Losing my Virginity!

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My name is Rodney Steele. This year I will be celebrating my fortieth birthday. By my story begins a long time ago. More than twenty years ago, in fact. When I was a young stud of eighteen, fresh out of high school and looking forward to college. I was headed to one of the mid-west’s better universities, on an engineering scholarship. I was also headed towards an eye-opening first year away from home, and my middle-class, God-fearing family.

I found out from a school friend that there was an adult book store a city over that didn’t card you if you acted like you knew what you were doing. The first time I visited the Westgate Adult Bookstore, I went along with him and his older cousin, who drove us. I was seriously freaking out when we walked past the “Must be 21 to enter” sign inside the front door. We passed the front counter where an older, bearded guy sat reading the paper and smoking a cigarette. My friend’s cousin handed him a ten, and received a stack of coins, like in a video arcade. Hell, I didn’t know we were going to be playing video games. I’d have brought my dish full of tokens from home. I was handed five of the tokens and was told to follow them. I did, and found myself in a dark corridor, lined with narrow doors. I looked into one of the booths and saw a small chair facing the wall. The three of us piled into one of the booths and I pushed the door closed behind me. We maneuvered around and my friend dropped his tokens into a slot. The next thing I knew I was watching a pair of blonde, big-tittied girls getting fucked from behind on the edge of a pool.

“Ooohh, man! Look at those tits!” my friend gasped. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I lost track of what was being said, in hushed tones and laughter. All I could do was watch the movie playing in the television screen in the wall. I was getting very uncomfortable, also. My dick was getting hard and I was afraid to do anything about it. All too soon, the movie shut off and we stood shoulder to shoulder in the darkness. I tried to find the door handle, and behind me my friend told his cousin, “Hey! Stop that! That’s not fucking funny!”

“It wasn’t me, Man!” came the response. I found the door handle in about the same moment I felt my ass grabbed. I jumped through and both of the guys behind me laughed. “Bet he’s hard,” the cousin said. My friend laughed. I felt my cheeks redden, because I was hard. I led the way out of the bookstore and had to wait by the car. My friend and his cousin came out a few minutes later, each with a plain paper sack in hand. They had bought magazines and on the drive home we passed them around, looking at the naked pictures of hot women being fucked in every position imaginable. Real raw, hardcore shit. And I was hard nearly the entire ride home.

A week later, I screwed up the nerve to drive over on my own. I had some money left over from my summer job paycheck and thought that I could spend a little more time investigating the store. Hell! Who am I kidding? I was a horny teen and wanted to watch sex!

I entered Westgate Adult Bookstore as I had previously; anxiously. Hell, I was sure that this time I’d get carded and kicked out. Instead, I walked right up to the front desk as if I’d been through those doors a hundred times before. I pulled a pair of tens from my wallet and slid them across the counter top, and as before, they were exchanged for ten large tokens each. I caught the guy behind the counter’s eyes and gave him an upward nod, which he returned. I turned and headed into the bookstore and I could feel his eyes on me as I went. I passed an older guy, (well everyone in there was older than me) who was leafing through a girly magazine without really looking at the pictures, and made the jog into the darkened hallway away from the book and magazine racks and towards the video booths.

I paused just inside, where a wall rack with the video covers of the latest features that were being played and the channels they could be found on were listed. I browsed only for a moment, more to let my eyes adjust to the darkness than anything else. I’d already learned that all the booths showed all the movies, you just had to toggle through the channels until you found the one you wanted. As my eyes quickly adjusted to the dim lighting of the hallway, I discovered that as before I wasn’t alone. There were three other men standing along the length of the hallway. None were doing anything more than I was. Just standing and browsing the features posted along the way. The seven booths stretched away along the hallway, all the doors closed. Only two of them, however, had the tell-tale red light on above, indicating occupancy. I sucked in a deep breath and made my way along until I found the same booth I’d stepped into before, just a week ago. It was unoccupied, and I pushed through the spring-loaded door into the darkness beyond. The door softly banged closed behind me and I quickly nudged the latch until I was locked in.

I turned and found the Çankaya Escort hard-backed chair against the back wall, just where it had been. It was bolted there, after all, and wouldn’t be going anywhere. The television monitor was also where I’d remembered it, right behind where the door opened. I sat down with my tokens ready in hand. I dropped three into the slot at my elbow and with a thunk they fell through, and immediately the television came alive. The movie playing was again a gay film, just as it had been left the last time I’d been there. The sound was up a little more than I wanted and I quickly dialed it down until only a mutter came from the cheap speakers. I started to toggle through the channels then, only to discover that the first six or seven were all gay movies, of guys sucking each other, or fucking each other, or jacking each other off. Finally, I toggled through to a so-called straight movie and with a big set of tits bouncing on screen, I realized that my cock was already rock-hard in my jeans. Painfully so, even.

I took stock of the fact that I’d gotten aroused by the scenes of naked men doing nasty thing to each other. I knew I wasn’t gay, and yet I found myself toggling through until I had returned to the set of gay movies. I stopped and settled back to watch, for only a moment I told myself, as a pair of skinny, long-haired guys took turns shooting pool, naked. I could see their long cocks, hanging limp between their thighs and swinging along with their heavy ball sacks as they alternated shots. They looked like brothers and that had me interested. I was mesmerized as I watched. Hell, they weren’t even fucking and I was watching. But that didn’t last long. Within a shot or two, the one who obviously lost the match was on his knees before the other, sucking his long cock into his mouth. I couldn’t help but release my own cock as I watched the one man’s cock grow long and stiff within the mouth of the other.

I began to absently stroke myself as I watched the scene unfold. A moment later the loser was lifted onto the edge of the pool table, where the winner took a handful of cream from a jar that had magically appeared on the pool table and smeared both his rigid cock and the loser’s ass crack with it. I gasped as the winner then leaned forward and drove the entire length of his cock straight into the loser’s asshole. Even with the sound down, I could hear the loser’s groan of agony as well as the winner’s grunt of triumph as his cock went balls-deep into his friend. And then he began to fuck the loser with long, even strokes. The camera started moving around then, and music picked up. I was treated to every angle imaginable of the loser getting his asshole pounded over the next five or six minutes.

As I watched, I heard the door to the booth next to mine open and then bang softly shut. I held my breath when I realized that with the sounds of man-on-man fucking in my booth, that the guy in the next booth would immediately think I was a fag. I reluctantly toggled away from the pool table fuck to the next scene, where two guys lay on a bed in the classic sixty-nine position. They were gently and lovingly sucking at the other’s cock, and I noticed that the guy next door had also started his movies up. I was suddenly aware that the sound coming through my speakers was being echoed in his. I couldn’t believe it. He was watching the same movie!

I wanted to turn to a straight movie, to get the sounds of some bimbo being pounded by some stud inside my booth, but instead I toggled past the next channel, where nothing was going on, to yet another gay movie. This one had three guys standing in a circle while a forth knelt between them. They were all jacking their hard cocks, aiming at the face of the guy on his knees. He didn’t look much older than me, and the three guys standing all looked old enough to be his father, or even his grandfather in one case. I nudged the volume up a little and listened as the kneeling boy began to beg to have them cum on his face. I caught him calling for his grand-dad to feed him his hot load, and I realized that this was some sort of sick incest-taboo story. And yet I continued to watch with my hard cock fisted, and leaking pre-cum across my knuckles.

Suddenly, I heard a soft knock at the wall between my booth and the next, where I again realized that the next guy had toggled over to the same movie I was watching. It was then that I noticed for the first time that light was coming though the wall, through a circular hole cut in it about hip high, had I been standing. I leaned over a little and could see the flicker of the movie inside the next booth, as well as a blue-jeans covered knee of the next guy. I could also see that he had pushed his jeans down until they were just above his knees. He was sitting bare-assed next door! I couldn’t believe it. And then came the gentle knock once again, and at first I thought he was accidently banging Keçiören Escort the wall as he jacked his cock, but I knew better. Why I returned the knock, I still don’t know why. I just did. And a moment later, a long, semi-rigid cock slipped through the hole in the wall.

I was shocked, to say the least, but I suddenly understood why the hole was there, and why the channel seemed to always be toggled onto gay movies. And the knock hadn’t been so much as an attention getter as it was an unspoken question. And when I had replied in kind just then, I had answered that I was willing. What I was obviously willing to do was being played out on the screen just a yard away. I turned my attention from the cock-sucking going on in the movie, to the real-life cock hanging through the hole at my elbow. I don’t remember deciding to do what I did, I just did it. I slipped off the chair to my knees, turned to face the anonymous cock before me, and reached up to gently take it in my hand.

I marveled at the familiar feel of cock-flesh. It was so much like my own and yet so very different. The pink knob head was rounded, like a golf ball I thought, whereas my own was more of a spear tip. The cock pulsed a little in my hand as I tightened my fingers around the shaft, and brought the knob up. I remember letting my eyes close even as my mouth opened, and a moment later I took my very first cock between my lips and into my mouth.

I wrapped my lips around the shaft, just behind the knob, and then mirroring the movements I’d watched, and obviously learned from. I began to run the cock in and out of my mouth, along the surface of my tongue, as my head bobbed back and forth. From the far side of the wall I could hear him softly moaning as I began to feel his shaft grow even longer and stiffer in my mouth.

I don’t know how long I sucked that first cock that first time, on my knees in the dark. I know that the movie had stopped playing behind me. I let the cock slip from my lips and turned to feed the slot the rest of my tokens, but when I turned back, it had vanished. He had pulled back through. I felt a wave of disappointment wash through me suddenly, and I was ready to bolt when I saw a pair of fingers reach through and curl in the universal motion of “come here”. I didn’t know what to do, but that was taken care of a moment later when I heard my neighbor whisper, “Give me yours.”

I don’t think I jumped up, but I was quick to my feet. I still had my cock hanging from the front of my jeans and I pushed them down further until they were bunched up at my knees. I waddled toward the wall and aimed my cock through the hole. A moment later I felt the excitement of warm, wet male lips wrapping around my cock for the first time. I swear I almost blasted off right then, but I fought it down and leaned forward, giving all seven inches of my teen manhood to my neighbor. And he took every inch of it. I can’t say it was the best blow job I’d ever had in my life, but up until that night it certainly was. It was wet, warm, sloppy, noisy, and exciting. My neighbor was an expert, of that there was no doubt, and he had my nuts boiling time and time again, and yet managed to ease off just enough that I didn’t fill his wonderful mouth with my hot load each time. He must have sucked my dick for a good fifteen minutes before he pulled off and I very nearly fell backward onto my naked ass. As it was, I stumbled back onto the chair panting, my cock twitching and throbbing, in dire need of letting go. I wrapped my fist around my shaft and started to jack off, but my neighbor hissed for me to stop.

I leaned closer to the hole as he whispered something, and I had to ask for him to repeat it. “Put it away and meet me outside, if you want to have some more fun.”

“What do you mean?” I whispered back.

“I live just down the road. Let’s go there and get to know each other better. I want to take my time with your young cock, away from this filthy place.”

I hesitated, wondering what might be in store for me. Not too long, however. I told him I would, but needed to know what he looked like.

“I’ll find you. I know what you look like,” he replied. A moment later I heard his booth door open and close. I still had my cock in hand, but it was beginning to go limp. I don’t know if it was anxiety or what, but I didn’t know what I should do. My movies were still playing, and on screen two guys were locked in a sixty-nine, one atop the other, with a third guy pounding his cock into the upraised ass before him. I toggled to the next movie and saw a scene playing out very like what I had just lived. A young stud was on his knees in a bathroom stall sucking the long black cock that hung through the hole in the wall. Suddenly the pink-brown knob pulsed and as the stud pulled back with his mouth wide open, a long jet of creamy white cum erupted and striped his tongue. The next blast smacked his cheek just below his Etimesgut Escort closed eye and left a hook of cum down to his chin. The next again jetted straight into his mouth, as did the next. My cock was once again rock-hard in my fist, and I longed to taste the fresh cream of man-cum. I realized then that I had the opportunity, if I’d just zip up and head outside.

It didn’t take me long, but I realized that I’d probably stayed a good five minutes in the booth after my neighbor had left his. I figured he’d gave up on me by then as I went out, but was thrilled to be approached immediately after exiting. He was older than me by a good five or six years, had golden blonde hair, and a wide smile. He extended his hand and told me his name. “I’m Garrett,” he said.

“Rodney,” I replied. And then we were standing in the parking lot, facing each other, sizing each other up I guess. He then waved towards his car, a red Firebird, and asked if I wanted to ride with him or follow. I chose to follow. Ten minutes later, I was parked next to his car in the parking lot of an apartment complex. It was nearly eleven o’clock, and a week night, so there weren’t too many people about. I quietly, sheepishly followed Garrett into the nearest entry and up the stairs. His was an apartment on the second floor, overlooking the parking lot. I followed him inside once he had the door open, and he closed it behind us.

His apartment was much like anyone’s, with a sofa and chair facing a television on a stand, with a couple of side tables and a coffee table. He turned on a single table lamp then pulled the drapes fully closed. “Do you want anything to drink?” he asked. “I’m having a wine cooler, if you’d want one.”

“I don’t know…” I replied.

“I know you’re not of legal drinking age,” he smiled as he pulled a pair of bottles from his refrigerator in the kitchen, “but you’re acting old enough to venture into Westgate, then you’re old enough to have a drink. It’s not too bad,” he added as he handed me the bottle.

I followed his lead and settled into the sofa, and for the length of time it took for us to drink the wine coolers, we talked and got to know each other a little. Garrett, it turned out, was a grad student at the nearby university, working towards his Master’s Degree in Mathematics with an eye towards turning his attentions to NASA. I admitted that I was just graduated from high school and looking forward to going off in a few weeks to school myself. If my youth did anything, it made Garrett smile ever wider. I think the idea of having such a young piece of male flesh willingly within his lair made his cock twitch. I know the obvious bulge in his jeans was giving that away.

After a pause in the conversation, Garrett turned to face me, with his mouth smiling wide, and asked, “Would you like to go to the bedroom?” I just about bailed out right then, until he licked his lips, and I felt my own cock suddenly twitching in my jeans, eager for release. In response, I only nodded, and then followed as he quietly led me through the door to his bedroom.

The bedroom was a small one, dominated by a large bed against the wall beside the door. A single dresser ran along the far wall, with a big mirror mounted on the wall above. A second door across the room stood open and I could see a sink in the darkness. Garrett went on through and turned on the light. It was a bathroom. I heard a cabinet open and close, and then he returned with a couple of colorful bottles in hand, which he then stood on the dresser near the headboard end of the bed. He then began to undress, and a moment later I followed his lead. It wasn’t long before the two of us stood naked in his bedroom. Garrett looked me over, as I him, and was smiling when he rolled onto his bed. His cock was as inflated as mine was, and I couldn’t help but follow him into the bed.

A moment later we were embracing, as a couple. His mouth met mine and we kissed. I was weirded out, to say the least. I really wasn’t all that into kissing another guy, but my cock continued to grow. I always liked kissing my girlfriends in school, and tried to imagine that I was kissing one of them. Garrett’s chin stubble didn’t help. When Garrett wrapped his hand around my dick, I moaned into his mouth. He stroked me a couple of times, and then released my dick to take my hand and guide it to his cock. I wrapped my fingers around him as he returned to me. He began to lightly stroke mine, and I mirrored his actions. I began to stroke another boy’s cock, a man’s cock, for the first time. I was nervous as hell and my heart was beating hard and fast in my chest.

Our embrace lasted only a few moments before he broke his mouth away from mine and curled around until we lay head to foot with each other. He wiggled around until he could bring his mouth to my cock, and he began to lick. I had his cock just inches away as well, and again I began to mirror Garrett’s actions. I was thrilled, excited, and nervous. I was learning as we went. I licked Garrett’s cock as he licked mine. I licked his balls as he licked mine. I licked his asshole as he licked mine. I began to suck his knob as he sucked mine. We enjoyed the sixty-nine for a good half hour, sucking, licking, and stroking each other. I learned a lot in that half hour. I learned I loved the taste of cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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