Maiden Voyage

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Thank you so much to Lusty_Libra for so kindly proof reading and editing this first attempt at writing erotica. Your sweet words and encouragement are greatly appreciated.


My name’s Crystal and I absolutely love watching sports. Football, rugby, boxing, rugby, tennis, rugby, athletics, rugby, ice hockey, rugby, wrestling and especially rugby. And before you ask no I’m not butch or even slightly boyish, in fact the only pants I wear are my pajamas. Not that pants are always boyish looking of course, far from it, but I’m a dress/skirt and cowboy boots girl all the way, I always preferred the swish of fabric around my legs…and the erotic sensation of the air around my bare pussy when I take the notion to be naughty and leave my panties at home.

I’m 35, 5’4″, long curly nut brown hair, light blue eyes, curvy with 36FF boobs and a UK size 12-14 body. I would love to slim down to a size 10 but my metabolism just refuses to let me, not that I get any complaints about how I look. Guys typically can’t see past the 36FFs anyway.

I had been going out with my ex boyfriend for three years before we split. It was a very amicable and mutual break up. He had decided to retrain as a paramedic so he packed up and headed to the other end of the country to the university. We’re both huge fans of our local rugby team and having gone to every home match with him and all of the away games we could get to, I was suddenly without a match buddy.

None of my friends were into rugby so one night I found myself on the team’s fan forum, scrolling the threads to see if there was a group of supporters I could join. I spotted one entitled ‘Match Buddy Wanted’.

I was thrilled to discover someone called BeaBear was female and had also recently broken up with a guy and without a friend to go to matches with. She had two away match tickets and a double room in a budget hotel booked and paid for by her ex boyfriend who didn’t want to use them. She didn’t want to go alone so was asking if any female wanted to go to the free match scheduled for that next weekend and share the room, which would be switched to a twin of course and drive if she put in towards gas.

Without pausing to overanalyse the dangers, (the possibility she’d be a bore, smell like week old garbage, be an axe murderer, or worse…be into cheesy boy band pop music) I replied to her post in a private message saying I’d love to go.

She was online so she replied straight back and the next hour just flew by as we fired back and forth funny messages and personal details about ourselves. We had lots in common including both working for the civil service (but in different office buildings in the city) and our recent break ups. Although she was almost 10 years younger than me, it didn’t appear to stop us getting on like the proverbial house on fire.

The next few days consisted of us chatting in private messages all through our lunch hour at work and for a few hours in the evening. Then the night before we were to meet she asked me if she could add me to Skype and have a quick video chat so we’d be able to recognize each other at the meeting point arranged the next day. I warned her I had already changed into my pajamas and was in bed so she typed ‘give me five minutes, I’m dying to get out of my bra so I’ll get into my pjs too, then we can be on even ground’.

I have had a string of boyfriends since my strict Catholic parents allowed me to date at 18, but before that my only experience of sex was talking about it A LOT with my best friends Jeannie and Pauline. Jeannie and I were very close, and are pretty good friends now still, but Pauline went to a different school and was allowed to date from the age of 13-14 so wasn’t around as much.

Pauline was pretty advanced, sexual maturity wise, compared to me and Jeannie. She had her period first, got a bra first, French kissed a boy first and to be honest I was a little bit in awe of her. At 18 her parents trusted her to stay home on her own while they went on weekend ghost hunting trips, so long as she had someone stay over with her. I lived on the next street to her so my parents let me go and stay. What happened on some of those evenings might be best kept for another story but let’s just say Pauline awakened certain needs in me, helped me achieve my first orgasm, and made me love my own body…a lot…and vigorously.

But since we parted ways when she left the country to go to catering college in Dublin, I haven’t had sexual feelings for another female.

Until that night Bea and I chatted until 2am on Skype.

Bea’s face appeared on my laptop screen and I immediately smiled a huge grin which stayed on my face until we both almost fell asleep mid conversation. She looked like a fluffy little cherubic angel with her halo of white blonde hair piled up on her head, big green eyes and white dressing gown. She had explained the night we first PM’d that her forum name BeaBear was because she was fat like a bear. I had to scold her when I saw her – she was so far from fat! She bursa yabancı escort was curvy, like me, just shorter with slightly smaller boobs and rounder face.

We got to chatting about our recent breakups, she said she didn’t miss that much about her ex, except having a fellow rugby supporter, and his fingers. I just blushed but she giggled delightedly at my embarrassment and finished the sentence

‘…he was soooooo good at massaging my neck and shoulders!’

At that point she reached over to open the drawer of her bedside table. Her dressing gown slipped open and the naked curves of her cleavage appeared right before my eyes on screen. I got an instant pang of arousal in my pussy, I automatically squeezed my legs together and flushed from the chest up, it felt so inappropriate.

When she brought the arm that had disappeared into her drawer back into view I was surprised at how pleased I was that her gown stayed open… so much so that it took me a moment to notice the bright purple vibrator in her hand.

‘Who needs fingers when you have one of THESE!’ she announced, laughing her cute little giggle again. Anyone else waving a big purple cock in my face would have looked crude, but this little angel just looked adorable and kinda sexy.

The conversation predictably turned to what kind of toys we both had and how often we used them. She admitted her favourite was a remote control vibe she loved to wear in her undies while her ex took control of the on/off speed switch while out and about. She made me laugh so hard when she described her embarrassment one night when they were at a rugby match and he turned the vibe up to the highest setting every time the opposing team scored a try and penalty points, making it appear as if she was VERY excited about them scoring. All the while she was wearing head to toe colours of her own team, standing on the terraces among similarly dressed supporters.

Eventually we said goodnight and confirmed our meeting point and time.

Once I turned off my laptop and got under the covers I allowed my mind to drift back to the vision of her creamy cleavage, and then it melded into my memory of Pauline’s flatter chest… then a mixture of them both.

I had often watched soft porn with my ex and especially enjoyed the girl on girl scenes. I told myself it was because I liked to imagine myself in the place of the female in porn, imagine I’m the one giving head, receiving it, riding a big cock and in lesbian scenes I get to imagine myself having twice the fun. When my boyfriend played with my boobs, sucked on my nipples etc, I would often think back to the porn we’d just watched and imagine it was one of the sexy girls touching me, and I’d reach out to stroke his disappointingly flat chest and play with his tiny man nipples.

Perhaps I was lying to myself? Maybe I actually want to be IN one of those girl on girl scenes, not just imagine a random gender is playing with my body? Yes. It’s WHO is touching me that is important. I want to touch a woman and I want her to reciprocate. There! I admit it.

With that I pulled a pillow down between my legs and rocked my, by then, soaking wet pussy while I licked my finger tips and pinched and rolled my stiff nipples with them, making believe they were hot wet lips and tongue . Like they were Bea’s hot wet lips and tongue. I came so hard I had to put my pillow by the heater to dry out.


The next day was a miserable, dark, wet September day and poor Bea was a bit rained on by the time I picked her up in the city. She still looked like a cherubic angel though, just a slightly drenched one.

We excitedly hugged each other when she got into the car like we were old friends. She giggled and apologized for getting my white top a bit damp. I looked down at the two wet circles revealing the outline of my thin lace bra and then automatically looked at the two beautifully rounded culprits on her chest.

I knew without checking the rear view mirror my face was flushed again as her jersey wraparound dress had gaped open as we hugged and she had an expanse of ample cleavage on display. I had to squeeze my thighs tight together again and laughed off my discomfort by putting the car in gear and rolling the windows down a bit saying ‘ah don’t worry, we’ll soon be dry! I’ll put the heat up too, you can steam away on our way there and be dry by the time we hit the hotel’.

As I pulled into the busy rush hour traffic she started to fiddle with the radio controls and chatter happily away ‘You are so lucky to be able to wear pretty little bras like that ya know’.

‘Little?? Haha, there is more lace on this baby than my granny’s curtains!’

‘Yeah but it’s so delicate and fine, I have to wear thick jersey bras, soooo not sexy.’

I turned to see her pout prettily and, intrigued, I asked why. ‘Oh, it’s just…well, I have…weird boobs’ she mumbled and looked away. Then shouted ‘hey look! Traffic is clearing, bursa sınırsız escort we’ll be on the motorway in no time!’

She obviously regretted bringing up the subject and was keen to change it, so I let it go, but was very curious. She was right though, the traffic had cleared and we were soon well on our way. We chatted about our team’s recent great form and the rumours of a new player from South Africa joining them when suddenly she almost made me steer off road when she asked ‘So? Did you bring any toys??’ ever so innocently and then laughed naughtily.

‘No! I didn’t! Why? Did you?’ I replied slightly curious.

‘Hahaha, nooooo… I did think about it though!! Rugby makes me horny. Ah, sure if I get randy you can help me out, right??’

I turned to see if she was joking and saw her flash me a big exaggerated wink. ‘Oh you little rascal! I thought you were serious then!! Haha’.

‘Really??? So? Were you horrified or excited?’ she elbowed me in the ribs, repeated her question, obviously insisting on an honest answer.

My brain said ‘horrified, of course!’ but my mouth said aloud ‘Intrigued’.

We drove in silence for about ten minutes when she broke the tension in the car ‘Are you bisexual?’ Her tone was pure curiosity, no judgement, so I found myself telling her about my dalliances with Pauline.

She surprised me by telling me it sounded so hot and got my pulse racing with a few stories about her time in boarding school. She shared a dorm room with three other girls and during their final year hormones began to rage a riot through the dorm at night. After tentatively listening to each other masturbate as quietly and discreetly as you can in beds barely a foot apart, they began talking about it and progressed to all masturbating together and watching each other.

My undies were definitely getting damp and my clit throbbed an erratic rhythm as I listened to her. Then suddenly we were pulling into the entrance of the hotel and the horny tension broke. We busied ourselves with grabbing our overnight bags and navigating our way through check in and up into our room.

We just about had time to freshen up and hit the stadium, grab a drink and burgers and take our place on the terraces. It wasn’t until our team ran onto the pitch that we realized we hadn’t changed into our team shirts, or even brought scarves to wave. We made up for it with our cheering and clapping every score though, and were on a huge high by the time we left the stadium, our team having won by 20 points.

I drove us back to the hotel and was pulling in to the car park again when Bea moaned a long low growl.

‘Nnngggghhhhh… there we go! I told you rugby makes me horny! And winning just makes me feel like a total nympho. Too late to nip into town to see if any toy shops are open??’

We both laughed hard, I no longer felt embarrassed by the subject, in fact I actually pondered turning the car right around to check!

Then my mischievous mouth ran away with me again and as we walked into the hotel I said ‘you didn’t need toys when you were playing in your dorm, did you?’

‘True!! Very true. The naughtiness made it all too easy to cum with fingers alone. Did you use any toys with Pauline?’

‘Nooo, no, I wouldn’t even have known where to get them back then! It was just fingers, and… ermmm…’

‘What?? You LICKED each other??’

We were headed for the hotel bar across the foyer but I was so shocked she practically shouted such personal stuff to anyone that would have been listening that when I spied the elevator doors open I playfully pushed her into them, hit the number for our floor and laughingly put my hand over her lips as the doors closed.

‘Big mouth!! I can’t trust you in public, can I?? No! We didn’t get THAT far, we just…we started kinda humping each other’s leg, then progressed to grinding our pussies on the other’s. I only came a couple of times like that though, she would cum almost instantly and I felt too embarrassed…and naive, I suppose, to continue grinding on her after that. I’d go home horny as hell, or into her bathroom, and rub myself to orgasm. Ok nosy??? Is that enough info or do you want me to draw you a diagram too??’.

‘Yes please!’ She turned her cheeky smiling face up toward me as we had now reached our room and I struggled to get the key card swiped.

Once in the door she pushed it closed with me against it, put one hand on my waist and another at the back of my head, pulling me to her and kissed me. Hard. It was incredible and unexpected. I moaned against her mouth and pressed my body to hers. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into mine, then suddenly stopped and stepped away from me.

‘I wish I could be like Pauline for you, I’d not stop grinding on you until you came twice, at least’ and then she just walked away and lifted the tv controls.

‘What do you mean? You are better than Pauline in so many ways Bea! You are grown up with a mature görükle escort body, you are so beautiful, and tender, and I can’t stop imagining you without that dress on.’

‘It’s what is under my dress that I’m worried about. In the dorm I just pulled up my nightshirt and frigged myself watching the other girls. Some of them preferred to strip right off, some just unbuttoned their pajama bottoms and tops, but I always kept my top half covered. I wanted to whip my nightshirt over my head and play with my tits like the others but…I couldn’t.’

She looked so sad I thought she was about to cry. I strode over to her and pulled her into the tightest hug. ‘Why Sweetie? Tell me? Do you have a scar? Stretch marks? Psoriasis? That’s ok, nothing can put me off, you should never be ashamed of your body. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!’

I pressed my mouth to hers and pecked her lips, then pecked along her cheek to her ear, down her neck until I got to her dress covered shoulder. She began to relax and go limp against me and then seemed to come to a sudden decision.

She pushed me gently away and said ‘Ok! Ok…sit down’ and she pushed me onto the nearest bed and stayed standing. She kicked off her shoes and untied the side of her dress. I joined in by kicking off my boots and pulling my cardigan off.

She stood right in front of me and unwrapped her dress, shrugging it off. She had a very sheer, floaty white full slip on over white cotton bra and bikini briefs. She hesitated then slipped out of her briefs, kicking them off with one foot. I could just about see she was either fully waxed or a natural blonde, or both, then she fidgeted behind her back, undoing her bra and shrugged out of it.

I could see what she meant by her bra. Even though she is fairly well endowed her bra is stiff and padded. The cups still kept their shape even once she dropped it beside her panties on the floor. I had focused my eyes on her boobs, outlined beneath her wafer thin slip.

An amazing pair of big puffy nipples sat out, right in the centre of her gorgeous C cup breasts like dusky pink marshmallows. They tilted up at me slightly, their dark shadows from the low overhead light casting the sexiest outline on the pale skin of her beautifully curved stomach.

When I fantasised about sucking another woman’s nipples I imagined rock hard teats with a tip I could lick and nibble until it grew in my mouth, flicking it back and forth with the end of my stiffened tongue, but these…these were beyond my fantasies. They were exactly what I hadn’t even known I wanted as my maiden voyage into dedicated breast play.

Nerves usually make my mouth dry up, but suddenly my tongue became wet with lust, my lips tingled, my heart thumped.

‘I told you they were weird, you don’t have to…’ She began to cross her arms over her chest, but my nerves suddenly left me and I sprang off the bed.

I took that final step toward her and slid my hands between her upper arms and the soft outsides of her breasts, pulling her arms out and away, the back of my fingers sliding down the inside of her wrists and grabbing her hands. I dragged my eyes from her amazing upper body and looked deep into her eyes.

‘No, please, don’t. Don’t cover up the most amazing breasts I have ever been lucky enough to set eyes on. I adore them! I adore you and I just want to hug you so tight against me right now…but that would mean losing my front row seat to the best match in town!’

We both laughed lightly and I watched her blush. ‘But they are so big, round and not pointy stiff. I haven’t seen any nipples like these before, I’m a freak!’

Her eyes began to cloud over again and I almost stuttered in my rush to reassure her ‘They are fairly rare, yes…a beautifully rare, natural, visually arousing phenomenon. You just haven’t watched enough porn girl! We will look for some later but now…Can I touch them? Pleeeease??’

Her eyes cleared and she smiled again, then turned my hands in hers and slid my palms up her slinky slip covered waist, heading north to the twin peaks I couldn’t wait to explore. Although her skin was warm through the fine fabric, I could feel goosebumps… Without losing eye contact she guided my hands north and at last my fingertips made contact with the underside of her soft mounds.

My fingers caressed the dramatic change in terrain, rode those hills until I was up and over the summits so my fingers could sink in to those heaven sent marshmallows. I felt a giant sharp tug of arousal in my groin, shooting through my pussy, fizzing on my clit as if a vibrator was pressed tight against it…I’m not prone to course language but an involuntary ‘oh fuck, wow’ slipped between my lips.

She smiled and sighed ‘yeah, oh fuck indeed, mmmmm, your fingers feel so good. Do you think you can kiss me now? Your hands are blocking your view anyway…’

Before she could finish I leaned in and brushed my lips against her soft pouty mouth, then took her bottom lip between both mine and sucked on it gently. Her sweet moans vibrated on my lips and suddenly we were both devouring each other’s mouths; tongues licking, teeth clashing and nipping, it was getting hot. I never got this aroused even when I had a big stiff dick inside me, riding hard and fast – this was a totally different kind of sexual roller coaster and I didn’t want it to end.

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