Lucy May Gets Pissed Ch. 01

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This is a fantasy story and any resemblance to persons or institutions is unintentional and the author apologises unreseredly for any hurt thereby experienced by any person

“I’m sorry uncle Ryan.” she said simply as I loosened her gag.

“No you’re not, not yet Lucie May, you will be, but not yet.”

I checked the bindings on her arms again, “Have you any idea what it’s like for a convicted rapist in the County Pen.”

“No, Uncle Ryan.” she agreed.

“So why did you do it, why did you lie? Why tell the Sheriff that I did those things to you?”

“You were mean to me.” she exclaimed.

“What in the hell do you mean, mean to you?” I said

“You never noticed me, even when I bought the yellow dress and showed you my panties when I sat down.” she explained.

“Panties, you never wore no panties.” I told her.

“You ignored me.” she said, “I didn’t like it.”

“My Dad beat me up, your dad beat me up,” I remembered and told her “My own Mom kicked me out the house and back down the Jail house when the Sheriff let me out, they all believed you and not me, and they all said I had to plead guilty to save you the embarrassment of testifying, you lying little bitch.”

“I’m so sorry, I’ll do anything to make it right,” she wailed.

“Not one visit, not one phone call or card for five years, hell I got maximum parole, I could still be there!” I yelled at her. She cringed in her dark blue dress with the grey cardigan over it, her bare legs with white socks and black low heel shoes, her jacket lay beside her.

“You’re my brother’s little girl, my niece for Christs sake.” I reminded her.

“And you never fancied me?” she sort of said, like half way asked.

“I got a hard on every time I seed you.” I admitted, “You understand that I got to punish you don’t you.”

“Yes,” she agreed.

“Proper punished,” I said, “So you never forget.”

“Yes.” she said quietly.

“So you fucked Jimmy Plant right through did you? I guess you must have to tell the Sheriff all them details.”

“No, just the twice, the first time he was sweet and then the other her tore my blouse, and Dad got mad, and I thought how mean you were so I blamed you.”

“You ruined my life, I never did high school because of you, I never had a girl in five solid years, can you understand that, I’m twenty two years old and.” I couldn’t say it.

“I couldn’t admit I was lying!” she said quietly, as she lay in the dirt of the trunk of my 72 Dodge Charger.

“No but I reckon you turned eighteen last May.” I announced “And screwin nieces ain’t incest in this County.”

I looked at her cases piled in the Charger, it was so simple to just lift her right off the street when she was changing buses at Union Square, she knew instantly she didn’t have a chance. The .38 stuck in my waistband proved that, and she came real quietly, it wasn’t till we hit the mountains that I put her cases in the car and her in the Trunk. I trussed her up like a turkey, gagged her and she never protested at all.


Bernard Maffin had done twenty five years inside for rape and incest, there was not one thing about perversion he didn’t know about and he had taught a lot me during long long nights when I shared a cell with him after I left youth wing at the Pen and joined the seniors when I turned eighteen.

“You keep your own council boy.” he told me, “I ain’t had a hard in ten years, but that’s our secret.” When other inmates were having their ass holes reamed out the size of a mans fist old Bernard just told tales of girls and stuff, “You just goof off son,” he said as he told me about the girls he screwed and the lies they told when their daddies found what dirty little sluts they were.

Bernard was a true friend he never laid a finger on me, and he liked describing what he done and what he would do to low-life bitches when he got out as much as I liked to hear him talk and all he would say was “Better Son?” when he heard the clanging of my Jism on the side of the can as I goofed off, but now he was out and helping run the chicken ranch in Manson, Bideford County, just a mile over the state line from Chablis in the Commonwealth.

Bernard told me how to get even, “You got to take them right to hell, burn their minds out then you get even,” he said, and that’s where we were headed.

I took Lucie May into the Chicken Ranch, I unbinded her and let her ride up front with me the last mile or so, there was a bored looking angel on reception. An Angel in a tight black leather jacket maybe three sizes too small which gaped open showing her black brassiere with the cutest DD cup titties crafted from pure silicone, and back fishnet tights and black stilettoes and an impossibly tight, impossibly short tiny little red leather skirt. A blonde Angel with the cutest little button nose that bone saw and scalpel could craft and flashing green eyes.

“Hi, I’m Ryan McCabe” I said, “and this is Lucie-May, Mr Mafin said he had spot for her?”

“More Bostancı escort like Lucy will,” the Angel said “or maybe Lucy will for twenty dollars, Oh.” the girl realised “You’re the bitch that cried rape!”

“I was raped, I just said uncle Ryan did it when it was someone else.” she explained.

“Then you’re a total bitch,” the Angel insisted, “I’ll show you your rooms.”

Lucie looked at me, the woman continued, “Sure Honey we got separate rooms, you can sleep with Mr Ryan if he decides to fuck you maybe, but for now he gets a nice plain Motel room and you go to work.

“I’m Sassy by the way, Saskia,” the woman said, “I’ll give you rest room two, Lucie,” she added as she collected the keys from the board, “Then I’ll get you settled in room twenty two.”

I took Lucie- May’s cases and followed Saskia to the rest room, “This is the Mens, you can start here.”

It was a small room with a wash basin and hand drier, all nicely tiled, and to one side a wooden door, Saskia opened it, there was a cubicle, tiled throughout, floors walls, not the ceiling obviously, but up as far as five feet was white glazed tiles , the ceiling was white and the tops of the walls but there was just a pole maybe five feet high and five inches round and in front this hole maybe eight inches around.

There was another door beside it and Saskia ordered, “Put her cases in there.” and pointed, I opened the door, it was just a store room.

“Go on in Lucie.” Saskia ordered, “Now, get her lifted up Mr McCabe, slip that pole up her back inside her dress and lets get her strapped up.

“Uncle Ryan!” Lucie squealed, “What is this?”

“A urinal.” Saskia suggested, “Some guys will maybe jerk off but mainly they just take aim at you and let fly when they need a leak.”

“Hush girl.” I said and held her tight as I lifted her up and Saskia guided the pole up the groove of Lucie’s ass cheeks and on up stretching and splitting her dress and slipping inside her bra strap till she sat down on the floor with her ass over the hole.

Saskia quickly wrapped straps around Lucie’s waist and under her tits trapping her elbows to her side and waist and one around her neck to keep her steady.

“They ratchet tight and need a three eighths hex key to release,” Saskia said helpfully.

“What do you mean urinal?” Lucie asked.

“Hell doll men’s going to piss on you,” Saskia suggested, “They going to stand and pull down their zippers and piss all over you.”

“You want a ball gag Lucie-May, stop them pissing right down your throat?” I asked.

“I guess.” she replied.

“Only for the introductory period, though, you best get used to sucking cock soon as you can.” Saskia mentioned casually, “But before we gag you I guess I best be nice to you, put a nice taste in your mouth.”

Saskia stepped past me and advanced towards the helpless Lucie-May and raised her skirt a tad, I saw her tights had no gusset, and the crotch was wide open and she didn’t have any panties neither, she just walked and pushed that hairless cunt of hers right in Lucie-Mays face.

“Lick my juices girl,” Saskia ordered,” line your mouth with girl juice, hell I’m getting wet just thinking of all that piss.”

Saskia ground her crotch into Lucie Mays face, “Tongue bitch, lick my cream out with your tongue.” Saskia squirmed around for a while.

“Well if you wont lick I guess I’ll squirt.” Saskia announced as she lost patience. The stream of piss was as great a shock to Lucie-May as it was to me, it hit her square in the mouth just back of her bottom teeth and some went out the sides of her mouth and some straight down her throat, “Now you savour that sweet taste.” Saskia suggested as she took the ball gag and put it in and strapped it around Lucie-May’s head, lifting her shiny clean honey blonde hair to cascade and hide the strap.

“Hell, you don’t want Piss in your eyes do you?” Saskia asked. Lucie shook her head, “look up then, left,” Saskia applied some eye drops, “And right,” she put some in the other eye, “And close.”

Lucie-May closed her eyes and Saskia held the eyelids tight down for a second.

“There, that’ll stop it,” Saskia suggested, “I super-glued her eyes shut, you need a leak, Mr McCabe?”

“I guess,” I said.

I dropped my zipper and took out my tool, it wasn’t hard nor yet sort of curled up just a semi, I tried to go wee but having Saskia there was off putting.

“Come on, I don’t have all day.” Saskia complained but the most I could do was a few drips that landed on Lucie May’s tits.

“There’s water in the lobby” Saskia explained, “and a quart Jug.”

I stepped outside and took a good drink, I figured I saw my belly swell as I drank two quarts straight off and then after ten minutes I was ready to perform.

This time I took my pants right off, my first attempt hit Lucie-May right smack on her nose, piss water sprayed both sides, over her face and her cheeks and eyebrows, some wetted her hair but most of that warm flow went down her Anadolu Yakası Escort neck one way or another and her Cardigan turned dark as the piss soaked right in.

“Sure was a good move gluing them eyelids, Miss Saskia.” I said.

“Yeah, Bernard said watch out for infections, said he wanted this one healthy.” Saskia explained, “You pissed out?”

“What?, oh yes, no, there’s more.” I tried again but the flow was weak.

“You got any cum in there?” Saskia asked as she cupped my balls with one hand and fingered her own snatch with the other.

I forgot all about pissing as my tool reared to full height, Saskia took my hand and put my fingers at her snatch, I explored gently, but now she had my balls and she made a cunt of her fist and she was giving me a hand job, I guess it took maybe twenty seconds before I cascaded Jism on Lucie May, it sort of smacked her forehead as Saskia sort of aimed it.

“Gee you needed that,,” Saskia announced, “You need training, that’s a mighty spurt but so soon, you need to learn control boy.” she sounded severe but she was smiling, and she started to smear my creamy jism all around Lucie-May’s face and over her eyelids.

“This is when she starts to feel like shit,” Saskia explained, “Piss trickling down between her tits, and then we start working the Jism right in her hair like a shampoo, Jism binds the hair so the piss sinks in, hell she’ll be begging for her hair shaved right off before we know it.”

Saskia expertly spread that Jism out so it looked like Lucie-May been spunked on by half a dozen big dogs, “hell I reckon this facility’s ready for business.”

Saskia sort of pushed me out the cubicle as I hitched up my pants, we washed our hands and went in the corridor.

Saskia changed the out of order sign from Luice-May’s rest room to the door of rest room One and we waited for a customer. “I noticed the sign on the door said No Dumping, Dump in RR4 on level Two.”

“You want to fuck honey?” Saskia asked, “It’s a dollar a minute” she paused, “so give me fifty cents.” she seemed to think it was hilarious.

“I guess you been taking it up the tail?” she asked.

“No. a couple of guys tried but they soon backed off when Bernard told them to.” I replied.

“Bernard said you was innocent, so was he see, most times.” Saskia agreed. “Me and Barbara sleep with him most nights, he talks, and then he checks who gets wettest, he said he’s going to.” she broke off as the Janitor approached, his tan coat contrasted with his ugly dark brown face, I figured he wore shorts as his legs were bare above his short leather boots.

“This Urinal installed miss?” he asked.

“Sure is, Jacob you need a leak?” Saskia replied.

“No Mam.” The Janitor replied.

“There’s Water in there, and there’s some Lime Cordial in the store.” Saskia urged.

“I just aimed to Goof off Miss.” Jacob explained, “I ain’t comfortable,” he flicked his coat open and around seven inches of black sausage just sprang up, I just stared at the bulbous reddish head, I guess it was purple like mine but it looked red against his brown meat, but I had never really seen Negro meat before.

“Miss Sassie, will you do me the honour of Jacking me off?” Jacob asked hopefully.

“Sure honey, but you keep that thing aimed away from my snatch, I don’t want to breed no half breeds.”

“Sure Miss Saskia, soon as I raise ten thousand I’m buying a night with you, you remember that now.” He warned her.

“Jacob, I’d rather work in Wall Mart than let some Negro ball me, you fuck my ass like the other Negroes ok,” she looked at me.

“So I’m a racist whore, deal with it” Saskia announced, “Mom always said brown seed in the brown hole, clean white seed in front, it did her no harm, except she got aids and died.”

That’s when I saw Jacob wasn’t wearing pants at all, just a tee shirt under his coat, and Saskia followed him into the cubicle, “Hey McCabe, you want to watch?” Saskia asked

Saskia was an artist with a tool, she had that black meat straining and twitching as she once again formed her fist into a cunt and cupped his balls but this time when she judged it she shover two fingers up his ass and straight away he started loosing that ugly grey cum all over Lucie -May. It stunk. “Hell Jacob, you need to keep regular, this is stale.” Saskia complained, “And get an enema,” she said sadly as she looked at her two shit covered fingers.”

“Fuck!” she said.

“Maybe Lucie-May could clean them for you?” I suggested.

“Yes, Jacob, you get a nice drink of Cordial, and I’ll get my fingers cleaned,” Saskia suggested and as he squeezed past me so Saskia pulled out Lucie-May’s ball gag.

She held her shit covered fingers under Lucie-May’s nose, lick them little one, make me all lovely and clean so I feel up your fuck hole.” Saskia said so sweet and gentle that Lucie opened her mouth and started sucking.

“Oh wow Lucie, you’re a born shit licker, your sister sure sucks nice Mr McCabe.”

“She’s my niece.” Kadıköy Escort I reminded her.

“What ever, that bitch is churning my juices, you want to help out? Saskia invited

“What?” I asked.

“Rub my clitty maybe?” She asked, “Please.”

It was no hardship, I reached around and found that little bud.

“Hey, be gentle, say you are inexperienced aren’t you?” Saskia said quietly, I sort of tried again more gently, “That’s good, Ooh that’s very good, oohh,” I had to hold her as her knees buckled, she felt lovely and warm and soft, except those silicon tits, “Ohh, that’s very nice, thank you.”

“Hey, I got things to do, you ready.” Jacob said, “I’m busting!”

Saskia looked carefully at her fingers and wiped them on a dry bit of Lucie-May’s cardigan, “You all right honey,”

“Uggh, No” said Lucie-May, “I’m all wet!” Saskia shoved the ball gag firmly back in Lucie-May’s mouth to protect her mouth from Jacobs piss, and we stepped aside and let Jacob past.

Jacob sure was busting, that spray of piss just started but for some reason the stream of piss veered off hitting Lucie-May’s left shoulder, Jacob was slow to react so Saskia reached around and next thing that piss stream shot up the side of her neck then it was hitting the pole, “Leave go!” shouted Jacob as they wrestled with his now shrunken member, and suddenly the stream was hitting her forehead and sprinkling over her hair like soft rain.

“Oh that’s better!” Jacob exclaimed as the last flow of piss splattered across Lucie-May’s skirt and her bare legs. “Guess I better do some work.”

“I’ll show you your room,” Saskia offered, and she led me away back down the corridor, she seemed to spend a long time straightening her skirt but even when she finished I could still see her sex under the hem.

There was another gorgeous girl at reception, dark haired brown eyed, very similar nose job to Saskia’s, similar Silicone Tits. “Hey where you been, it’s my coffee break.” she asked.

“Hi Alley, we call her Alley because she’s a vicious little wildcat.” Saskia told me.

“Hey, I’m Pussy cat, with the emphasis on Pussy, and its Alli with an I.” said Alli. “We installed a Piss slut in Rest room two.” Saskia told her, “She got this guy five years in the Pen for a rape that wasn’t.”

“You come to see if you like girls honey?” Allie asked.

“I sure like girls,” I said eagerly.

“But you been taking it up the ass, I guess, cause you look like a pretty boy not no big bull shafter, no offence.” Allie asked.

“No, I never took nothing nor shafted nothing,” I confirmed, “Just goofed off a lot.!”

I heard a click, Saskia had wrapped a long blue skirt around herself and had fastened it with a wide elasticised belt, she slipped on a matching Jacket and a string of pearls and she looked real elegant just like a regular air hostess or something, hardly like a whore at all.

The room was a chalet style building, away from the main block, just four rooms a bedroom and bathroom and lounge and kitchen but it had a Computer and TV and comfortable chairs, and a dining table,

“You eaten?” Saskia asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Food not Pussy!” she clarified.

“I meant food!” I said.

“I know you did, you haven’t had many girls have you?” she said quietly, I’m a bit too full on aren’t I.” she observed.

“You’re so beautiful, I guess,” I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Oh, you’re so sweet.” she said, “You just watch TV and I’ll send a maid, You like Roast Chicken, Apple Pie?”

“Sure” I agreed.

“Then watch TV and I’ll send a maid to cook for you., Bye.” she left me to relax.

I fetched my cases from the Dodge, took them to the bedroom and got a shower, I put some fresh laundered Levis on and a white Tee shirt and headed downstairs.

There was a Maid in my kitchen, busy working away cooking. She looked sweet, mousey hair, slim, but she wore a long sort of check uniform, not french maid style but regular maid style.

“Hi.” I said.

“Oh, Hi” she said, “Miss Saskia said you wanted Chicken.” she looked nice, ordinary, but there was a scar on her face, her nose was maybe crooked and her teeth were sort of pushed back.

“I’m Ryan, Ryan McCabe,” I introduced myself.

“Yes, Oh I’m Ruth, Ruth Brown, spelled the German way.” her Tits were nothing special B cup C maybe but the lower legs seemed dainty enough, I started wondering about her thighs

“Hi.” I said, “So you’re

She turned, “Like I’m the maid, I just clean and cook if you want, ah, company I will call a girl over.”

“That smells real good, like Moms.” I choked up, I had just ate freezer meals and had Burgers since I got out and there sure weren’t no home cooking in the Pen.

She looked around, “Mr Maffin said you been inside,”

“He’s a great guy.” I said, “Look I never raped no one, hell never even screwed her.”

“Look I just cook, I don’t judge.” she said.

I watched TV for a while, then I grabbed a coke from the freezer, “You want a coke?” I asked, I saw she was loading my plate up, “You having some?” I asked.

“Oh no, we have a canteen, unless you invite me.” she said.

“Well I can’t eat all of that,” I said, “At least I could but I need to keep in shape.” she looked puzzled, “Will you join me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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