Magic Fingers

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I sat by the window looking at the waves lap up on the shore. They seemed to hiss as they rolled slowly back out to sea before returning. It was almost hypnotic to watch, and I wondered if the guy sitting at the bar was feeling as lonely as I was.

I had come in about an hour earlier and had dinner. At that time I was hungry for their famous seafood chowder, but not company. Now finished and pensive, I sipped my drink and let my eyes wander back to him.

I had watched as a number of different women tried to engage him in conversation, but although congenial, he never really showed any interest. perhaps thats why he intrigued me so.

He was extremely good looking and well built, so my first impression was that he was one of those hunks that ultimately turns out to be an airhead.

But now I had an uncontrollable urge to try my own wiles on him. I finished my drink, and left a tip. Then waited a moment before going to the bar and took a seat. The bar was almost empty but I deliberately took a stool that wasn’t too close but close enough for me to watch him in the mirror.

I ordered another drink and tried to see his left hand. He wore no ring, but now days that really doesn’t mean much. His fingers were long and his nails well manicured. He seemed sort of sad and I imagined a thousand reasons why.

Perhaps he had broken up with a girl friend, or maybe he needed a job. It could be anything, but having seen him avoid being picked up, I rather thought he would be open to a safe conversation. One that wasn’t pretentious or threatening.

Yeah, sure, I wanted to be picked up. I was lonely tonight and at the very least, I would settle for a little conversation. I was about start something by talking with the bartender and see if I could get him interested in me, when this tall blonde moved in and took a stool just to his left.

I just happen to be a brunette, but I do have a damn good figure and perky boobs so I figure I’m a contender. Momentarily I was disappointed, but apparently she wasn’t with him.

She sat quietly for a moment, ordered a drink and turned towards him. Her line was the worst I have ever heard, and she was pushy. She had come on with, “Hi handsome do you know there theres any action in this town?”

I was actually embarrassed for her.

Now her hand was on his arm, and I could only hear parts of what was being said. He wasn’t very responsive and called the bartender over. “The lady was wondering if there’s anywhere around where she could go thats got music and some action. I think she means a club or something.

Now the bartender was interested and began a conversation with her, effectively getting him off the hook.

I smiled to myself. He was cool and the way he did it was both courteous and effective. She was now trapped in a conversation with a hungry bartender who was already telling her what time he got off.

I guess they agreed to meet somewhere later and she got up looked back at him and left in a huff. I smiled to myself and decided just how I would get to him.

I began. “Very well done. And I suppose you might even have fixed our friend here up for the evening.” He looked at me. “I mean the bartender. I think he’s going out with her later.” Now he nodded.

I wanted to go over, but kept my seat. I didn’t want to crowd him.

“From around here,” I asked.

“No. No I’m not. Just here for a month or so. I’m going to be instructing a class at the college. I’m starting next Monday. So I guess, yeah, you could say I’m sort of a stranger in town. And you?”

I was in.

I answered, “No. Sort of of like you I guess. I’m here for an interview. I may become an instructor at the college too. That is if everything goes well.

He nodded and I went on. “What’s your class on? I mean the subject.”

“I’m a doctor and I’m going to teach pain management. You know massage and medication, diagnosis, and all that.

I nodded. Now he smiled and asked: “Why don’t you join me, we’re sort of both involved with the college in a way, aren’t we?”

Forty five minutes later I was so damn infatuated with him that my body tingled. I had never wanted a man so fucking much in my whole life. I had to put my hand in my lap to keep from touching him. Samsun Escort At that point the conversation got around to, “where are you staying?”

Actually there were only two good places to stay in town. One was a motel in the outskirts, and the other a five star Hotel near the college. We were both staying there it seemed.

By now it was ten thirty and he suggested we share a cab and go back to the hotel. It couldn’t have worked out better, and on the way we chatted about more personal things.

Yes he was single. Yes he had been engaged once but it didn’t work out. Those sorts of things. I let him know that I had been married for eight months before I realized that he wasn’t the one for me. Actually I confided that he was terrible in bed and that I was sort of highly sexed if thats a bit unusual.

He didn’t seem impressed or even take up on it as I had hoped. I guess being a doctor he was used to people telling him those sort of personal things.

Anyway when we arrived at the hotel we had a nightcap at the bar there and then walked around looking in the stores and at the pool.

There was an exercise room, sauna, massage parlor, you know the usual amenities that people might enjoy during a stay. The stores were closed but the items for sale looked very upscale and expensive. I thought to myself that I might indulge myself in the morning. Perhaps do some shopping and even have a massage.

Telling him this he turned and smiled at me. “My specialty he commented. Part of my course, is on proper techniques for a massage. You know, pain management.”

I nodded and my heart beat faster. I could just imagine his strong fingers moving over my body and I was responding.

My nipples became uncomfortably sensitive to the fabric that held my breasts and some sort of sensations were coursing thru my body and centering in my pussy. I could feel myself begin to slowly contract and my panties became sticky.

I danced around the subject of having a massage in the morning and finally asked if he could give me one. I mean if they would let him use the facilities in the exercise center. He nodded yes then changed the subject.

In front of my door I was trying to think of a reason to invite him in, but I had no real excuse and I was hoping that he would ask if he could come in, but he didn’t.

Then he leaned down and our faces met. He had intended to kiss me on the cheek, but I moved my head slightly and our lips met. I reached up and put my arms around his neck and drew him to me.

I don’t know what possessed me, but what restraint I had, was gone, and my lips parted. I forced my tongue deeply into his mouth and I breathed his breath.

It could have been that I had too much to drink, or that he had felt my hunger, I don’t really know but he slid his arms down my back and he drew me tightly against him.

My legs were slightly askew and I forced my pelvis up against his thigh. I think I began to grind my pussy against him. I don’t know, but he slowly relaxed his grip and broke our kiss.

He looked down at me and whispered. “Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll give you that massage if you like. I think I can get them to wheel a table up to your room if you want and it will be a bit more private. Would you like that?”

I almost gagged on my own saliva as I gasped: “Yes, oh yes that would be wonderful. In the morning? Maybe around nine or so?”

He nodded again. “I don’t know what time they open up down stairs but nine sounds fine.” Then he leaned over again and kissed my cheek before turning to go.

He didn’t look back and I turned to enter my room. I was floating. I showered and shaved my body. I wanted everything to be perfect. My pussy was last, and now it was as soft and tender as freshly kneaded dough. I went to my bed with a growing throb between my thighs and a need to jill myself to sleep.

I got my toy out and turned out the lights. Laying on my back, my heels drawn up to my tush, I let my knees fall aside, and I began to masturbate.

He made love to me in my mind. I must have cum six or seven times before my toy lost it’s power and I lost my need to be satisfied. I went to sleep dreaming about tomorrow.

At seven I went down and had breakfast. Samsun Escort Bayan Returning to my room I found a table in the living room. On it was a stack of white linen, a gown and a decanter of oil or something.

While downstairs I had bought new batteries so I spent five or so minutes with my toy and debated using it again before he came.

He was late. At ten after nine I began to fidget and pace. I was horny and anxious beyond belief.

Finally came a soft knock on the door and I opened it. He stood there dressed all in white. White T shirt, white shorts and even white loafers. God he looked delicious.

Smiling at me he apologized for being late then told me to take a hot shower. The hotter the better he explained. It opens your pores and relaxes your muscles.

I had showered last evening but I did as he told me. Somehow this seemed less than romantic. Almost as if he were disinterested in me as a woman but more as if I were a patient or something.

I showered and came back out with a towel around my waist and another over my shoulders, hiding my breasts. He helped me onto the table and I rested my chin on the bolster with my head sort of hanging off.

He moved one towel to cover my ass, the other he took away. My breasts were presses against the course surface of the table as he began.

First the oil dribbled onto my neck and down my spine. Then his fingers began to move at the nape of my neck.

Minutes passed and I was so relaxed I felt as if my head would roll off if it could. Then he moved lower.

He wasn’t saying anything, just those long fingers and his palms kneading my body let me know he was with me. Strangely my pussy began to become my center of sensation.

It was almost as if some magical connection were being made between his caressing hands, and my cunt.

“I never use that word, I thought. “It’s not lady like, but at this moment I liked the thought. My cunt is tingling. Oh God, I’m going to cum in a minute if I don’t get control of myself.. and I suddenly began to shudder.

He either didn’t notice, or he ignored it. I had a quick orgasm and stifled a low moan.

He removed my towel and began to massage my ass and my legs. I wanted to scream to him. The warm oil on his hands slid back and forth across the cheeks of my ass and I squirmed.

His fingers moved down the crack between the puffy mounds and danced across my tight little opening. Then he leaned over me and whispered. “Relax. Just relax.”

I tried. I honestly tried but my legs involuntarily parted, inviting him to delve deeper between the cheeks of my ass. A thought crossed my mind. “he must see the wetness. I had cum and I always gush a little.

But if he saw it he said nothing.

I don’t know if it was an accident or if it was intentional but his slippery index finger began to toy with my ass, and suddenly it slipped in.

I took a deep breath and actually hunched up a little pushing against his finger, forcing it in deeper. He was driving me crazy.

“Over! He directed. We’re ready for the front now.”

I didn’t even try to hide anything, I just rolled to my side then onto my back and kept my eyes closed.

Suddenly a splash of warm oil, then his hands. My body shuddered. His hands moved like magic over my shoulders, down my arms and finally to my breasts. I opened my eyes and stared at him. I was breathing deeply and gasping for breath.

My nipples were hard erect points of fire as his warm palms moved across them and I felt that familiar surge of sensations creep down to my pussy. I couldn’t help myself.

I watched his face. He was staring at my breasts as he worked his hands under, over and around each and I suddenly wondered: “how can he do this to me without being aroused?”

Staring down at his shorts I had my answer.

Although he seemed to be concentrating on what he was doing, his cock had formed a tent as grew firmer and harder. He was vulnerable, and that gave me pleasure. I wasn’t the only one excited. He was too.

He worked lower, across my abs and I began to feel the cheeks of my ass clench and force my pussy upward. My body was waiting and I tried to stifle a low moan. Suddenly Escort Samsun I knew it. He was seducing my body and he enjoyed watching me try to resist.

Well I wasn’t going to fight any longer. I was going to just let it happen.

I reached out and grabbed his cock thru his shorts and squeezed. Now we both knew what was going on and I wasn’t totally under his control.

I held him firmly yet he just continued as if he were numb to the touch of my hand. As he came closer to the table and began to work his oily fingers down between my thighs, I released my grip on his cock.

Now reaching up slightly, I unfastened his shorts. They dropped down and he kicked them aside.

His eyes never left my pussy and now he added oil and began to massage my clit and puffy labia. My clit had swollen and must by now be protruding. I began to moan aloud. I no longer tried to be quiet. I started talking.

“Oh god Mike, Oh yeah that feels good. Right there, yes, oh yes, there, like that.

Oh shit, I’m gonna cum. Yeah, more!”

He stopped and moved his hands to my thighs working down towards my knees. I was ready to cum and he had just left me swaying with my ass up in the air.

I flopped down and moments later he returned to my throbbing cunt. Again he began to massage my groin but now his fingers moved more intimately.

First one, then two slowly found their way inside me and his thumb began to sway back and forth over my clit. I wanted to scream.

He had found my “G” spot and was caressing it with two fingers as his thumb did a dance on my clit. I frantically grabbed his cock and began tugging at it. I wanted him so fucking much I was willing to kill for it.

He actually changed positions so I could stroke his shaft while he was bringing me closer and closer to another climax. Again he paused and I whimpered.

“Don’t stop like that. Damn you. You know I need you. Oh god make me cum. Gimmee it. Your cock. Give me your cock. In my mouth, Give it to me.

I had to twist my shoulders slightly to one side but my lips closed around his hard cock and I forced him down my throat. I wasn’t going to let him get away without the two of us being satisfied.

I bobbed my head, I clutched his heavy balls, and I stroked him, but no matter how hard I tried to distract him, he kept bringing me to the edge of the world before stopping.

Once or twice I actually began to cum but he stopped me. By now I was gushing creamy white cum and he really didn’t need the oil any longer.

This wasn’t the way it should be. He had me so worked up I was sucking his cock and tearing at my nipple trying to finish.

When I finally began to beg him he looked down at me and smiled. A smug smile sure, but he had me and I needed him more than life itself. I sobbed, “fuck me Mike, Please do it? Please?”

Reaching down he lowered the table and moved between my thighs. I reached down between my legs and grabbed his cock and drew it to my cunt.

With a slow deliberate thrust I felt his cock stretch my pussy wide and slide in.

I came immediately. I couldn’t stop it. I think I peed a little, but I didn’t give a damn. It was so intense and long that the muscles in my groins ached and I slobbered down my chin as I cried out to him.

“Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop! Keep going. Fuck me Mike, fuck my hot cunt deep and fast. Give it to me! Don’t you even think of stopping. I want it again. More! Give me more!”

I wavered between Ecstasy and depraved desire. One cum seemed to need another and I contracted hard on his cock each time I orgasmed. Over and over again I climaxed and suddenly he leaned over me and looking down gasped.

“Yeah, oh yeah, its here. Gonna shoot baby. Take it! Shooting now for you honey!”

If I had cum hard before, it was nothing compared to what happened next. I came with him. And it wasn’t just great, it was so intense and long that I think I passed out.

I remember arching my back up and pushing my breasts into his chest. Then biting down hard on his shoulder as I screeched aloud. Then I collapsed.

He pulled out and we lay panting in each others arms. Then he rolled off and helped me sit up The table was one big mess where I had cum over and over again and he had begun to ooze out, adding to the puddle on the bedding.

The afternoon was spent in bed quietly cooing to each other and petting. That evening we dined out and came home early to repeat this mornings performance. He had magic fingers but his cock was a magic wand.

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