Lynn and Derek

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Big Tits

Lynn texted me and said someone that looked just like me had looked at her while she was parked in her car and winked at her.

A few days before that, she’d mentioned that she’d recently become interested in bondage.

We live thousands of kms apart now, but we’ve been as close as any man and woman can be for almost 20 years. But, we’ve never met. It’s all been online and on the phone.

I am 20 years older than her, but that’s never been an issue. It was a turn-on for her for a while, but she hasn’t been interested in me sexually for a long time.

Although, she still enjoys my lusty messages and comments.

She’s been dying her hair black lately, and it really suits her. She’s 5’4″ and thin, with a well-defined ass, and, OH MY, magnificent tits. She doesn’t realize how beautiful she is, but I do.

I’ve wanted to fuck her for as long as we’ve known each other.

She knows that and enjoys it but insists it will never happen.

The lookalike text inspired me to

change everything.

I responded to her text and said it was me that winked at her.

She responded, “ha ha, as if, lol”

She always adds, lol, to her texts.

I didn’t respond to her text and set my plan in motion.

I booked the next flight to the city closest to her and arrived that same night. I checked into a hotel close to the small town she lives in.

I went shopping the next morning for stuff I couldn’t travel with, and then I “innocently” texted her, asking about her plans for the day.

Later on, I asked her if she’d seen the guy that looked like me again, and she said no.

I knew where she would be at 3 pm, and I was waiting. It was the same place where she’d seen the man that looked like me.

Lynn was parked in a line of cars, waiting to pick her kids up from school.

I walked towards her car, and her eyes went wide in shock! Another Derek lookalike!

I smiled and winked at her. I tucked a note under her windshield wiper and moved on.

There was nothing she could do other than get out and grab the note.

She read it and immediately texted me.

“That wasn’t really you who left the note, was it?”

I responded, “Well, you really seemed turned on by the guy that looked like me yesterday. What does the note say?”

“It’s asking me to go to the hotel and go to a room.”

I suggested she should go for it.

She said it was creepy.

I agreed it was weird and creepy, but it’s a public place. Tell reception where you’re going and check it out.

She asked again, “it’s you, Derek, right?”

I replied, “Does it matter?”

She sent a one word response, “Yes.”

I didn’t respond. I waited.

I’d fashioned a noose with 2 ropes hanging from it, each rope ending in a wristcuff.

Lynn texted that she was gonna go for it İstanbul Escort and was on her way up to the room.

I took my position behind the hotel room door.

She knocked on the door, and I opened it.

I was hiding behind the door as she stepped into the room. I threw the noose around her neck and pushed her against the wall.

I quickly pulled her arms behind her and bound her with the cuffs.

She was fighting back and about to scream when I clamped my hand on her mouth and whispered in her ear the words that would define everything that happened next.

“Lynn, it’s me, Derek.”

To my delight, she immediately relaxed and said, “You better be good at this!”.

I tightened the noose around her neck and released her wrists. I quickly pulled her coat off before she knew what was happening and immediately cuffed her wrists again.

She looked so hot pushed against the wall. Pulling her arms behind her made her back arch, forcing her tight ass up in the air.

I reached around her waist and unbuttoned her jeans. I yanked her zipper down and pulled her jeans and thong to her ankles.

I wrapped a rope around her waist and fed both ends between her legs, tight against her pussy and then around each leg several times and pulled tight.

As Lynn moaned, I released my cock and balls and planted them in her bound, cupped hands. She instantly grasped my cock and started stroking.

Despite what was happening, her comment, “you better be good at this,” rang in my head.

As I slipped a finger into her pussy I told her to kick her jeans and shoes off.

Still trying to be in control, she said no.

I pulled the two ropes between her legs together and lifted her off the ground by her dripping cunt. She screamed and kicked her jeans and shoes off.

I laughed and threw her on the bed.

Lynn was still defiant. “I know you love tits Derek, and when you release my wrists to pull off my shirt, I’m gonna attack you!”.

She rolled onto her back. Her tits stood up firmly under her blouse. I stood over her and took all of my clothes off.

I ignored her tits and kneeled on her shoulders, and slipped my cock into her mouth. She resisted, biting my cock and turning her head away.

I pulled on the ropes between her legs, making her pussy spasm and her mouth open. She looked so good with my cock in her mouth.

But, I had to stop. I had other plans.

She was right; I hadn’t seen Lynn’s tits yet.

She thought I was going to take her shirt and bra off. She was wrong.

I laid on top of her and grabbed my hunting knife from the bedside drawer. I held it tight against her throat.

She laughed and said, “I know you’d never hurt me, Derek.”

I stared into her beautiful brown eyes and said, “Oh really Lynn? Before Kadıköy Escort you walked through the door tonight, you never thought I’d do something like this!”.

Lynn stared right back at me and said with a smirk, “You’ve always wanted to fuck me, Derek, and sometimes I’ve wanted to fuck you, good for you to finally go for it!”

I pulled my knife from her throat and sliced her shirt off.

I lifted her off the bed and cut the backstrap of her bra. I quickly cut off the shoulder straps but left the cups on her tits.

Lynn was shocked that I stopped. She was squirming beneath me. My cock slipped between her thighs and she clamped it between them.

“You’ve wanted to see them for years Derek! What are you waiting for?”

I grabbed the rope I’d prepared and quickly made a chest harness. Her tits stood at attention under my tight knots.

Lynn was still shocked that I hadn’t just fucked her after all these years.

I moved my mouth to her breasts and licked all around them. Then, I slipped my tongue under the bra cups while gently playing with her clit.

I flipped her bra cups off. Her nipples were hard as stone. I sucked on one while caressing the other.

Lynn started laughing. “I knew you’d fail by going for my tits instead of my pussy Derek.”

I slapped her bound tits and flipped her over. I crushed her against the bed and whispered in her ear, “I haven’t even started yet, Lynn.”

I removed the rope I’d wound around her legs and pussy and used it to tie her ankles together.

I pulled her ankles forward until I was able to tie the other end of the rope to the noose around her neck and pulled it tight.

Lynn was bound from head to toe in a perfect hogtie.

She heard a phone camera click and freaked.

“It’s just for you, babe. I’ve sent the pic to your phone!”.

“I thought you’d like to see how you look tied up?”.

I moved in front of her and showed her the picture. She moaned, but she was still pissed off.

I selected the picture to be deleted and let her hit delete with her tongue.

I moved my cock to Lynn’s mouth, and she realized she was at my mercy. She took me in her mouth and proved she was as good a cocksucker as she’d always told me she was.

We both knew I’d dreamed about her sucking my cock, so this was a dream come true. I let her move her head back and forth on my cock until I took control and pushed my cock down her throat. She was shocked but didn’t gag. The angle was perfect. I pulled out, and then Lynn said, “Oh god,fuck my throat Derek!”. I drove my cock back into her mouth and started fucking her face.

My balls were slapping against her chin as she took all of my cock.

I grabbed her breast harness and tightened it while pulling on her nipples.

Lynn was lost in lust.

I Ataşehir Escort yelled that I was gonna cum and pulled out. She screamed, “Put it back in and cum in my mouth, Derek. I want it!”

Seconds later, I shot what felt like 20 years of cum in her mouth.

She swallowed what she could, but I told her to stop. My cum dripped from her mouth.

She mumbled, “Just what you wanted all these years, Derek?”

I replied, “Not yet.”.

I ran one hand down her back and slipped 2 fingers in her.

I licked my cum from her chin and said, “Kiss me, Lynn.”

We’d never kissed before. She opened her mouth, and we kissed deeply and passionately, sharing my cum as I fingered her.

She was incredibly wet. I moved my hand to her clit and she came almost immediately.

I felt her orgasm through our kiss.

As our mouths separated, she asked, “Now what?”.

As I stood up, she saw that my cock was still hard.

“Wow Derek! You’re still hard? At your age, lol “

I added the lol as that’s the way Lynn would have typed it.

I ignored her and moved behind her.

I quickly undid the hogtie and pushed her on to her knees with her ass in the air and her chest flat on the bed.

I pulled her arms back and tied her wrists to her ankles.

Lynn was still at my mercy.

She was crushed against the bed with her ass and pussy in the air.

I licked her clit and then my fingers found her G spot.

Lynn couldn’t stop herself from reacting.

I was lying behind her, my cock hard as a rock as I played with her pussy.

I stood up and saw Lynn’s tattoo. Just above her ass. Some people call it a tramp stamp? Ok, everyone does.

I’ve always wanted to fuck her doggy style and make that tatt move, and it’s her fave sex position.

I removed my hand and got behind her.

She was soaking wet. I drove my cock into her and said, “Now, this is what I’ve always wanted, Lynn!”.

It really was what I’d always wanted.

Lynn couldn’t help herself from reacting to my cock in her pussy.

It felt so good to fuck her.

I wanted to cum in her.

I went hard and fast, and then I slowed down and drove my cock deep into her.

She went wild when I played with her clit with my cock pounding in her.

After years of me making sexual comments that she laughed off, now Lynn is moaning with my cock in her.

The way I’d bound her allowed me to hit her g-spot with every thrust.

I could feel her trying to push back against me to take me deeper in her.

I heard her mumble something into the pillow. I slammed into her as hard as I could and pulled her head back from the pillow.

“What was that you said, Lynn?”

“I’m gonna fucking cum Derek!”

I kept a hold of her hair so I could hear her better as I started fucking her harder and faster. She kept saying, “I can’t fucking believe we’re doing this! So good, so good!”.

She let out what sounded like a growl when her orgasm hit. She clamped my cock inside her as she came. As she relaxed, she said fuck me and cum in me Derek, finally.

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