Lonely Traveler’s Conversion

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I had been traveling and working on what seemed to be a never ending project flying to different offices of our clients scattered throughout the country. It was impossible to meet a woman to date, let alone have any type of relationship when I was on the road a week or two at a time. I had recently moved to an apartment to be closer to the airport since I was spending more time in the air and on the road than at home which really is a lonely existence.

I had just flown into Denver one Friday night to meet with a client and go over a major problem they had at their plant and I was to meet with them Monday and I just figured I would arrive early, do some hiking and be ready first thing Monday morning.

I got to my hotel that evening, laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about how horny my 33 year old body was. I made it a habit to stay in shape by working out twice a day no matter where I was, but horny sexual urges came over me that night and so I decided to forget the usual workout and hop on the internet and find a nearby adult porn shop. I wanted some human interaction that the porn sites can’t provide. For some reason, my sexual urges were extremely high and I knew I needed relief.

I fired up my laptop and while it was booting up, I decided to take a quick shower and changed into more comfortable clothes. The weather was warm so I just slipped on a pair of red nylon running shorts and my black sleeveless t shirt.

I got on the internet and I found a place just a few miles down the road and decided to take the rental over there and check out the store. I drove by it and it seemed safe enough, so around 10 at night, I pulled in and proceeded to walk in and check out the place.

It was somewhat busy with couples checking out the usual sex toys and being awkwardly goofy with them. I slowly walked around the categorized areas of dirty magazines and DVDs organized by a person’s sexual bias and pleasures. Towards the back of the store, I saw the arcade. Bingo. That was what I was looking for. Tonight, I was super horny and decided that this called for a bottle of Super Rush poppers to get this one man party started.

These people knew how to treat a bottle of poppers. They were fresh and came out of a refrigerator to keep up the potency. I made a beeline for the arcade and I was somewhat amazed that of the 15 or so booths so many were occupied. There were several nondescript guys standing around but the sheer darkness made it difficult to see their faces.

I found a suitable available booth, opened the door, closed and locked it, then arranged the folding chair to my liking. I always found these fantasy booths sexually exciting and this one had a nice sized gloryhole which I made a habit of ignoring someone in the next booth.

I popped a 10 spot into the money slot with a couple more 5s in my pocket just in case I didn’t finish the whack job in time or I had a whack attack if my first load wasn’t my last. The touch screen lit up with a smorgasbord of sexual fantasies and I started clicking on some.

I settled on watching a skinny blonde with her hair pulled in a ponytail and leaning straight back on a leather couch with her head extended as far back as she could and deep throating a massive black cock. You could see the outline of the black man’s dick as it was sliding deep into her gaping throat. As she was stretched leaning back her tiny, firm tits were pointing up as another black man had spread her legs wide while he was licking and fingering her wet pussy and attacking it with his darting tongue. The camera zoomed in to her torso as her body became overwhelmed and started quivering uncontrollably. Either she was an expert porn actress, or she was having a monumental orgasm. Her cock stuffed mouth made muffled moaning sounds of sheer carnal sexual delight. The cunnilingus expert stood up and had one of the largest and hardest dicks I had seen and it was pointing straight at her opening. He slowly inched his cock into her quivering wet hole and as he pushed himself in, you could see the mammoth cock outlined in her belly. She let out a small yelp all the while sucking on his partner’s dick.

My stiff cock had gone from hard to unbelieveably harder so I slid down my shorts and pulled out my cock. I cracked open the poppers and took a small hit and placed the bottle on top of the display and decided to view other action.

I tapped on another vid and this was a tanned white athletic guy getting his big thick cock sucked off as he was lounging on a leather sofa by a cougar with a smoking hot body wearing a tight lifeguard swimsuit that outined a body that was quite familiar with working out at a gym. She knew how to suck cock and started licking his ass and slowly twisting her finger into him. At first he rebelled, but the pleasure overcame him and he let her continue as his body was shuddering with delight. I knew I shouldn’t watch this, but couldn’t take my eyes off this scene and I was Eryaman Escort extremely aroused. I pulled my shirt over my head and stood up to get more aggressive with my masturbation and time for another hit of Rush. The cougar lowered the top of her one piece bathing suit exposing her firm breasts and motioned another guy over. Equally athletic, the dark skinned man joined in and the cougar started to kiss the new guy while she was tugging off his speedos. She worked her way down to his semi limp penis and slowly licked and sucked it to life. She then slipped the first guy’s cock into her mouth and went all the way down to his balls and slowly pulled back. She looked at him slyly, french kissed the new guy and then turned to the prone man and nibbled her way up to his mouth where they passionately locked lips. The other guy bent over and immediately engulfed the reclined man’s cock with his mouth while the cougar continued french kissing him and play with his nipples. The first man looked surprised and pulled away realizing another man was sucking him off and lamely protested, but the sexual passion was too much for him. The cougar worked her way down and shared sucking duties. The dark haired man stood up and revealed his now engorged massive 9 inch cock and started stroking himself just like I was..

My cock was on fire and I was holding back shooting a huge load all over the booth and I needed to slow down. I scrolled through the different videos and found one where two muscular hunks were performing homosexual acts. This was not my cup of tea, but I couldn’t take my eyes off them as the two naked men were staring into each other’s eyes when one guy reached back and grabbed a condom, tore it open and was rolling it on his cut 8 inch cock and then started applying lube. He went to his knees and grabbed the other man’s dick and positioned it for his mouth. He licked the trembling and throbbing cock until it was glistening and then slowly wrapped his lips around it and inched it all the way into his mouth. The guy getting sucked off closed his eyes and leaned back muttering his total pleasure. The guy giving the blowjob quickened his pace and continued sucking while adding more lube to his condom wrapped cock. As he was sucking his partner, he moved his other hand up to the guy’s balls and beyond. Pulling apart the man’s asscheeks, he played with the guy’s ass and worked his middle finger into it. He pulled back to observe the man’s throbbing cock bobbing up and down in front of him.

For whatever reason, I was getting really excited seeing this. That is when I noticed my already dim booth getting a bit dimmer and I heard a voice. I looked around, and then noticed the small bit of light coming from the hole in the wall fading as the light was blocked by someone watching me from the booth next door.

“Let me suck it.” I thought it was coming from the screen, but it sounded like it was coming from the booth next door. My eyes adjusted t and then I saw a finger wiggling at me. I ignored the invite and continued to watch the action. The one guy sporting the condom kissed his way up to his buddy and they started to french kiss each other while the soon to be bottom man turned around and leaned forward exposing his ass to the other man’s jutting cock.

“Nice cock. Let me suck it.” I found the lurid voice from next door sexually exciting so I turned slightly so the mystery person could get a better look at my manhood while I continued to stroke my cock. I diverted my attention back to the screen.

The lubed cock was now tracing the entrance to the bottom’s ass and grabbed him around the waist and chest while nibbling on his ear. “I want to fuck you really bad,” he muttered to his mate. The camera changed angles as the cock slowly teased and started to rub the bottom man’s ass. “Are you ready to get fucked boy? Are you ready for this cock to go up your ass?” “Oh yes,” said the bottom guy.

That was a bit too much for me and I didn’t want to cum to a gay fuck movie – that just wasn’t right for straight men like me, was it? I tapped on the screen and a beautiful and buxomy brunette was strapped to a gurney while a gigantic industrial vibrating dildo slowly rolled into view and made its way to her hairy pussy. The dildo stopped and waited while she was not sure what to expect. Slowly it started vibrating and her look was one of slight confusion. Then it started to pulse and inch its way home to her now twitching pussy. The model started to tense up and relax. Then again. The device picked up slight penetrating action, then back off, then speed up and then slow down. The camera was tight on the action and her vaginal lips became more moist and then the dildo started its full penetration. Now she was convulsing and arching her back as her face started becoming flush red. A shadowy figure started applying oil to her trembling and firm breasts. Then a man’s cock started brushing her lips.

“Let Sincan Escort me suck it. Stick your cock over here,” It was the voice from next door. I heard shuffling and I saw an inviting tongue appear in the gloryhole.

I convinced myself I was not going to do anything about it, so I went back to finding another hard core flick. I tapped on the screen and it took me back to the previous movie. The camera was zoomed in on the two guys engaged in raw, unadulterated gay sex. What the heck, I thought, no one can see who I am, so I took a hit of poppers and rewound it to see how the two guys got this passionate. The top man was staring into the bottom’s eyes as he slowly rolled on a new condom and applied lube to his huge cock and then wiggled two of his slick fingers up into the other waiting man’s hole. The bottom guy leaned over onto a counter and exposed his waiting hole to the throbbing and glistening hard cock. The cock teased the hole as the bottom guy was waiting in nervous anticipation for the fiery, yet patient dick to enter into his rectum.

“You have a nice cock, let me suck it,” a voice whispered and now I could see a mouth with a tongue waggling at me. I unscrewed the lid to the poppers and took a huge hit. The pleasure of the hit exploded in my head and I lost all inhibitions. I turned to the hole in the wall and thrust it forward somewhat surprising the mystery mouth on the other side. Nothing happened. I waited a second and then it hit me. A warm, tight, moist engulfment of my engorged cock. I couldn’t believe the sensation going on and it only got better. I wanted it to get even better so I took yet another hit of Rush and drew my eyes back to the screen where to extremely fit guys were engaged in homosexual lust as the one man’s cock was ramming into the other man’s ass. He reached around to the bottom’s hard dick and started jacking it off.

The man on the other end of the glory hole was now deep throating my cock and I was ready to explode the largest wad of cum my body had mustered when it stopped. I was on the edge of a huge cum explosion and it stopped.

I started coming to my senses when I heard a soft knock on my door. I slowly unlocked it and the door opened. It was the cocksucker from next door – about my height, age and build wearing a white tank top and grey sweatpants. We looked each other in the eyes and he quickly diverted his look to my slick cock made moist by his mouth. He reached over and navigated the screen to a gay flick where a muscular guy was sucking on a well sculpted cock. He dropped down and started to suck on my cock while pulling down his sweatpants and started to masturbate his hardened dick. I looked over at the screen and the man on my dick was mimicking what was happening on the screen. I rolled my eyes back in sheer ecstasy and decided I needed to heighten the experience. I took a hit of the poppers and offered them to him. He inhaled deeply and became extremely aroused and more aggressive with his homosexual act he was performing on me. He slowly started tracing my anus with his middle finger and that is when it happened.

I couldn’t take it anymore as my body tensed up and all of my energy directed a huge shot of cum directly into his mouth. My cock kept throbbing ropes of cum until it slowly subsided and my dick finally was spent. . He didn’t release and kept sucking as I was continuing my cumming in his mouth. I was trembling with relief of unloading a wad that had been held back most of my life. He stood up, looked me in the eyes and planted his mouth on mine. I opened mine and we french kissed as we shared my cum between the two of us.

For the first time in my life, I reached down and grabbed another man’s cock. It was extremely hard and twitching. “Not here,” he said.

“My hotel room is 1641 at the Lexington – meet me there in an hour,” I said and then he left.

I gathered my thoughts, straightened myself up and headed out. I stopped off at the counter and bought some supplies in the event that the mystery man followed through on our last discussion.

Part 2

I made the short drive back to my hotel and was trying to think what I had just did and what I had experienced. I had never been hornier in my life than right now. I tucked away all of my foibles about homosexuality because I was sexually charged and I had never experienced anything like I just did.

I took the elevator to my floor and walked to my room. I opened the door, propped it open with the door latch and turned down all the lights. I needed to calm down, so I took a hit of the tequila I had previously purchased and went into the shower. I cleaned myself and decided to shave around my ass and trimmed my pubic hairs and grabbed the body wash and cleaned every inch of my body

I felt a presence in the darkened room and my heart started racing. Someone was in the bathroom and I could barely make out that they were disrobing. Etlik Escort The double wide shower’s door opened and he entered. Nothing was said. He placed his now wet hands on my back and grabbed some body wash and started to wash my back. Slowly. Slowly he migrated his exploring hands down to my buttocks and paid close attention to it.

Already my cock was hard and now it was now getting even harder. He took the palm of his hand and placed it on my anus while his other hand reached around and started giving me a very slick hand job. He grabbed more body wash and added it to the washcloth. He started washing his body and leaned pressed his chest against my back. I could feel his hard cock pressing up against me. He started moving up and down fake fucking me with his cock going up and down my crack all the while stroking my cock and nibbling on my ear. “I want to fuck you.” He whispered.

We slowly rinsed off and took our naked bodies and hard cocks out of the shower, toweled off and made our way to the bed. I was no longer thinking with my head, my cock was in charge.

I peeled back the comforter and laid down a couple of the large bath sheets on the bed. He urged me to lay on my back as he joined me on the bed. He gently grabbed my cock and started a slow and miraculous blow job. His velvety mouth made my mouth water and my eyes roll back in my head. I could see the outline of his body and saw that his cock was growing large and hard. I couldn’t believe what I did next, but I reached over and started to stroke him. He became excited and interested and we adjusted ourselves so that his cock was brushing my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and started licking his dick.

His solid and hard dick throbbed and waggled and he extended his body and cock finding its way to the back of my throat. We then moved to a 69 position and it was the most sexual experience I ever had until what happened next. His finger started to pierce my ass. I couldn’t believe the feeling. He started pulsing it into my ass and kept this up as I continued deep throating him more and more aggressively.

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube I had picked up and handed it to him. He applied it to his finger and started to push one, then 2 fingers into my ass. I was having a hard time not cumming. He gave my cock a slight nip and it changed my climaxing. “Not yet.” He said. “I want to fuck you.”

I rolled over to my stomach and got up on my knees and he massaged my anus and dragged the tip of his manhood across my ass. “Hand me one of those condoms.” he said. I reached over and handed it back to him. He grasped the package with his teeth and tore it open. I looked down at my cock and it could see it shivering with anticipation. The endorphins in my head were coursing violently with drug-like anticipation of what I was committing to. I couldn’t believe I was allowing this, but my brain had no answer to stop what was about to happen.

I looked up and noticed the mirror above the headboard I was grasping as I saw his silhouette roll the condom onto his penis. His cock was pointing straight up in anticipation of its penetration of my ass. I raised myself as I reached for the poppers in anticipation of a life changing event. This was a Super Rush and it was fresh and had been stored in a cooler for ultimate kick. I cracked open the top and took a huge snort of the vapors and handed it back to my guest. He took a short hit and handed it back and I topped off my lungs with another hit. My mind was now reeling and he placed his hand on my back and gently pushed me into position.

I grabbed the rail of the headboard and waited for what seemed like an eternity and then it happened. He took the tip of his glistening sheathed cock and slowly inched its way into my rectum. I felt myself exhale as his cock edged its way all the way to its base in my ass. The lube made it easy to accept his cock and he pulled back, then thrust forward again. I thought there may be pain and discomfort, but the poppers had loosened my anus. I couldn’t believe the feeling of another man’s cock violating my body.

He started to increase his thrusting as his cock was working its way in and out of my ass. He leaned forward and placed his mouth next to my ear. “How does it feel to get fucked for the first time?”

“Great, but how did you know?”

“I can tell,” he said.

“How often do you do this? Fucking other guys?” I lustily grunted.

He said, “I’ve never done this before.”

I looked in the headboard mirror and could see that absolute sexual passion in each of our faces.

“Look at yourself. What do you think about getting fucked?”

“I love it!” I whispered. He leaned back and extended his body as far as he could all the way into me.

My mystery man reached over and grabbed a fresh bottle of poppers and cracked it open He then reached for my arms and pulled me back toward him and then placed the poppers under my nose. “Take a huge hit.” He said. I inhaled deeply and then handed them back to him. He slowly inhaled a big hit, held the vapors in his lungs and slowly exhaled. “Now arch your back,” he said.

“Fuck me!” I said and he pushed his cock deeper than ever into me and started on a powerful thrusting of his cock into my gaping hole.

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