, my breasts bouncing lightly as I move. My hand lowers your zipper, my fingers reaching eagerly to peel your clothing down and off, my eyes riveted on what I’ve revealed….

My hands reach out, but at the last moment I remember my game, and I wrap them around your hips instead. Tracing my fingers over your skin, warming you gently. I move closer still, sliding between your knees with barely a breath between us now. I AM going to win this game- and if I have to cheat to do it, so be it! I lean forward to kiss your belly, tasting your skin with long slow Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan licks of my tongue. My lips and tongue, so hot on your skin, make you tremble and shiver. I edge forward that last few inches, and you find yourself nestled between my breasts. You’re already wet too; I can feel it now, dripping warm down my chest. I wrap my arms around your waist. You can feel my flesh surrounding you, squeezing you as I rise up high on my knees and settle back down again. Gliding back and forth in the furrow, I can feel you pulsing, throbbing. I rise up to look at you, only to see that your eyes are riveted on my chest. Looking down my body, I can see what’s captured your gaze so well. I watch you pumping the valley between my breasts, sliding easily through on a river of your juices. The sight of you, the smell of your lust, has me drowning in sensation. My eyes glaze as passion takes over, my head dropping forward and my mouth opening wide…. Knowing that I’ll lose my game, but too consumed with lust to care, my tongue reaches forward to greet you as you slide up between my breasts. But at that very moment, just before my tongue touches the very tip of you, I finally hear what I’ve been waiting for. Your deep, guttural groan, and then- “Oh god, suck my cock!”

The words! A shudder wracks my body as I when I hear your words, and continues as I hurry to obey. I close my lips over the head as it thrusts up between my breasts, sliding backward a bit so I can grab you in my hands as well. One hand curves beneath, cupping and fondling you, the other wraps around your shaft, squeezing and stroking you roughly. You grab a fistful of my long hair, urging me on. Nearly mindless with want, I take you deep into my mouth, my tongue swirling all the way up and down your shaft. Pulling you free of my lips, I twirl my tongue all around, licking you slowly up and down like a popsicle. I blow coolly, gently where I’ve licked, just to see you shiver, then plunge you back inside the heat of my mouth. So wet, so warm! My lips surround you, sucking you deep, drawing you in and out of my mouth. A low growling purr issues from my throat, vibrating against you, making you shudder. My tongue flicks over the head of you, dipping lightly into the little hollow at the tip, sampling your flavor. Mmm… I hum in approval as I pull you deep into my mouth, then let you slide out again, only to catch you once more and suck you back inside. Your hands in my hair urge me faster, so I glide my lips up and down over you, faster and harder, running my tongue repeatedly over the soft ridge…

But apparently I’m not going fast enough for you, and I suddenly feel an impatient tug on my hair as I’m jerked upward and quickly spun around to face the tree. Unsteady on legs that no longer want to support me, I throw my arms around a low-slung branch as your weight behind me forces me to lean into the tree. As your bare chest on my back presses mine against the maple, the roughness of its bark Escort Şanlıurfa feels almost painful, scraping against the tender skin of my breasts- but strangely exciting too. I shudder as you lick the back of my neck, then cry out in bliss as, with a snarl, your teeth close over the skin there, biting me firmly before nipping a line from there to my shoulder and back again.

I sense the weight of your gaze on me as you flip my skirt up over my back. Your movements slowing, I can feel you trace your fingers gently over my backside, your hand cupping me, dipping down to test the wetness you know is there. Sliding a finger over me, into me. I can hear your low pleased laugh, and can only moan, clinging tighter to my tree. Moving in behind me, you run your hand lightly over my backside once more. Then suddenly I hear you growl. “Tease me will you?” and your hand crashes down, spanking me sharply once, twice, then a third time, hard stinging smacks, the sound ringing in my ears. Hard enough to redden and sting but not enough to really hurt. Before I can work up a reply, your hips thrust forward, and you bury yourself in me with one smooth move….

So tight it almost hurts, sheathed entirely within me, oh god, I can feel every inch of you inside. Your hands move to my hips, and suddenly you begin to drive into me, hard and fast enough to rip a scream from my throat. I love the feel of you, pounding yourself fiercely inside me. My back arches as you rock your body against mine, every stroke, every pass making me cry out. Sweat traces a line down the center of my back, trickling down further with every thrust of your hips into mine. Low, helpless noises, whimpers sound from my throat, accompanied by the hammering of flesh against flesh and the sound of your harsh breathing.

Please! I cry out. Oh please… Harder and faster you grind yourself into me, my arms braced desperately on the tree, my nails digging into the rough bark. I call out your name as my body quivers and tightens around yours. Suddenly my back bows, light bursting in front of my eyes, screams spilling from my throat as I come apart in your arms. The pleasure has me writhing, bucking beneath you, nearly bringing me to my knees, but still your hands hold me firmly. Pounding faster now, a flurry of quick, hard thrusts lets me know that the feel of my body throbbing around yours has brought you close, so close. Harder. Faster. Oh yes! A second, unexpected wave of pleasure wracks my body. My eyes go dark and blind, my body arches, tenses and contracts around yours, squeezing you tightly and pushing you over the edge. One final deep thrust and I can feel you explode inside me, drenching me with your warmth. My body rocks with yours as you continue thrusting, still pumping yourself inside me, finally slowing, our breath coming in ragged gasps as you groan your release and collapse against me.

My legs and my death grip on the maple will barely hold me up, let alone both of us, and we slide to the ground together in a boneless heap. Exhausted and pleased, you wrap your arms around me as I snuggle into your chest. Brushing my hair out of your face, you groan contentedly. You can’t see the Cheshire cat smile on my face, but you can feel my deep sigh of satisfaction.

In my fantasies, I always win.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32