Making Madelaine Ch. 03

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{All characters are over 18 and any sexual references are about +18 sex}


In the last of Madelaine’s episodes, she’d let her boss finally fuck her after years of teasing him. She ended up offering her “oral servitude” to him which he used on nearly a daily basis. Unfortunately, as tends to happen with stunning, vivacious women like her, he began to fall for her. She was thrilled with the sex, she had no interest in being his girlfriend, or wife. Sadly, he was in love. He told her he couldn’t work with her like that. As we’d talked about before, she didn’t really need the job, so she quit. The fool could’ve had many more opportunities to let that wonderful mouth please him, but he wanted it all, or nothing. He chose nothing.

Laney described how it was for her, during her time with him.

“It was so different, knowing that pretty much every day I was going to have to please him. Sometimes he’d make me blow him right at the start to “take the edge off” as he put it. Others he’d make me wait the whole day in anticipation, which would just build me into a frenzy. But, the whole day I was available to him to molest. He had me wearing the loosest tops, the shortest or tightest skirts. He had handfuls of my tits and ass throughout the day. The really exciting part for me was knowing I was that kind of slut for him. I was his office manager, but really I was just some sexy tart who dressed slutty and who he fed his delicious cum.”

“Is it really delicious?” I asked.

“Yes. With some it isn’t. But, there’s a natural taste to it and an attraction for me, almost like it’s full of testosterone, full of “man,” I’ve come to crave that taste. With him, I got so good at coaxing it out of him. I did it so much I learned exactly how to do it. I knew how to slow him down, how to speed him up. It was all depending on how I used my tongue around his head, how much to swirl it, how much suction to have. I could make him shoot or I could make him wait, it was up to me.”

“I think that’s the advantage of repeated use.”

“Yes, and I’m going to want that again, sir. You choose, though. But I want you to find someone who I can do that to on a regular basis.”

“Finding willing guys isn’t really the problem, it’s setting it up that first time THEN having them be the right kind of guy to do it again.”

“And again,” she sighed. “You made this point before though, it’s not like I’m marrying the guy. It could be nearly anyone. Do you have guys at work, or friends you know that would take advantage of a sexy sluts mouth?” she asked with growing arousal.

“You’d suck off my friends?” I asked.

“I’d suck whoever you make me,” she purred.

“You really DO like control. I mean, not just when I do it. Think of the time with “sarge,” how he treated you, how he told you what he was going to do, and how to do it and to “come back.” And, you liked it when your boss “made” you do it.”

“It really is about loss of control for me,” she admitted. “Being made to do those things makes me feel like a dirty slut, which I know I am but it’s like guys are taking advantage of that part of me and I really crave it.”

“It really is too bad about your boss. Who knows how long that could’ve lasted. Instead, he “blew” it after only a month.”

“I COULD go back.. and “visit” him, sometime,” she thought hopefully.

“Maybe, but he’s too into you. Let’s give it time, hopefully he’ll realize what he can, and can’t have. But for now, you want to suck cock…”

“Lots,” she mewed.

On that note I told her about a get together I was going to on the weekend. It’s just a cook out, grill party, with football watching on the side. It’s a dozen of my friends and their wives. I’ve known most of these guys since I was a kid.

“Oooh,” she grinned wickedly. “Am I going to suck any of them off?”

I said honestly, “I don’t really know. My friends are life long. Most are loyal to a fault. Even though they know we aren’t technically “girlfriend/boyfriend” I doubt they’d cross that line, even for an incredible sexpot like you.”

There was one guy, though. He was that friend that no one really knew who he was attached to, he was kind of the “friend of a friend” who had been around us so long that he became part of the circle. He was often crude, opinionated and boorish. Our friend Bob. Years ago, Bob had gotten himself a Russian wife. She was pretty. They had a family, we saw all the family photos. One thing we never saw was his wife. Not once did he bring her around to parties or get-togethers. As the years went on most of us realized that their marriage was probably no more than an “arrangement” for her to come to the United States. He boasted, as he often did, about how pretty and sexy she was, like he was still banging her. I doubted it.

The party was at my brother’s lake house. The weather was beautiful, for fall. Madelaine hadn’t done anything sexual since her last day with her boss. She kept saying she was aching for it and if it didn’t come soon she’d go to the bar herself and take care of it. She was joking, but I knew what she needed. I wasn’t sure it would happen at the party. In a way, I hoped it didn’t but the potential to quench her desire was there for her. I had gaziantep evi olan escort bayan to give her that chance.

We hung out and talked and laughed with the others. The women all focused in on the “so when are you two going to get married?” talk right away. Laney made sure the guys knew our status. “I’m not ready for ONE man again,” she sweetly smiled. “Not after 20 years of marriage.” I saw Bob taking note. I also saw him checking her out. She had on a loose sweatshirt. Underneath she had a lacy bra. She had on her sexy tight jeans. She was adorably sexy.

He’d never met her. Boor that he is, the first thing he said to her when I introduced them was, “so you think James is the best you can do?”

She just smiled. “He IS pretty damned good.”

He just gave her a smirk as if to say, “well, I know someone better.”

We were sitting together and she leaned in and said, “Bob said he loved my sweater,” she giggled, “and what’s under it.”

“What a pig,” I laughed.

“I think that pig thinks he’s going to get your “girlfriend.”

“Is he?”

“You tell me, sir. You’re in charge. If you want me to please that asshole, I will,” she said submissively.

“Take off your bra, then go talk to him again.”

“Oh fuck,” she hissed. “Ok.”

I saw them talking again later, she was facing away from me, she kept looking back nervously. He was in front of her, looking down. No doubt he saw she’d removed the bra. I could even swear he was rubbing across her sweatshirt with his hands. His hands went slowly up and down.

She came back and sat down, she was flushed. “Did you see? He was rubbing my nipples through the sweatshirt with the back of his hands. Oh god, they are so hard right now.”

“You want it, don’t you?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“I do, sir. I want to. Make me suck him. Make me suck his cock!”

“Then get up and don’t come back until you have.”

Some of the group had headed down to the lake through a nature path, going to their boat dock. They loved floating around the lake on the pontoon boat, drinking and smoking weed. I sent her back to Bob.

“James, you want to go down to the boat?” she asked with a grin and a wink. I knew what she wanted.

“Uh, no. I’m going to stay here and catch the last part of the game,” I lied.

“Ok, Bob wants to take me down to the dock. He’s going to show me how to get there.”

“Ok, have fun!” I said, knowing full well what awaited her.

I waited for ten minutes. I hoped I hadn’t waited too long. I crept down the path after them. I knew they weren’t making it to the dock. I walked slowly around every corner. Finally, I heard faint voices. They were off the path. I sneaked through the bushes and the overgrowth. There was a little clearing. They were still talking. I wasn’t too late.

“So you are saying that old man gives you what you need, sexually?” he asked with disgust.

Bob was younger, having just turned 50. He was a good looking guy, a former basketball player and still into fitness. He was also very full of himself. He was just the type of guy to take advantage of her weakness for cock.

“He’s very good,” she said, defending me. “But, we’re not exclusive, I’m sure you heard that. We can still date and see others.”

“So I see,” he said smugly. “Ten minutes with me and you and I are here, alone…away from the group.”

“You know I don’t know how to get down to the dock, then, you told me you had something to show me.”

“Look,” he said with purpose, “I think we both came here for the same reason. I saw you back there, smiling, winking. Plus, you aren’t subtle about showing off what you got. That sweatshirt doesn’t hide your tits that well and those pants…whew, they are basically painted on you. I can see your shape, down there.”

He was trying to talk her into something she was already going to do, he just didn’t know it. She had her arms crossed over her tits, kind of in a defensive position. I think she was just toying with him. Still, I wondered if either of them had the guts to go through with it.

He said, “I’ll bet James isn’t your only lover. I bet you have lovers on the side.”

She knows how I love her to actually have to tell the truth in situations like this. It makes her hot to be embarrassed like that.

“Yesss,” she said softly.

“Ha! I knew it! I’ll bet you look for it all the time, especially after losing your husband. I’ll bet you are always hotter than a firecracker.”

“Yessss,” she purred again, she was getting into “that place” she loves to be, a submissive plaything.

He was totally into it now. He’d figured out the code. “I’ll bet you are itching for cock right now, especially a nice, big one.”

I saw her blush, and nod sheepishly. He stepped up to her and let her feel his cock through his jeans. I saw the biggest smile cross her face.

“I’m going to give it to you, deep,” he groaned as her fingernail teased the head of his cock.

“I’m not going to fuck,” she said, suddenly trying to regain some control.

“What? What the fuck?” he protested.

“Not yet,” she bargained. “Let me suck gaziantep fetiş escort bayan it.”

“Are you sure? You need a cock like this and you know it.”

“I do, I need it bad,” she said with a whine. “But for now, I really need to suck that cock.”

“And you know what I need?” he said confidently.

“What?” she purred.

“I want you to get those fucking clothes off so I can see what you’ve been hiding from me after all that teasing.”

I saw her turn as red as her hair. Still, there she was, in a clearing still within earshot of the house, stripping for this rude but well built, man. He admired the view.

“God damn, those tits are amazing,” he said as he groped them freely. “And that ass, that ass,” he said as he spun her around. He gave her a sharp slap across one of the cheeks which made her whimper. “Now, if you are going to suck it, you are going to make it good, how I want it.”

“Yes, sir,” she said obediently.

“That’s better. You and I both know I’m the better man and even though I’m not fucking you…this time, you and I know damned well that once you’ve had this, and if you keep hanging around showing off to me, you are going to get this in every hole. Now get the fuck on your knees.”

I swore her whole body turned red, like a rash, to be talked to this way. This was better than I’d hoped. I figured he was one of those big talk, little dick guys. I was wrong. He took it out and slapped it with his hand a couple times, teasing her with it. He made her crawl to him. He really loved her ass.

“God damn, that ass is crazy. I’m going to have my hips pumping up against that thing and SOON.”

She crawled up to him and tried to take it in her hands. He pushed them away. He made her stay like that, on her knees, while he slapped his dick on her face. He kept sliding it back and forth across her face. I saw her try to lick it and get it in her mouth every time. He was playing with her.

“Do you like it?” he asked proudly.

“I fucking love it,” she panted. I knew she wasn’t lying. It wasn’t the size, even though it was longer than average, it was beautifully shaped, even as a guy I can admit that. It also had nice girth, which she loved.

“Good, now I don’t know how much time we have until your pencil dicked non-boyfriend comes snooping around, but this is going to go MY way.”

“Ok?” she peeped, her eyes still glued to the impressive cock just inches from her mouth.

“People may come up and down the path, but if we stay quiet we can finish this. There are two things I like, when sluts are sucking my cock.”

I know that made her wet. She was just a slut who was going to suck his cock.

“First, no hands. If I wanted a hand job I’d do it myself. If you touch my cock I spank your ass, and not a tap, either. It’s a punishment smack, you’ll feel it tomorrow. Got it?”

“Yes sir,” she said in a airy voice that was lost in lust. “What was the other?”

He slipped off his belt. He wrapped it around her neck and tightened it. I could see her body jump in surprise, but true to her nature, she allowed it. He pulled it tighter. I could see her start to choke and her face was filling with blood. He just smiled and loosened it. Laney likes the choking, at least having a hand or hands around her neck. We’ve never done it to the point of passing out, however. She just likes the feeling of being taken.

“Now, if I hear anyone coming, besides me, that is,” he laughed. “I’m going to pull on the belt and you have to hold my cock in until they pass, not a sound, got it?”

“Oh god, yes sir, yes sir!” she said, her fear was fighting her arousal. The arousal was winning.

I was lying on the ground, just behind a tree. I was behind him and just a bit to the side. I could see her face clearly. She was on her knees, her hands were on her knees submissively. He had control of her by the neck. He pulled her in. Finally, she got her mouth on him. I saw her eyes close as the pleasure of being finally able to serve him washed over her.

She blew him that way, using only her mouth. He “helped” her by pulling her in with the leash, then pushing her back. He was rocking her on and off his cock.

“Fuck yeah, Madelaine, the first minute I saw you I knew I was going to have you on your knees.” She couldn’t protest, she was being face fucked.

It was better than any internet porn. Seeing that gorgeous creature, her red hair flowing, those sexy, pouty lips being invaded by his cock. I watched her tits sway and saw her submissively take it. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Suddenly, I saw him tug the leash. It made her straighten up farther on her knees. Still, true to her word she kept her mouth on him the whole time, even as the air stopped flowing through her windpipe. He kept her like that, as a couple people walked by, down the path. Finally, he let her free. She tried to hold back coughing but she couldn’t, she took her hand and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She was trying to recover. He just waited. When she recovered, she tried to put his cock back in her mouth. He whispered something to her. She turned around and got on her knees.

“Raise bayan gaziantep escort that ass, bitch.”

She lifted it higher.

“I told you not to touch it. Sluts need to listen.”

“I know, sir, I’m sorry!”

He hit her with an open hand across one of her beautiful ass cheeks. She stifled a scream with her arm.

“Now get back here and finish your job, slut.”

She scurried back into position and he went back to face fucking her using the belt as leverage.

“Oh man, I’m going to cum and I’m going to dump it straight down your throat,” he warned.

He pulled the leash tight again, roughly. I didn’t even know how she could take it. He was balls deep in her, she can deepthroat, but it’s not her favorite thing. He didn’t care. He held her like that on his dick while he shot his load clear down her throat. Her face was cherry red, there was spit all over it, she was a beautiful, sexy mess. Finally, he released her and she fell back in a heap on the ground.

He just zipped up, probably smiling, I couldn’t see his face at this point. “Now, we both know who we are. You’re the slut who loves to please, and I’m the guy with the cock you need. Call me when you need this again.”

He left her there. She was crying softly. Slowly she started to dress. Once I knew he was gone I came out to comfort her.

“Damn, Laney, are you all right?”

“I’m …fine,” she sniffed. “He was so forceful, so brutal, so rough, did you see?”

“Yes, I saw all of it.”

“He just used my mouth as his toy. I didn’t even get to suck him, or lick his balls,” she said dejectedly.

“Sometimes guys have their own agendas,” I admitted. “I’m sorry if it was too much.”

“But it wasn’t,” she said through the tears. “You saw me, you saw how he made me obey. He MADE me obey, he MADE me his. Why do I get off on this stuff so much??” she sobbed softly.

“We can’t help who we are. I’m a guy who likes “his” girl to please other men. I can’t help that either. It’s who we both are.”

“So you are ok with me doing things like this, even with your friends?”

“Yes, if you are. It looks like you need that kind of control and use.”

“Are you going to…make me please him again?” she whimpered.

“I’d say no, but judging from how wet you are right now, I’d say we’ll have to wait and see.”

“Ok sir,” she said, smiling through her tears. “I loved the way he took charge. I love how he talked to me, like I was just some slut meant only to please him. I don’t need the rough play to get excited. I loved the words probably more than his actions. I’m not sure I could handle his intensity if he fucked me like that. He seems to really like the cruelty. I want the embarrassment, like him making me say how much I wanted it. I crave the debasement. I guess it worked out like it should. Like you’ve said, guys have their own agendas. His was to take me roughly, choke me with a belt and cum down my throat. You know what? I needed that. I need to please, it shouldn’t matter how the guy wants it. “

“What a jerk,” I said.

“Yes, the jerk that you let blow his load down your girl’s throat,” she giggled softly. “So I guess I’m saying if you want to let him fuck me, knowing how he’ll take it, I really shouldn’t be able to say no,” she peeped.

“We’ll see. But, I have my own needs, ” I grinned. I pushed her onto her back and took that sweet pussy which was nearly boiling from excitement. Then, I licked her to orgasm, over and over, until she nearly passed out and made me stop.

We walked back down the path to the house. I ran straight into Bob, who was smirking.

“I see you found her,” he grinned. “I tried to show her where the dock was but she changed her mind and said she was going back to get you,” he lied.

“Well, thanks for taking care of her!” I smiled, he had no idea how I meant it.

For the rest of the night I watched her laugh and talk to people, as if nothing had happened. Only one person, my friends wife, asked her about the red marks on her neck. She just smiled sweetly and said she’d scratched herself. She said she was allergic to some weeds and must’ve had a break out. I saw Bob grinning the whole time. More than once when she got up to get a beer or something I saw him get handsy with her, especially the drunker he got. She told me he teased and tormented her nipples through the sweater the rest of the night. When it was time to leave I whispered to her to “say goodbye” to him and that I’d be out at the car.

“Do you want something else to happen?” she asked. It sounded hopeful.

“You do what a good submissive slut NEEDS to do,” I ordered.

I sneaked around the corner and waited. I saw him grin as she approached him. They were smiling and flirting, but it wasn’t out of place, it was just typical party banter. Then, I saw them disappear around the side of the house. I hurried around the other way. When they got out of sight (or so they thought), I saw him step in and kiss her deeply. He put his hands inside her sweatshirt to feel her tits. I saw him say something to her. I noticed her lower her head. It was submission. She did that crazy woman thing where they take their bras off without taking off their shirts. She handed it to him. He grinned from ear to ear. He went back to pawing her exquisite tits. He got his hand inside her jeans, but only by unzipping them, they were so form fitting. I could see he must’ve been working her clit with his fingers, the way she was grinding against him. Finally, he let her go with a slap on her ass. I heard her giggle. I saw her fingers caressing his bulge through his pants lovingly.

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