Maintenance Man Ch. 02

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I’m sitting here today waiting for John, an HVAC repair man to arrive. Yesterday he evaluated the furnace and we came to an agreement to cover the costs of the repair. I blew him yesterday. It was starting payment for work he will do for me. He has a beautiful suckable cock and a sexy muscular butt. It’s the kind of butt that I wanted to have my legs wrapped around while he fucks me. It hasn’t happened yet but I am going to try to make it happen.

John arrived late afternoon. He brought in the parts and headed up to the attic. An early job had taken more time so it had been a long day. He immediately went to start the repairs. I offered him something to drink and he wanted a water. When I brought it he was in the attic and turned around. I reached up to hand it to him and he sat on the attic floor with his feet hanging through the access panel, accepting it. It was just a bit too far to reach so I stepped onto his ladder. He took the bottle, smiled and unbuckled his belt. I took my queue and stepped up the ladder.

He lifted his sexy butt to allow me to pull his pants down. I pulled his boots off and dropped them, then his pants and boxers too. My position was too high so I took a step down. Escort bursa My face was perfectly aligned with his cock. I leaned forward as his cock grew hard. His legs were separated so I planned on giving some attention to his ass. I took the head into my mouth, sucking his cock in I let my mouth sink down to the base.

He leaned back and I had full access to his cock and balls. I continued sucking and moving my head up and down on his gorgeous cock. It was perfect with a large bulbous head. I enjoyed getting all of it in my mouth even if just barely. I bobbed my head on his cock a few more times. The taste of the precum turned me on to no end. Feeling his cock filling my mouth added to my excitement encouraging me to satisfy him. I moved up just a bit so I could hold his balls while sucking on his cock. I felt them tighten a bit and backed off. I wanted his orgasm to wait and build a bit more. I wanted it to build so he screams out when he comes in my mouth. I wanted him to cum harder this time. I wanted him to completely fill my mouth with his cum.

It seemed that his orgasm subsided so I started working his cock harder again, moving my mouth up and down, massaging it with my Antalya escort tongue while he leaned back moaning in pleasure. I pulled my mouth off and licked down his cock. I felt his balls and noticed my spit had dribbled down across his balls to his ass. I spit quietly on my finger to add to what gravity had brought to his asshole. Yes, his hairy ass was motivating me again. I put one finger there and my mouth back on his cock. I sucked his cock to the base again and rubbed my finger across his hole. He moaned so I knew I was on the right path.

I pulled my head back, then when I slid my mouth down his cock to the base I also shoved my finger halfway into his ass. I knew the feeling was a lot for him so I held still while he moaned out. He tried to fuck my mouth but I was in control. I matched his movements until he relaxed a bit. While I still had his cock in my mouth I started sliding my finger in and out of him. He moaned his approval and I started bobbing my head on his cock again.

He lost control and I let him fuck my mouth. I kept my head still and held the finger I had in his ass still while he started moving his hips up and down. He only lasted a minute before he started Manavgat escort bayan cumming. He lifted his ass up. I started finger fucking his ass and bobbing my head on his cock until he came. I sucked the cum into my mouth, milked his cock with my left hand and continued fingering his ass with my right hand. When he finished shooting cum I pulled my finger and stepped down. I went back to the living room leaving him to recover.

Two hours later he finished the repairs. He had it running and came down to find me. The cold AC air felt great. He accepted my offer for a beer but turned down dinner. He was expected home soon. I grabbed two beers and we sat on the couch. He said everything was taken care of but I could call him directly if I needed anything. I thanked him and said he could call me when he needs something. He smiled and hinted for a little more before he left.

I moved next to him, pulled down his pants and took his cock in my mouth again. It was very familiar now but still as enjoyable as the other times. He sat back to let me work on him. I had one hand across his leg feeling his hair. I continued massaging his cock while bobbing my head on it. I ran my tongue up and down the front before taking him in again. He started moving his hips to match my rhythm. I kept going until he came. His load was smaller than earlier but his cock throbbed the same. He thanked me again and pulled his pants back on. He left but I would see him again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32