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My real sexual education started in college in my junior year. I’d had the same roommate for two years but she’d dropped out, then Eileen came into my life. We were the same age and build, shapely, pretty, buxom and the opposites in disposition. Except for the fact that I’m a blonde, and she’s brunette, we could pass for sisters. I was shy and a follower, while she was outgoing, and very much the leader. She soon brought order to my rather sloppy, chaotic life, and I liked it. She wasn’t bossy, but had a way of getting others to do what she wanted, and loving it. My grades went up and our room was always neat and tidy.

Where I’d always been very shy and modest, she always run around the apartment either nude, or just in panties. Her body is lovely and I found myself staring at her a lot. She didn’t seem to mind, or so I thought, notice. She had, to me a very disconcerting habit of sitting on the bed facing me, legs folded Indian fashion, her sex, or as I later began to call it, her pussy, in full view. She had a bikini cut, her pubic hair was trimmed in the shape of a heart, her outer lips bare. Her inner lips protruded slightly, as if pouting, I noticed that sometimes when we got to talking about sex, something I almost never did, but which she seemed to bring up often, her sex lips would become wet and part. I wound up looking at the exciting deep pink of her wet core. Her nipples would get erect and poke out, the tip as long as the first joint on my little finger. It fascinated me.

I was brought up very strictly, religiously, and my mother taught me almost nothing about sex. She and my father have slept in separate bedrooms for as long as I can remember. She gave me a very short and terse talk about boys, how they were after one thing, and about sexual diseases. I wasn’t to allow my hands to explore “below”! I wasn’t allowed dates in high school except to heavily chaperoned functions, and I had to go straight home after.

I was a virgin till I went to college. I gave my virginity to a “nice” boy who was very careful, very unskilled, very dull, and he never asked me for another date. He used a condom and the only thing I got from it was a little soreness. I masturbated once in a while, never very successfully. Shame made my mind consider it “dirty”.

Ellie and I talked about sex, or she talked, and I mostly listened. We had the same opinion – boys were after one thing, and then lost interest. She’d had several experiences, all ending the same way – wham, bam, thank you, mam. With her I became more open. She loves to touch and she’ll often hug me when she gets excited, or give me a kiss when I’ve done something that really pleased her. It makes no difference if she’s clothed or not. I found I began to like the touch of her body against mine, her full firm breasts against my back, or front, for that matter.

One night we had a very violent storm, with thunder and lightning that shook the building. She slipped nude into my bed, and snuggled up to my back. It felt so cozy. Much later I awoke to find her hand under my pajama top, her warm hand cupping my breast. I didn’t move it, but went back to sleep feeling a tingle between my legs. At other times, I’d wake up to hear her soft sighs in her bed and turn to barely see her in the darkness, her hand moving under the covers as the brought herself off. Once I fingered myself while I watched her, and came close to an orgasm myself.

My sexual coming out started when Ellie went out of town for a long weekend and I stayed in the apartment alone. All my studies were done and I was going through some videos that belonged to Ellie. I knew she wouldn’t mind. I slipped one in and sat back to enjoy a movie. It started out with two women talking, and as the plot developed they began to undress each other and make love. I was panic stricken, and turned it off quickly, returning it to the shelf. I couldn’t imagine anything like that! How could Ellie watch that “smut”, as my mother called it? It stayed in my mind though. Several times I started to watch it, then dismissed it. Finally, I thought of how I’d looked at Ellie’s sex, and I couldn’t deny it sometimes got me excited. I’d certainly been interested, and excited, when she’d masturbated! I put the tape back on, lay down on the couch and watched my first “Porno” film.

The women were very beautiful, with lovely bodies. As the plot developed, they made love to each other slowly, and the camera angles were very explicit. What surprised me was how they didn’t seem to be acting, they seemed to really and truly like to make love to each other! Their looks and caresses told me that they really cared, and were each trying to please the other and bring them to a climax. Fingers, tongues, vibrators, and dildoes slipped into “forbidden flesh”.

Another surprise was that I was becoming very excited! My own sex became wet and I slipped my hand down to stroke myself. There were several scenes where a woman would masturbate alone. As I watched, I began to imitate their strokes, and as my own clitoris is bursa escort bayan rather large, I had no trouble arousing myself, as I had never done before. My sex became very wet and my finger transferred my slick juices up to my clit.

I ran my finger faster and faster over my clit imitating the woman on the TV screen, then suddenly I screamed out as an overwhelming explosion shot through my body and I climaxed, totally and thoroughly, for the first time in my life. It went on and on, till finally I lay totally spent. I shut off the tape and went into the shower. I let the hot water wash over my body and I knew what a real climax felt like. I’d really “come”! Suddenly I yelled out “Fuck you Mother” and laughed aloud. I felt so alive!

I took the soap and lathered my body, letting my soapy hands play all over my body, my breasts, my erect nipples, up and down my thighs, then to my sex – my pussy. I teased my clit and slipped a finger up inside myself. It felt good! I reached back and ran my hands over my butt – my ass! I giggled as I slid a finger down to find my – asshole.

Carefully I slid a soapy finger up that “dirty hole” I wiggled it. It felt good. I squatted and let the water flow over me. I lay back under the warm torrent, and let my soapy fingers play with my body, front and back. It felt good, it was good! I climaxed again, feeling so wonderful. I dried off and looked at my nude body in the mirror. I cupped my full breasts, and pulled my nipples till they stuck out long and erect. I tried to suck my nipples, ala the video, but couldn’t bend my head down that far. My body glowed. I felt wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

I spent almost the whole long weekend making love to myself. I went to the market and bought several bananas, several different sized cucumbers, and some baby oil. I oiled my body, the fruit and vegetables and, yes, fucked myself with them. With one banana, I pealed it, slipped it in and out of my pussy and when I’d climaxed, slipped it out and ate it!

The larger of the cucumbers filled my pussy, and the smaller, with a lot of help from the baby oil, finally slid in my ass. I even tried them both at once, while I lay, my spread thighs wide, inches from the mirror. That brought a roaring climax! By the time Ellie came back my pussy and ass were pleasurably sore and I’d lost count of the times I’d climaxed. I’d carefully returned her tape to the shelf, not mentioning it. I’d pleasured myself, watched women make love to women, but I was still too shy to initiate any “moves” on Ellie!

Ellie came back with a new, part time business. A friend had persuaded her to try selling exotic lingerie. It was something she could do in the evenings, as much, or as little as she chose. Her friend, a dealer, had lent her a full line of lingerie to show, and Ellie had been to one lingerie party and modeled them. She told me that at the party, there were both men and women, and exhibitionist that she is, she’s loved it!

She opened the display case and showed me the beautiful lingerie. She modeled them for me and they were all beautiful, and very sexy. One was a bra and panty set that had cutouts for the nipples and the panties were “open crotch”. She put it on for me and when I looked down, her pussy lips were plainly visible. Aghast, I asked if she’d modeled them, and she said she had. It had gotten her so hot she’d had to go into the restroom and bring herself off! Just for helping her friend out, she’d gotten fifty dollars.

That night I lay thinking about my erotic weekend, and hugged myself and smiled as I went to sleep. An image of Ellie in the sexy outfit flitted through my mind as I slipped off.

It was almost a week before Ellie could line up a lingerie party. She asked me to go with her to help her out. The party was all women, from college age to matrons. I helped Ellie in and out of her outfits and took orders for the various items sold. The first evening we sold over $300 worth of lingerie, and Ellie gave me $30 for helping. I could use the money, as my parents don’t have a lot of money to send to me.

We worked several parties and her sales increased with each show, as did my “cut.” Some of the shows included men, and they loved the lingerie and bought heavily. Ellie seemed to know how to show off the lingerie without making the women jealous. She’d tease the men and women both, and developed a real gift of patter. I found I enjoyed the shows too. I loved to look at her body as she changed. After the shows, we’d go back to the room and while I wrote up the orders, Ellie would disappear into the bathroom. More than once, I’d tiptoe down the hall and I’d hear her sighs of passion as she masturbated. Later, I’d do the same thing.

The shows were going very well, our sales jumped and the number of people attending went up. We got in new items and more models, so our inventory became larger. Ellie had to hustle to show off all our line.

“We’re hurting.” Ellie told me after one hectic night. “I can’t show off görükle escort all the merchandise. It’ll drag on too long. I need another model, someone that’s lovely, sexy, has nice tits and can give the men and women a good show! In a word – you!”

I told her I couldn’t possibly do that! She said I certainly could, I was terrific looking, had a dynamite body, and with a little makeup she could make me “sexy as Hell!” She continued that if I did, she’d increase what I earned to a percentage of the night’s sale. It could double, or triple what I was making.

I still hesitated and she said that I’d only do the all women shows until I became more comfortable, and if I wanted to stop I could – at any time. Reluctantly I agreed. For the next few nights, in the apartment, I practiced how to walk and move to show off the lingerie. She tried different styles of make up on me till we had a sexy look that wasn’t too blatant. I looked like a very sexy co-ed!

Finally she said I was ready except for one thing, with the lingerie cut so high, I had to have a bikini cut. My pussy hair is kind of long and abundant, so with mixed feelings I agreed to let Ellie shave my pussy. I wanted it, yet no woman had ever been so intimate with me. I took a shower, then called Ellie into the bathroom to clip and shave my pussy. She had me sit on a towel on the john and brought clippers and a razor. I sat legs spread, while she clipped the hair shorter, lathered my thighs, and shaved me. God, I was wet. Her face was inches from my spread pussy and she touched my spread pussy from time to time as her hands moved here and there. My clit felt like it would burst!

“God, you have a beautiful pussy. It’s so neat. My lips are long and stick out, yours are so pretty.” She continued shaving my thighs up close to my pussy, my thighs spread wide. I knew she could see my wet vagina.

“You’re so wet. Does it get you excited, my being so close to your pretty pussy?” I could only nod as she looked up at me, smiling. “I have a friend who shaves me sometimes, it gets me excited too, having her face inches from my wet pussy. She says it gets her excited too. This is getting me excited too! I can smell your pussy, it smells so sweet, and so excited.

“I can see the pink tip of your clit. Yours is bigger than mine. Mine is small, but very sensitive. Oh, did you enjoy the all girl video in my collection? I set a trap for you, I put it just so on the shelf. Did you like it?”

I said I did.

“Did it excite you? It does me! I love to watch it. I’ll watch it and get myself off with a bang. Tell the truth, did you get off watching it?” She asked looking up at me from between my thighs, eyes wide. I had to admit I’d watched it a number of times, and climaxed so many times I’d lost count.

While she trimmed my pussy, I told her about my strict rearing and how I’d finally said ‘Fuck you mother’, and gotten myself off over and over, even telling her about the bananas and cucumbers. We both laughed. She said she had several dildos, and vibrators I was welcome to try anytime.

She looked up at me. “I hope I won’t spoil our friendship, but I’m – I guess you’d call it bi-sexual. I date men from time to time and fuck once in a while, but I really love women. I’ve had, and have, several lady lovers, of various ages. You are so beautiful, and I really love you, and that’s why I’ve been so careful around you. I hope I haven’t lost your friendship. You have looked at me a lot, and shown a lot of interest in my body. I’ve always been an exhibitionist, and you didn’t seem to mind. I’ll bet you kind of enjoyed it, right?”

“You’re right. I do enjoy looking at you, particularly your lovely body, and your pussy. I can’t help it. I just need time though. Guess it’s my background. Masturbating is one thing, having sex with a woman is entirely another thing.” I said smiling down at her. My pussy cried out for her touch, but my mind said no. She brushed off my pussy and held a hand mirror up so I could see the results. It looked very sexy. She’d shaved my inner thighs, and outer lips. At the top she’s trimmed it so I had a small triangle of hair. I looked down and saw how wet and deep pink my pussy was, and my clit just peeped out, the head a round nub. It ached!

“Why don’t you go and bring yourself off, I’m going to. This sure made me horny! You can have the bedroom, I’ll take the bathroom.” She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, closed the door and minutes later I came, lying on the bed. I exploded, is what I did! When I got up there was a small wet spot on the sheet. When I went back in the kitchen Ellie was cleaning up the clippings and smiled at me and winked. We laughed together.

The first show went well, very well. We took turns showing off the lingerie and the women seemed to like us both. I lost my shyness quickly, and began to tease the ladies about wearing this or that for her lover, never, her husband. They loved it. Our sales were very high. So was I! Being in the skimpy costumes, bursa escort bayan and exhibiting myself like that turned me on. My pussy stayed wet the whole time. I could hardly keep my hands away from my pussy. Several times while changing, alone, I reached down and stroked my clit. God, it felt good. I could tell Ellie was excited too.

Pam, the hostess, a beautiful matron, came to us after everyone had gone and asked if we had any sex toys. She said she had several friends who were interested, and she’d like us to come back and give a sex toy party. Ellie played it cool and booked a night about three weeks away. On the way back she said that her friend could get all the toys we wanted, very high quality items, and the mark-up on them was higher than on lingerie.

In our room we quickly added up our sales, and my take was well over $500. It was the most profitable night since I’d started helping her.

“God, I’m hot, it was all I could do to keep from going into the john and bringing myself off!” Ellie said. I told her it made me hot too, showing myself off in such sexy outfits.

“Want to do something even sexier?” Ellie asked her tone mischievous. I asked what she had in mind. “I’m going to bring myself off, and unless I miss my guess, so are you. Right?” I nodded a yes. “Lets do it at the same time. It’s really exciting to watch someone else masturbate while you’re doing it too. We don’t have to touch, just look. Delightfully dirty!”

Just the thought of it set my pussy on fire. I blushed from head to foot, and agreed. She turned the lights so it was not too bright and put on a mellow CD. We stripped naked and got at opposite ends of the couch facing each other. She spread her thighs and began to slowly rub her pussy with one hand, her full firm breasts with the other. I melted. It took me several minutes before I got up courage to spread my thighs and start to finger myself. My pussy was dripping.

Ellie pulled her pussy lips wide and I could look at her rosy vagina. Her flesh was red and gleaming wet. She slid first one finger, then two up inside herself. She pumped her fingers in and out slowly, her other hand stroking her clit. Below her neat brown hole was wet with her dripping juices.

I ran my fingers down to my opening, wetting them and brought them up to my clit. I pulled upward on the sheath exposing my clit, pink, swollen, and very hard. Ellie gasped aloud, “Beautiful, so pink and so big.” Her fingers moved round and round in circles as she rolled her clit. My fingers played up and down, a finger on either side of my clit, stroking myself.

It didn’t take but a minute or two until we both came. I saw another women climax clearly for the first time in my life. It excited me tremendously and I couldn’t get enough, and began again. Ellie followed suit, and it took longer this time. I came first, then leaned forward to watch her. As she neared her climax I reached over and stroked her thigh. My touch set her off and her hips came off the sofa as she climaxed. Her pussy contracted visibly, and a small rivulet of juice ran down her beautiful ass.

We talked for a while, then separately showered and went to bed. I usually wear a sleeping shirt or pajamas. That night I went to bed nude. Ellie watched and winked at me.

I became much more relaxed around her. I’d wander in and out of the bathroom when she was showering or dressing, something I hadn’t done before. I ran around the apartment nude much of the time, much to Ellie’s amusement. Now it was her turn to watch me. I’d bend forward, legs spread and catch her looking at my pussy and ass. I loved it!

School went on as usual, with us having a couple of lingerie parties every week. My first party that included men went well, I flirted with them and sales were big. A couple of the men tried to date Ellie and me. We declined.

Finally, a big package came for Ellie. We opened it and went wild. It was the sex toy shipment. Ellie’s friend had included a real assortment, and some I couldn’t figure out at all. Ellie said we’d have to try them out so we could tell the customers how they worked.

She said it depended how the party went, but we might actually demonstrate them on ourselves, or on each other. Her friend had said that sometimes the hostesses would slip her a couple of hundred dollars to actually use the toys on herself, or on her friend who helped her. It sounded exciting to me. I guess by now I had overcome most of my sex hang-ups, except making love to a woman!

That evening we locked the doors, pulled down all the shades, undressed, and got out the toys. The vibrators and dildoes I understood, but the butt plugs, anal probes, nipple clamps, whips and chains had to be explained to me. We tried them out and I got quite excited. A couple of the dildoes were so lifelike it was scary, but they felt so good sliding in and out. Ellie and I had several climaxes. She slipped one dildo set on, strapped it tight and asked with a grin if I’d like to be fucked by a women.

My pussy tingled at the thought, but I passed. I just wasn’t ready – yet! I asked Ellie if she and her friends had ever used one, she laughed and said they had lots of times. She reached in the box and showed me a double dildo that was at least 16 inches long. She described in great detail how it was used.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32