Making a Maid Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

I need to explain the whole gay comment since I saw my first porno I had always wondered what cum tasted like and I also knew I would never have sex with another man, so I figured it would have to be my own. Figuring that, many times when I had jacked off I would catch my own and eat it that way, but I’d chicken out or just lose interest and the few times I had asked Millie if she’d like me to go down on her after having sex, she always agreed too, I’d get between her legs bend down kiss around her vulva but I’d wimp out. I think she wanted me to try it but she never mentioned it, I think she sensed my discomfort but today she wasn’t going to let me get away with it. Today me wimping out was not an option. As I replayed the afternoons events, though the element of surprise was complete, the fantasy I had dreamed, was never as intense in my mind as the real deal was today.

I finished my shower and as I toweled off I stared at my reflection and I thought to myself I am going to commit myself completely to this charade at least for this week. Millie seemed gungho so if she was willing then I was to! Once I was dry and I padded down the hallway to our room I called downstairs “Ma’am I’m ready to get dressed now.” I heard her come up the stairs and enter our room.

“Glen honey how can you be a proper maid with a name like yours?” ” This week when your wearing your uniform I’ll call you Glynis, or maybe Glenda,” “Which would you prefer?”

“I think I’d rather you called me Glenda ma’am.

“Then Glenda it is.” she said.

She stood in front of me with her hands on hips and told me to choose some panties, Then she said, “Bring the black garter and the gray stockings.” I stood quickly and went to the Bostancı escort dresser to her under ware drawer I opened it and saw only her things, “Glenda honey your things are in your undie drawer your panties, stockings and garters will be there, also your uniform will be in the closet and when you aren’t wearing it that’s where I expect you to place it. ” That seemed simple enough so I readily agreed.

I opened my drawer and there folded neatly in two neat piles wear the panties and in a third stack was the hose and the garters. I chose a simple white pair, grabbed the stockings and garter and then returned to her now sitting on the bed. \

“You’ve chosen well Glenda, now come sit next to me sweetie.” as she patted the bed to her right. I sat down at her side and as soon as I had she said to me, “When you put the stockings and panties on make sure the garter and hose are first, because if you don’t every time you have to use the potty you’ll have to unfasten the garters and believe me Glenda that’s a pain. The next thing you need to know a woman never sits with her legs apart you must always remember to keep your knees together when it’s physically possible if I catch you exposing your crotch you will be punished. I hope you will remember that!” I quickly brought my legs together and I could tell this pleased her.

“Now put this on.” Taking the garter from her hand I stood and stepped into the belt and shimmed it up, then I sat again and was handed a stocking I bent and began to put it on like a sock, ” No honey first you need to bunch it up top to toe then slide it over your foot and work it bottom to top, and once you have completely raised it attach the hose to the garter, then put Anadolu Yakası Escort on the panties.”

I her followed instructions as efficiently as possible and after attaching the last clasp she handed me the panties and I stepped into them and as I did I reveled in there soft silky feel, my cock began to grow. Seeing that told me to take care of that because, “You cant wear your uniform with a hard on.

I reached down and began to stroke my cock, as I did she said “Glenda looking at you this way is making me wet too; so when your done you are going to have to take care of me too.”

The idea of eating her pussy raised my excitement level that much quicker and my stroking speed faster and faster. With my orgasm almost upon me she whispered to me, “Catch it in your other hand because your going to eat that too.” Hearing those words I exploded into my palm and as I milked out the last drop, there was probably a spoon full, I hesitated for a brief moment she grabbed my wrist and brought my hand to my mouth, “Glenda honey don’t make me mad; open your mouth and get busy!” I hesitantly extended my tongue, and as I did she pushed my hand firmly to my mouth and said “Don’t dally and don’t swallow it; get busy.” I quickly began to lick the cum from my hand , the taste and texture wasn’t that unpleasant and when I was finished she told me to “open and show me.” I opened my mouth and proudly showed her I had done as she asked. I knew she was happy when she smiled and told me, ” Now swallow it.” I quickly did and as I felt it slide down my throat I was secretly pleased because I knew I had done something we both had wanted.

Millie told me; “Now on your knees in front of me take my panties Kadıköy Escort off of me and get to work.”

I eagerly complied and helped her slide her panties down and then off, she then spread her legs, as soon as her twat was exposed I could smell her arousal. Her scent, was in my mind only topped by her glorius taste. I leaned in and began to gently kiss around her mons and I guess because she wanted me to get down to business she pulled my mouth tightly against her. My tongue began to enter her vagina and she quickly said “deeper deeper fuck me with your tongue and as I pushed in she reached down and spread her labia for me, when she did her wetness flowed into my mouth, I was in heaven her flavor was incredible. I cannot begin to describe it other than it was tangy and kind of sweet and as I savored it, pushing my tongue as deep and as fast as I could, she began to squirm then she said “My clit suck my clit, suck it now!” I quickly changed my attack and brought my lips and tongue to her clit and pulling her hard nub between my lips I sucked it and began to flick it as firmly and still as gently as I could. Her squirming quickly changed to grinding and her moans to loud grunts and groans, her words uttered to me were “Yes yes suck it make me cum, Oh yes here it is; fuck my cunt with your nasty cum stained tongue you nasty boy FUCK ME FUCK ME!! . As I did she vigorously began to rub her clitoris I could feel her vaginal walls contracting, and her pussy just leaking into my mouth “OH OH OHHHHHHHHHHHH ,” her legs squeezed my head her other hand jammed my face to her as her orgasm flowed through her, it seemed her contractions went on for about two minutes.

” Okay okay stop stop, I’m too sensitive now, stop.” I quickly ended my oral activities and as I peered up I saw a contented smile and knew she had just had perhaps the most incredible sexual release she had ever experienced.

“Baby you’ve done very well perhaps a rreward is in order.”

(next part 3 Glenda gets her reward)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32