Lust in a Pool Ch. 01

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I arrange for the entire pool area to be inaccessible with no small amount of bribery. We stick to the rules, for the most part, though, and we both go into the separate changing rooms. Unlike normal, neither of us put a bathing suit on. This is an Au Natural occasion. Having made sure the hot tub is just the right temperature, the shallow pool is free of any annoyances, and the large pool is calm, with an almost glass like reflection on top. I take my time, giving you all the time you need to choose a pool and get comfortable.

I quietly open the door to the pool area, and look around, hoping you aren’t in the hot tub which is far more difficult to sneak up to. I smile as I see your bare back in the shallow pool, reclining over the side, occasionally taking a sip of your drink. Your breasts and arms rest on the ledge of the pool, your legs splayed out behind you, moving with the motion of the water. You are so relaxed you are nodding off a bit, much like I had planned, and don’t even notice when I slip into the water from the opposite end of the pool.

As I get closer, moving slowly so as to not cause the waves that would bring you back to alertness. I admire your body, fractured and broken by the light of the pool and the moving water. Your back, begging to be kissed and massaged. Your neck, I almost let out a moan at the thought of nibbling and teasing it. My eyes move down to your ass, perfectly proportioned, and I imagine holding it as you ride me. Your legs, just powerful enough to wrap around my body in a number of different positions, but often enough in the air or hanging over my shoulders.

Before I even get halfway there my semi hard cock has reached full erection, and I have an idea. I sit, watching, just out of range of your legs as they move. I watch for a pattern, and once I find one, I wait. When the time is right, when your legs are the widest apart, I swim in quickly, pressing myself between your legs and sliding my body up your back until my head is resting on your arm looking at you. You startle awake, then moan as you feel my cock pressed against your entrance. You lean forward and kiss me, your hand pressed gently against my cheek, then the back of my bornova escort head as we kiss deeply, passionately.

As we continue kissing, I begin pressing my cock into you, and I feel the moan start deep inside you, so that by the time it gets out it is loud enough to echo off the walls. As my cock slides fully into you, I leave it there, and begin to kiss and nibble at your shoulders and neck. You moan and squirm, begging me to begin sliding in and out of your pussy. I tell you to say please, but you are too busy squirming under my kisses and nibbles to do much else.

After a few times of trying to pull my cock out of your pussy and failing, you finally scream “PLEASE?!?” at me, and I begin immediately sliding my cock in and out of you, making you moan even more. I reach around and begin to rub and pinch your clit, making you moan even louder and push yourself back on my cock as I thrust into you. I keep sliding in and out of you, keeping a steady pace. After a few minutes you groan in frustration, and pull away. You swim over to the stairs, and I follow you. You step up on the stairs until you are halfway up, then grab onto the rail in the middle, bending yourself over for the perfect angle.

I climb up on the same step, and press my cock to you again. You are still very wet, a mixture of the water and the arousal, and I slide in easily. You moan as our skin meets, now really feeling the pleasure of the motions. I grab your hips, and begin sliding in and out of you. After a few minutes, you begin using the bar as leverage to push even harder back, making my cock slam hard into you. After a minute or two of this, you swear loudly and push even harder onto my cock, and I feel your muscles tighten around my cock, almost making me cum deep inside of you.

As your first orgasm washes over you, you move yourself violently up and down my cock, slamming my hard cock into you. It takes all of my self control to not let myself go, to fill you up, but I hold back, trying to control your thrusts back onto me. I take hold of your hips and control the thrusts so that even when your hips are pushing back on me hard and fast, the pace of buca escort my cock sliding into you is more controlled. As your orgasm subsides, you begin to calm, your thrusts slowing until you indicate you want me to pull out.

I slide my cock out, and you straighten up, turn around, and kiss me. I take you into my arms, and kiss you back, matching your passion. After what seems like both hours and seconds, we break the kiss, each taking a long, deep breath. We both walk hand in hand over to the hot tub, which is set to the perfect temperature. I help you in first, making sure you do not slip, and once you have slid into the almost scorching hot water, I slide in myself. I swim over to you and kiss you softly, the palm of my hand brushing your cheek.

You swim over to the corner, which has three nicely placed jets, and let the pulses relax your back and shoulders. After a few minutes, you open your eyes, and look over at me. I am sitting on the steps, smiling broadly at you, just enjoying the sight of you relaxing in the water. You ask me what I am looking at, and I answer “the most beautiful woman in the world, of course!” You smile shyly, and splash yourself with water to maintain the warmth and look thoughtfully into the water. I lean back, allowing myself to submerge mostly into the water, relaxing on the stairs of the hot tub.

I realize I nodded off when you swim up beside me, running your hands across my chest. I reach my hand up and pull your mouth to mine, kissing you deeply. As we kiss I feel you stand up slightly, and I feel your leg swing across me. The angle of our kiss moves as I feel your legs straddling my waist, and I break from the kiss. It takes me a second to realize that the warmth on my cock is different, that I am pressed against your pussy. You begin to lift yourself up, and I know what is coming next as my cock presses against the entrance of your pussy, and you drop yourself down, pushing my cock all the way into your pussy.

With my cock buried deeply inside you, we both groan and moan, the tightness of your pussy gripping my cock like a glove. You shift around, making sure to get just the right footing, karşıyaka escort and then begin to slide slowly up and down, your pussy still gripping me as you draw my cock in and out of your tight pussy. I moan softly as my cock is put to the test with every tight thrust, each pleasure filled motion.

I reach up and begin massaging your left breast, rubbing, squeezing, and pinching the nipple. You keep up a good fast rhythm on my cock, trying to get me to cum like I made you, but I keep just the right angle to make me last awhile. I reach forward and grab your ass. Not as easily as on a bed, but I begin hammering my cock in and out of your pussy. You moan loudly and curse my name, but don’t stop me as I slide my cock hard and deep into your pussy, triggering your next orgasm. Before I realize it’s begun, I begin to feel you taking the lead, pushing my cock deep into your wet pussy.

I try with all I can to stop myself from cumming, but as your pussy slides hard and fast over my cock; I feel my self control weakening with every motion. I reach in vain for edge of the hot tub, but before I can even get it there, the first stream of cum shoots from my cock, followed by more and more cum, filling you up. The feel of my cum filling your pussy sets off another smaller orgasm, but when added to the original one it makes you shake all over again. I grab you, and turn our bodies over in the water so that you are under me.

I begin to hammer my cock into your pussy, pressing you into the hard surface with every thrust. Your legs wrap around my waist, pulling me into you harder with every thrust. I lean down, intending to kiss your breast below me, but at the moment my lips meet your skin, you squeeze my cock harder, and I accidentally bite down on the skin I have by my mouth. I pull back from biting hard, but you still gasp as the pain, which I make up for with a few hard thrusts to make you forget the short term pain. As my last bit of cum leaves me cock, I slow my pace, and you drop your legs a little tiredly.

I allow myself to fall to the side, sliding out of you, and I pull you to me, kissing you deeply. We gently clean each other off, trying to prevent further arousal for a bit while we catch our breaths. We kiss and caress lightly for awhile, not caring for the clock on the wall. After some time, I let you go to warm yourself in the heat of the hot tub, while I go to swim a few laps in the pool now that the lane markers are at the side of the pool and there is no one in my way.

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