Lube Job

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Sometimes being a mechanic has it’s advantages. I had always heard these stories from other mechanics about women that have come into their shop and the adventures that happened afterwards. I always thought it was more liquor talking than anything until last week.

I was working on a transmission linkage last Monday when I saw her. Laying flat on my back on a creeper under that Chevrolet, I looked out into the driveway and saw a beautiful woman getting out of her Acura. Her long legs swung out from the drivers seat and when she stood up, I saw her blonde hair blowing in the warm breeze. Her sundress did little to block the morning sun behind her as I studied her silhouette through the sheerness of that skimpy dress. Her breasts were perfectly round and pert and she walked as one who was accustomed at being looked at. Her hips swung with each step as she balanced her small frame on her high heels.

She walked right up to the fender of the Chevrolet as I swung my creeper to the edge of the car and looked up. Standing there, I stared straight up her dress to spy her lacy panties. Her legs seemed to stretch forever until finally merging at her slim waist. I felt my manhood starting to move as she bent sideways to see my face.

Sliding a little more, I wiped some grease from my face with my sleeve and caught her eyes staring at me.

“What can I do for you?” I inquired.

“I hope a lot. I mean, my car is handling rough and I was wondering if you could fix it.” she replied to my question.

“When do you need it? I’m kinda backed up right now. I can have it for you by Friday.”

“Friday afternoon is great. I’m going out of town and will be back then. Well, my cab is waiting, see you Friday.” she said as she walked to the cab that was pulling in behind her car. I stared again as the sun lit up her body.

“I could only dream of holding a woman like that. Oh well, back to work.” I told myself as I continued on the Chevy.

As the week went on I kept thinking about her and her beauty. She was obviously a woman of higher means than myself but what I would love to do to her!

I repaired her car by Wednesday and took it for a test drive. It handled very smoothly and as I pulled back into the garage, I wondered what she had left behind in her car. I opened the glove box and found her insurance card and registration. There was not a mans name on either so maybe there was hope yet. There was a beer bottle stuck beneath the passengers seat so I removed it for her. “Well, maybe she it not as high class as she appears.” I wondered.

On Friday afternoon, business was a little slow and it was a beautiful Tokat Escort day so I told my helper to go home. After he left, I had nothing else to do while waiting on her so I crawled under the Acura. Back on my creeper, I was giving her front end a free lube job. I was trying to really please her so she would come back if anything else went wrong with this car. Another cab pulls in the drive and I recognize those legs stretching out of the door. Paying the man, she walks back up to the fender of her car.

“Hello?” she says as she bends over peering under the hood.

Sliding out, I catch another view of her legs. This time I can see more because she is bending over and her legs are spread out a little. She has no panties on!

“Beautiful pink lips” I think to myself.

“Are you through?” she asks through the engine compartment not aware that I am not under the car but watching her pink pussy.

“Just giving it a quick grease job” I reply back under the car to make her think I am under it. “Be done in a minute.”

“O.K. Take your time. I would prefer it be done right.” She said as she leaned her elbows on the fender still looking into the engine compartment. Doing that caused her to spread her legs even farther apart and I was starting to get excited. My cock began to push its way upward as I looked lustily at her legs and pussy. She moved as if she was going to stand up so I scooted the creeper back under the car. My legs were sticking out from under it and when she did stand up, she saw my growing tool. I started clanging some wrenches around to make sounds like I was at work.

“What does the grease do for the car?” she asked.

“It helps the front end runs smoothly. It helps it handle easy.” I replied.

“How often do you have to do it?” she asked again.

“Whenever you feel it starting to feel rough when steering or you hear a squealking noise.” I responded.

“Well, I feel rough after my trip and I see your dipstick is standing like it needs to go to work.” She said rather nonchalantly.

Her statement was such a surprise to me I dropped a wrench and it hit me in the head.

“Ow, shit!” I shouted as I slid out from under the car holding my forehead.

She squatted down and moved my hand away so she could inspect my wound. Her legs were spread open as she squatted there giving me an ample close up view of her pink privates. I could see her pussy lips slightly open and began to dream of exploring her with my finger, tongue, dick or anything else I could get my hands on. My manly tool began to ache for attention.

“Your head will be alright” Tokat Escort Bayan she commented as she turned her head to check if anyone else was in the shop. Looking down she noticed my rod standing at attention on my coveralls.

“This head needs some attention though.” She announced as she began to unzip my coveralls. When she had them unzipped, I stood up. She pushed the material off my shoulders and they fell to the floor. I never wear other clothes under them so I was totally nude from my ankles up. My cock reached out to her and she reciprocated by grabbing the head of it and pulling me to the front of her car. She reached up and slammed the hood down and pushed me backwards forcing me to lay out on the front of this car. Kneeling down she parted her red lips and invited my cock into her hot mouth.

“This head is red and swollen also.” She commented as she took my dick in her mouth. She licked around the crown of it while she played with my dangling balls. I was really beginning to get warm when she slid my cock all the way down her throat. Her hot and wet mouth felt like I hoped her pussy would feel as she bobbed her head up and down on my swollen shaft. She maintained a steady rhythm as she pumped my meat and fingered my scrotum. I felt my load swelling inside of me and I hoped that I could hold it off so I could explode inside of her cunt. She felt my urges rising and she withdrew her mouth and licked her lips.

“Well baby, like I said, I feel rough also. Do I need a lube job?” she asked.

I grabbed at her flimsy dress but she backed away from me.

“No no dirty man. Let me.” She scolded me as she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her dress, shook her shoulders to make it fall and stepped out of it throwing it onto the top of the car.

I almost shot my load when I saw her breasts exposed for the first time. Like me, she wore nothing underneath her clothes this time. She stepped closer to me and I reached out to hold her tits in my masculine hands. I cupped them gingerly and bent down to kiss here nipples.

“Easy baby, I’ve been running rough” she reminded me.

“I’ll have you purring in no time.” I replied as my hands ran over her breasts and rubbed her nipples. Standing at attention, her nipples were begging for a kiss again so I bent over and took each breast in my mouth, I sucked her nipples and rolled them in my mouth as she recoiled her body in response to the sensations pounding in her.

“Yes, thats what I need. Fix me Mr. Mechanic” she commanded.

I reached down with one hand and probed her pubic mound. She spread her legs apart to allow Escort Tokat my hand to feel her labia. I rubbed my hands over her and she moved in response. I smelled her sweetness rising from below so I stood up and gently picking her up, laid her down on the hood of her car. I spread her legs apart with my hands and moved in to lick her pussy.

“Find a problem?” she asked wimpishly.

“I’m gonna clean out this vacuum hole here before I give it a lube.” I replied as she bent her head back and closed her eyes in anticipation of the upcoming attention. As I got closer to her pussy, I saw her wetness beading up around her lips. I reached up with my hands and gently pulled her lips apart as my tongue dove into her love hole. I licked her pussy inside and out while I got intoxicated on her scent. I found her clitoris with my mouth and rolled it between my teeth.

“Oh yes baby! That’s what needs to be fixed” she started to scream. Her body started to tremble with each touch on her clit. I moved my hands up and fondled her tits while I massaged her clit into ecstasy. She quivered and shook as she came in my mouth. Her back recoiled from the pleasure as I continued my assault on her pussy.

“Oh my God!” she screamed again.

“Now, how about that lube job?” I asked as I felt my dick throbbing for attention.

“Yes baby, fuck me now!” she demanded as I slid her down the hood until I could reach her with my cock. I grabbed her legs with my hands and pulled the straight up. I placed the helmet of my cock at her entrance and gave her one hard push ramming my dick to the hilt.

“Oh shit!” she screamed. “Fuck Me Baby! Fuck Me Harder!”

I rammed her as hard as I could. Her tits were dancing with each thrust as my cock pushed inside of her exploring her very depths. Her breathe was in very short pants as her body shook again in orgasm.

“Yes. Yes……..” she screamed as my cock began to fill with my load. I draped her legs over my shoulders and grabbed a tit in each hand as I pumped harder and harder until I exploded in her.

” Oh yes baby” she cooed as she continued to spasm from her ecstasy.

I stopped pumping to let my cock drain its load in her spent pussy. Her arms fell to her side as she rolled her head sideways also. She let out a long sigh of relief as I withdrew my spent rod from her cunt. “Oh baby, how long will that lube job last me?” she inquired.

“I’ll need to use my dipstick every few days to check.” I replied as she began to compose herself. “I wouldn’t want you to run low”.

She grinned as she stood up to get her clothes back on.

“I’ll need to get my car now.” She said as she completed getting dressed.

“No problem, it runs great now”

“I’m sure it does. If you touched it, I bet it purrs like a kitten”. She said as she blushed slightly.

“I like to satisfy my customers” I said as I handed her the bill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32