Lynne’s After School Education

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Lynne Grierson smiled as the bell rang, another day of school over, finally! She was eager for the weekend, school had been a hellacious week of studying, and trying to learn all kinds of boring junk. Now, she could kick back and relax.

She did have a bit of fun, though, in the past week. Mr. Hodson, her English teacher, had been given some very good glimpses of her. She had purposely worn skirts as high as she could get away with under the school dress guidelines, and had made sure that he had gotten some great looks at her. When she was sitting at her desk, she hiked her skirt up high, spread her legs wide under her desk, and let him look right up her dress, her panty-covered mound plainly visible to his eyes, just that thin panel of fabric between his eyes and her pussy. She loved to let him get a good look, it always made her cunt simmer, and she loved to masturbate right after school, thinking about him maybe doing the same thing, as he relived the long lingering looks he got at her panty covered mound.

Mr. Hodson had indeed taken all the hot looks that he could. Mr. Hodson smiled, his decision to go into teaching had been a great idea. Concentrate on high school, and there would be young, nubile females available just for the taking. With his boyish good looks, and his passing resemblance to the actor Tony Curtis in his heyday, he had no problem having the females swooning over him, and his most attractive student was his for the taking. He would never sleep with a student who was under 18 years old, he did not need to get nailed on a statutory rape charge.

He would become the lover of his most attractive senior female student for the school year, he had been sleeping with each year’s hottest student every year since he started teaching 15 years ago, and at the age of 40, he was still going strong. Looks like this year’s lover was just easily dropping into his lap. With her fiery red hair, emerald green eyes, angelic face, luscious tits, very sexy hips, and legs, he was eager to get her onto his lap without clothes in the way.

He cautiously followed her out of the school, and let her get a block ahead, before getting into his car. He had scanned the school computer and learning what her address was, it would probably be an easy matter to deduce her most likely path home. After 5 minutes, he steered his car up the road, and there she was.

On the way home, Lynne was surprised, but pleased, when his car stopped at the curb right next to her.

Rolling the window down with a smile he said, “Hello Miss Smith, can I give you a lift home?”

She quickly hopped in, with a smile she said, “Thank you, Mr. Hodson, I’d love that.”

They drove the way in silence, it was only 5 minutes, and Lynne’s pussy started to heat up. She was a virgin, and she wanted desperately to no longer be a virgin, 18 was old enough to no longer be one. She wondered if Mr. Hodson could do that for her, he was attractive enough, and he did not wear a wedding band. Of course, lots of men didn’t, she didn’t know that he didn’t need a wife, he got more than enough sex and attention from his student lovers. Who needs a wife to get in the way of that?

He pulled up to her door, and Lynne decided to invite him in, and see if things could progress from there. If he could be persuaded, she’d love to have a man’s cock inside her. Her parents wouldn’t be home until late, and there would be no one to get in the way. She felt her breasts tingle as he accepted her invitation with that amazing smile.

In the living room, she could feel her pussy getting warmer, having Mr. Hodson sitting so close to her only made her more and more turned on.

Saying that she had something to show him, she took him into her room. She quickly turned to face him, grabbed him, and pressed her lips against his. She gave a muffled cry of delight when she felt his mouth opening to her, his tongue joining with hers in a tongue-swirling kiss that made her pussy pulse, and his cock rise up.

Breaking the kiss, Lynne whispered, “Mr. Hodson, I’m a virgin, and I don’t want to be anymore. Could you be my lover, and deflower me please?”

Giving her his smile that made her pussy juice up, he replied, “Lynne, I would love to be your first.”

She could feel his hands slip under her shirt. The warmth of his fingers tingled against her back and she gasped, gripping his shoulders. He shifted his hips upward, rubbing his erection through his pants against her. Lynne let out a sharp, shaky breath, a moan of passion escaping her lips as he felt the hard stiffness of his eager cock pressing against her, her fingers digging harder into his shoulders.

His hands slid around the front, sliding up over the smooth plane of her belly. He slipped the buttons off, one by one, opening it, and slid it off her shoulders. Her breasts were encased in a silky Ataşehir Escort smooth white bra, and he deftly unhooked her bra and slowly slid it off her shoulders. She could feel her nipples and breasts get pebbly with excitement as her tits were released from confinement.

His hand hovered over her side before making its way to her left breast. His touch was gentle and soft, handling her virginal body with great care. Lynne could feel the care, her chest heaving as his large hand cupped her breast and his thumb made tantalizing circles around her hardened nipple. Mr. Hodson smiled at the moan of pleasure she let out.

He lowered his head to her other breast and kissed it before gently taking it in his mouth. His tongue swept over her throbbing, silver-dollar-sized nipples, sending pulses of pleasure sizzling to her pussy. Lynne cooed with pleasure, she could feel her pussy getting gradually wetter and hotter the more he awakened her eager body.

Mr. Hodson’s hands had gone to her waist and were sliding out the buttons on her short skirt. Loosened up, her skirt dropped away, leaving her almost naked to his gaze, just the thin, wispy scrap of nylon panties between him and her. Dropping to his knees, he slid his thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and slowly peeled them down. He loved the anticipation of seeing a beautiful teen pussy for the first time. She had shaved her pussy, wonderful. He had a real thing for the smooth, bald look of a well-shaved pussy. When her panties reached her knees, they fell of their own accord. Lynne was now completely naked to his gaze, and her breathing quickened as she felt his hands caress her hips and glide over her abdomen.

She looked at the large tent in his trousers and wondered how big he was. Having never seen one in real life, she quickly undressed Mr. Hodson, and her breath caught. It looked like 7 inches long, but the girth was a real pussy filler. She felt her pulse race as she visualized that solid male club stuffing her vaginal vault. She noticed that he had shaved all his pubic hair off. Without the hair, it just made his cock look even bigger. She felt a tremor of fear quiver through her, the thought of that massive cock popping her cherry. But, she wanted him inside her and trusted that he would be gentle with her. She lay back, spreading her legs for him.

The sight of her tight pussy lips, spread open slightly, swollen with excitement, coral pink, and slicked up with her syrupy juices, made him more than ready. He got into position, and his cock was rubbing against her clit. She whimpered with excitement and he slowly moved his hips up and down, rubbing his throbbing member against her swollen lips. He slowed to a stop and placed it against her tight entrance.

He pressed down, and she could feel that large head forcing its way inside her, she was getting stretched open, as her pussy started to part to allow him a slow entry. He came up against her hymen and pushed a bit. It held, and she knew it would take a harder push.

“Lynne, I have to push harder to break your hymen, it may hurt, but it should be quick, then you’ll be a woman, are you ready?”

At her nod, Mr. Hodson pulled back and pushed in harder. Lynne gripped the sheets and gritted her teeth as he bore down. Suddenly, she felt her cherry pop and felt the sudden loosening as her hymen ruptured. She let out a pained cry as his cock slid past her torn hymen, slowly, deeply into her, she could feel it stretch the tight walls of her virgin pussy apart, stretching beyond her comfort zone.

She had been expecting the first time to be painful, she didn’t want him to stop, however. She grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him tightly against her, not wanting him to stop or pull back. With a final push, and another cry of pain from her, he penetrated her completely, the thickness of his entire 7 inches buried deep inside her, right to the balls.

She buried her face in his neck, trying not to cry, her pussy was throbbing madly, the pain of being deflowered was raw and quite intense. Mr. Hodson held his cock steady, he knew she was feeling pain, and he didn’t want to traumatize her by fucking her like some whore.

He kissed her face, running his lips up and down her neck, along her shoulders, listening to her pants of pain change over to soft moans of pleasure. Her virgin tightness was slowly adjusting to the stretch, as he rained soft kisses all over her face and neck.

He began moving up and down slowly, his cock withdrawing halfway, then sliding slowly into her, over and over. After the first few abrasive thrusts into her tight opening, the fucking rhythm became easier as her juices started to flow.

Lynne wrapped her arms around him, pulling him tightly against her body. The pain had completely subsided, melting away, and the pleasure, oh god the Anadolu Yakası Escort pleasure was more than worth the pain of her deflowering, she almost couldn’t believe the heavenly feelings surging through her as Mr. Hodson thrust into her over and over again. His cock was now sliding deep, she was so wet, his cock slid in and out like a hot knife through butter. Lynn brought her legs up and around his waist, so he could thrust every last bit of his cock deep inside her.

“Oh yes, Mr. Hodson, yes, yes, it feels so good, don’t stop!”

He had no intention of stopping, as pumped his cock hungrily into her, quickening his pace when it was clear she had gotten over the pain. Her virgin tightness was the tightest pussy he had ever taken, it was milking greedily at his cock, and he knew he was going to splatter a gusher into her.

The teen virgin tightness of her, her juices flowing around his cock and her moans of pleasure made his cock sizzle with pleasure, she urged him on to fuck her harder, go deep, and that spurred him on to thrust harder into her, until her tits were bouncing up and down furiously, as he power-fucked her, making sure her first time was the best time, something she would remember all her life. Her cries of pleasure and delight filled the room and mingled with his own lust grunts and moans of pleasure. He alternated between nipping lightly at her hard, erect nipples, gently nipping at her neck, and covering her mouth with tongue swirling kisses.

Mr. Hodson’s cock was throbbing, and eager, his cock was getting ready to spray his load, her tightness was out of this world. His balls were aching, working up a massive load to spew into her burning core.

He was consumed by the way her tight teen cunt stroked his cock, making his spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the liquid sounds from her cunt as he drove his sizzling cock in and out of her, over and over, the feel of her steamy depths wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock as he reamed out her burning fuckhole, the aching of his cock, ready to blow. Mr. Hodson could feel his cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency to steely hardness. He heard Lynne’s cry of mixed pain and pleasure as his cock was now fully extended, splitting open her cervix, giving him a clear path to flood her womb, ready to explode.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!”, Lynne squealed, “Yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes, YES!!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, her fiery fuck-hole clamped down tightly around his cock, virtually sucking at his shaft, urging him to explode his burning load. The tight hug of Lynne around his throbbing shaft, and the wild spasming of her pussy, milking at his aching cock greedily, became too much, and it took him over the edge. His balls let go, and he could feel the hot spunk sizzling up his shaft. His wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as his cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and he slammed as deep as possible inside her, his spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her burning fuck-hole.

Lynne let out another howl of pleasure and felt a rush of wetness being pumped over her cervix, splattering her womb, as Mr. Hodon’s cock pumped a flood of cum deep inside her. She could feel tremors of excitement through his cock as he filled her, flooding her eager teen tightness.

The feel of his rich, liquid warmth jetting into her made her pulse convulse again, as a second orgasm rushed at her from nowhere, bringing another shriek of pleasure from her, Mr. Hodson could feel her pussy clench at him again, oh god it felt so fucking great as he grunted and groaned, squirting 8 thick ropes of sizzling sperm deep into her tight gripping receptacle, emptying his cock deep into her womb. She squirmed around wildly on his prick, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily at his throbbing cock, draining his balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

They lay back, very satisfied. Mr. Hodson smiled, his decision to go into teaching had been a great idea. Eleven of the sixteen students he had fucked, he had also been the lucky one to deflower them, and Lynne’s deflowering had been very satisfying. Since he was a kind, considerate lover, always treating his lovers as very special lovers, and not some notches on a gun belt, or macho symbols of his conquests, and it was well known what kind of trouble he would get into if found out, and how their school year relationship would come to a screeching halt, his lovers had always kept the secret of getting good loving from the English teacher.

His cock started to rise again, recalling all the pretty teens he had made love to always got his cock going.

“Lynne, Kadıköy Escort would you like to learn about oral sex, and what a 69 is?”

She was more than eager, and soon, her hot, wet mouth was gliding up and down his swollen rod, while his tongue was working over her steamy cunt. He loved the smell of his lovers in heat, and he ate her ravenously until her clit was standing up, hard and erect. He placed his mouth over her pink, hard clit and wrapped his tongue around Lynne’s hard, bulging clit, pulling at the stem with his tongue, and tugging gently on it, letting his tongue slide along the length of her straining clit.

She lifted her head off his cock so she could howl out her pleasure as she came, her pussy gushing a load of tasty juices all over his mouth. As he drank down all the juices of her passion, her mouth slid down his hard prick again, and it took all of another 30 seconds before he could feel his cum hit the boiling point. Mr. Hodson warned her that he was gonna cum, and she clamped her lips tightly around his shaft, squeezing his balls, eager for his load to fill her mouth. That did it, and he grunted as he launched a thick volley of hot sperm into her eager mouth, she sucked out every drop and swallowed every bit. A natural-born cocksucker and Mr. Hodson intended to let her suck his cock every chance she got.

After a short rest, he pulled her to her feet, and soon they were under the showerhead in her private bathroom. They passed around the soap, sliding thick handfuls of soap over each other. With his hands sliding over her sleek curves, and her hands eager to wash his cock, he was hard and erect very soon.

Lynne was almost awestruck at the hard, almost arrogant rise of that 7-inch pussy pleaser. It had sure split her open pleasantly, if somewhat painfully at first, now that her annoying hymen was out of the way, she was eager to take it in again, and experience all the pleasure of being impaled on that big cock from start to finish.

She growled, “Mr. Hodson, take me now, fuck me right here in the shower!”

He reached down, and cupped her ass cheeks tightly, lifting her up. Lynne brought her legs up around his waist, ready for him to open her up. He lined her pussy up with his cock head and nudged it gently against her entrance.

Lynne cooed, “Oh yes, give it to me, Mr. Hodson, let me have it, now.”

He was happy to comply, notching his cock head tightly against her steamy entrance, he brought her down. Lynne squealed with pleasure as he penetrated her, he slid into the hilt, Lynne let out another cry of pleasure as his stiffness spread open the walls of her tight cunt, burying it right to the balls, and impaling her completely on his steel hard 7 inches.

The fiery hot wrap of her around his aching prick drove him wild with desire. She was still as tight as a virgin, as he felt her eager pussy stretched wide around his hard cock, the tight hug of her around his shaft was something else. With her inner warmth molded so tightly around his cock, he thought about her deflowering, how it felt to pop the tightness of her teen cherry. The remembered excitement of popping her cherry fired him up, he pinned her against the shower wall, clutching her ass cheeks tightly, and Mr. Hodson started to ram his steely shaft into her, his cock withdrawing almost all the way, and then he’d power it back into her, power fucking the cling of her tight cleft.

Lynne gasped and made wordless sounds of pleasure as he fucked her wildly. She felt like she was in heaven, the feeling of being fucked was driving her almost crazy, the feel of his 7-inch cunt splitter, splitting open the tight hug of her inner pussy was making her see stars. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her burning center made her grunt with pleasure. She could feel her orgasm race at her, oh fuck, she was gonna cum again.

“Mr. Hodson, I’m- I’m- ” She gasped, “Oh fuck, Oh my god, I’m cumming again, YESSSSS!”

Her words ended with a shriek of pleasure, Mr. Hodson could feel himself right on the verge of cumming. Her body spasmed against him and he could feel her pussy convulse and clench around his thick cock. That was the final push he needed, he slammed his cock deep, wedging open her cervix, and his throbbing cock went off, exploding and squirting wildly deep inside her. Their bodies shook from the combined pleasure as his cock pulsed, spraying his juices into her, re-filling her womb with another thick, juicy load of his hot semen.

An hour later, he was on his way home. They had cut it a bit close, he was out of the house a mere 30 minutes before her parents got home, but, for the tightness of her no longer virgin cunt, he would have stayed until it was 30 seconds. She had been more than eager to want to see him again tomorrow.

“Now that I’m no longer a tight little virgin, I want you as many times as I can get,” and her whispered comments about all the places she wanted to christen with a hot fuck and suck session, he smiled. Looks like his student lover for this year was in place. Yes indeed, becoming a teacher had been the best decision he had ever made.

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