Mandy The Flower Girl

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October the 17th, was like any typical morning for Mandy, she woke up, ate breakfast, and went to work. Standing at 5’4 with long blonde hair, and blue eyes , most people wouldn’t consider Mandy a beauty queen, but at the same time she wasn’t bad to look at either.

On this morning Mandy put on the same kind of clothes she always did for work, an old pair of blue jean pants, and a blue button up work shirt, with the name Carol’s Flower Shop embroidered over the right breast pocket.

Mandy sat at her dining room table, eating a bowl of cereal, pondering what she was going to do while she was at work. Mandy was in charge of that flower shop three days out of the week, and when she was there she was the only one that worked. Her biggest job was taking care of the potted plants. She would water them, and trim them when they needed it.

The store was set up with aisles, 6 of them, and the plants were on Metal shelves stacked on top of each other. So sometimes she found herself on her knees checking the flowers on the bottom shelf. This was the biggest reason why she wore pants to work, this would keep her from scraping her knees on the floor. She also had to deal with customers, and to her this was the most depressing part of her job, because 99% of her customers were people buying flowers for there significant other, and at this point of time in her life, she didn’t have one. All and all, Mandy hated her job.

Mandy finished breakfast, and left her house. She then took her cinnamon colored Dodge Neon to work, and parked it behind the store like always. When she got out of the car, she pressed the button on her key chain to lock her doors, then she made her way around the building. The store she worked at was on main street, and it was like any normal main street were most of the building were really close together, and her shop was right next to a Mom and Pa Pizza place, and across the street was a building under construction, and like always when the men from the construction site saw her make her way towards the shop, they began shouting cat calls out to her telling her how hot she looked in her blue jeans. As she opening up the door to her work place she thought, there nothing but talk, would it kill one of them to come over to her shop and ask her out on a date. I mean if there going to holler at me like that, then they need to do something about it.

Mandy open the door, and put her keys back into her pocket, then she made her way around the register which was in front of the store before you got to the flowers. Under the register there were two shelves it was here that Mandy checked to make sure that Kate put all of there tools back in the right place. Kate could be such an air head some times, and most of the time Mandy had to track down there only pair of Floral shears they had, which she use to trim

the flowers with, and some times Kate would put the Spray bottle they use for watering the plants, on top of one of the high shelves, Kate was much taller than her, and some time she would have to get a ladder to bring it down.

Mandy did not like Kate, the two had known each other for years, Kate was about 5’11, and was very petit, she had short black hair, and hazel eyes. Kate surprised every body her senior year when she came out of the closet, and announced she was gay, and since then Maggie has wanted nothing to do with her, Mandy pretty much frowned on that kind of life style, and just thought she did it to get attention. The thing that pissed her off the most, was that after graduation, during a party which was thrown by a mutual friend of there, Kate got drunk, and tried to hit on her. It got so bad that Mandy actually punched her, and said you stupid dyke knock it off. The punch landed right under Kate’s eye, and she fell to the ground, when she got back to her feet, she left the room crying. Later the two would meet up at the shop, where Kate would try to explain her action. Mandy was about to forgive her, but then Kate started telling her how she has had a crush on her since middle school. Mandy slapped her, and called her a fag, and told her if she wanted to remain breathing, she would never think about her again that way. Kate, agreed only because Mandy scared the piss out of her.

As Mandy looked under the counter, she noticed that everything was in place for once, so from there she went to the door, and turned the close sign that was hanging off it, to an open sign, and for the first two hours of that day, nothing interesting happened, Then a customer came in, and he bought a rose for his sweet heart. The man was tall, and for the most part looked as if he had spent alot of time in the gym. He was young, and wore a black business suit, she could tell by the way he was in a rush, that he must have been running late for some kind of meeting. As he walked out the store, Mandy couldn’t help but stare at his ass. This sucked Mandy thought, now I’m horny.

Mandy hadn’t had sex in about a year, the last time she had sex, was with a guy she met at the escort bursa lake, him and his buddies was drinking, and invite her, and at the time her best friend Jenny over to party with them. Mandy would let her self go that night, as she got drunk as hell, and partied around the bon fire. Then she let one of the guys that they were partying with have a crack at her pussy. She couldn’t even remember the guys name, all she remembered was that she was laying on her side, as the boy went in and out of her fast. Then he smacked her ass, as he pulled out, and pull her up to her knees by her hair, and cummed all over her face. Jenny and the other three guys saw this and started laughing there ass off, as Mandy wiped the cum off of her mouth. By the end of that week, almost everyone she knew, knew what happen to her that night at the lake, because Jenny told every one she knew. So since then, Mandy has been trying to lay low, because the last thing she wanted was to be known as a slut, and after about two month or so, every body pretty much forgot about the lake incident.

So since then Mandy hasn’t really had anybody in her life, no friends no boy friends, even her parents had left town, because her dad had to move away for business reason. At least he left her the house. For some reason it was this day that the lonely bug hit her the worst, causing her to be depressed to no end.

Suddenly another customer came in, he looked to be a young man, in his late teens, he had on baggy shorts and wore a black shirt, that said, hail to the Skater revolution. He had short brown hair, and the moment Mandy saw him, she was infatuated with his face, and his blue eyes, and what seem to her to be a perfect smile. She wanted him, but how would she let him know, or is he just another guy here to buy flowers for his girl friend, and is going to totally ignore the fact that she exist.

The boy walked up to the counter, and as he approached, Mandy couldn’t help but check out is flat abs, and admire the over all shape this boy was in. Then he spoke, “Hey, I’m looking for some flowers for my parents anniversary.”

He didn’t say girl friend that’s a good sign. “Sure,” she said with excitement, “Do you know what kind of flowers you want?”

“Um no. Could you help me look around?” The boy asked.

“Sure.” Mandy said with a smile, as she came from behind the counter. She then took him to the first aisle, and as they walked down it, she said, “This is were we keep all are prepared boquets, and we have other arrangements in the next aisle,” then she took him back over to the farthest aisle away from the door, “and this is were we keep are potted plants, and on the bottom shelf we sell seeds. So do you see anything you like?

Mandy turned around at that point, and faced the young man, and noticed that he was checking out her ass. “Yeah I see something I like,” he said. Then he gave Mandy a smack on the ass.

This shocked Mandy, even though she thought this guy was hot, and would love to go out with him, she really wasn’t expecting him to be so forward. “Excuse me!” She exclaimed.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it.” he replied, “I seen how you were checking me out when I came in. You want me I can see it in your eyes.”

Mandy wanted to tell him he was wrong, but before she could say anything, he put his hands on her waist, and pulled her into him, and he gave her a kiss on the mouth. Once he pulled away Mandy stood there frozen, that’s when the young man said, “Suck my dick.”

Mandy tried to say something, but words just kept fumbling in her mouth, and all she could do was mumble, the boy then began losing patients with her, “Fine!” He said,” and here I was thinking you were a cool chick, but if you don’t want to. I guess I can find some other girl.”

Mandy panicked, she really didn’t want him to leave. It had been along time since someone had kissed her the way he did, so to keep him from leaving she said, “Ok. I will suck your dick.”

“That’s more like it,” the boy said. “Come on get on your knees.”

Mandy got on her knees, and pulled the boys shorts down, and grab his cock. As she stroked it, she thought it had to be at least eight inches, and it was really thick to. Then she put it in her mouth, and it was there that in the back of the flower shop behind aisle 6, surrounded by plants, she began sucking the boy’s cock. Mandy stroked his shaft, as she sucked on the tip of his dick, then she tried putting as much of it as she could in her mouth.

“Ah shit!” The boy Exclaimed. “Your a fucking pro at this aren’t you, you must do this all the time.

Mandy pull the boys dick out of her mouth, and said, “No! I’m not usually this…

The Boy cut her off, “Look I didn’t tell you to stop.”

At this point, Mandy was getting frustrated with this boy, but felt it was best just to do what he said, because if she did, maybe the boy would stick around, or maybe he would keep coming back for more, or something. All she knew bursa merkez escort is she didn’t want him to leave. She really wanted his companionship. So she stroked harder and harder on his cock, while her tongue licked the tip of his dick. The boy then grab her by the back of her head and pushed her mouth down on his cock, and that’s when he blew his load in her mouth. The act caused her to

gag, but she swallowed the best she could, but as she was recovering, she saw the boy pulling his shorts back up.”What are you doing?! Mandy exclaimed.

The boy laughed, “Oh thank you bitch for sucking my dick, but I gotta go!”

Mandy was furious, she wasn’t ready for him to go. “Hey!!! Don’t you want to fuck me?

The boy laughed, as he made his way to the door. “You really are a slut aren’t ya? Nah. I ain’t into you like that. I just want some head.”

Mandy yelled back, “What about your flowers?” but before she even finished the

sentence the boy was gone, leaving her once again, all alone.

Mandy felt weak, all she wanted was some human contact. She would have done anything he wanted, as long as he promised to spend time with her. The whole incident drained Mandy. She begin to move towards the counter, and when she got over to were it was, she sat with her back against the side of the counter. She then stretch her legs out towards the back of the store. Then she put her hands on her face as she cried. Every guy she had ever been with has

treated her like shit. Even the boy who took her virginity three years ago, only dated her up to the day she put out. Then the very next day, he told her that he was going back to his ex girl friend. So as far as Mandy was concerned, she had never had a successful relationship with a man. She had just been there for their amusement.

Mandy took her arm, and attempted to wipe the tears from her eyes, and wipe off her face with the sleeves of her work shirt, when suddenly she heard the door open. Mandy then peeked her head around the counter, and saw a pair of legs both long and slim. They were bare, but as Mandy looked up she could see that they belong to a girl wearing a pink Pokka dot mini skirt. That’s when she got off the floor, and noticed Kate standing in front of the counter. She was wearing a white blouse with pink Pokka dots covering it, the blouse it self didn’t quite cover Kate’s flat stomach. That is when Mandy noticed that Kate had a belly button ring.

Mandy quickly got to her feet, but the moment she got up Kate saw her, and saw she had been crying. Kate approached her, “Are you alright?” She asked.

Mandy didn’t say anything, she just made her way behind the cash register, but as she moved she never took her eyes off Kate. Once behind the register, she kept staring at Kate. Mandy could tell by Kate’s body language that she was nervous being around her, but at the same time, she also saw real concern in her face. Kate really wanted to know if she was ok.

Kate took a deep breath and put her hand on the counter. “Mandy,”she said, “What happen? Are you ok?”

Mandy was still staring a hole through her, “Yeah. Everything is fine. What are you doing here?”

Kate put her head down, and then she glanced back at Mandy. “Well, if you really must know, my cousin is having a wedding, and even though that side of the family doesn’t even talk to me anymore. I thought I could still be nice, and drop off some flowers.

Mandy was still staring at her, but at the same time, she also had a rush of thoughts going through her mind. She started to think about what Kate told her the night after she punched her, about how much she respected her, and how all through high school, she had a crush on her. Looking at Kate right now, she had to admit that Kate was beautiful women, and she remember how in high school, Kate use to have to beat the boys off with a stick, because almost everyone of them wanted to go out with her. When Kate came out of the closet on her senior year, she not only surprised everyone with her news, but she gave up all of her popularity, and because she came out of the closet, her family made her an outcast. Kate later thought she had found someone when she began seeing this girl from the local art school, but a month later, she found out that the girl was actually seeing a man, and both of them was using her for her money.

Mandy could tell that Kate was getting antsy, and Mandy couldn’t really blame her. Out of everybody who had ever hurt her, Mandy was sure she hurt her most. Kate was in love with her, and not only did she reject her, but she had violently rejected her, and why did she do it, because she didn’t want to lose what little popularity she had at that time, and where did that logic get her, no where. It left her all alone, even if she didn’t want to be her lover, she could have been her friend.

Kate waited a whole minute, while Mandy just stood there staring at her. Finally Kate couldn’t take it anymore. She smacked bursa escort her hand on the counter, and said, “You know what Mandy, its ok. I’ll just go somewhere else and buy flowers.”

As Kate attempted to take her hand off the counter, but Mandy grabbed it, and said, “Where do you think your going?”

Mandy held Kate’s arm, as she made her way around the counter, and at the same time, Kate was panicking, “Look Mandy, I wasn’t try to get smart with you, I’m just in a real big hurry. Please Mandy, don’t hurt me!”

Mandy led Kate to the back of the flower shop, behind aisle 6. She put Kate to

were her back was facing the wall, and Mandy was blocking her only way out. Kate tried to get around her, but Mandy kept getting in her way. Finally Kate yelled, “Mandy, let me go!”

“Why are you in such a rush?” Mandy responded, “I thought you liked me. I thought you were in love with me.”

Now Kate was really panicking, “Look Mandy, that was such a long time ago, I

haven’t thought about you in that way for a long time.

“Really?” Mandy said sarcastically

Mandy could see the fear in Kate’s eyes, “Listen Mandy.” Kate said, “You made it clear a long time ago that you wanted nothing to do with me. So I try to just keep you out of my mind.”

“Try?” Mandy inquired

Kate backed up, and folded her arms up as she looked away, “Please Mandy, let me go.”

“Get on your knees,” Mandy commanded. Kate swallowed hard, and got on her knees. That when Mandy made her next command. “Eat my pussy.”

Kate was taken completely off guard with this command. “What?!” She shouted

Mandy smiled, “or not,” she said. “Look you can leave if you want,” Mandy gestures towards the door, “but if you leave I will never give you the opportunity to do this again.”

Kate was baffled. She looked up into Mandy’s face, “Your serious aren’t you?” Mandy nodded her head. Kate was in shock, that’s when Mandy started to turn and walk away, but before she could go anywhere Kate grabbed her by the pants and pulled Mandy back towards her, and began unbuttoning Mandy’s pants. As she unzipped them she said, “Well you don’t have to ask me twice.”

Kate pulled Mandy’s pants all the way down, then she wrap her arms around Mandy’s waist as she pulled her closer, she started licking her clit up and down. Then she started kissing it, and sucking on it. Mandy started tensing up, and her legs begin buckling. Kate saw this and pulled Mandy towards the floor causing Mandy to fall on her ass. Kate continue to lick as Mandy laid on her back. Fuck this feels good Mandy thought, as she let out little moans. “Oh god, Kate spoke, your pussy taste so fucking good Mandy.”

“Don’t stop Kate.” Mandy said breathlessly. She then Moaned loud, “Oh god, you must do this all the time.”

“Actually,” Kate replied, but before she could say anything else. Mandy reached up and pushed her head back down.

“Nobody told you to stop,” Mandy yelled. That caused Kate to go back to work.

Mandy felt Kate’s tongue go inside her pussy. Kate then moved it in and out slowly. “Oh god!” Mandy screamed! “I think I’m going to cum!” Kate started moving her tongue faster. Causing Mandy to scream as she finally released.

Mandy Laid flat on her back, as Kate pulled a pink rose out of one of the pots on the middle shelf. Then she rubbed it gently up and down Mandy’s clit. Kate laughed, as she sniffed the flower. MMM! I made you cum Mandy. Then Kate got on her hands and knees and crawled on top of Mandy. She then took the rose that was in her hand, and put it into Mandy’s mouth, and gave Mandy a kiss on the lips. Mandy’s only thought at this time was, thank god the rose has had it’s thorns removed. Kate rested her head on Mandy’s chest, “So what else do you want me to do miss Mandy?” Kate took her index finger, and pushed down on Mandy’s forehead. “I think I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

Mandy took the rose out of her mouth. “This isn’t going at all as I planned.”

Kate smiled. “Oh really? How did you plan it?”

Mandy looked up at Kate. “Well for one thing, I wanted to demean you more.”

“Demean me?!?” Kate Laughed. You can’t demean me. She then grabbed Mandy’s Hands, and held them down on the ground above Mandy’s head, and to Mandy’s surprise Kate was alot stronger than she looked, because at this point Mandy couldn’t move her arms. Kate started kissing up her neck and under her ear. Mandy then heard Kate whisper, “I’m so glad you finally came around Mandy you have no idea how often I dreamed about this. Mandy took a big gulp, and for the first time in this situation, Mandy felt that she may have lost complete control.

“Don’t you have a wedding to go to?” Mandy asked.

“Not anymore.” Kate said

“What are you going to do to me?” Mandy inquired.

“I told you,” Kate responded, “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.”

“How?” Mandy wondered. She had never really figured out how two women could make love, since both of them lacked a certain body part.

Kate laughed, and positioned her self over Mandy’s clit, and began rubbing herself on it. Mandy moaned and grit her teeth together. “Does that feel good?” Kate asked as she gasp.”I took my panties off earlier while I was licking you, and now I’m rubbing my clit against yours.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32