Maggie’s Change of Heart Ch. 04

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The Next morning, after about two…maybe three hours of sleep total -because she had woken me up at some point for another go- I heard Charlotte swearing and making all sorts of noise. Walking into the bathroom, I asked her what was going on? She seemed really pissed.

“This damn shower won’t work…I knew this was going to happen one day. I hate this crappy thing!” She hit the faucet with the rusty wrench she had, as if that would help. “I’ll have to call someone to come fix it.” She sighed.

“Alright, well just calm down…beating the shit out of it isn’t going to solve anything.” There was a silence, and then epiphany struck, “Hey! Isn’t your neighbor a plumber? There’s a plumbing truck out front all the time.” She just rolled her eyes…

“I’m not calling him, no way.”

“What! Why? Are you serious? He’s right next door!” What the hell was wrong with her, I’d like to know…

“Because Maggs…He’s a friend of an old friend, and I doubt he’d even remember me.”

“So…I’m sure he’d still help you out…this “friend” was a boyfriend, wasn’t it?” Oh, I had her pegged, she blushed…hmmm…

“Shut up Maggs!” She laughed, and covered her face…

“Oh my gosh Char, he was good wasn’t he? Well, why wouldn’t the plumber help you?”

“Oh, I don’t know…I just never really talked to him after…”

“I’m calling him.” I ran for the phone, and then to the window for the number from his truck.

Charlotte wrestled me for the phone, yelling and making such a fuss. Thankfully it was only the guys machine: “Hi, this is Mike, I’m not home at the moment, but you can try me on my cell.”

Instead of calling the cell, I left a message. He was probably still sleeping, or perhaps something else, but he would be home at this time to hear it.”Ummm…Hi Mike, the plumber, I hope.” I laughed as Charlotte continued trying to stop me, “Anyway, we’re next door. Number 7….your neighbors. Well Charlotte is….she didn’t want to call you…” I laughed again as she hit me, then walked away figuring it a lost cause. “We could use some help with her shower, if you’re not busy…sorry if I woke you…bye. Please call us back.” I could barely contain myself and when I hung up, I started laughing hysterically.

“I cannot believe you did that!” She still couldn’t help laughing though, “I have to live next to that guy, I’m mortified.”

“Were you attracted to him? I thought you went out with his friend…so what are you woried about?”

“No…I wasn’t attracted to him, I mean, he’s attractive, but…”

“What was this guys name anyway, you haven’t said yet. You scared to say his name? Does it send shivers up your spine just to think of him?” I laughed, in one hell of a good mood was I.

“What has gotten into you Miss Maggie!” She laughed, and attacked me. She latched to my lips, and her hands went up under my night shirt.

“You bring out the best in me, I guess.” I laughed between kisses, and we started to make out again. We almost got into something when there was a knock on the door. Charlotte gasped with a giggle…

“Oh my gosh! It’s him!” She whispered in amazement.

“Who? Oh! Mike,” I laughed. There was another knock, “You better answer it.”

“Me! No, no way…you! You decieded to call him.”

“What is with you Charlotte…gosh, no wonder you don’t date guys anymore.”

I went and answered the door, still in my night shirt that practically showcased my ass, but I didn’t care. I almost laughed in his face to see the groggy, yet randy Mike. My phone message must have excited him…

“Charlotte? No, wait…” He looked at the number to make sure it was 7…”The mystery message girl, right?”

“Maggie.” I smirked, eyeing him up. He was quite attractive, more so then Charlotte acted. His awkward shyness didn’t match up with his body and georgious face.

“Ah, Maggie….Mike.” He held out his hand. Nice strong grip. I watched him eye my bra-less tits peeking through my shirt, as well as the length of it.

“Yes Mike, I know. Well, come in then?”

I stood aside, and he entered cautiously. I was beaming, trying not to laugh. He looked back as I closed the door. Charlotte was sitting on the bed in her morning glory…she wanted to kill me. I mouthed how hot he was…

“Hi Mike.” She rose from the bed, also in a night shirt…we were open for buisness. If Mike wanted…

“Hey Charlotte, good to see you again.” He was so nervous, and so cute…not bursa sınırsız escort Charlotte’s type though. I could see why there was no attraction there. “Oh, I saw Tom the other day, he’s back in town. Not sure for how long though…he’ll probably end up in my place again.” He laughed nervously.

“I’m sure.” She wasn’t amused. “And you…poor sucker, will let him.”

“He’s crashing at his brothers at the moment, but…” He laughed in a thought, and by the looks of it, Charlotte really didn’t want to know. “I don’t see that working out.”

“Mmmm…well, you know Tom…and you still help him out. Why?”

“Well, as fucked up as he is, I know he’d do that same for me. He is a loyal guy.”

“Loyal my ass Mike…he” I interupted her anger…

“Uh, this way Mike, the shower’s in here.”

I left him there, and went to tend to Charlotte’s hurt. She was sitting on the bed and gave me a nasty look when I came in. She wouldn’t tell me what was wrong at first. I figured she blamed me for calling Mike and opening her wound. The one she preteneded didn’t exist up ’till now. I didn’t even know about this Tom. Eventually I pried it out. The time that Charlotte and I lost touch for awhile…He was why. Apparently he had been her “world”…they seemed to fit perfectly togehter, but then he just dissapeared…typical male. Must have had comitment issues, but that info didn’t help her. Then she bursted over me oogling Mike…

“What are you talking about Charlotte?”

“Oh please…I saw how you were looking at him, and then he stared at your ass when you took him to the bathroom.”

“What?” I laughed, then blushed…I wondered if Mike had a girlfriend? That definitely wouldn’t go well with Charlotte.

“Yeah…he saw it too…you should be wearing underwear….pants maybe.”

“Well Charlotte, we did just wake up from…you know. And I wasn’t thinking, geeze. I only said I thought he was hot…it’s not like I wanna…well…”

“I’m sorry Maggs…I’m just a bit jealous. I mean, you can do whatever you want.”

“Well, I…” Mike resurfaced at well…not the best time. His smile lit up the tension that was in the room. He could see it.

“Umm…well, it works now.” He said nervously. A smirk crossed his face as he eyed something on the floor. I followed his gaze. It was the strap on…shit…I tried not to laugh, and he blushed…

“Thanks so much Mike, I’m sorry if we woke you.” It was so hard not to laugh.

“Oh no…no problem at all, I mean…I don’t need to be sleeping this late anyway, and your message was the most excitment I’ve had in a while.” He glanced at the toy again and cleared his throat.

Charlotte apparently saw something between us, she mentioned it later after he left. I mindlessly followed him, as he made for the door.

“It was nice seeing you again Charlotte. I’ll tell Tom to stop by if you’d like.” That was not going to help…or so I thought…

“You know what.” She said, with this tone that I was not sure of, “Yeah, tell him to give me a call.” She ripped off a piece of paper from a pad on the table, and scribbled her number on it. Walking over to us, she handed it to him, “Thank you so much for helping with the Shower, I really appreciate it. How can I repay you though?”

“No worries…we’re neighbors, and it was a simple fix.”

“Mike, you’re soaked, and we woke you up…and stop being such a pussy. What do you want?” She was a bit suggestive…god Charlotte, just rape him with your eyes why don’t you…He cleared his throat again.

“Oh shit, yeah…you’re bath is sort of a mess now too. Sorry. Do you want me to clean it up? I could.”

“You’ve done enough Mike, don’t worry about it. You know what…I know…why don’t you go clean up, and come back over? You can have breakfast with us.”

“Nah, I don’t wanna interfere…”

“Nonsense…you better get your ass back over here once you’ve cleaned up…you know what!” She was way too exciteable as she pulled him back in. “Why don’t you just clean up here, and I’ll make us something while you shower.” She was pretty much demanding he stay…”And who knows, maybe I’ll let you watch me fuck Maggie with that toy.”

“Charlotte!” I screeched in horror. Trying not to laugh, and I met an awkward glance with Mike…but he didn’t seem to mind any of it. I wasn’t sure if that was becuase he didn’t like to tell people no, or becuase bursa escort bayan he actaully wanted it.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, and Maggie loves it…don’t let her fool you.”

“Uh…” He half laughed, “I don’t know Charlotte…I’m sure Tom would be better…” She interupted him….

“Maybe you could even fuck her for real…would you like that? I know Maggie would. She’s never…”

“Charlotte” I pleaded. I didn’t want her mentioning I’d never actually been with a guy…

“Well, I don’t have any clean clothes here Charlotte.” We were all at the bathroom door.

“That’s what washing machines are for.” She opened the small closet across from the bath, “Just throw them in there, the suds are on top.” She pointed, then backed out of the room, and closed the door.

Mike didn’t emmerge, meaning that he was either thinking it over, too scared to come out…or actually willing to go through with what Charlotte suggested. Nevermind my feelings about it. Charlotte had went to start breakfast and I waited at the door for a moment…I heard the shower…Oh my god, he wanted to go through with it…I mean, who wouldn’t, but…oh my god! I ran to the little kithen area…

“What the fuck Charlotte…oh my god!” I was panicking…”He’s in the shower…he wants to fuck me!”

“Of course he does.” She was too calm now…it wasn’t right.

“Charlotte…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean that I wanted to fuck him, I do love you. I’m sorry I made you angry…please.” I did want to have sex with Mike, but not like this…and not with Charlotte angry at me.

“Maggie…I know. But you need this, trust me.” She seemed sincere, but she also seemed sad.

“Charlotte, what’s wrong?” I came close to her and put my arms around her, but she just kept cooking.

“Nothing Maggs…but you’ve missed out. Having sex with guys isn’t going to change us. You should have just let David fuck you when you had the chance. You two might still be togehter…so I’m helping you.”

“That’s a terrible thing to say Charlotte…I can’t believe you.” I moved away.

“I don’t mean it like that, but you need a good fucking by a man to get it out of your system.”

“Charlotte…that’s insane…what if I like it too much?”

“Then you’ll have two lovers.”

“I just met him! What the hell Charlotte.” I walked out of the room, and curled up in her bed.

I didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and she didn’t even press the issue. I cried a little and listened silently as she moved stuff to the table. Then Mike called for a towel. Charlotte told me to go get him one. I didn’t move. She yelled at me, but I still wouldn’t move. So she got him one, while muttering under her breath.

I still hadn’t moved from my spot when I heard Mike in the room. Charlotte engaged him in mindless conversation…

“Feel better?” She asked

“I do actually…thanks.”

“No problem. Are you hungry?” She sounded so fake, I wanted to puke. This was not the complete Charlotte…She was somewhere between this, and her earlier display on a normal basis…but, I’m sure Mike was aware of her.

“What’s wrong with her?” He asked of me…

“NOTHING!” I answered, before Charlotte opened her big mouth.

“If she isn’t into this, then that’s fine…I don’t want to force anything. I mean…you guys are, lovers right? I don’t wanna get between you.” He was so bold in his own way, it was cute…but after seeing our toy, who wouldn’t put that together.

“Well, you see Mike…Maggie and I have an open relationship going…it’s brand new, and we’re just trying things out. Maggie very much wants to fuck you, even if she’s too pussy to actually admit it. I think she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.” She said it low, but I heard her anyway…she wasn’t making me look like a complete fool, so I let her go on…” But actually, I’m fine with it now, really, I am. So…once we eat, and you and I join her on the bed…she’s gonna warm up and melt like butter through our fingers.”

Things were quiet awhile, then I heard mike sigh, with a “wow”…perhaps it was a ‘what the fuck have I gotten myself into’, “wow”, or a ‘Goddamn, I am so lucky right now,’ “wow…either way, it was funny. But I didn’t laugh…

“Are you done sulking princess? You gonna come eat with us?”

“No.” I muttered through the covers.

“You’re hurting Mike’s feelings.”

“Fuck off Charlotte.” nilüfer escort I said without thinking…

“Oooh, so sassy. She’s not quite herself…or maybe this is the real Maggie.” She laughed, so I let it go…”Nah, she’s just confused Mike. She’s actually a very sweet person, and I love her….and if she would stop acting like a baby, maybe you’d actually get to see it.” She paused…”Don’t worry, you’ll get to.” She whispered, but I still heard her.

I almost fell asleep waiting…and the clatter of dishes woke me…then I felt a body on the bed. I looked up slightly and saw Charlotte sitting on the bed, with towel clad Mike standing in front of her. She was ignoring me on purpose. She wanted me to get hot and join in, but I wasn’t going to give in that easily. I watched her kiss Mike’s chest, and her hands went to the towel. He started to nervously carress her arms and the towel fell to the floor. Charlotte’s body blocked me from seeing him. I was a little dissapointed, as I didn’t want to give in to her yet. His face showed me that his cock was in her mouth, and her movements confirmed it. I sat up a little more and my shift caught his attention. He smiled, and motioned for me to come closer. I did. Standing on the bed, I walked over to them. He grabbed me and pulled me to him. His mouth was sweet, and warm. Gentle, with a fire behind it….

“Nice to have you join us babe. I’m sorry about earlier.” It was a beautiful cock, sleek and long. Her hands still played over him…

“It’s alright Charlotte…I forgive you.” After mulling it over in my head, I did forgive her. The fact that she was pretty much giving me Mike, like a present, was actually pretty cool…and it made things better.

“Kiss me.” She demanded, and I complied…tasting Mike on her mouth.

I felt hands on me…it was Mike. He was gently touching my thigh as if not sure he should, but couldn’t help but try. Still attached to Charlotte’s mouth, I pulled his hand to stay. With the invitation, he inched up my night shirt.

Charlotte Released me as Mike slowly took over, leaning over me, forced to lay on the bed. The passion hidden in his lips was exposed, and I accepted every bit of it. His movements were slow, and deliberate. It was as if he were someone else then the nervous guy who had been there before. His strong hands slid up my sides and with it, my shirt. I was bare before him, and I didn’t even care. As he threw it to the floor he looked me over. A smirk lit his features, and I laughed…

“Isn’t she gorgeous Mike.” Charlotte resurfaced, having been happily watching, fingers in her pussy.

His answer was a nodd as he came back to me. Lips on my neck, I asked Charlotte if she wanted to join in. Without a word she shook her head with a no. At first, it was hard not to want Charlotte joining us, but as things progressed I went into another world and just enjoyed myself. His hard cock pressed against my legg, his lips on my neck. I found my breasts in his mouth, one after the other, and then… surprisingly he was between my thighs. As soon as his lips touched my pussy, Charlotte’s mouth returned to me. I moaned into her, as his long heavy fingers entered my pussy, and his tongue hit my clit. Charlotte went to my breasts as my voice rang out, finding myself saying I wanted Mike to fuck me.

With a groan of pleasure he entered my pussy. I was so wet, he slid in with ease, and began a steady rythymn. Charlotte Kissed him long and hard as she rubbed my clit. When I touched her pussy, she moaned into his mouth. I wanted to kiss her pussy so badly, I pulled her body towards me.

And so…with my lips between her thighs, she kissed and carressed Mike, who was pumping his hard cock deep inside me. As my moans became screams of my orgasm, I could feel as he was ready to cum. His pace increased, then he slid from my running pussy. Charlotte’s tongue hit my clit, and I leaned up to take his cock in my mouth. As soon as he hit my lips, the cum spilled down my throat. His groans were manly and arousing…and I swallowed all of it.

Mike collapsed, grabbing me to him. He started to kiss me, as if it were such a normal thing. We had just met. I don’t think I’d ever felt comfortable with someone so quickly. Hell, I knew Charlotte my whole life, and only now had we gotten into anything. I think, however, I was confusing sexual lust for love…but who knows.

Charlotte came behind me and I was sandwiched between the two. She kissed my cheek, and when Mike parted she kissed him, and then me. I started to wonder is she had done anything with both Tom and Mike…but I didn’t want to ask. The three of us made out for who knows how long…and then Mike realized the time, rushing for his clothes and nervously announcing that we should try that again sometime…no doubt we will.

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