Loosen Up Pt. 03

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She should have been spent, but one look at her scattered body and she knew she would be ready again soon. “That was awesome, so awesome,” she panted.

“You kept your end of the deal sweetie, so let us really make this a night to remember!” She playfully slapped her pussy, unfortunately a little too hard and winced. “Still going to take some getting used to that.”

Getting a new idea, she pushed her pelvis away from her body, so it was adjacent to the ankle of her left leg. Then she looked down at her right leg on the floor, which was in two pieces now, broken apart just below the knee. She climbed off the bed, tossed her lower leg and foot up onto the bed accidentally kicking herself in the left hip. “Ouch! You girls play nice up there!” She carefully lifted her thigh up and slid it up onto the bed before she crawled up after it. She reassembled her right leg, only for the sake of keeping track of everything.

She could feel her returning arousal already, but she had deliberately made it so her vagina was out of her own reach. She pulled herself upright again onto the division. She thought it probably looked like she was standing in a hole in her bed.

She realized she need to use the headboard for her next trial, so she hand-walked over to her hips and slid them all the way to the head of the bed, so it appeared a woman’s hips were sticking out of the headboard. She gave her navel a little kiss and hand walked back to the other middle of the bed to where her legs were waiting patiently for her. She glanced and was aroused by the sight of her own hips vertically at herself. She loved the look of her leg stumps and her tired but ready sex facing her. She arranged her legs so that her feet were pointing at her intimate bits only a few inches away from her wiggling toes. She was giving her thighs a feel as she watched her toes. she wriggled them in a teasing greeting to her lady bits.

She wanted more worship time with her legs and feet without the temptation to rub herself to release. She didn’t want to rub herself raw so to speak. The less she manually manipulated it, the more fun she could have with herself before it started to hurt from sensitivity. Also, she wanted to be able to see and admire her arousal while she worked.

She repositioned herself back away from her hips so they were again out of reach and then she rolled her legs one at a time to either side of her. She decided to keep them on the wrong sides, adding to the sensations. She just ran her hands at first, up and down from thigh to ankle on either side of her body. She rolled her left leg so she was looking at the back of it, her feet still aimed at her pussy several feet away. She stroked the back of her legs. She loved the feel of her smooth cook skin of the back of her lower legs the most. She felt the heat rising again already. Shit, Escort Bayan that’s me over there, that’s really me. You’re really on the other side of the bed from me!

The oddness of the situation began to creep in again, followed by more euphoric excitement. She was almost dizzy thinking about the space between her and her own sexual organ “You are one seriously lucky pussy tonight” she told it. “Just be patient.”

She returned her attention to her left leg and, holding her thigh in one hand, her calf in the other, she tugged. Her leg came apart just below the knee. “Yes!” Laying down the thigh in front of her, she held up her lower leg and watched her sexy foot dangling loosely and appetizingly with every swing or movement of it. “Oh, you just had to remind mama why she loves you guys so much!” She rubbed her lower left leg impossibly against her left thigh and she both saw and felt her sex start to twitch like it ready to finish again already. She rubbed the top of her foot against her cheek and almost exploded. Even not touching her sex, she was certain to have a climax soon. The tension inside was unbelievable. The need for release was again exceeding her capacity to restrain it.

She took a deep breath, tried to clear her mind and began to attend to the foot at the end of the lower leg she was holding. She bit her heel gently, licked it down the side before giving each toe a little kiss. She then hugged her lower leg tightly to her chest for a moment, foot aiming over her shoulder behind her as she felt the cool flesh of her shin between her breasts. She moved it up and down for a moment and was distracted for a second when her left breast, squished between her inner elbow and calf muscle suddenly made a familiar popping. Looking down she saw the breast separate and roll out of her hug, first plopping onto her thigh a little painfully before rolling to the far edge of the bed.

She looked wistfully at her pale brown detached breast with its’ dark brown nipple sticking up in the air. They were not large breasts, but she was happy with them, and felt they were cute and it seemed to her that at least her left one was even more so when laying separate. She decided she would attend to it later however as she already had plans with the foot in her arms.

She began to kiss the foot, first tentatively, then with more force, until she was practically in a haze, sucking and licking her own foot and leg. She kept nibbling at her Achilles’ tendon, biting her heel and the pads of her foot. She loved the feeling her of her soft smooth calf as she drew it over her cheek and slid her tongue along the length of it. She had never given Lefty this kind of attention and her body wasn’t going to take it much longer.

She finally drew her full attention to her toes. She licked them, rubbed them against her Bayan Escort face, her forehead, her nipples. She attended to her second toe, the long slender one and pulled the tip into her mouth and began to suck on it. She sucked in earnest and felt herself really close. Suddenly she wondered if her toes also were affected, and as if just thinking it caused it, she suddenly sucked the toe up into her mouth completely almost choking on it. Shit, gotta be careful, I don’t want to swallow any of my bits, but I especially don’t want to swallow one of my favorites. She held her toe between her thumb and forefinger. She made it wiggle in response and then admired the cute little paint job her toenail had.

Careful not to swallow she carefully placed the beloved toe back into her mouth. She then repeated the process with her big toe. She ran her tongue around the toes in her mouth moaning the whole time. Then after considering it for a moment, she started to work on her remaining toes, sucking on all three at once she let them detach, the stump ends all still sticking out of her mouth. She looked at her foot, looking for all the world like it never had toes, but somehow still gorgeous. When she pulled the three toes into her mouth, it became apparent that her big toe was a little too much so she popped it out of her mouth and let it fall onto the bed. She began to swirl her remaining toes around in her mouth the sensations caught up with her.

Suddenly impatient, she hastily pushed the stump end of her right leg until its’s toes finally came in contact with her genitals. She barely brushed her right big toe against her clitoris when she suddenly got to see and feel her orgasm from a perspective she never had before.

Despite being several feet away, her pussy apparently didn’t want her to feel left out, and it did something it had never done before, it sprayed her in a gush of her own fluids. The orgasm was intense, but when she saw her juices still running out of herself, the view made it even more intense and she screamed out as another wave washed through her groin and she drenched herself several more times as each new wave of pleasure brought her further to complete euphoria. She had never had an orgasm that quickly from touching herself down there before. She had never lost control of her fluids like that either.

Spent, she felt a wave of drowsiness start to sink in and she let her toes fall out of her mouth onto the bed. They looked so cute, each one pedicured and tipped with a purple polish.

She managed to gather her pieces to the head of her bed so she could get herself together. She got under the covers and put her toes back on her foot and reassembled her left leg. She hastily reassembled her lower half and was shuffling it into position to reattach her top half when she felt a sharp pain Escort in her left boob.

“What the fuck!” She had forgotten about her breast and all the shuffling must of have sent it rolling off the bed. She left her lower half on the bed and hand-walked herself down to floor where she carefully picked up her boob, looking at it, feeling surreal. She then brought it to her face and kissed it. “Wait, I can now do something…” She looked at her pretty little left orb and brought it to her mouth. “It’s too bad I can’t do this whenever I want” she told it, as she sucked her nipple into her mouth and teased it. She then thought about her lack of restraint. “Or maybe it isn’t” she playfully bit her nipple enough to make her hips on the bed jump. She wanted to play with herself more, but she couldn’t fight the drowsiness much longer, and she wasn’t sure her tender bits would take more manipulating tonight before she’d be needing a break to heal. So instead she stuck the errant boob back to her chest and got back up into bed. Before reattaching her lower half, she peeled the covers off her hips, climbed on top of her thighs, kissed her navel, her pubic hair and lastly she laid a gentle kiss on her own clit. “Good night my pretty little flower, you have been very busy tonight.” She managed to get her top half in place and her hand went automatically to her sex as she drifted off to sleep.

As she drifted off, she thought she heard Athena’s unique meow and a lot of purring during her sleep, but that didn’t make sense because she was in the back half of her house. Deciding it was in her head, she allowed herself to continue to fall asleep, awash in the aftermath of pure sexual bliss.

The next morning Abby, still thinking the night before was a vivid lucid dream upon waking up whole, didn’t make a connection initially when she felt an uncomfortable sensation coming from her left foot. It wasn’t painful, but she felt like something was off. While getting ready for her morning shower she finally saw the problem.

Unlike her right foot, her left foot now sported a second toe that was now shorter than her third toe. In fact, the only toes in the right spot were her pinkie toe and big toe, and they seemed to maintain their original orientation in regards to sensation and control. When she wiggled what should be her second toe tip, it was the toe in the third spot that wiggled. It hurt her brain to work out what was happening and she immediately tried to pull her toes off to fix the mistake. She realized after a couple over enthusiastic and slightly painful tugs that in fact they were not going to come off.

“Shit I hope there are instructions or something.” After an anxious shower she went to the kitchen and opened the bottle to see if there was anything inside it she missed. She moved aside the little desiccant disk and then noticed it had something attached. She peeled off what appeared to be a small booklet.

Flipping through it she saw it was indeed a fact sheet and use guide. She slid it into her wallet to read at work and decided to delay panic until she had the facts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32