Lost Loves Reunite

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Going into the laundry mat, once again, swearing I would buy a washer and dryer, just like I did every week. Smiling to myself, I spotted an empty washer and hurried towards it. When I got close, this woman cut right in front of me and took the washer.

“Geez, that was real polite!” I admonished the woman.

Stomping to the other row of washers, I found another empty one. Stuffing my clothes into it quickly, before someone else took it from me. Deciding to go outside and smoke, I glared at the woman’s back as I walked by.

Sitting on the bench, the sun on my face and a cigarette in my hand, I started to settle down. Head tipped back, eyes closed; I was in heaven, smiling to myself about my frivolous irritation. So immersed in my pleasure, I heard no one come up to me, but I could feel someone standing there. Sitting on the bench, I had to look up and even with the sun in my eyes I could tell it was the same woman.

“I’m sorry about the washer thing,” purred the smoothest, most erotic voice I had ever heard. I looked into her deep soft brown eyes, while my eyes drifted across her face; I could see her perky little nose and her pouty, lascivious lips. I had never laid eyes on this woman but she seemed so familiar.

“No problem, I found one,” I said shrugging my shoulders as though it had not bothered me.

I was having enough trouble dragging my eyes away from her exotic face, and then she smiled at me. My God, she was beautiful, her long black hair blowing in the breeze. My eager eyes traveled slowly down her stunning body. Dressed in a short tank top and daisy dukes, I could look to my hearts content. Her breasts were a big hand full, the nipples tipping up slightly, her round fleshy ass was gorgeously round. Her ebony body glistened in the sunlight as she fidgeted under my stare.

“Desi?” she asked incredulously, in a wide-eyed stare.

My eyes flipped back up to hers; there was only one person who called me that instead of Desiree. That was Mallory, my old college roomie and first woman lover.

“Mally?” I squealed as we ran into each other’s arms, holding each other tightly crying. It had been so long since I had seen her. We had not parted pleasantly, I came home one day to a note from her. That said simply:

“I love you to much to do this in person, but you deserve better than me!”

That was a very hard time for me; it took me months to get over her. I tried to date but no one could measure up to my Mally, male or female. The misery had subsided, but I had never had a true relationship again. Being in her arms again felt truly wonderful, as I felt the stirring in my loins that no one had ever managed to do but her. After so many years, she had changed a lot in her facial had changed. I guess matured, but it only enhanced her beauty. Thinking about those times, I felt myself stiffen as I pulled back. I swore no one would ever do that again to me.

“How are ya doing these days?” I asked her, a lot more aloof than I felt.

I could tell it hurt her feelings but damn it, I still hadn’t gotten over what she had done to me!

“I’m doing real good, thanks and you?” she asked

“You married or have kids?” she whispered, like she didn’t want to know the answer.

“Nope, none of the above and I’m fine thanks, how about you?” I murmured back, our eyes never leaving the others.

“Not here either, umm, hey, are your clothes done? I live pretty close if you’d like to come over for some coffee bursa otele gelen escort or something?” she asked.

I figured my clothes probably were done and I did want some answers so I got her address agreeing to meet with her, went in and got them so I could leave. Running a few errands first, okay, okay, stalling for time before I had to face the truth! If I was ever going to put this behind me I had to go! I decided, what the hell, and looked again at the address she gave me.

Pulling up in front of her house, I thought of every reason I should not be there. But I was plain scared of the answers I might be getting so, hurrying up to the door and ringing the bell quickly so I wouldn’t chicken out. She answered the door on the first ring so she must have been waiting for me.

“I wasn’t sure you were coming, I made some coffee, sit down,” she said.

As I looked up at her from the sofa, I could see she was nervous too. Her eyes darting back and forth across my face searching for some clue of how I was feeling. I showed nothing but inside I was a mess.

“I had some questions that really need some answers,” I said bluntly and to the point.

Letting her know right up front that was the only reason I was there. But was it? I started getting butterflies in my stomach just looking at her. She was nodding her head as I spoke, so she must have known what I wanted.

“I knew this day would come, I thought I would be better with it then I am,” she said slowly, “In college, I was really confused about my sexuality, but I guess everyone was. Then I met you and I knew I wanted to pursue the lesbian I was. I loved you so much, you were everything I wanted and everything I wanted to be.”

She rose and started pacing, her face contorting in pain, wringing her hands.

“I met a man and cheated on you, to be sure that being a lesbian was what I wanted. At least that’s what I told myself, at the time. I got pregnant, out of pure stupidity

and naivety. I could not look you in the face and break your heart so I ran.”

I was crying by then and so was she. She stopped pacing and squatted in front of me, taking me face in her hands.

“Baby, please don’t think I left because I didn’t love you. I loved you so much, but I was too much of a coward to face you!”

She was weeping openly, hands covering her face, shoulders shaking with every sob. I couldn’t help it, all the anger I had felt all these years melted.

“What else did you think I would think? I thought I had done something wrong so I made sure it never happened again. I have never had a relationship since you because of it hurting so bad!” I sobbed.

Wrapping our arms around each other, we wept uncontrollably, for who knows how long!

Gaining her composure somewhat, Mally leaned back and started gently wiping the tears from my face.

“Baby, I loved you so much then and I still do. I lost the baby shortly after I left; by then I knew I did not want men! I have never loved anyone since you either. Your sis told me you were here, but I couldn’t find you! I was catching my washing up today, getting ready to leave, knowing I had missed my chance again!”

I wrapped my arms around her tightly, knowing how hard that was for her to say. Hiccupping from crying so hard, we held each other like two lost lovers should.

“Baby, I know it’s been a lot of years but is there a chance? I mean can we try again? But, escort bayan with total honesty this time, I promise. Even after all these years?” Mally whispered.

Cupping her face tenderly, I pulled her to my eagerly waiting lips. Mouths opening, our tongues explored each other. Wrapping her arms around me, Mally sighed contently as the kiss that started out tenderly, increased with intensity. Mally pulled back and gently kissed my tear-swollen cheeks, running her tongue along my eyelids. I felt a jolt of emotion, which was both frightening and sensual. Moving down, she licked and nibbled down my neck as I moaned softly. She had not forgotten how sensitive my neck was. I reached down and caressed her breasts, noticing her nipples were as hard as mine.

I gasped when I felt her tongue dipping in and out of my cleavage. Stopping for a second, she pulled my tank top over my head. I have never been happier not to have a bra on! We stood up as she led me to her bed. With a growl, she sucked my swollen nipple into her mouth, caressing the other gently at first. Then as she sucked my other nipple into her mouth she began tweaking my still wet nipple as she nibbled on the other. I was getting so hot; she knew how much I loved my nipples roughed up a little. Biting, nibbling, she continued her assault on my nipples until I thought I would go mad from pleasure. Sliding her hand, feather-light, down my stomach, she rubbed her finger lightly over my soaking wet pussy.

Up and down from my clit, all the way down as I squirmed vigorously.

“You want me to lick that sweet pussy of yours?” she asked, smiling sweetly.

Nodding my head, I said, “Yes!”

“Then beg for it baby!” she whispered with a giggle, “Beg me NOW!”

Looking at her in astonishment as she teased my clitty with her finger, I was so hot by then all I wanted was a ride to heaven.

“Please, Mally, gawd, Please, eat my cunt!” I begged, “Eat it hard Baby, Please!”

That’s all she was waiting for as she dove into my sweetness, full force, sucking, nipping my tender bud. Sucking and probing the tip of her tongue into my trembling hot box. My juices all over her face, she just stopped, giving me that look of pure lust while I protested loudly.

“Don’t stop Baby, please honey don’t stop now, my god, I am so close!” I whimpered.

She stood up and told me she would be right back to close my eyes and good things would happen to me. I could not believe she just stopped; I was getting pissed off, just stopped! Closing my eyes and working my self into quite a fever of irritation. I felt her beside me; I was getting ready to yell pretty good at her, when she told me to get on my hands and knees. I felt her touch me; I jerked compulsively, my poor little pussy still tingled with unreleased passion. I felt the tip of something hard massaging my cunny lips. Looking back, I seen she had a huge black dildo, aimed straight at my wetness. Before I could say anything she slammed it into me, with such force, my knees almost buckled! Stabbing it into me almost relentlessly, as she wrapped her free hand through my hair, pulling my head back.

Ahhhhhhh, God, YESSSSSSS!” I screamed

I was pushing myself back against it as fast she was plunging into me, in and out, my god I was going wild! She kept pulling my hair farther back and she driving the dildo into me. Shaking hard now, I knew it would not be long for my pleasure to explode!

“Ohhhhh Baby, mudanya escort yesssss, Please don’t stop!” I begged sobbing.

It felt so good to feel my cum hitting me wave after wave as though I would never stop! No one but Mally could ever do that to me! I stayed where I was, on my hands and knees, head hung low, sobbing, afraid to move for fear that if I did I would fall right on my face.

I heard Mally giggle as I looked back at her, smiling also. Okay, if she wanted to play rough we could do that! Regaining some of my strength, I turned around face to face with her.

“You have two seconds to get those clothes off, or I’ll rip them off!” I demanded.

She looked at me with the smile fading off her face, almost in fear. She could not get her clothes off fast enough; I reached up and tore the last button off. God, she was as beautiful as I had remembered. The thin layer of sweat glistening on her body, the breasts with the nipples slightly turned up. She was looking at me in awe, but I could tell by the twinkle in her eyes, she knew it was a game. Standing before me, she was stunning and I could tell by her breathing, she was excited, unsure of what would happen now. But I knew she would like it! Grabbing her by the shoulders, dragging her onto the bed, she whimpered almost in fear. Jumping on top of her, holding her arms above her head, straddling her waist, I made sure my clit was rubbing hers.

Still holding her arms above her head with one hand, I roughly mashed my lips into hers, while rotating my hips slowly, rubbing our clits together. Kissing her roughly, I squeezed her breasts, tweaking her already swollen nipples. She was whimpering into my mouth as I began to grind my hard love button into hers hard.

“Please, Don’t hurt me! I’ll be a good girl, don’t tie me up and fuck me Please!” she begged.

Looking around, I spotted a pile of satin scarves, which just “happened” to be lying there.

“Okay, you don’t want to be still, I’ll fix you!” I growled

“Please not that! I’ll be good! If you tie me up, you’ll fuck me hard and I’m a good girl!” she pleaded, panting from the excitement.

Tying her hands and feet, spread eagle on the bed, I bent over flicking the tip of my tongue over her very damp mound as she moaned loudly trying to buck her hips up to meet my tongue.

“Please baby, eat it hard now Baby NOW!” she demanded.

“Nope,” I said smiling

I knew with the way she was trembling and sweating, she would not last much longer so I teased her cunt a little more, while she thrashed around on the bed. Little growls were coming out of her as she murmured unintelligible words, thrashing her head back and forth. Spotting the big black dildo, I slid off the bed to grab it. She was so excited I don’t think she even noticed I was gone for a second. Sliding back on the bed, I gave her one last lick and slid the dildo into her trembling love box. Her eyes flew open as I started piercing into her fuck hole.

I started spanking her engorged clitty while fucking her hard;

“You wanna cum baby, you wanna cum hard?” I asked her loudly

“YES, Oh My God, FUCK ME!” she screamed

The bed seemed to come alive; Mally was pumping back at that dildo while I slammed it back and forth into her and smacking her hard clit as she erupted into orgasm, screaming! I kept sliding the dildo In and out until her trembling subsided and she collapsed on the bed, totally spent. Lying down beside her, she cuddled up to me as I wrapped my arms around her. As I drifted off to sleep it dawned on me, maybe it was fate that took her away and fate that brought her back, when we were both old enough to appreciate each other. Even though we may not be together for a long time; It was definitely going to be a good time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32