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The text came while I was watching the baseball all-star game, a glass of wine on the night stand next to the couch, my lab nuzzled up comfortably on my lap, snoring contentedly. It wasn’t quite dark out, just shy of 9 PM on a sultry mid-July evening.

“Would you come over and climb into bed with me?”

I had a decision to make. It took me about a nanosecond. What the hell, it was only an all-star game.

My lab forlornly watched me as I scrambled out the door after a lightning-quick shower and grabbing another bottle of wine. See you in the morning, big fella. Daddy needs to mount something.

I’d met Lynn on-line only a few days before and we’d already shared enough steamy texts to fry a phalanx of smart phones. Oh, and she also had forwarded, as if I needed further enticement, one naked photo of herself, naked and bound upright, her thong pulled down around her thighs, adorned in the obligatory fuck-me pumps. Those kind of photos serve to capture my interest.

It didn’t hurt that Lynn was absolutely stunning, a Gwyneth Paltrow look-alike with bigger tits. Much bigger tits. A truly classically beautiful face and a body that would have put women half of her forty-seven years old to shame.

And did I mention really big tits? Just checkin’.

In my haste to depart, I eschewed any navigational systems, so it took me about twice as long to finally find her house as would normally be needed. But, upon arrival at her front door, it was well worth the wait. I would have taken a one-way shuttle to the dark side of the moon for this vision of loveliness.

She peeked almost shyly from the doorway. As I approached, I could see that she was dressed in a sheer white baby-doll nightie. Yum. She pulled me inside by the hand lightly and we kissed softly, two sets explorative lips seeking each other. Then we kissed again, this time a bit deeper, more hungrily. Her mouth was warm, wet, and her kisses were one of a shy seductress, but indicative of the passion to ensue.

A very good start.

She released the kiss and reached for the bottle in my hand. “You brought some wine, thank you!” she exclaimed in her little-girl-like voice. The voice was such a dichotomy from the stunning forty-seven year old beauty in front of me, but only added to the overall allure. As if the rest of her virtues weren’t enough, the voice only served as another aphrodisiac.

She made a shushing motion with a finger to her lips as she led me to the living room and placed me down on the couch in front of her television, again kissing me. I watched her silently as our lips met. She was indescribably pretty, and her sensational body was silhouetted through the sheer fabric of the nightie which barely covered her luscious ass. I was barely focused on her words as she rose up suddenly.

“Put on whatever you want. Some porn, maybe? I have to go make sure my son gets to sleep.”

She left me there with a monumental decision as I fiddled with the remote. Pay-per-view porn with a young son in the next room, or the all-star game?

America’s two favorite pastimes.

I opted for baseball, although I wasn’t at all interested in the outcome anymore. I was just finding out that the American League, as usual, was beating the National League when she emerged from the hallway, her long blonde straight hair cascading down her back.

“I’m going to pour us some wine, honey. Be right back.”

I admired her barely-covered rear end as she disappeared into the kitchen, my erection already at a peak. Never had I been so aroused feigning watching a baseball game.

Lynn came back with two large goblets and eased herself down next to me on the sofa. She took a generous sip of wine. “Mmmm, tastes so good.”

She leaned over to kiss me, but I put up my hand. “Wait, baby,” I implored.

I reached for the other goblet and took a large sip myself, and then cupped her face into my hands, cradling her head at a slight angle, opened her lips with my tongue, and pushed the wine out of my mouth and into hers, a small stream of fruity nectar languishing between her lips and down her throat slowly.

Her eyes widened as she gulped, and she exhaled sharply. “Wow!” she breathed, gasping slightly. “That was wild. Where did you learn that?”

I smiled and shrugged. She put the goblet back into my palm. “Do it again. Please!”

Give the lady what she wants, right. This time, I let the wine ease into her mouth like a soft spring rain, and she lapped and tugged at my lips like a ravenous kitten hungry for momma’s milk.

I held her head back and watched the blissful look on her face. her eyes were closed, and she had a dreamy smile on her goddess-like countenance.

“Fuck, that is intense,” she half-giggled, half-groaned. Then her eyes became slits and she gazed at me intently, uttering the magic words, the key to the castle.

“Let’s go to bed, lover.”

I carried the wine glasses into the bedroom and she sat me down on the edge of the king-sized Trabzon Escort bed. She lit a candle on the night stand, and I was more than ready for the games to begin when she got up and said, “Oops, forgot something. Be right back.”

My hard-on and I sat there patiently. Lynn came back with two large bottles of water. “I have a feeling we’ll be needing to hydrate ourselves.”

Gotta love a woman who is prepared.

She walked to the end of the bed and unraveled some red silk scarves from the covers. “Ordered these on-line for us. They just arrived today. We can tie each other up and use as blindfolds.”

Check that. A woman who is REALLY prepared. (Now, I wasn’t silly enough to believe that the goodies were there just for my arrival, since we’d only known each other electronically for about 72 hours, but what the heck, if that was her story and she was sticking to it, it was fine by me.)

Finally, mercifully, she knelt down on the floor in front of me and shook her long blonde mane to the side. She gracefully undid the button on my shorts and pulled down the zipper. I raised my butt from the bed to allow her to pull the shorts from my body. They fell to the floor next to her.

Without a word, or further ado, this gorgeous blonde vixen lowered her mouth onto my shaft. Her lips immediately enveloped my cock, about halfway down my length.

Similar to a first kiss, the initial seconds of a blowjob tell you whether the chemistry will be good or not and if the woman knows and enjoys what she is doing in this milieu. Although men, by nature, are grateful for pretty much any blowjob, what was ensuing in the first two minutes or so of this particular performance will be etched indelibly into my mind as one of the Hall of Fame-worthy performances, to give another baseball analogy. (Hey, after all, it was all-star night!)

Lynn’s oral talents themselves were augmented by her moans and groans as she went to work expertly on my dick. She had a too rare ability to consume most of my shaft deep within her mouth, but could still create a sucking sensation so that it felt like she were placing my dick in a vice. This is a quality that very few women can master, sadly enough, but Lynn was quite the fellatrix. An oral maestro, if you will, orchestrating a one-woman solo symphony on my engorged cock.

She maneuvered herself so that she was now sitting on the floor with her legs tucked under the bed, presumably to get even better access to my entire rod. I swept her hair the side so that I could witness the erotic sight of this stunning woman making love to my cock after just having met in person mere moments before. (I’m not smart enough to make this up.)

I gripped Lynn’s silky hair and curled her golden locks into a tight mini-ponytail, and she grunted her approval and sucked even more eagerly. There was no need to face-fuck her or stuff my cock farther down her throat. Lynn was doing quite splendidly on her own accord. However, I wanted to send a signal of my own enjoyment and also let her know that I was still ultimately in charge.

Or at least give that illusion. I knew who was really in charge. At least for the time being.

I reached for a wine glass with my free hand, the other still entwined in her hair. I pulled her head back, and she reluctantly released my cock with a loud “pop”. She wiped a small strand of saliva from the corner of her lips. Extremely sexy.

“Are you thirsty, baby? Ready for more wine?” I asked her softly. She nodded and opened her lips, anticipating that I would pour some into mouth.

Instead, I dipped my cock deeply into the wine goblet and swished the cold chardonnay all around and over my throbbing cock. I extracted my cock, dripping with the chilled nectar, and fed it into her mouth. She groaned huskily as I fed her my cock, stuffing it into her throat, my hand now roughly gripping the back of her skull.

After about fifteen seconds of face-fucking and a unique wine tasting session, I released my grip. She stared up at me with a lustful gleam in her eye.

“Wild,” she uttered, almost inaudibly. “Do it again.” I did as instructed, and she rinsed and repeated twice more. My balls were filling rapidly with a release that did not yet want to happen, so I placed the wine glass back on the stand, stood up, and raised Lynn off the floor.

“Your turn,” I said simply, placing her on her back on the mattress and lifting her lingerie over her waist, letting it hang off of her heaving breasts.

I assumed the position on the floor myself and took a second or two to admire the landscape in front of me. Lynn’s pussy pulsed ever so slightly, her labia swollen and a pale pink, her hard clit peeking from its hood like a tiny rose waiting to fully blossom.

She had a small smattering of golden pubic curls surrounding her gash. Her aroma was sweet and pungent, heavy in the bedroom air, signaling her arousal. Her slit glistened as if a soft, nurturing rainfall had just Escort Trabzon fallen, her insides slick with her juices.

I went down on her slowly, inhaling the indefinable scent of a woman’s desire, and nibbled on her puffy folds. My middle finger began to leisurely massage her inner walls, and I began a north-south trail with my tongue, licking her from the top of her mons to the sensitive area between her cunt and her anus.

Lynn’s luscious body began to react to my ministrations, and she reached up and pulled the nightie over her shoulders, leaving her naked, at long last.

I gazed at her stomach heaving as she began to pull at the bed sheets with one hand, while pulling my face deeper into her gushing slit with the other.

I savored her flavor, which was fresh and tangy, the way most true blondes taste. But Lynn’s was even more delicious. Her strong,supple thighs wrapped around my head and I heard her begin to mumble softly, “Fuck me. I need you inside me. Fuck me now, please…..”

I lifted my head, having to tug it from her death grip. “What are you asking for, Lynn, darling? I can’t quite hear you down here.”

That little-girl voice became more husky. “Fuck me. I need your cock, baby. Give it to me.” She tried to pull me up towards her.

I rose and knelt in front of her. “Beg me,” I teased her, slapping my impossibly erect cock on her pussy.

Her eyes sparkled, enjoying the game, knowing her role. “Please, sir, please. Please fuck me…..”

Say no more. I eased my cock into her cauldron little by little, feeling her vaginal muscles begin to contrast and convulse around me. As I was to find out through the duration of this evening, and into the wee hours of the morning, Lynn had a very talented cunt. She knew just how and when to milk my cock, undoubtedly maximizing the pleasure for both of us.

She looked up at me longingly as I began to caress her large, full breasts. “Come down here and kiss me. I like to be kissed while being fucked. I like it face-to-face best.” She repeated the request, beckoning with raised eyebrows and a clench of her pussy. “Come down here. Kiss me.”

We fucked in variations of the missionary position for perhaps fifteen minutes, nothing frantic or urgent, but rather comfortable, getting accustomed to each other’s bodies and genitals. All the while, we French-kissed deeply, our tongues slipping into each other’s mouth and sucking on our respective lips and tongues. Lynn was as expert a kisser as she was a cocksucker.

The eroticism of the tongue dancing served to inevitably accelerate our fucking, which turned from leisurely to more frantic. I put Lynn’s legs close together so that I could slide more deeply into her, and she groaned loudly when my cock bottomed out at her cervix.

“I’m gonna cum, baby, give it to me. Give it to me harder,” she panted, her hands pulling my buttocks so that I had no choice but to thrust into her urgently. I could feel the heat rising in her nether region and little trickles of moisture flow from her gap each time I withdrew slightly.

“Ohhh, yes, please, please, just like that, harder, harder,” she whimpered as I tried mightily to delay my own explosion. Her head thrashed on the mattress like a puppet, and I felt her insides surround me with one last clench.

“Uhhhhhhmmmmffffff,” she moaned, her humid cunt spitting her ejaculate onto my cock, as I grunted myself, withdrew, held my dick over her torso, and sprayed my own seed on her flat tummy, a small puddle landing in the curve of her belly button.

I collapsed on top of her, and again we kissed, a non-verbal show of mutual gratitude for the intense lovemaking that had just occurred. We didn’t say a word for several moments, enjoying the intimacy of the moment. No words were necessary.

There is nothing more exciting and erotic than making a truly gorgeous woman cum……….

Finally, she rose and kissed my forehead. “Relax a while, honey. I’ll be right back.” I admired the incredible naked body that I had just so enjoyed as she disappeared from the candle-lit room and into the living room, closing the door behind her.

I waited for what seemed like thirty minutes for her to return, and eventually surrendered to slumber. I was asleep for well over another hour when I finally heard her re-enter the room, still nude.

She climbed in next to me, and curled up on her side, her back to me, offering no explanation for her disappearance for what had to be close to two hours. Nor did I ask for one. I was just happy she was back. We spooned and she purred contentedly as I pushed my body against hers, cuddling together. I kissed and nuzzled her neck and began to caress her ass and pussy with two fingers. My erection told her that I was more than ready for round two.

She turned on her side and kissed me hungrily, moaning into my mouth as my fingers slipped into her warm, wet pussy. She was ready, too, it seemed. Sleep would have to wait. In the Trabzon Escort Bayan famous words of Warren Zevon, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

“Can I bring some toys into bed, would you mind?” she asked politely between kisses as I fingered her.

I’ve always been a ToysRUs guy when it comes to such items, so heck, why not? (And where did those scarves go to, anyway?)

Lynn reached next to the water bottles on the night stand and produced a pocket rocket and a huge, red, two-pronged dildo that she called, “Big Al”, with a substantial amount of affection.

The rocket and Big Al contributed a significant amount of pleasure for Lynn and myself as we alternated fucking and using the toys on each other (yes, I liked it!) for the next half hour or so.

Lynn rocked on to of my cock as she buzzed the small white device over her clit, keeping herself on the edge. (It’s nice when a girl has such an intimate relationship with her toys, isn’t it?)

“Turn around and ride me reverse cowgirl, Lynn,” I requested at one point. I had a plan for a triple play of sorts. Lynn acquiesced instantly, lowered her steamy cunt, now properly stretched, onto my cock. I heard the slight hum of the rocket and could see her tight hand gyrating.

But I liked my view better for one reason.

Lynn’s little pink puckered star winked at me from this position. Even this woman’s asshole was glorious! I licked my thumb liberally and slowly inserted it into her anus, just about up to the thumbnail.

Lynn’s body reacted almost instantaneously. But instead of rejecting the insertion into her most private hole, she embraced it.

“Oh, God, that feels good. Wow…..” she said over her shoulder. “Who knew?”

Emboldened by her positive response, I ever so slowly wiggled my thumb inside of her sphincter, like a small corkscrew. The combination of my cock filling her cunt, the small device on her clit, and a thick thumb in her ass soon sent her “rocketing” over the edge. With a loud grunt and wail, her blonde hair thrashed wildly as I literally could see her juices flow down the back of her thighs and onto mine.

“Oooh, fuck, that was great. Triple stimulation. That was an intense orgasm.”

I smiled, pleased that I could provide this sensational sex kitten with such pleasure.

The sex was getting hotter.

“Turn around, gorgeous.” I instructed her. “I want you to ride me now. use my cock for your pleasure.”

She jumped up and laughed. She knelt down beside me and, taking my cock in hand, she sucked me hard for a minute or two, tasting her own juices, licking them into her mouth. “I love my own taste, I love to taste myself,” she said, looking at me with twinkling eyes.

Lynn obviously had exquisite taste. And tasted exquisitely as well.

She then straddled me, placing her thighs outside of mine, and began rubbing my cockhead against her pussy lips. She moaned and began pushing down on me. I held my cock still and let her impale herself on me slowly. Her pussy was so wet that I slipped all the way in on the first thrust. I put my hands on her hips as we fucked, rocking slowly back and forth.

She began a slow rhythm, impaling herself a little deeper on my cock with each movement. I reached up and began squeezing her magnificent tits and pinching her nipples. As she took my entire length inside of her, she began to rub her clit and moan loudly. She began to say something incomprehensible, but only muffled grunts escaped from her lips.

Her head rolled forward and then back as I continued to pluck at her nipples and squeeze her tits. Her movements along my cock became wilder as she got closer and closer to another orgasm. Her hand moved rapidly across her clit. Soon she was uttering guttural obscenities, thrashing back and forth. I had to grab her by the hips to keep her from gyrating off of my cock. She collapsed onto my chest as the orgasm left her, my rigid cock still within her pussy.

She rested on top of me for a few moments then looked up and said, “That was fantastic!” I smiled and kissed her. As our tongues twirled against each other I began thrusting my hips upwards, moving my cock in and out of her pussy ever so slightly. We rolled over so that I was on top and managed to keep my cock inside of her.

I began fucking her hard, watching her tits bounce with each thrust. She wrapped her legs around my hips and began running her fingernails up and down my back. Soon I was ready to cum again but I didn’t want to, knowing that my next orgasm would probably be my last of the evening, and I wanted to prolong this carnal marathon for as long as I possibly could.

Lifting this beauty off of me, I laid her on the bed so that her head was at the end and hung over the edge, then I fell to my knees and spread her legs wide open. I ran my tongue down one thigh, flicked lightly across her soaked pussy, and up the other thigh. Back and forth I went, touching her pussy and clit with only the briefest and lightest of touches possible.

“Lick my clit!” she said ordered after three or four teasing passes of my tongue, trying to force my head down with her hands.

I resisted her pressure, “Beg for it! Beg for it like the slut you are. You know you want it – tell me how much you want it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32