Love in Louisiana

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Johanna had become accustomed to the long hot Louisiana summers. She’d lived in the South for twenty years now, moving from her hometown in Maine and settling in the suburbs of Baton Rouge with her husband Hoby after they wed. Hoby – strong, handsome, and supremely Southern – had been the big man on campus when the two met in college, a perfect match for the sorority queen from Portland. But even after marrying Hoby and having three children with him, Johanna had not been able to silence that voice inside her, that gnawing desire for women she’d hoped would have been left back at the house with her sorority sisters.

But Hoby and Johanna had grown distant over the years, and Johanna had grown closer to her children, particularly Mallorie, the eldest at 19, home for the summer from university. On Mal’s urging, the family had installed a swimming pool in their backyard last spring. Mallorie had been a competitive swimmer in high school, making her body lean and toned thanks to hours spent in the pool each week. She’d even convinced Johanna to swim with her every morning and quickly her mother lost those last baby pounds and regained her svelte figure from her sorority days. The morning workouts had bonded Johanna and Mallorie, and every day Johanna looked forward with excitement to seeing Mal in her red Speedo darting from end to end of the pool.

It was a particularly hot Wednesday afternoon; Hoby was at work in the city and the other children were at overnight camp with the local youth group. Johanna and Mallorie had completed their morning workout, ate lunch together, and were now sunbathing in on lawn chairs in the backyard. Mallorie was on her back, in a yellow bikini with her curly sunbleached blonde hair piled on top of her head in a messy bun, flipping through a magazine. Johanna was on her stomach, the top of her own black bikini undone as to avoid those unsightly tan lines she so detested. Johanna felt her body moist with sweat and gazed out into the pool.

She sat up, her full breasts exposed, and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. “I’m going into the water to cool off.”

“Okay, Mom,” Mallorie didn’t look up from the magazine.

The past months with Mallorie had fostered uneasy feelings in Johanna. Mallorie’s beauty – a mix of her father’s rugged Southern good looks and her mother’s sharp Yankee features – spoke to that voice inside of Johanna that had drawn her to her sorority sisters so many years ago. As she walked toward the pool, Johanna’s mind helplessly wandered back to the beads of sweat dripping down Mal’s tight cleavage. She thought about the meticulously maintained bikini sisli escort line underneath Mal’s bikini bottoms both Mallorie and Johanna worked to keep neat. “A dive in the pool will cool me off,” Johanna muttered to herself and she plunged into the cool water warmed by the sun.

Johanna swam a couple laps slowly, floating on her back so the tops of her breasts poked out of the water. From her lawn chair Mallorie watched her mother from behind her dark sunglasses, tracing Johanna’s form as she cut through the water. She bit her full bottom lip and felt that familiar tingle deep inside. At school Mallorie had left the frat guys to jerk each other off; she preferred their girlfriends. It was good, satisfying, but not enough. Mallorie began eyeing her older professors, mature women without inhibitions, but still something was missing. During an all-night drinking session with her roommate Roxy, Mallorie realized, thanks to Roxy’s story about making love to her aunt, that she wasn’t satisfied with any woman who was not her mother. The lure of the forbidden coupled with Johanna’s pure sex appeal left Mallorie wet with anticipation to seduce her own mother.

Johanna was on her sixth lap when she saw Mallorie approach the pool. Mallorie sat on the edge of the pool and dipped her long tanned legs into the water. She’d put her sunglasses on the top of her head and smiled at her mother with her sparkling green eyes.

“Feel better?”

“Mmmhmm,” Johanna swam over to where Mal was sitting “I feel great.”

Mallorie slid into the water and threw her sunglasses over the side. She pulled the elastic band out of her hair and shook it out. Johanna stared at her daughter and could not believe the desire she felt for her. Her pale pink nipples stood at attention, staring at Mallorie, hungry like Johanna herself.

Mallorie quickly dove underwater and when she emerged she shot Johanna a devilish look. “Wanna play a game?”

Johanna smiled. “Sure.” Mallorie swam to the far end of the pool and beckoned her mother to follow.

“Let’s have a race,” said Mal, pulling her hair back into a low ponytail “And let’s make a bet.”

“What kind of bet?” Johanna bobbed up and down, her breasts dipping in and out of the water.

“The loser has to take off her swimsuit.” Johanna laughed and agreed. Since she was half naked anyway, Johanna figured she had nothing to lose, and a lot to gain if she beat her daughter.

The race began and Johanna thought about nothing more than getting to the other end of the pool. The thought of seeing her baby in all her glory propelled her through the water like a jet engine. escort istanbul When she reached the end, she was shocked to find that Mallorie was still a stroke or two behind her.

“I win!” Johanna exclaimed when Mallorie reached the edge. Mal pouted. “A deal’s a deal, honey. We shook on it.”

“Fine.” Mallorie unhooked her top and threw it onto the pool deck. The sight of Mallorie’s perky firm breasts made Johanna gasp. Mallorie noticed but pretended not to, slowly slipping out of her bottoms. The ripples of the water hid Mallorie’s naked flesh, but only slightly. Johanna knew that her daughter was naked and swimming in circles around her and that knowledge drove her crazy.

“I feel kind of foolish, Mom,” Mallorie said, swimming around her mother, who was spinning to watch her “You’re already partly nude. Take off your bottoms, you’ll feel better.”

Johanna frowned, teasingly, and rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She untied the strings of her bottoms and tossed the suit over the edge. The water washed over her pussy and she let out a little moan. Mallorie was getting closer, ready to pounce on her mother. She swam up so close that only a few centimeters separated their wet naked bodies.

“Mommy,” Mallorie purred into Johanna’s ear “You are so sexy.” Johanna closed her eyes and bit her full bottom lip, just like Mallorie’s. “I want you, Mommy,” Mallorie moaned softly.

“I want you too, Mal,” Johanna admitted, her voice husky with lust.

“Can I touch you?” Mal’s sexy Southern drawl flooded over Johanna. All she could do was nod her consent.

Mallorie placed her hands on her mother’s round hips. Her hands wandered down to Johanna’s butt, reaching under, creeping toward her pussy. “Oh Mommy…” Mallorie brought her body close to Johanna and begin to grind against her. Johanna’s own fingers began to search her daughter’s young tight pussy. She found her clit and began to rub it furiously as Mallorie rubbed back against it. Mal’s hands fled her mother’s body, not knowing where to go as Johanna brought her to orgasm just by rubbing her hard wet clit. Johanna watched her daughter’s face twist and contort with ecstasy. “Mommmmm,” she screamed and Johanna buried her face into Mal’s shoulders, kissing her lightly, nibbling, as her daughter came.

Mallorie whimpered slightly as she nuzzled against her mother. “Mommy,” she whispered “I can’t eat you out in the pool.”

Johanna’s eyes widened and Mallorie laughed, kissing her mother passionately. “The pool deck?” Johanna asked once they pulled apart.

Mallorie nodded and followed her mother out of the water. “Sit in the lawn chair,” şişli escort she instructed and Johanna obliged.

Mother and daughter found each other in the lawn chair, Mallorie spreading her mother’s legs and licking her lips in anticipation of licking her mother’s. “I love you baby girl,” Johanna whispered, running her hands through Mallorie’s hair.

“I love you too, Mom,” Mal said “Now let me prove it.”

The taste of chlorinated water mingled with Johanna’s musky juices, and Mallorie began to lap it all up. Johanna moaned, shocked that her daughter was so skilled in cunnilingus. Mallorie stuck her pink bubblegum tongue into her mother, relishing every moan that came out of her mother’s mouth. Mallorie nibbled on Johanna’s pussy lips, her clit, and her inner thighs, using all the skills she learned at university on how to please a woman, but Mallorie’s own pleasure was heightened by the knowledge that she was eating out her mother. Johanna reached climax quickly and dramatically, but Mallorie kept going and Johanna came again and again, finally yanking her daughter out of her legs and kissing her own juices off of her daughter’s mouth. Johanna was hungry for her daughter and demanded a change of position. Mallorie shook her head.

“69, Mommy. I can’t get enough of your pussy.”

Johanna blushed and settled back into the chair, waiting eagerly for Mallorie’s pussy to find her mouth. And Mal positioned herself perfectly, legs spread for her mother, pussy glistening with desire. Johanna dove right in, grabbing her daughter’s ass and shoving her own face into the fresh young cunt. Down below she was coming and coming thanks to Mallorie, and she was determined to bring similar pleasure to her daughter. Her mouth was thrilled to rediscover a pussy; it had been so long since it had last tasted a woman’s juices. She slurped it all up, her daughter’s cum sweet and thick, her clit hard as a rock, her blond pubs tickling Johanna’s nose.

The sensations were almost too much for Mallorie. She had to stop eating Johanna’s pussy so she could let out a moan so deep and full that the mockingbirds in the magnolia tree took flight when they heard they sound. Johanna’s hunger was obvious to her young daughter through the feverish way she devoured Mallorie. Mallorie’s body trembled and quaked, and she screamed when she felt Johanna’s thin finger shove itself into her asshole. Johanna suck her clit and finger fucked her daughter’s tight butt, lost in her own desire, in her love for her baby girl, her first born, and now her lover. An hour passed and finally Johanna was satiated, for now, and Mallorie turned around to face her mother. They kissed softly and lovingly, slowly caressing each other’s breasts and arms and faces, cuddling in the lawn chair, still heated by the Louisiana sun and their own passions, happy to have satisfied their desires for one another.

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