Love is Universal Ch. 01

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Denny watched as the cars went by, longingly to be in her car on the freeway home. She had a long day, and was ready to call it quits. She sighed as she looked at the clock twenty more minutes till freedom. She heard a knock on the door and turned in her computer chair towards the door, setting her hands on her lap.

“Come in.” She said with her businesslike voice, firm but very feminine. Her assistant Carmen stepped into her door.

“Good afternoon Miss. Evanston, Miss. Jamile would like to see you before you leave. She said if you had time could you stop by in a few minutes.” Denny looked at the clock again, Ugh. she thought eighteen more minutes left.

“Tell Miss. Jamile that I’ll be there in one moment.” Carmen nodded her head, and slipped back out the door. Denny stood up, and grabbed her purse putting her cell phone keys and money away. Hmm I wonder what Miss. Jamile wants, maybe to go over last months overall investments and income.

Denny pulled on her black blazer over her knee length white no sleeve dress, and checked her black flats. She looked into her wall mirror and studied her profile, her long black hair was still in a respectable bun, her make-up still flawless and her eyes still a dark blazing silver.

She smiled into the mirror at herself, grabbed her purse and opened her door. She shut off her lights and locked her door, before proceeding towards Miss. Jamile’s door that was right next to Denny’s. She walked up to the door which read Kari Jamile, CEO, she knocked on her door and waited patiently for an answer. When she heard a soft

“Enter.” She put on a smile, and walked into her office.

“Hello Miss. Jamile you wanted bursa anal yapan escort to see me?” Kari turned around from the window her short stable brown hair swished as she studied Denny with emerald eyes. Kari was the youngest corporate CEO in Michigan, at age twenty five she was the most known and coveted person in Michigan.

“How long have you worked for me?” Denny smiled at the rhetorical question, she knew how long, but Denny answered it anyways.

“Five years.”

“And how long have you been my vice CEO?”

“Three years.”

“Then can we please drop the formalities, Denny. Call me Kari.”

“Sure, Kari.” Denny was ecstatic for the longest times she has had a crush on Kari since she met her, and that’s when she found out she was bi.

“Is what you wanted to talk about, the company’s income or last weeks proposal to AKM’s Emporium?” Kari sat down in her chair and swept her hand towards the chair across from her desk. Denny took her seat, and crossed her legs looking very formal and business like.

“No, nothing like that, the proposal was perfect, and the company’s income is in it’s highest in a decade. So you have been with this company working for me for five years now, how much do you know about the other workers?”

“Like personal or business work ethic?”

“Personal.” Denny thought back thinking of her coworkers and how they have gotten along together.

“Very well, actually we go on a coworker night every casually Friday. Dinner and bowling or bar and pool.” Kari frowned.

“Oh.” Denny raised her eyebrows Kari seemed lonely, maybe she should ask her for karacabey escort a drink.

“Um, Kari?” Kari’s eyes shot up, and her head tilted to the side by an inch. It was kinda cute.


“Do you want to go out for a drink sometime?” When Kari’s eyes widen, Denny stuttered out. “If you think that’s inappropriate, just never mind.”

“Oh no its not that its just no one has asked me out for just a friendly drink. How about tonight? Unless tonight is not good.” Denny gave Kari one of her real smiles and Kari smiled tentatively back.

“How about around seven, tonight?”

“That works perfect, you can go and I’ll see you later.” Denny nodded, and walked out of the door. Carmen walked up to her, her face smiling.

“So what did the boss want Denny?” Carmen was very professional when she wanted to be.

“I don’t really know she asked how well I knew my other coworkers, and I told her about our weekly night out. She seemed kinda sad, so I asked her out for a drink.” Carmen’s brown eyes sparkled.

“You asked the boss out for a drink? Are you finally getting enough courage to see if you can tap that ass of hers?” Denny’s mouth dropped open, and she whispered to Carmen.

“You knew I liked her?”

“God everyone knows you want her, the way you look at her. She must be really blind if she doesn’t see that. So you gonna try whenever you go out for a drink, or at another time?” Denny laughed.

“I didn’t know I was so see through, no not tonight maybe when we get to know each other more personally, I want to know she’s not gonna fire me for coming on to her.”

“Ah so you want more mudanya escort than just a piece of ass, from miss here every single day?” That’s when Aden one of the other assistant, walked by and heard what Carmen said.

“Who’s the piece of ass you want more than just a one night thing?”

“Don’t tell—” But Carmen went over her voice.

“The one she’s had the hots for like five years, the boss. Denny asked her out for a drink.” Denny hit her hand against her head and groaned.

“Good for you Denise, you’ve taken control. So you going out tonight?”

“Yeah but it’s just for a friendly drink, and I hate it when people call me Denise. You know that Aden. So how are you and Greg?” Denny asked about Aden’s partner.

“Me and Greg are doing fine honey, were going camping soon. And were talking about adopting a little Cuban orphan, named Layla.”

“Oh, that’s great Aden I’m happy for you.”

“Yes, and now that’s I’m all settled in my relationship it’s your turn. You need to find yourself either a good man or a beautiful loving woman, who will give you what you deserve. I know Luke and his breaking up with you because you lost his kid is still little hard on your heart, but you gotta get out there and love again.” Denny winced at the reminder of Luke and the broken engagement because she had a miscarriage.

“I don’t need anyone with such loving friends. I’m fine, and happy the way I am.” Aden shook his head at her lie.

“Maybe, Kari will help you, everyone thinks she’s isolated because she doesn’t like, people but it’s because she is really shy and sweet. I know she’s my older sister, I think she might like you too. She talks about how you do so well with everything, and talks about you work ethics with more than just an appreciation for a hard worker.” Denny’s eyes widen.

“Do you really think so?” Aden’s lips quirked and Carmen smile was full blown.

“See you do need someone and you want Kari. You and her would get along so well.”

* * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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