Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 02

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Thanks for the feedback on the first chapter, it was my first attempt at a ‘lesbian’ story and I’m glad to see it went down well. This chapter picks up about a half hour after the end of the first one.

Warning — There are references to sexual violence that may offend some readers.


I arrived at the hospital and ran inside, I was running through my head what could have happened to Amanda. I crashed into the receptionists’ desk.

‘Imlookingformyfriendwhereisshe?’ I was so fast I could barely understand myself.

‘Calm down dear, take a deep breath and tell me how I can help you.’ She seemed friendly despite the godless hour.

I took her advice and took a deep breath. ‘I’m looking for my friend, where is she? Her name’s Amanda Townsend and I was told she was here, brought in not long ago.’

The receptionist looked at a chart. ‘Ah yes, Townsend. Down the hall, third down on the left.’

‘Thanks.’ I walked quickly down the hall towards a door with a male and female doctor, both in their late twenties, in front of it.

‘Excuse me.’ The man stopped me from going in. ‘Can I help you?’

‘I’m Heather Richards, I was called about my friend Amanda.’ I looked in through the window on the door, Amanda was sitting on the edge of the bed covered in a towel and crying, two police officers standing next to her with notepads out. ‘What happened to her?’

The female doctor took me away from the door. ‘I believe I was the one who called you. This may be difficult to comprehend but your friend was attacked tonight, sexually.’

‘Oh my god is she alright, who did it, have they caught him?’

‘Relax Miss Richards; she managed to escape her attacker before he could… do anything. However the whole event has left her shaken and scared, I recommend you take her home when the police are finished with her and stay with her, she’ll be very scared and vulnerable so try not to leave her alone as much as possible.’

‘Ok, I’ll do that. Jesus I can’t imagine what Mands’ is going through.’

‘I doubt many can, I’ll have to ask you to stay before you take her home; the police may want to question you.’

The male doctor came up to us. ‘The police have finished taking her statement, you can see her now.’

I damn near ran into the room, as soon as I saw Amanda I made a beeline towards her and engulfed her in a hug, tears filling both our eyes.

‘God Hezz, I’m an idiot, a fucking idiot.’

‘Hey hey, in no way is this your fault. All that matters is that you’re safe.’

Amanda began to cry, it took all my strength not to join her. She pulled away from me and wiped her nose.

‘Excuse me.’ One of the police officers spoke up. ‘If we might have a word with you Miss.’

I understood that he was talking to me so I followed him and his partner out the room.

‘I am to understand you are Miss Townsend’s roommate Miss Richards?’

‘Yes, Heather’s my name.’

‘Heather, I’m D.C.I. Ross this is my partner D.I. Brown. Now Miss Richards I trust you were filled in about the attempted sexual attack on Miss Townsend.’

‘Yeah, one of the doctor’s told me.’

‘Good, now Miss Townsend claims she was attacked by a Mr Craig Allen.’

I couldn’t believe it, the rat-bastard had actually tried to rape Amanda. If possible I hated him more than ever. The officer kept talking.

‘We understand you can’t help us as a witness but for a character study what can you tell us about Mr Allen?’

‘I, uh, I didn’t like him.’

‘Why not?’

‘Um, this is confidential right?’

‘We can’t guarantee that.’

I sighed. ‘Well, I don’t think he treated Mands’ all that well anyway.’ I decided to keep my insane jealousy to myself.

‘How so?’

‘Amanda and Craig had sex, a lot. It wasn’t uncommon to hear them at all hours of the night. But I don’t think he ever cared for her, it was just sex to him.’

‘You have any other proof of this?’

‘Not much, little thing he said and did around Amanda.’

‘Would you classify Mr Allen as a violent man?’

‘I didn’t know him that well. However if there was a fight to be had with someone he would have trouble backing down from it, I seem him for than a few times square up to someone ready to go.’

‘These ever escalate into violence?’

‘No, Craig’s a big guy; he’s on the football team, so most people just back down, he’s use to throwing his weight around and getting his own way.’

‘Thank you Miss Richards that’ll be all for now, we’ll call you if we have any more questions.’

The two officers left after that, I went back inside Amanda’s room, the male doctor from earlier was softly bending Amanda’s arms, I guess for tests.

‘Well I’d like to keep you here overnight to do some more tests; you can go home if you want or you can stay here it’s your choice.’

‘I’d like to go home please, I want to forget about this as soon as possible.’

‘That’s understandable.’ He turned and saw me. ‘We haven’t been properly introduced; I’m Dr Thomas Freeman I’ll be Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort looking after your friend.’

I shook his hand. ‘Heather Richards. Would it be ok if I take Amanda back?’

‘Of course.’

Just then an elderly doctor walked past the room, Thomas stuck his head out the door.

‘Dad, Mr Dawltry called, he wants to confirm the next meeting.’

‘Thanks Tom, I’ll give him a call in the morning.’

The old doctor left, Thomas returned to us. ‘Sorry about that, it’s my dad, Gordon, he got a call from one of his patients. Right well I’ll leave you two alone to get some rest and I’ll see before you leave.’

Thomas left the room, as soon as he did I leaped onto the bed and faced Amanda.

‘Mands what the hell happened?’

Amanda didn’t look me in the eye as she told her story. ‘I was at the party with Craig and I had a lot to drink. You know I can’t hold my drink and I got real tipsy real fast. Anyway I ended up kissing some random guy by accident, Craig took me out after that he wanted to go home. I tried to patch things up but he called me a slut, said I was cheating on him, Hezz I wasn’t. I told him the only time I ever came close to cheating on him was a little experiment with you and that meant nothing.’

That hurt me a lot, I know it was selfish but to hear her say our thing was nothing upset me. However I said nothing and let Amanda continue.

‘That set him off, he dragged me into an ally and threw me to the ground. He said if I was going to act like a whore he’d treat me like me. He ripped off my trousers and panties and was about to… I fumbled around the ground and found a bottle which I hit him with and ran away, I found a police car nearby and they helped me.’

Amanda started crying. ‘God Hezz I’m so stupid, why didn’t I see it, why didn’t I see him for what he really was?’

‘Mands I said before this isn’t your fault, it’s his; the jealous fuck. He had no right to do that to you.’

Amanda grabbed me in a hug. ‘Oh Hezz, I don’t know what I’d do without you.’

I said nothing, I only laughed quietly; I was so upset over what had happened I couldn’t do anything else. Later that night Thomas took a few more tests on Amanda and set her free. Amanda said nothing on the way home, I don’t blame her but I wanted something to break the silence. Mands’ jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped and ran inside, I found the owner of the keys.

‘Hey, what happened, how is she?’ The girl, Rachel McCormack, asked.

‘A little shaken, apparently Craig Allen tried to have his way with Mands; she only just managed to escape.’

‘That bastard, I knew there was something up with him.’

I turned to leave but Rachel stopped me.

‘Heather, when you saw me and James yesterday, behind the staircase.’


‘Could you maybe not tell anyone, I don’t want my father finding out about us.’

‘Scared of Father Aiden are you?’

‘Firstly he’s retired from priesthood and secondly yes I am.’

‘Don’t worry Rach, I won’t say anything.’

I left Rachel to find Amanda, the sound of smashing coming from our dorm told me where she was. Amanda was breaking anything Craig had given her, ripping any photos of the two of them, tearing any of his clothes he’d left. She was barely at it for two minutes before she burst into tears and gave up.

‘You must think I’m pathetic Hezz, I can’t even get rid of this bullshit without breaking down.’

‘Mands’ I don’t judge you, no-one can after what happened. Get yourself a shower and I’ll clean this up.’

Amanda got up and went to the bathroom, I started cleaning up but Amanda’s cry of pain distracted me. I rushed to the bathroom to see what had hurt my friend.

Amanda was standing wearing only her panties, holding her bruised side in pain.

‘Fuck Hezz, I can’t do this it’s too sore.’

‘I, I , I could hel, help you.’ I was trying and failing to hide my arousal, even after her attack I still had an almighty crush on Mands.

Accepting my help, Amanda pulled down her panties — Oh god — and stepped into the shower, the water soaked her deep red hair and made it cling to her skin, still golden through everything. She handed me her sponge and body-wash, still completely unaware that I was looking at every perfect inch of her. I lathered the sponge and slowly rubbed it on her back, as I got closer to her ass my own panties were wetter. I washed Amanda’s ass regardless, staying on it as long as I dare to get a good feel without arousing suspicion. I bent down to wash her legs, my face so close to her ass I could have kissed it without moving my head. I washed the inside her legs, my hand between her legs, I could actually feel the heat radiating from her cunny; as the water from the shower hit me I convinced myself it was her juices, and I was the one creating them.

Sensing I’d spent too long on her legs I darted back up.

‘Lift your arms please.’ My voice was barely a breathy Yenimahalle Rus Escort whisper but Mands’ followed my instruction. She lifted her arms allowing me access to wash her underarms. Of course washing her underarms made my fingers brush against Mands’ breasts and at one point my index finger caught the underside of her left breast.

In the split second I thought of everything, I would grab Amanda’s breast with one hand then stroke her pussy with the other, I would kiss her neck and shoulder, tell her everything, how much I love, how I long to be with her. I would make love to her in the shower.

But I didn’t, I merely apologized and moved my hand. I’m such a fucking idiot.

‘You want me to wash your hair?’ I asked her half-hoping she’d say yes.

‘No thanks, I can get it. Thanks for the help.’

‘No problem.’ I left as quickly as I could, ran to my room and shut the door behind me. Ripping off my clothes I jumped onto my bed; with one hand squeezing my nipples and the other rubbing my clit I masturbated to a furious orgasm, the image of Amanda’s naked body never leaving my head.

I fell asleep not long afterwards.

It must have been early morning when I heard the knock on my door.

‘Hezz it’s me, can I come in?’

‘Sure Mands’.’ Amanda entered my room, she was wearing an old cut-off t-shirt and boy shorts, a scared and vulnerable look across her face. ‘What is it?’ I asked her.

‘Is it, this is going to sound silly. Is it ok if I, sleep in your bed?’

‘Um, I don’t know Mands if you want sure I’ll take the sofa and…’

‘No, can I sleep in your bed, with you there, as well?’ She sounded so awkward asking that. ‘I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.’

‘Wow, sure Mands’ I threw open my covers to welcome her in, then the cold air reminded me of my nudity from earlier. ‘Oh shit, sorry Mands’ I forgot, I can put on something if you want.’

Amanda giggled quietly to herself. ‘It’s fine Hezz, I’ve seen you naked before.’

As she got into my bed I wondered to myself ‘When’ but never questioned her on it, it was good enough that she laughed at anything. Despite what happened Amanda fell asleep quite quickly, I on the other hand was left wide awake watching her sleep, she looked so beautiful, so peaceful. I held my hand a few inches above her cheek, wanting so desperately to touch her, feel her. But I didn’t, I couldn’t, I wiped a tear from my eye and fell asleep.


That’s how it was for several weeks, Amanda would come into my room and sleep in my bed, I loved it and hated it at the same time. The main side effect of sleeping with Amanda was that I had all this pent-up frustration and no viable means of releasing it, I know there was masturbation but there’s a difference between pleasuring yourself and just doing it because you’re bored.

I felt sorry for Billie who had become almost like a human stress reliever, I would vent my troubles onto her and she would listen, of course Billie being Billie she never once complained. And she always seemed to have the right thing to tell me, there was one such day when she was at my apartment; I was helping her do her hair up for a big dinner that night with Caleb — it seemed strange that Billie would get dressed up for dinner with her brother but she said it was important for the two of them — and she just sat there listening to my complaints.

‘I, I don’t know what I’m going to do B, every night she comes and it’s not like I can push her away. But I keep getting angrier and angrier with all this aggravation, if it wasn’t for you I’d have gone crazy by now.’

‘Happy to help Hezz.’

I smiled at her chirpiness. ‘I’m sorry for dumping this on you Billie but I really don’t know what to do.’

‘Have you tried telling her?’

‘What telling her I want her out my bed?’

‘No telling her you’re in love with her, if that’s too strong tell her you’ve been having this feelings towards her and you don’t know what they mean and having her in your bed every night isn’t helping. Hell even just start by telling her you’re a lesbian, see how she takes it.’

‘Are you sure that’s the right idea, what if she hates me for it, what if she never speaks to me again.’

‘What if she doesn’t mind, what if it excites her, what if secretly she’s been feeling the same way?’

I could easily feel the juices run down my leg as Billie described the possibility of Mands returning my love.

‘You’re really sure I should tell her my feelings.’

‘Go for it Hezz, you’ll never know until you try. Hell if she shoots you down you’ll never regret it.’

‘I might do that, thanks B I really need your help.’

‘It’s fine Hezz, I know you need help. After all, you…’

I saw Billie press something she was holding, suddenly my C.D. player burst on.

‘Got a black magic woman.’

I was left stunned, trying to figure out how Fleetwood Mac had got on. Billie’s laughter suggested she had something to do with it.

‘I’m sorry Hezz, I stole you C.D. remote about twenty minutes ago and I’ve been waiting for a moment to use it.’

We both laughed and listened to more of Fleetwood Mac, Billie left about an hour later. I waited for Amanda to return home, playing out how I was going to tell her I was gay over and over in my head. Trying to pick a good time to tell her.

Obviously when she stormed in grumbling under her breath wasn’t one.

‘What’s wrong Mands?’

‘My bitch of a mother, I went round to see her today, hoping to tell her about my attack and does she care? Does she hell, stupid bitch just wanders around looking for the nearest bottle, I hate her when she’s like that.’

I gently put an arm around Amanda’s shoulder and held her. ‘Your mum’s got a problem, you’ve tried to help her and she’s ignored you. You’re well within your right to be angry with her, but don’t forget she’s still your mother.’

‘I know I know.’ That calmed her down. ‘Alright I’m going to bed, you coming up?’

‘Sure in a few minutes, I’ll just get a drink and meet you up there.’

Amanda left and went to bed, I decided there and then I would tell her tonight. After a small glass of milk I joined Amanda in the bed, we talked for a while but soon enough I bulked up the courage and told her.

‘Mands’, there’s something I need to tell you. These past few weeks, I’ve, I’ve really enjoyed having you here.’

‘I’ve enjoyed being here too.’

‘No Mands’ I mean I’ve REALLY enjoyed being here with you, being allowed to see you sleep, lying here with you in the most intimate… God I sound ridiculous. Mands’ do you remember that night a few months back where you and I, fooled around?’

‘Yeah.’ I could sense her worry from my earlier verbal spew.

‘Well that meant a lot to me, emotionally as well as sexually. For a while now I’ve been feeling something and I don’t know what it is but every time I see you the feeling grows stronger…’

‘Hezz Hezz, you’re rambling again. Just tell me.’

‘Mands’, I think, I think I’m a lesbian. More importantly, I think I’m in love with you. I know that’s completely inappropriate to say and I’ve probably scared you so if you want to leave just leave and I’ll understand.’

I expected Amanda to jump out the bed and run.

I did not expect for her to kiss me. ‘What the…’

‘I’ll let you in on a secret Hezz, about a week after a first slept here I started getting my own feeling, I felt safe with you, soon that safety turned to care, and after that, I started to fall in love with you. I don’t think I’m gay but when I’m with you my heart jumps up.’

Someone was smiling on me, Amanda kissed me again, we rolled over so she was on top of me and moving down, she kissed my neck then looked me in the eye. ‘I never got to repay you for our first encounter.’

Holy hell this was unbelievable. Amanda lifted up the shirt I was wearing and set about kissing my breasts, being smaller than hers she spent less time on mine then I did on hers but when Mands started sucking my nipples I nearly came right there. Still Amanda went down, still kissing every part of my body; my chest, my neck, my stomach, even my belly button, until she got to my panties, she wasted no time in taking them off and burying her face in my pussy, looking down and seeing that long red hair just made me wetter.

Amanda started blowing softly on my pussy, the cold air created by her and my wetness caused me to shiver but it also excited me. ‘Oh god Mands’ this is incredible.’

‘This, this is nothing.’

When her tongue entered me I swear I came straight away but she stayed locked on me, licking kissing, sucking she made me feel things I’d never felt before, opened new doors in my mind, introduced me to new ideas, the heavens above opened and I saw God, the angels singing about my love found at last. The surge of ecstasy soared around my body until finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I settled down, Amanda looked up at me, her face covered in my juices. She opened her mouth to say something but I kissed her before she could. We fucked the whole night, I ate her out, she at me out, we 69’d, we kissed, we fondled, trying desperately to keep the noise down.

We weren’t very successful.

As the morning came Amanda and I were left in each other’s arms, sweating viciously, naked and panting.

‘God Mands, that was amazing. That was the best night of my life, I’m never leaving this bed or you again.’

‘I’m glad you liked it, it was special for me too.’

There was a strange sadness to Amanda’s voice, I looked in her eyes and saw them close to tears.

‘Do you regret anything Mands’?’

‘No, Hezz you’ve been so kind to me after what’s happened. I told you earlier that I started having feelings for you but I was scared of telling you, I had no clue how you’d react. But when you told me first I almost jumped out of bed with joy.’

‘Can I tell you a secret, I was terrified of telling you how I felt, I assumed you just wanted company after what Craig did, I loved having you in bed with me but it was driving me insane with frustration.’

‘What made you change your mind?’

‘Billie convinced me to tell you, see how you’d react to me telling you I’m a lesbian, at the very least I thought you’d leave the bed and I wouldn’t be so frustrated.’

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