Loosening the Bonds Ch. 07

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A reminder that this is a novel, folks, and for the sake of continuity, you should start with Chapter One and read your way through. Besides, you may just enjoy yourself. On the other hand, if all you want is one-shot sex, have at it!


It was the middle of the next week when Ken came home with another package.

“Hmmm,” I said coyly, looking from him to the box, “Have you been doing some planning again?”

He smiled that sexy little smile of his at me. “Well,” he said, “a little planning…but also a lot of thinking.”

“About what?”

“About how fantastic things were when you took over the planning!” he told me with a huge grin, opened the box and handed me a pair of surprisingly lovely cowboy… well, cowgirl… boots.

I took the boots, looked from then to Ken and back again. “I know we’ve been dressing me in as little as possible,” I told him dryly, “but this may be a wee bit too little.”

His grin remained. “Actually, I was thinking of those as just as accent to that hot outfit you came up with,” he said. “The jeans-and-T-shirt number? Thongs were great for that bar and theater, but the boots’ll fit in much better at where I was thinking of for tonight.”

I shivered slightly and smiled back at Ken. “So you want to take your cowgirl out tonight, eh?” I asked. “So, cowpoke, how’d you know my pussy’s been itching all afternoon?”

Ken chuckled. “I’ve been trying to make that a constant state of being for you,” he said.

“You have!”

“But about me taking you out….” His voice trailed off.

I looked at him for a moment before that registered. “You…want me to go out …alone?”

He held my eyes for the longest moment before I saw the grin on his face change from boyish excitement to sly and sexy. “Well….” he said teasingly.

I took a step closer to him. “Come on!” I said urgently. “I thought the excitement for you was in the watching! Besides,” I added more quietly, “I don’t know if I could be bold and sexy without you there to see.”

He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me close, kissing me on the forehead. “Don’t worry, love, I’ll be there. You’re right, I wouldn’t miss watching for a moment!

“But what I was thinking was…how about if you act like you’re there alone? See what kind of a stud my cowgirl can rope in?”

The smile slowly came back to my face as I turned the idea over in my head. A night of acting single while really being together? I found my mouth beginning to water at the possibilities….

“Mmmmm, it does sound good at that,” I purred. “You have a place in mind?”

Ken nodded. “The Meat Market.”

I started a bit. “What is that?”

Ken smiled again. “A country theme singles place. ‘Where fillies and studs go to find each other’ is their motto. Pretty good food, I hear, so we won’t even have to have dinner first. You just have to get ready, set, go!”

I returned Ken’s grin at that. I could tell he was already ready, set…. “Wait a minute,” I said on that thought, “won’t you need to look country, too?”

He nodded. “You bet, but I don’t want to look so good some filly tries to pick me up. I’ll just change into jeans and a flannel shirt, and maybe some sneakers to spoil the effect.”

It was my turn to chuckle. “You sly dog,” I told him.

We both went into the bedroom to change. I put the boots beside the bed and started to pull out my clothes, then was struck by a thought.

“You know, Ken,” I said thoughtfully, “I think maybe the snap-up jeans skirt might be a bit too much for a country place. They look more city streets than country roads.”

Ken looked at me. “Believe me, Kathi, I trust your judgment. You got something else more appropriate?”

I smiled. “I think so. While I was out shopping for the snap-up model, it was taking to long to find what I wanted that I got a different denim skirt in case I never did find the right one. And I think that actually this one looks more country-ish.”

I pulled the new skirt out of the drawer and showed him. Ken looked at it for a moment, then liked his lips and asked,

“Does that do what I think it does?”

I nodded with a grin. “Let me put it on and show you.”

It was a matter of moments to drop my pants and pull the skirt on. The same short length as the other one, this one zipped up and belted at the waist…but flared out like a cheerleader’s skirt from there down. I could hear Ken’s breathing get a bit ragged as I pirouetted for him and the skirt rose obligingly to show off all my charms underneath.

“You like it?”

Ken nodded and licked his lips again. “It’s perfect,” he whispered.

I gave him a sly grin. “It’s even better than that,” I told him. “Watch this.”

I turned my back to him and bent over as though to pull on a shoe…and was rewarded with a gasp as Ken found himself looking at most of my pussy hanging out for inspection as the flared shirt rode up over my ass.

I stood up and turned back Sivas Escort to him. “You like it now?” I asked.

I was answered by the look of lust on his face and the silent nod he gave me. “I’m … speechless,” he said at last.

I grinned at him. “Well, then, don’t say anything, just finish changing and let’s get going!”

Ken nodded, and went about just that, while I found my shortie T-shirt from the other night and put it on, then stepped into the boots. They were only ankle-high, soft as silk inside and a perfect fit. I turned to find Ken just tucking in his flannel shirt.

“Ready-set?” I asked him.

“Ready-set,” he said brightly.

“Then let’s go!”

WE PULLED into the parking lot of the Meat Market and Ken parked off to one side, as usual in a semi-hidden area. “Well,” he asked after stopping the engine, “what’s our story?”

I smiled at Ken before answering. On the way, he’d explained to me that, while he’d planned the location and the general scheme, he hoped I could join in the planning by filling in the details. I’d hashed over half a dozen schemes in my mind as Ken drove, but in the end decided to go with my first instinct.

“You’re off with a client for the evening,” I told Ken. “You often have these boring evening business meetings, and since I don’t like staying home alone, I have you drop me off someplace where I can have some fun. I always find my own way home, so I’m not expecting you to pick me up or anything. It’s the first time I’ve been to this place, I just picked it out at random.”

Ken nodded. “Sounds good to me,” he said.

“And,” I added, “I’m definitely leaving my wedding ring on. I don’t want someone to hit on me thinking I’m single – I want them to know up front there’s a husband around somewhere.”

Ken smiled at that. “Good choice, I think,” he told me. “Besides, it should increase the thrill factor.”

I gave him a puzzled look.

“There’s thousands of guys who hit on single girls,” he said in clarification. “But there aren’t many who hit on married women – and those who do are usually a lot more serious, and a lot more fun.”

I nodded in understanding, then looked deep into Ken’s eyes. “You’re sure, now.” I asked. “You’re sure you want me picking up a total stranger?”

Ken only nodded.

“And you’re sure you’ll be able to see well enough from across the crowd?”

Ken smiled. “I’ll just have to do my best. Remember, this is a work in progress, Kathi, no detailed planning, just follow your instincts. Forget about me or you won’t be able to act naturally. And I’ll see you at home later.”

He leaned toward me for a kiss, and I slid across the seat to supply him. It was a warm and lingering kiss…I could feel myself starting to heat up toward the end…. But then Ken suddenly broke it off and gave me a little push toward the door.

“Go knock ’em dead,” he told me.

I smiled lightly and got out of the car, then crossed the parking lot and headed inside. Ken would follow a bit later.

The place was big inside, and surprisingly crowded for a midweek. Country music rocked from one corner, a sort of semi-separate room, where dancers were energetically doing musical calisthenics about the well-lit area, and maybe do-se-doing for all I knew. On the far opposite side of the place in a similar but more dimly-lit semi-separate room I could see couples hanging on to each other and slow dancing around the floor. In between, where I was, the lighting was somewhere between the two extremes, and a well-defined path led between tables of diners toward what was clearly the bar, all the way at the back.

I headed down the aisle toward the bar, noticing in my peripheral vision heads turning my way and hearing more than one sharp intake of breath as I went. I smiled to myself; the layout of the place was perfect to get someone noticed as they first came in! And apparently my outfit was nicely doing the job of getting me that notice.

As I got to the bar I didn’t have to wait for service, either; the bartender could see anyone coming down the aisle well in advance.

“What can I get you, ma’am,” he drawled.

“Burger plate and a beer,” I told him; I’d noticed a sign advertising that combination on the way in. He nodded; I couldn’t quite tell if he was staring at me or just looked distracted.

“First time here?” he asked, and when I nodded, he went on, “thought so. Table service on the food, I’ll have it out to you in a couple, but if you want a refill on the beer…” which he finished drawing and handed to me, “…you’ll have to come back here. Any table you want, I’ll find ya.”

I gave him a smile and turned with my beer to find a table. There were a couple of tables open off toward the slow-dance room; I wove my way in that direction. I took note of who was occupying the tables as I passed. It seemed it pretty well divided between men and women; a few couples, but mostly one or two men or women together at a table, busily Sivas Escort Bayan engaged in checking out who was at other tables rather than who or what was happening at their own. Table shopping, I thought to myself, then chuckled silently.

Well, it is a singles joint, I reminded myself, it’s not like they come here for the food, no matter how good the food is.

I reached an empty table and noted with satisfaction that all the occupants of the tables surrounding it were men. I put the beer down and pulled a chair out at an angle, so when I sat it was sideways to the table and facing the bar. I started to cross my legs but then thought better of it; don’t want to show off too much too soon, I chided myself.

I could feel as well as see the guys at the tables around me staring at me while trying not to, and smiled to myself happily. Then, as a test, I held my left hand up in front of my face and conspicuously checked my wedding ring; I could almost hear the audible sigh as the men took me off their radar and went back to their looking.

I sipped my beer for a couple of minutes before my burger arrived, a really delicious smelling fat thing with a huge platter of fries. The bartender also left me the tab with the food, and I noted the inscription on the back, pay as you leave. I looked at the amount due – not bad, considering how much food this is! – then turned my chair back toward the table to address my burger more directly.

Instead of my burger, I found myself looking at the crotch of a tight pair of jeans standing right beside my table. I followed them up, past a muted flannel shirt and a hand holding a mug of beer, to a good looking face decorated with a pair of the liveliest green eyes I’d ever seen. Both the eyes, and the mouth below them, were smiling at me in a wistful sort of way that sent a thrill of excitement down my spine.

When the man didn’t seem about to speak after a full fifteen seconds, I decided to break the ice.

“There is a second chair at this table,” I told him softly.

His wistful smile turned to a grin, but his eyes didn’t budge from their feasting on my body. “Thank’ya. Ma’am,” he said politely, “wanted to be sure you was lookin’ for company afore I set down.”

He put his beer on the table and pulled the second chair around to where he sat, placing it backwards to the table and leaning on its back as he sat.

I couldn’t help smile at him; there was something about his voice and manner that just screamed sincerity. He genuinely wouldn’t have sat if he hadn’t been invited! I marveled.

“Well, I wasn’t actively looking for company,” I told him with a chuckle, “but I’m glad to have it just the same.”

“Thought ya looked a mite lonely,” he said with a knowing nod. “I’m pretty lonely myself. Only my second night in town, and the buddy I’m stayin’ with had to go to some business meetin’. He suggested this as a good place to meet up with someone, and I’m thinkin’ he was right now I met up with you.”

I laughed softly. “What’s funny?” he asked.

“My husband told me the same thing about this place, when he dropped me here on the way to his business meeting,” I said lightly, slightly emphasizing husband to give the guy a chance to back off quickly if he wanted. Instead, his face cracked into a huge grin and he shook his head.

“Hot dawg,” he said, “guess this is our lucky night then! We can keep each other company while other folks tend to business!”

I stared at him a moment, then laughed outright. “Sounds good to me,” I said at last through my subsiding laughter.

“So…what’s your name?”

The light wasn’t the best but I could still see him blush a bit. “Aw, shoulda told ya that right off, shouldn’t I? Names Jim, Jim Thomas.”

“Kathi Collins,” I told him as I reached out to shake his hand. Instead of shaking my hand, though, he held it as though it was something precious, then leaned over and kissed it gently.

“Kathi,” he repeated softly as he let go of my hand, then again, “Kathi,” as if tasting my name. “Suits ya. Strong and pretty.”

I mulled that for a moment as I picked up my burger. “Tell me about yourself?” I asked, then started eating.

“Not too much to tell,” he said with a shrug. “Just got into town like I said. Got a job that starts up next Monday, and I’m staying’ with an ol’ buddy a mine while I hunt out an apartment. Family’s way back in Knoxville, don’t know anyone here ‘cept the guy I’m bunkin’ with and the guy who hired me.”

“I can see why you’d be lonely,” I commented between bites.

“Yeah,” he replied. “‘Course it’s the same any time ya take a new job somewhere away from home. Takes a while to find some friends. Ya just hope ya can find someone like you who’s willin’ to spend some time while ya look.”

“Well,” I told him, “I’ve got all evening. My husband’s always real late getting back from these meetings, so I just get myself home however I can.

“Well, shoot, I’ve got wheels, Escort Sivas I can take ya home whenever you’re ready,” Jim said happily.

I nodded. “I just might take you up on that,” I purred, “later.” I’d finished about half the burger and found myself full. I offered the rest to Jim.

“You sure?” he asked, and when I told him I was sure, he took it and smacked his lips slightly. “Had one earlier, and they are tee-rific! Thanks.”

We munched companionably for the next few minutes, Jim eating the lion’s share of the fries as well. Finally we were down to our beers, and Jim straightened in his backward chair and looked at me.

“Like to dance?”

I cocked my head a moment, then glanced between the two dance rooms and back to Jim.

“Sure,” I told him, ” but I don’t know any of the fast stuff down there. It’ll have to be the slow room.”

Jim grinned again. “That woulda been my first choice anyway, Kathi,” he told me as he stood and held out his hand for mine, then led me toward the darkened dance hall.

There wasn’t a moment of hesitation or uneasiness as he wrapped his arms around me and began to move us with the music. I felt his right hand warm against the skin of my bare back between shirt and skirt, and leaned warmly against his chest, making sure with each breath to rub my breasts against him through the thin material of our shirts. After a couple of minutes I felt his left hand, which had been caressing my shoulder, move slowly downward until it gently rubbed against the bare skin of my thigh, below my brief skirt.

My breath caught momentarily in my throat, then I felt myself sigh. I pressed my crotch closer against his, both in thanks, and in the hope that his left hand would take the hint and become at least a bit bolder. I quickly found that Jim was no dummy; first his fingertips, then his whole palm began to caress my thigh, moving slowly but steadily upward under my skirt.

I held Jim as tight as I could, nearly plastering myself to him in the dimness. Abruptly I became aware that he was moving his right hand from my back. I felt it trailing around me, then gently wedging its way between us, first at my tummy, then quickly but gently moving up and under my T-shirt until his hand was filled with my left tit, which he proceeded to squeeze and rub in a most arousing way.

I tilted my head back a little and whispered up at him,

“You sure don’t waste any time letting a girl know how you feel.”

Jim’s grin almost seemed wicked in the darkness as he whispered back, “Shoot, Kathi, I’m just teasin’ ya a bit, so ya don’t miss your husband so much.”

“Mmmmm,” I moaned softly, “I could take this kind of teasing all night.”

His left hand was confining itself to my ass and thigh, but Jim’s right hand on my breast was causing my usual response of bringing my pussy to attention anyway. We must have continued to sway to the music for nearly half an hour as I felt the tension mounting higher and higher in my twat – which I rubbed with as much vigor as I could against Jim’s obviously bulging crotch – before I gently broke off the caress and whispered to Jim, a bit unsteadily,

“I love this, but let’s take a beer break, OK?”

Jim nodded and led me back to our table, then took both mugs to the bar for refills. I had collected myself a bit by the time he returned.

“Where’d you learn to dance like that?” I asked as he sat down, turning the chair the right way this time and moving it as close to me as he could. I wasn’t surprised to feel a hand caressing my bare legs and inner thighs almost before he was fully down.

“I dunno really, it just seems to come natural,” he replied lightly, and took a deep draught from his beer. I smiled and did the same, and found myself feeling slightly light-headed and with a growing feeling of need in my body. Not just in my pussy, but in my whole body.

I quickly finished the beer, and while Jim was doing the same, I asked,

“Dance some more?”

He nodded silently, and led me back to the floor. No stealth or hesitation this time, his hands went back to my thigh and breast, but reversed this time, to give the right breast and left thigh equal time. I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed to me that the bulge of cock in his pants was even larger as I rubbed against it now in increasing urgency.

I was nearly ready to either scream out in frustration or cum right there when Jim suddenly leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“You ’bout teased enough now, Kathi? Or ya want to go have another beer and dance some more?”

I took a deep breath that I could feel shudder in my chest, then, panting slightly, answered,

“Maybe a little fresh air would be a good idea.”

Jim smiled at me, then led me from the floor, scooping up my meal ticket from our table as we passed. Our brief pause at the cashier on the way out seemed to me to take forever, then we were outside in the parking lot, and Jim was leading me to his car.

His pickup truck, I corrected myself as we arrived. I was shivering slightly as we climbed in – the sun had gone down as we danced and my outfit was no match for the cool breeze that had sprung up. Jim noticed my shivers and started the engine, turning the heater on as he did so.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32